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  1. Agreed considering the amount of stick Cahill gets on this thread, yet no one says leave the lad alone he's doing his best and has always done his best for Chelsea. I was also not overly fussed by his performance but glad that he's getting some game time, he must be impressing people in the club to be involved last night which is a great sign. A lad who is an academy youngster should not be excused so that people cannot make an opinion of him just because he's 17, certainly I think its way way way too early to be making judgement on him but he should not be an excused from his performance being judged.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    Benzema only plays because he is happy to play Bridesmaid to Ronaldo, if Ronaldo was not there I guarantee you Morata would be starting for them
  3. Your favourite non-final/title wins

    4-1 over Napoli, was at it and the atmosphere was just indredible. 4-2 over Barca was also incredible. Fa Cup comeback against Liverpool one of my earliest memories as a 6 year old. 1-2 win over Arsenal in the CL, Wayne Bridges goal so well taken.
  4. Pre Season 2017

    My heart would love for us to go with Batman as our central striker but my head says we need a top class striker, we certainly need a striker anyway, I would love to see Batman do well, Aubameyang not gonna happen now it would appear, Aguero will never happen as no top team in the prem will sell to us, Morata looks like all speculation and Lewandowski will not be allowed to leave. This leaves us with very little option, maybe someone like Benteke would provide good competition for batshuayi whereby they can both battle it out for the place up front with healthy competition rather than having a striker that will keep Batshuayi on the bench due to the name. I am so unsure as to what to make of Bakayoko, I have not seen enough of him but I feel that we will only realise the importance of Matic when he goes, he covers a lot more ground than it looks like. I liked the look of Rudiger in the Confed cup and am hopeful he will give us real pace at the back. I would be most worried about United this season, Jose's second season and his own team starting to take shape.
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Personally from what I have seen from him, he is not good enough, yes he pops up with the few goals here and there(in youth football) but its all too fancy Dan from him. He doesnt seem to have any grit in midfield which unfortunately you need at premier league level. I would love to see it work out for him but not quite sure of his attitude either. He should be demanding a loan move to a premier league club where he is going to get minutes. I'm disappointed we bowed to his demands of 50-60k a week(not sure if this is completely accurate) I hope so much that I am wrong about him but he just strikes me as a typical English youth player who had it too good too quick. I'm more disappointed with the loss of Ake as I think although he is not that young I think he has potential to be a great player. I can only hope we have a buy back on him and I presume we do. Really getting frustrated with the youth teams doing so well and not making the grade with the first team, some of these players need to show that they would kill someone to get in that first team. Unfortunately, it seems that they have too much too soon and are happy to play a bit part and collect their wages at the end of the week.
  6. Matic

    Personally, I think 40m is good business for a player who was so poor in our title defending seasons. I do rate him highly and his first 6 months back at the club was the best DM in the world in that period with the exception of possibly Veratti at that time, thats judging only by CL games which he could afford to get well up for. Judging by stats, Matic covers far more ground that people generally realise. Without being classy I feel he's an annoyance for opposition teams being there. 20/30/40 million, does it really matter anymore what the fee is in todays market. I think he looks a perfect fit for United and if they only get two years of his best out of him then it will be money well spent by them. I would rather sell to Juve as makeweight for Sandro possibly if it it was possible although this rarely happens in modern day football. We are getting a replacement(albeit I have my doubts about Bakayoko) who is 5 years younger for cheaper than the 40 million and it plays right into the ethos of our club the past 10 years where we only buy players who we can resell at same price or ever over. It is a good way to do it for the club and we have done very well with this(Lukaku,Shurrle,Salah,De Bruyne) albeit the wrong decision on De Bruyne, the list goes on. All in all, club will be looking to cash in regardless of which club if 40m is available. If Baka does not work out then he will be sold for 40 million in 2 years time.
  7. And it will 100% be Ivanovic that starts aswell so whats the point in moaning any more. To be honest its a double edged sword who you play but I think Iva's aerial ability will definitely be used today,otherwise if Aina starts West Ham are gonna launch balls to our right back area and try and hit Carroll,even the most experience of defenders cant deal with Carroll so I'm ok for Ivanovic to start tonight regardless of how poor he is these days. The double edged sword is coming up against Payet but even with Aina there he could give him the runaround with his lack of experience. Ivanovic is also a threat from set pieces so I dont see why everyones moaning, the real issue is that we do not have fullbacks available,cant understand why we let Ake go on loan. We need a left back so Dave can play right back and we can drop Iva but I dont think its a good idea to start Aina tonight, anyway lets hope for a positive result, a win would be great but no need to panic if we get a draw or even lost, West Ham are a very good team and were starting under a new manager, get behind the team from the start, up the Chels!
  8. Do you think the board don't know that we are weak in defence or something,after all they are probably going to proven right that Terrys days are numbered, not saying I wanted him to go but if he did then we would have definitely had to have gone for a defender and maybe might have splashed out but us fans got what we wanted and he stayed, problem is this board is stuck in 2010 and not going to spend money on players at todays prices. The board are well aware of our defence being poor but they just are not willing to splash the cash on players they dont feel are worth it, I think Koulibaly is in the last year of his contract,lets make sure we get him on a pre contract agreement in January instead of paying 47 million on him.We'll need him as this will more than likely be Terrys last year. I'm not in any way happy about not spending millions on players but none of us are in the position the board is in, and the reality is we are the ones being bullied in the transfer market these days
  9. We are so short at the back it is just unreal. I really do not see the point in sending Nathan Ake out on loan,I think he could have done a job at left back so Dave can go back to right back. Any attacking intent that Dave had in the first place has been sucked out of him by playing left back, need to get him back at right back ASAP. I would like to see us try somethin like this : Tibo Branna Cahill Terry(I know no pace but what option have we got) Dave Willian Kante Cesc Oscar(judging on pre season alone) Hazard Costa Surely with the defensive options we have Conte will have to have been working on this. What I expect is: Tibo Branna Cahill Terry Dave Kante Willian Oscar Pedro Hazard Costa
  10. Bore off seriously,this is not about proving points, whats done is done, Jose lost his way last year, we are all pissed off about going back to this buying sh*t players for no money,signings like djolaboji and Hector remind me of the days we signed Tal Ben Haim and Steve Sidwell, but honestly just get behind the team, Jose is with United now and the only teams I worse than them winning it are Spurs and Liverpool. United winning the league does not prove a point to anyone, he's spent 150 million on players which if he would not have got if he was still our manager so winning the league after being allowed break the world transfer fee would not be proving that our board was wrong to sack him
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think Jose will bring United success in the short term like he has in most jobs but I think he is getting too big for his boots, he is far more brash nowadays with regards to his players than he was in the past. His first time at Chelsea he backed his players to the hilt albeit because they also backed him unlike the team we have now. In saying that,I think decisions like binning Mata at Chelsea did not do him any favours, he also questioned players in the media far more than he should and I think this lead to disharmony, Fergie never really did it to his players in the media, Jose just seems to be stepping on toes, tossing Shweinsteiger away without givin him a chance does not do any good for team morale in the long run imo, can also see him doing similar with Mata when he makes mistakes. On a side note,people suggesting that they would like Mourinho to win the league can f**k off personally, this is not about the board being proved wrong etc,it is about moving on trying to get back to being a successful team again.
  12. Was lucky enough to be at that game, what an incredible night!
  13. I agree but I just feel that the mentality will be keep it tight and we would actually be in a good position if we got to 60 mins still at 0-0, they would be the team under pressure and if this was to happen then I would back us to break down a team thats starting to get nervous and possibly start dropping deeper and deeper every minute, not an insurmountable task to keep them goaless I think if we set up this way,its not as easy for a manager to just say go out and attack them, personally I would attack with caution but none of us are managers here. We really need Willians delivery tonight from set pieces to be excellent, here's to hoping
  14. So nervous about tonight already,need a huge game from Costa and Willian I think, Hazard got everything but just cant believe that he's going to produce tonight, I'm hoping that the fact that PSG have been resting players in the league is actually a hindrence to them, look at what happened Bayern in previous years under Pep when they have been resting players, players went in undercooked and not used to intensity of CL battle, Dont know whether Oscar will start tonight, he infuriates me but if he does he will be well up for this and give us some grit in the midfield, just dont know why he cant do that in other games, hoping Pedro is fit but feel it may be too soon after his injury, Anyway, Come on the Blues, would be great to get one over on these pricks
  15. Jose Mourinho thread

    Anyone that slates Lamps and Cech are idiots, would give anything for the players we have now to show the sort of passion and commitment they showed. As someone said above they're not our toys and theyr also human beings who were let go. Cech could still have 5 years at the top, we could have cashed in for 50 on Courtois, players are rarely at clubs for more than even 5 years now anyway and he does strike me as someone who doesnt have as much passion as he did for Atletico which is fair enough considering what he acheived with Athletico, still a class keeper but Cech is still currently better than him.