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  1. Fair enough but two of those players hardly featured. Their impact was minimal.
  2. Our backup striker, Alonso, with a big hit.
  3. I can hardly wait to see Bakayoko and Kante in that midfield. It will make us so good.
  4. You guys are way too critical of a preseason match.
  5. No wonder Chelsea doesn't want Bakayoko on these pitches. They've all been poor, particularly this one. Courtois should have done better.
  6. Please keep your bedroom life private. Thanks.
  7. With the U21's maybe. No chance Conte keeps him with the first squad.
  8. Hmm? News to me. Link, if you dont mind.
  9. Might wanna stay away from Welcome to Chelsea, Lukaku searches then.
  10. Is he a wingback? Never heard of him.
  11. Don't even need a minute, mate. That's hilarious.