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  1. Wasn't he unhappy about the Thai owners sacking his son for that racist orgy? Can't see him going back tbh.
  2. I wouldn't be against the idea of an investment, if thats all it is. I imagine it'd be a small share in the club and the running would largely stay the same.
  3. Last season was supernatural though, right now they are where they belong. Other than that N'didi, their signings have been poor. Over £40m for Slimani and Musa is beyond laughable. I think the vast majority of people would agree the Carlo sacking was harsh though.
  4. P.S. Dele Alli is a c**t
  5. Leicester are back where they belong at the bottom of the league so i think it is harsh to sack Raneiri. Should have given him to til the end of the season to try and keep them up, which should have been their aim since day one. That being said there has been many harsher sackings over the year. imagine getting sacked after finishing second and winning the double the year before..
  6. I would imagine if Hazard were sold, god forbid, that Conte would adopt the 352. I think the only reason we currently play 343 is to accommodate this lad.
  7. I may be wrong but didn't De Bruyne badly twist his knee in pre season just before this game against Bayern?? I remember a volleyed goal followed by an awkward landing i just can't remember when it was.
  8. Not played Battlefield since the update before christmas, seemed to nerf a lot of the guns and wasn't as enjoyable any more. New RE is good though, would recommend if you like those type of games.
  9. Had some of his best games for Madrid out wide when Bale or Ronaldo have been missing. Isco and Hazard being Diego could be incredible
  10. Came out and said Utd is his dream move, they could have an unbelievable midfield next season.
  11. He's turning more into Messi every day. All he needs to do now is dye his hair blonde, not pay his tax for a few years and carry his Brazilian winger teammate every game. Actually scrap that last bit, Eden does that with Willian anyway.
  12. I see a mirror image of Azpi when i see Ake play. Both really good in defending, similar heights, similar attributed, can play in a number of positions in defense yet i think Ake is slightly more comfortable on the ball. The left footed Dave.
  13. No you missed the point. That Chamakh account is literally a troll. He pipes up every few months and just spews complete sh*t.