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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Lining up in a 3-4-1-2, I give you a team totally made up of players that have joined our squad since Conte was appointed coach ... it looks like a pretty decent line up to me, so I don't buy all this dialogue about the board being sh*t at transfers and handing Conte a squad full of crap ... Caballero Rudiger, Luiz, Christensen Zappacosta, Kante, Drinkwater/Bakayoko, Emerson/Alonso Barkley Morata, Giroud
  2. Hopefully some of them will actually get an extended chance ... every time a young player does something decent or semi-decent in the first team they seem to get dropped or loaned out almost immediately. This seaon's obvious examples : Musonda had that delightful assist against Brighton and then next breath he's gone to Celtic. CHO had that lovely little cameo and then hasn't been seen since .... and pre-injury, Ampadu got way fewer chances than he deserved given that he looked class every time he was on the pitch ... most odd way to develop talent ...
  3. Alvaro Morata

    I think there is a tendency to be a bit too misty eyed for Costa, and a bit too critical of Morata. If you compare their PL stats, there really isn't an awful lot to separate them, especially if you take the last two seasons Costa was with us ... Source: Squawka Comparison Matrix.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    One thing I am curious about is why it took Conte 100 PL games in charge of us to try starting with two strikers ... especially this season when his preferred formation has been found wanting. Harry Kane alone has had 168 shots on goal this season for his 27 PL goals. Morata, Batshuayi, Giroud and Hazard all put together have had 169 (for 29 goals) ... we've just been too negative with the tactics all year, especially at home.
  5. RIP Roy Bentley

    RIP Roy Bentley ... need to win the FA Cup for him and Ray :)
  6. Ethan Ampadu

    So the Tribunal has ruled that it's £2.5m max for Ethan, plus 20% of any sell on fee. £1.3m now and up to another £1.2m based on appearances. Good result for us !
  7. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Enjoy ... 18-year old Ray Wilkins interviewed at around the 7'42" mark .. A couple of fabulous passes in the actual match as well ... spent most of the 80s telling anyone who would listen that it was Manchester United that turned Ray into the "crab". At CFC he was a brilliant attacking midfielder who scored plenty of goals. Still can't believe he has left us ...
  8. Antonio Rudiger

    And the players are dead right as well PL games this season in which we have scored 2+ goals : P16 W14 D1 L1 F47 A14. When we have scored <=1 goal per PL game: P17 W4 D5 L8 F10 A19. Blindingly obvious that an attacking strategy that gets you two goals minimum per game yields better results than sitting back and inviting pressure on your own goal.
  9. 27 goals now this season between our strikers ... seeing as we only play with one, that is really not a bad return. If we had one guy who'd played all the time, and he was on 27 goals, we'd probably all think that was decent ...
  10. So, do we still want Bruce Buck to fire Conte on a staircase somewhere deep in St Mary's ?
  11. FT. Easy 3 points
  12. Told you ! .... tactical masterstroke ... play the game arse about face ... Southampton lulled into false sense of security LOL LOL LOL .... :)
  13. 2-0 ... deary me ... and it's Pedro and Giroud on to save the game ... LOL.
  14. At least Conte has varied the tactics today ... lulling Southampton into a false sense of security by having our usual sh*t second half ... but this time in the first half ...
  15. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Oh this is awful news .... RIP Ray ... had him plastered all over my bedroom wall when I was a kid ... any pic any size that I could find in Shoot! magazine and the papers. Met him at the English Hickory Open last year (vintage golf tournament with antique wooden shafted clubs). Lovely bloke ... I was embarrassingly tongue-tied for a 50 year old man meeting his boyhood hero. I think a little bit of all Chelsea fans has died today ... condolences to friends and family. CFC Forever ...
  16. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Jose f**ked himself .... same as Conte has done this year ...
  17. MOTD Chelsea rant

    You'd think that in this modern age of digital technology and intensive analysis, that there would be some information source somewhere that would track how frequently teams are on the wrong end of poor decisions. Does it exist ?
  18. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    A few critiques of the defence on here recently ... last year's three at the back was Azpiliceuta, Luiz and Cahill .... Conte's decision to bench two of them this season and take out a huge amount of leadership and experience ... Cahill has his critics, but of our last six games (won 2 lost 4) guess which two he has played in ... right .... the two wins ... ! Personally I think we have missed David Luiz the most.
  19. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    In that case, we can try decanting your drink into a smaller glass :)
  20. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    When you're prepared to pay £6-9 million per season on a 3 year contract, you will ALWAYS be able to attract "top" managers ...
  21. Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    I think all this sitting back and letting the opponent dictate the game has a lot to do with it ... it means the defence has to be perfect, which is tough to pull off. Plus that tactical approach severely compromises us at the other end of the pitch ... in 25 of our 50 games this season we've scored zero or one goal .... which is not good enough to compete at the top table. In the games where we've scored 2+ goals we've won 22 drawn 2 and lost 1. In the 25 where we've scored one or zero, we are won 4, drawn 10 and lost 11 ...
  22. Pick your 2018/19 squad

    Loftus Cheek's fitness reminds me of the early days of Andy Murray in tennis, who had loads of talent but was always flagging in the 4th and 5th set of matches. I'd like to hope RLC recognises his weakness here and does everything he can a la Murray to turn it into a strength. Sadly I think Murray was a mental giant in that regard for sheer bloody mindedness to improve his stamina, and his capacity for the hard work to get there, whereas RLC "doesn't have it". If he did, surely he'd have sorted it in the last 4 years ? We have a few decent central midfielders on loan ... anyone like to see them back for a chance with us ? I'm thinking Van Ginkel and Pasalic here ... who are both "box to box", can score goals and are 6 foot plus to add that necessary physical presence alongside Kante. I'd certainly also be looking to give A LOT of opportunities to Ampadu, Hudson-Odoi and Mount next year. Would like to see what Sterling can do at right wingback as well. Castillo another youth player who has potential, although he has Alonso and Palmieri for competition on his side of course.
  23. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I think even re-signing Josh McEachran would be a better option LOL
  24. Doesn't matter how confident you are when there is a basic lack of ability ... fair play to him I suppose for earning himself 80 grand a week for something he can't actually do ...
  25. I think it is written in the stars that we beat Tottenham "away" again in the final :-)