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  1. Deadline Day Drama

    They will if Leicester doesn't budge and the window is closing. All it matters is having the agreement in place prior to the window closing. Chill.
  2. Willian's poor end product on display again.
  3. It's still early but if Rudiger and Christensen keep it up, there's no reason why Cahill should slot back in.
  4. You are literally copy pasting posts from cfcnet. Your third one today from a third user.
  5. Honestly, I see positives coming out of this result. The fighting spirit this squad has is second to none. Very much could've tied this game and we have to consider that we have a thin squad, had a suspension and key injuries. With Pedro, Moses, Hazard and Bakayoko coming in plus some signings coming in, we will be in a good position to challenge. It really isn't all doom and gloom but yes, mistakes have been made already by the board.
  6. And that's why you should never, ever get booked for something as stupid as dissent.
  7. That was awesome from Luiz.
  8. Random Rumours

    That one team you talk of did not win the league last season.
  9. Random Rumours

    This. Last player from PSG I'd take, based on that fact alone.
  10. Forum update Today

    I've always wanted to read this forum from across the room!
  11. Renato sanches

    Fair enough but two of those players hardly featured. Their impact was minimal.
  12. Alex Sandro

  13. Thought we were playing Bayern.