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  1. Sexyfootball

    Next Chelsea owner

    Well played Roman ... we can't be selling to a Manchester United fan ... :)
  2. Sexyfootball

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Conte to Real Madrid is never going to happen ... they wouldn't hire a defensive coach who wants total control of transfers, and why would he go to a place where the previous guy won 3 CLs in a row ? He'd be on a hiding to nothing ...
  3. Sexyfootball

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Yes. He was PSG manager in the 3 consecutive seasons we got drawn against them in the knock out stages ... lost QF on away goals in 2013/14 season (3-1, 0-2) , and then went though in the next two ... 2014/15 R16 on away goals (1-1, 2-2) ; 2015/16 R16 4-2 on aggregate (2-1, 2-1). So Won 3 Drawn 2 Lost 1 in the 6 games he managed PSG against us.
  4. Sexyfootball

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You need to look at minutes played, or "per 90" games to get a proper view of what was going on. We pretty much only ever had one striker on the pitch, and frequently none when Conte favoured the false 9. Diego Costa pretty much played every minute of each of his 35 games, so our "striker" managed 15 vs his 20, which is not that different taking into account the disruption and potential confidence hit of the chopping & changing , added to which we certainly played a much more defensive game last season vs the title winning season for sure. Here is the compare on Squawka : If Morata genuinely had a back injury, then that would definitely have affected his performance, as any back sufferer will attest ... even when it is better you mentally "protect" it ... Water under the bridge anyway :)
  5. Sexyfootball

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I'm not impressed with Sarri's motivation to manage us at all ... I mean, why hasn't he bought HIMSELF out of his Napoli contract ? :-) 8 million Euros to offset against his 3 year contract at £6M a year ... not exactly going to starve is he LOL
  6. Sexyfootball


    High time we had some wingers in the Duff/Robben mould again ...
  7. Sexyfootball

    Alvaro Morata

    I think if Conte had played Batshuayi instead, we'd have had a 25+ goal striker last season ... granted the link up play would have been worse, but Bats knows how to do the important striker bits i.e. put the ball in the net :) Morata doesn't seem to have a striker's instinct with the ball at his feet.
  8. Sexyfootball

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Could be a simple ABC ... Anyone But Conte ... ? :-)
  9. Sexyfootball

    2018/19 squad

    Here's a potential 4-3-3 XI with a back up XI that doesn't involve spending any money at all ... promoting some of the loan army and youth players ... Fabregas, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Pedro, Willian, Zappacosta, Eduardo, Zouma, Kenedy all on the "For sale" list, along with Baker, Palmer, Kalas, Omeruo, Hector, Miazga, Dabo, Colkett, Scott, Boga, Brown, Feruz, Piazon, Tomori, Wakefield, Kane, Rahman, Delac, Baxter, Collins and Beaney. I thought about suggesting to buy a new winger (Zaha, Bailey), but I really would like to see Hudson-Odoi and Mount get a chance, hence resisted ! Van Ginkel and Pasalic are good all round midfielders with decent technique, goal-scoring and a bit of physical presence (both 6'2"+ ). I'd like to see what they can do in our engine room. MVG coming off a good season for PSV. Pasalic has played for three decent clubs on loan now, and kept Bayayoko out of the team when he was at Monaco. Looking for an unheralded solid 7/10 contribution every game, like we used to get from Tiago :-) Loftus-Cheek has to play after his performances for Palace ... and Barkley would be the rotation when necessary. Up front, Batshuayi and Giroud will score tons if they get some support from the wings and two box-to-box midfielders behind the striker.
  10. Sexyfootball

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I'm half expecting AVB to come back ... LOL
  11. Sexyfootball

    Will Roman be forced to sell Chelsea?

  12. Sexyfootball

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The Italy National team job went to Mancini !
  13. Roman Abramovich ... 15 seasons ... 15 trophies ... United next best with 13 ...
  14. Attritional stuff ... but SILVERWAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!! That one's for you Butch :-)
  15. Sexyfootball

    Mason Mount new deal

    What position has Mount been playing for Vitesse this season ? Midfield ? Attacking Midfield ? Central, left or right ? Just trying to think what formation he'd fit into ... and who he might be competing with for a place in our first team ...