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  1. You should know better than to bet on Arsenal LOL
  2. They've been starters in 3 games this year: Tottenham (A) Won 2-1 Stoke (A) - Won 4-0 Man City (H) - Lost 1-0
  3. What are your expectations this season?

    Quadruple ! (well someone has to say it ... :-) )
  4. Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    Loic Remy has signed for Las Palmas on a two year deal - free transfer apparently.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    We've spent £185M+ in this window ... 4th highest ever transfer window spend after City and PSG (also both this year) and Real Madrid 2009. I would have thought Conte would be happy enough with that ? Plus he gets his first Italian signing as well !
  6. Favourite squad player?

    The legend that is Winston Bogarde ... kept himself fit and available to play at all times ... Never complained ... LOL
  7. Never in doubt ... :-)
  8. Get INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. A second goal against the run of play would be good right now ... would love to see their faces at 0-2 :-)
  10. Crying out for a 3-5-2 for me .. I think we need 5 across the middle to counter the physicality of the Tottenham midfield, and to try and deny space for Eriksen, plus mark him out of the game. We can definitely beat them ... even without Hazard, Fabregas, Bakayoko, Pedro, Costa and Cahill :-)
  11. Morata not starting ? I think he should be playing up top alongside Batshuayi ...
  12. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    It's very strange ... he was perfect as a manager last year, and yet this summer it has all been gloom and doom and woe is me with my poor little squad ... which is essenially the same squad, apart from Matic has been sold, Hazard is injured, and he's decided he doesn't want Costa. He hasn't lost anyone, bar Matic, that he wanted in the first team squad, or even played much in 2016/17, and in return he has Bakayoko, Morata, Rudiger and Cabellero so far ... Contrast to Pochettino who is actually worse off than he was last year (Walker sold, no-one has come in) and yet his message to the world (paraphrased) is "we are happy, we have a great squad of great young players and we are confident we can challenge again this season". As a squad, you'd feel like a million dollars if you heard that and you'd be super confident and energised. As for what we've heard over the summer from Conte ... honestly if I was a Chelsea player I'd be adversely affected by it ... it's human nature ... he's basically told our entire squad that they aren't good enough to compete at the top level in 2017/18. If he says it enough times, they'll believe it as well ...
  13. Ok so let's look at it ... Compared to our first team squad at 1st February, we've lost three senior players ... JT, Matic and Begovic ... ALL replaced by Rudiger, Bakayoko and Caballero. Leadership aside and based on current playing ability, that's not materially weaker in my book, though we need to see Bakayoko in action to say for sure. Only Matic was a regular starter. We've lost six young fringe players: 3 (Zouma, Aina and RLC) have all gone on Loan, replaced by Christensen, and probably Tomori and Baker/Scott. Christensen is more experienced. The other two are pretty much like for like replacements for me. Again, not materially weaker, and probably stronger (Christensen is a better CB than Zouma). Aina played 25 minutes of PL football last year, RLC played 31 minutes and Zouma played 247 minutes. Total 303 minutes. I think Christensen and Baker will have that covered ! 3 (Chalobah, Ake, Solanke) have Left, with only Morata arriving to cover any of their positions (and you could say that none of them have been replaced, as Morata is on board to offset Costa). Between them they made 9 starts and 11 sub appearances last season, of which collectively just 257 minutes was in the PL (159 for Chalobah, and 98 for Ake; Solanke not selected at all last year - in anything). Again not much to be made up by new or existing players. All left because Conte didn't play them, not because of anything the Board did ... I dare say the Board are working hard to bring in replacements who Conte will actually want to use ! To sumamrise the players that have left and not been replaced so far were fringe players who hardly played, who were obviously not trusted or really wanted by the manager. The senior players have all been replaced. We do need more depth, primarily because of the Champions League and for effective cover if we get injuries, but we still have most of last year's first team intact, so there is no reason why they shouldn't perform again in 2017/18. 8 of the team that faced Arsenal were what we would consider our A-Team. Things are not as bad as people are making out ...
  14. Pedro took a red and Conte doesn't buy our players. Conte surely though has a say in the overall playing style and strategy, and in ensuring the squad turn up motivated and energised for any game we play ? He is also making decisions on who to keep and who not to keep in his first team squad, and he could easily have kept any of Chalobah, Ake, Van Ginkel, Pasalic, Loftus-Cheek or Matic as additional central midfield options (even for short-term) if he'd wanted to. I don't buy the Matic transfer happening if Conte makes a serious play to keep him. I think he just fancied getting someone else in instead. Conte is also partly responsible (jointly with Costa) for the whole Costa fiasco. He has also started making noises in the media that to me come across as unduly and un-necessarily negative and creating the possibility of dissention in the player ranks. He didn't do any of that last season. Early days and the CS is a friendly and all that, but some warning signs for me ... With Hazard out, the onus for creativity is pretty much on Fabregas so I would have played him in a 3-5-2 with a central midfield three, in front of Kante plus one other, with Bats and Morata up front and Fab pinging passes at them. Morata as our new £70M #9 man simply has to start for me ... he needs minutes on the pitch to get up to speed, and could always be subbed after an hour if tiredness kicks in. Not going to do much for Morata's confidence or fitness if he's sat on the bench. He also needs to trust his bench players a bit more and give them more minutes. Tired challenges don't happen if he has a bit of faith in his bench to come on as replacements a bit earlier in the game for players who are flagging. Let's see how we get on next Saturday. I am hoping for a good reaction and to come out all guns blazing.
  15. Conte got this all wrong for me today .... and to be honest I think he's got a lot wrong all summer ... surprising after the blinder he played all last season, I guess he is human after all !