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  1. Evidently not
  2. I think they would have released a world war one sooner but wanted to take the time to perfect it. The last release seemed more of a filler to keep people going until they return to what people expect of the franchise. They must have known people weren't interested in the space bollocks so they stuck MW remastered in as a sweetener. Realistic guns, realistic kill streak and no gimmicks and it could be great. They should take a leaf out of Battlefield's book with the success they had going back to world war 1.
  3. I think going back to old school could be a life saver for them. As long as they don't go sticking jet packs and space adventures in there.. Just stick to real guns, realistic game play and less 'pay to win' features like supply drops and it has the potential to be great.
  4. I wouldn't say Diego 'embraces the dark arts', you never see him intentionally trying to injure people. A slap around the face every now and then is about as far as he goes. Players on a similar or higher nasty c**t level as Costa that won the league: Utd - Cantona / Keane / Vidic / Even Rooney has a tendancy for nasty tackles and losing his head Arsenal - Keown / Vieira City - De Jong / Aguero (several intended elbows and studs up tackles in his career) Leicester - Vardy (Rarely gets scrutinised for some reason, nasty little bar steward)
  5. Saw reports yesterday that family comes before football for Hazard, which isn't hard to believe, and his family are happily settled in London so he won't move them.
  6. 2017 release of COD is apparently a WWII game. Could this finally be the return to greatness for the Call of Duty franchise?
  7. I wonder if someone like Loftus Cheek was a Monaco youth product and was getting game time week in week out we'd look at spending 40m on him like we would Bakayoko. Does make you wonder how we have the best youth setup in Europe yet teams like Monaco give lesser players a chance and they succeed.
  8. Saw a stat on Opta that Hazard is the most subbed player in the premier league this season, being subbed off 19 times this season. Didn't realise Conte took him off so much.
  9. He's never had legs but i must admit that under Conte he's been much more energetic, chasing down loose balls and closing people down much quicker. He knows what the boss wants and he gives it to him.
  10. Ake playing cover at LWB is the same as Dave playing cover at RWB. Both very defensive and average in the wing back position, much more effective in the middle. I also highly doubt we'll ever see Baba in a chelsea shirt again, except for the occasional pre season match. Cover and potentially upgrades needed for both sides.
  11. Absolutely no chance of me playing it with VR haha! I'm at the part where you need to find the three dog head pieces so i'm running around the house and basement just praying i don't die
  12. not gonna lie, i've played a few hours of it but i'm sh*t scared to put the disk back in the console. Honestly one of the scariest games i've played to date.
  13. Tottenham's first title in 50 years:
  14. Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has quashed speculation that he could play for Real Madrid next season. Courtois has been linked with Madrid since last season, and Marca recently reported that they could move for him if they fail to acquire Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea in the summer. But Belgium international Courtois, who spent three years on loan at Atletico Madrid before replacing Petr Cech as the No. 1 at Stamford Bridge in 2014, told Cadena Ser radio: "I don't see myself at Real Madrid. "I see myself at Chelsea, the club that six years ago saw me playing in Belgium and gave me the opportunity to sign for them. "They also allowed me to be three years at Atletico, which helped me to be the keeper that I am now. "I feel that I'm key to the team, I'm very happy at Chelsea, and I don't see myself anywhere else." Asked whether he would play for Real next season, the 24-year-old answered: "No." Courtois said he would like to extend his deal with Chelsea, which expires in June 2019, but has yet to be offered a contract extension. He added: "But for the time being, we have not spoken about a contract extension. We are focusing on the league. "We will see at the end of the season if they offer me something. For the time being, there has not been an offer. "I'm happy in London and I'm delighted with the success we are having this season." Under new coach Antonio Conte, Chelsea are 10 points clear at the top of the Premier League and Courtois said: "We are working well with Conte. "I see that there is a long-term project to win trophies, not just domestically but also in Europe. There is a lot of ambition to play in the Champion League next season." Courtois said earlier this season he would like to return to Spain one day and added: "I owe a lot to Spain and I go often there to visit the family, who are in Madrid. But I'm happy in London." Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas, meanwhile, refused to talk about reports that the club are keen to bring in another goalkeeper. The Costa Rica international told Marca: "Every player of Real Madrid is under the microscope." Navas has been under pressure this season after some mistakes, but Courtois said: "Perhaps Keylor is not having the season he had last season, but we all know he is a very good goalkeeper."
  15. Seems to despise Conte though. Wenger and Arsenal are never competiitve, Chelsea are.