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  1. There are probably two players in our squad that you couldn't describe as that.
  2. This. To compare him to Ronaldo (who is a great, great player) is an insult to him. But that's another dead discussion for another day.
  3. Because it's not the 85th minute when it's the only time you can make a change and influence the game, according to our manager.
  4. Not nervous one bit....because I'm convinced we're not getting the result we need.
  5. Oh really? We’re champions. Stupid comment.
  6. This. That was fantastic.
  7. Bakayoko displaying some excellent passes. He’s having a good game.
  8. We will score before half time and finish them off in the second half.
  9. Morata, so wasteful. If he can improve on his finishing....
  10. Drinkwater is pretty much a passenger.