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  1. In London:
  2. I see them taking a similar path to KdB in that they end up at another big team for a huge sum of money. Ake probably more so than Traore tbh.
  3. I would say playing for the Willian/Pedro role or in the middle if we were to play a 3 man midfield.
  4. I wouldn't use the term world class but i'd say he is better than a lot of what we have in the squad currently fighting for his position
  5. I hadn't managed to find my way onto internet forums back then! I was preaching it on twitter instead (not so much SWP and Kakuta mind you) It's probably lucky i wasn't on here for KdB, my meltdown would have been spectacular lol
  6. On an unrelated note i see Mourinho wants Kane at Utd. Can't see that happening at all. Who do we think Utd will sign to lead their line next season? Lukaku? Morata?
  7. Agreed, numbers in the middle is definitely needed when we come up against the teams such as Spuds, City, Liverpool. Hazard and whichever striker we sign should have enough between them to be able to hit a team on the counter attack.
  8. Is this the same De Boer that failed massively at Inter or is this his brother?
  9. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 all from outside the box. Not sure how you can say someone that has been our second top goal scorer pretty much every season he's been here from the wing has bad shooting lol. Maybe you could say he doesn't shoot enough but it definitely doesn't 'suck'.
  10. Only Traore, RLC, Ake and on a lesser scale Musonda.
  11. We'll regret this.
  12. Seems like he's in need of a new challenge. Definitely has the qualities to make it big time.
  13. He's the only one we can get that is truly world class though.
  14. Us and Liverpool favourites to sign him. Would prefer him to Bakayoko but getting both would be great business.