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  1. Half time in the tie and we're still well in this ... will need to score at the Nou Camp though ... and preferably at least twice ... :-)
  2. Method in the madness ... Conte picks this team ... Barcelona dominate ... Hazard is anonymous ... Real Madrid lose interest ... Hazard signs new contract ... :-)
  3. Race for Top 4

    Prediction time ... we'll finish 2nd :-)
  4. Top 4 Race: Will we make it?

    We've closed the gap to 19 points ... City will need to lose all their remaining games against the "big six" for us to have a chance of catching them. We will need to win our last 11 games. We'll finish as Runners Up :-)
  5. Following our ex`s...

    Nice to see JT leading Villa on a charge into the automatic promotion places ... what's he going to do if they go up LOL ? It will kill him to have to play against us :-)
  6. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Next match is Man United ... beat them and we've caught them ... beat them by enough and we would go above them ... :-)
  7. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    You just know that the first subs that get on will be Cahill and Drinkwater ... try and hold on for the 1-0 etc etc
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Three things that Conte can do that might help: 1. Stop slagging off the team in the press with this constant crap about how he needs better players and better signings. It does nothing for their confidence. 2. Change up the training so you don't kill them physically (and mentally) between games . 3. If 3 at the back isn't working then change the formation. Fair ?
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    We are actually currently 2nd in the "Top 6 mini league" in terms of points per game. His excuses don't exactly wash when you consider we have lost games to Burnley, Watford, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and West Ham ... and struggled desperately to put the mighty Norwich away in the FA Cup ... if he actually talked positively in the media about winning the games rather than all this woe is me stuff, we might even start playing a bit better, especially if we actually attack a bit more rather than have 8 players concentrating on defence.
  10. Chelsea Legends vs. Inter Forever

    Cheers for posting that video Zeta ! Most enjoyable. 20 years ago ... how time flies ... you forget what a cracking line up we had in the years before Roman came along ... good stuff indeed :)
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Last season an emphatic yes on this count, but how many players can we say this about for this season ? Apart from maybe Hazard and Willian, all the players that were here last year have gone backwards in 2017/18. Courtois, Azpiliceuta, Cahill, Luiz, Moses, Alonso, Kante, Fabregas, Pedro. And he's hardly got the new signings pulling up trees either ...
  12. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    If we buck our ideas up, 2nd place is still a huge possibility ...
  13. Alvaro Morata

    According to that Squawka comparison matrix thing, Morata has converted 10 of his 59 chances in the PL this season, which is a better conversion rate than Harry Kane's 22 from 146. Kane has had 38 more attempts on goal in his 2,132 minutes playing time than Morata and Hazard have had in their combined 3,037 ... Food for thought ... maybe it's the tactics and we just aren't attacking enough and creating enough to offset the inevitable misses ? You never hear anyone complaining about Harry Kane's conversion rate ...
  14. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Can it be "unmerged" ? Or does he start again ? :)