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  1. Signed a new 1 year deal at the club. This bloke is living the dream.
  2. Dreadful when the opposition have the ball. Debut at holding mid against an incredible Liverpool attack and kept a clean sheet and 100% tackle success. Hardly average with the ball either, from a central position he's one of the only players we have that can actually dribble with the ball. Anywhere else he would be getting first team minutes.
  3. RLC would do a better job than Matic in the middle of the park. Same with Batshuayi over Costa on current overall play.
  4. He tore it twice this season which is always worrying. I'd love Aurier, absolutely unreal player. As you say though, he comes with attitude. Then again, so did Costa and he didn't turn out half bad!
  5. Several long tern knee injuries have hampered him sadly
  6. Come on, lets go for a drink in London this weekend to talk about the underlying issues. Get a flight over to England and i'll get a round in. It doesn't need to be like this pal.
  7. You lads on TalkChelsea aswell? I made an account on there a few weeks back but only posted a few times.
  8. hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaha this is comedy gold.
  9. Bit strange that you went almost a year back to pick out one comment from me and one from @didierforever when several other people put something similar, just to try and make a point against us. If we've mentally damaged you that much on this forum i am honestly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I can get you a number for some help if you'd like or can meet you for a drink to talk about the problems you seem to be going through. I'm here for you pal. Get out and make some friends or something, its clearly not healthy for you spending this much time staring at a screen. Let me know if you need anything at all. x
  10. Embarrassing to discredit Kane to fuel your ridiculous anti-Lukaku agenda. Shows how small minded you are and really highlights your immaturity. I honestly pity you.
  11. So 4 people in total, double the amount of people you originally claimed? pmsl you're slow.
  12. Kane scoring 7 goals in the last two games is Lukaku bottling it? Pretty sure that's just Kane winning it more than anything. Y'know, that same Kane you claimed was a one season wonder? You really are a parody pmsl.
  13. Thought he was an average player at Barca but he isn't even average he is worse. I'd sell him too he is a headless chicken. So poor. Weak, wasteful, pointless player it seems. Clearly on about him in general and not just one game pal.
  14. My dream too pal, Lukaku leading our line would make us a real force next season. I love nothing more than a troll. His moronic views are one of the funniest things on this forum for me!