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  1. Willian

    > Not killing me, i'm very happy for him. As i would be for any Chelsea player that has a great game and helps the team. Lovely finish for his goal and he probably deserved a couple more for how he played. I came and credited him for a good performance many hours ago. I'm not bitter and will admit when i'm wrong, unlike certain other posters on this forum (Yorkey, Youlots etc.). Having said this i hope Willian can continue this run of form for the rest of the year and help us to a top 4 spot. My fear is it'll continue for a couple more games and then he'll fade into bit part player again. I think last night was the perfect game for Willian as on the counter he can use his pace against Busquets, who is arguably slower than Cesc. I think his goal and one (maybe both) time(s) he hit the wood work was shifting the ball to the side past him.
  2. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Exactly. Or perhaps underestimated how fast the ball was travelling.
  3. You'll get used to it.
  4. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Very true. Must have seemed like the right thing to do in the split second he had to decide last night.
  5. Don't get me wrong, Cahill would start a big game ever again if it was up to me. With him not playing last night though and being the captain i can see Conte pulling him back into the 11 for this one. For me Rudiger is better than Cahill in every regard except goal scoring.
  6. It was poor execution of the pass but Fabregas was in space and should have been ready for the pass as he wanted in milliseconds before. After that Azpi and Tbo should have done much more to prevent it from being a goal. A culmination of errors that stemmed from a poor pass led to the goal last night.
  7. Marcos Alonso signs for Chelsea.

    I honestly think if he had pace he'd be the best full back in the world currently.
  8. Courtois Azpi Andreas Cahill Zappa Kante DD Palmeiri Willian Giroud Eden Wouldn't be surprised to see 3-5-2 but like the thought of the above. Hope Mourinho lines up with the stale 4-2-3-1 with Lukaku leading the line. Rashford is much more dangerous to us than Rom.
  9. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    You can read about the Facebook 'break up' online if you'd like. Maybe broaden your horizon and then apologise to everyone like you said you would when proven wrong? Better yet you can have an absolute melt down like you did last night on the matchday thread. Embarrassing from such a calm person that doesn't let the internet generation bother them.
  10. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Well this hasn't been posted in for a while.. Just wanted to say he was superb last night. Showed he really can do it against the best the world has to offer. Dribbled through that Barca midfield like a hot knife through butter at times. So lucky to have him.
  11. Alvaro Morata

    We've gone from having the likes of Drogba and Costa to now having Giroud as our best striker. Worrying.
  12. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Thought he was brilliant as usual last night, however was disappointed seeing him jump in before the goal and miss the ball. Would he have been better just jockeying Iniesta? Easy to say now looking back i suppose.
  13. Andreas Christensen

    Real shame about the one mistake last night. Had been perfect up until that point. Luckily this is something he'll learn and benefit from.
  14. Willian

    Credit where credit is due. Top performance from him the last few weeks. Let hope he can continue this and it isn't just a short purple patch.
  15. Eden Hazard

    Nothing i hate more than seeing Hazard play that false 9 position. He did more at LW in the 10 minutes when a ST came on than he did all game up top.