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  1. Unfortunately today's result means that Liverpool cannot now be caught at the head of the "Big Six" mini-league, and finish their 10 games unbeaten with 5 wins and 5 draws. On the plus side, City dropping points is good for us. Really only Tottenham to worry about now. I can see Manchester United finishing the season well and sneaking 3rd, or even 2nd if Spurs slip up. Hopefully Jose can beat Spurs at White Hart Lane, though I'd bet on a dour draw, which would be fine for us as well :)
  2. Thought Jacob Maddox was excellent in the middle of the park today. Always seemed to have plenty of time and always looked to play a positive pass. The Dutch lad Castillo at left wing back was the other stand out for me. Took his goal very well indeed.
  3. 6-0 up 25 minutes to go ... 8-1 on aggregate and George McEachran has missed two pretty simple one on ones as well LOL. A-n-n-i-h-i-l-a-t-i-o-n !!!!
  4. 13 point lead and Manchester United down to 7th. Turning into a good day LOL
  5. 12 votes so far, and not one for Barcelona LOL. With UEFA's track record of bias, we might all be clutching at straws hoping for other winners this year :-)
  6. He also continues to demonstrate his habitual mistrust of "flair" players ... apart from Ibrahimovic. Minutes played in PL : Martial 877, Mkhitaryan 885, Rashford 1075, Mata 1317 ... vs Ibrahimovic on 2250 minutes. Not rocket science that they're not scoring many goals when he only has his best offensive players on the pitch for half the time they could be playing ... Further compounded by the absolution from blame of the favoured Ibrahimovic, ignoring the fact that Zlatan needs 7 chances for every goal he scores, vs 4 chances per goal for Lukaku, Kane, and Costa at other clubs. And Zlatan had the cheek to call out Juan Mata on the quality of his finishing LOL
  7. Huddersfield have not been in the top division since 1971/72, and still share the record for consecutive top flight titles, with three in a row in 1923/24, 24/25, and 25/26. Would be a good story to see them back up in the big time !
  8. The first and only time I snorted vodka off the bottom of a wine glass ... :-) We were at a sales convention in Jersey, and had been cruising round the island in the rain in Mini Mokes in the morning. Watched the game in the hotel and went nuts when RDM hit that screamer. Good times indeed !
  9. I would like to propose a "brown tongue" button next to the Like button, so we can show approval for suitably sycophantic posts ... :-)
  10. Possibly you missed my irony ? They did manage to beat St Etienne twice, but it was Fenerbahce they lost to ... as per my original post !
  11. Credit to Jose where it is due I suppose ... 32 games unbeaten, including the 1-2 win at Hull and the 1-2 win at Fenerbahce ... :-)
  12. Conte won the press conferences 3-0 by my reckoning ... praised the opponent ... "best squad in the league" ... LOL.
  13. Jose will be happy with the 0-1 win tonight ... probably hoping the Mancs get Arsenal in the Semis now ...
  14. Same team as beat them 4-0, apart from it is Willian instead of Pedro who will score in the first 5 minutes :-)
  15. They still have it ... just less obvious than it used to be, back when the BBC website was good LOL Horrible format compared to the one Coco posted, though it does look like you could create your own league, if that is what Butch used to do !