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  1. That was a good performance from us actually better than 2012 in an attacking sense ..we looked so dangerous when we got in and around their box and we created more chances . We kept Suarez and messi really quite, if it wasn't for a mistake we would have won..barca never looked like scoring. On another day we would have won 3-1 and Willian would have had a hatrick. I feel if we score 2 goals away that would be enough to see us go through. Be proud guys we made barca look a mediocre team . We deserved the win .
  2. Time for Hazard to step up on the big stage against a big team and put in a world class performance and show everyone why he is one of the best players in the world, he has it in him. Going for a 2-1 Chelsea win.
  3. You mean no Drogba this time .
  4. Ashley Barnes? Yeah, sounds about right...

    We have become the joke of this transfer window .
  5. Random Rumours

    Would like it if we signed Dzeko.
  6. Alexis Sanchez

    This is such a no brainer..imagine hazard and Sanchez playing together. Also we wont have to be so reliant on Hazard to make something happen all the time. This would boost our chances in the champions league too. I dont understand what's going on..then when the team does bad the manager will get the blame and get sacked, the board should sack themselves.
  7. January Window 17/18

    Sanchez for me. The thought of him and Hazard playing in the same team is frightening, also it would make us less reliant on Hazard to attack..this wont happen though we will sit back and watch City take him.
  8. Uefalona

    Rathe Barca than Psg I reckon . Anyway I think we have a chance, the last time we played barca I was in absolute fear as they were still a force but managed to knock them out & I think the team we have now is much more talented than than team fielded against Barca last time out although that team had character which saw us through . Our current team may not have that character but certainly has quality and we generally turn up on big games & barca aren't good as they were but a still a world class team. Time for Hazard to step up and show the world why he deserves to be mentioned alongside players like Messi. We need him to be on form this one as when he has a great game our team has a great game. I don't have fear going into this one, quite excited for it . We can win this, lets do it !
  9. Morata has to score that , an average forward would have . Also missed a good opportunity against AM to win us the game , quite concerned with his finishing.
  10. Damn you Sterling ! Yet again, the amount of luck they're getting is beyond me . Could have been 9 points behind, gosh . Anyways hope when they meet utd at traffrod they can take some points off .
  11. Quite sickening the luck the Manchester clubs are having in their last games. Man U are playing Ars & City back to back so & opportunity for us to go 2nd if we win our next 2 home games, hope we do ! Onwards & upwards
  12. Can't help but feel we would have scored more if cesc started..Eden was great first half but looked alone at times . Having said that, earning a point late on after conceding first is not the worst result.
  13. Good movement but poor finishing from Morata ..
  14. PL performance of the season for me , we dominated them for 95% of the game. Morata's best performance as well he looked strong & Pacey didn't give the call away, made good passes and that finish ..wow. Rest of the team were outstanding as well. A performance of champions.
  15. Set back with Morata going off so early, did not help the cause. Having said that I cannot remembered a team in years coming to the bridge and outclassing us like that ..City look the part this season and they are a better team than us this season . KDB ..what a goal what a player . Hopefully things can turn for the better as it did last season.