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  1. I agree that a big centre forward is the way to go, always seems to work for us. I'd love to see how Dybala would do though alternatively and how much we'd have to stump up to get him.
  2. Won't happen. This has been a recurring rumour for years. Madrid based journalists are the worst out the lot.
  3. Why not? At shot saving i'd argue he's been better than the above mentioned keepers this year..
  4. I remember a few years back when the Russian league was chucking money around. Its not sustainable and won't last. The wages will either crash eventually or major financial troubles for the league. I give this China fiasco 4 years tops.
  5. Poor taste from the Chinese to talk about other clubs players like that. They know they can't get them in January so why speak about them and unsettle them at the club? Should refuse to sell him to them on principle. If he wants to leave wait for Griezmann to go Utd and sell him back to Atletico.
  6. I don't really get the debate in this thread. If Batshuayi was kicking up a fuss and saying he wanted to leave because he's not playing i could understand but the lad is knuckling down in training and defending his manager on social media. Stick with him til the end of the season at the very least, the lads only just turned 23 and has bags of potential. Laughable seeing people say sell and replace him with Tammy, then they'll be saying the exact same thing next season when Tammy isn't being played.
  7. Pep had 3 of the most expensive CB's in prem history in Stones, Otamendi and Mangala at the start of the season and is shipping goals for fun. I actually feel a bit bad for the bloke, he's clearly out his depths in a league with so much competition. I can see him being at PSG within the next 4 years and dominate that league, then retiring.
  8. I think this story is being blown out of proportion massively by the media. I do believe an offer has come in and Diego is tempted but i don't think he will leave. His message on Instagram is very strange if he was trying to force a move. Every year since the day he's got here he has wanted to move, yet he's still here nearly 3 years later. If he didn't leave Chelsea for Atleti (the club of his dreams), i highly doubt he'll leave us for for that horror show of a league, regardless of what money they chuck at him. New 250k a week contract to be signed at some point i think.
  9. Would love to see Derby back up in the prem with them being my 'local' team.
  10. Don't speak French. Could you give me a brief overview of what it says?
  11. Zouma may looks clumsy but his passing isn't bad at all. There were many occasions last game where Zouma was able to fire an accurate pass through the middle into Batshuayi's feet. I only actually remember him misplacing one blatantly obvious pass. I know this is an old article (couldn't find much newer because of the injury) from when he was settling in at Chelsea but look at his pass accuracy in his first few games of 93% and 87%: You say he has to improve under Conte yet in his previous jobs Conte has always stated he's only ever had one ball player at the back. In Bonnuci he had a player that could build from the back and Barzagli and Chiellini next to that are both incredibly average on the ball and are there basically just to break up play with their athleticism.
  12. Tbf that was a shocking free kick, keeper should have saved that with his eyes closed.
  13. I'm not too bothered about the result (obviously would have preferred a draw or win lol) but more the way we went about it. Even when we were only 1 down we never seemed to have any pace in our play. Tbo, Moses and Hazard the only ones that put in a worthwhile performance tonight. Also wish Antonio would make changes much quicker. It was obvious the team on the field weren't going to get the job done and changes needed to be made sooner.
  14. The article as a whole is a bit dead but scroll to the bottom of the page and there are great visuals comparing our win streak to Arsenal's. Shows how even though we're a game behind at the moment we've already out scored and conceded less than they did. Also compares top scorers and results during that run etc.
  15. Agreed. Still don't think we'll ever have a left back as good as Ashley Cole though. What a player he was in his prime.