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  1. Willian

    Southampton had started to come back into the game as we had sat back like we usually do after going ahead. Baka sure'd us up in the middle.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Bollocks, Emerson was in the Roma squad before he came to us. If Kolorov wasn't in such good form he would have been starting. He's not been injured for months. How can he not be ready then all of a sudden when Alonso isn't availabe be fine to play two games in 4 days without any issues. Alonso has been poor most the season. Conte should have tried Emerson months ago. Changes could have salvaged this season but Conte refused to make them. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    @Saaladin @atomis @brakeit Would love to hear your views on Emerson. He was signed 4 months ago by the board and Conte has only just played him. He already looks brilliant, whilst Alonso has struggled heavily this year. Is this somehow the boards fault too or can we just agree Conte is far too stubborn. How many of our other players that don't get a chance could turn out to be class, but Conte is too stubborn to give them the time on the pitch.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    To be fair most people would chant for Torres but still agree we need to do better once away from the match.
  5. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    snapped his knee at the start of the season. Would have played 40+ games easily had he stayed fit.
  6. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    He shouldn't. Emerson is far superior in every regard except for set pieces.
  7. Willian

    After two months of good form he's slipped back into mediocrity. Need him to pick it back up for a strong finish to the season.
  8. Ethan Ampadu

    Agreed. However these tribunal fees are set by what they had achieved before their transfer. We're rumoured to be getting 3mil for a player that was top scorer pretty much every season he was here for the youth. Won the Euro's with the U17's and WC with U20's whilst winning the golden ball in the process. Is this really worth only £500k more than someone that had played a handful of games in league 2?
  9. Ethan Ampadu

    Still to go to tribunal but rumoured to only be a couple of mil.
  10. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Absolutely fantastic players.
  11. Can we all agree on how class Emerson is. What a signing he'll be.
  12. Morata never gonna wear a Chelsea shirt again at this rate.
  13. You know Kante will have to be doing the job of two player's Just imagine how good Kante would actually be if he wasn't covering for Cesc every match.