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  1. The guy is the closest to Xavi in my opinion.
  2. Point is why is he talking about this now? Was he asked about it? Fine the press isn't fair to him but does he have to keep complaining after every game he wins? He can't just keep his head down and work. I love the guy and hated when he was sacked in December. But he is quickly losing my respect. Just comes across as a whiner nowadays.
  3. Yeah I would be pissed too if I make you a dominant force for 3 years from a 8th placed finish and you still will not back me in the market. Hope Roman knows better.
  4. I love Jose but the guy keeps shooting off his big mouth every chance he is up a little. Do your work man. Why do you have to keep deriding your opponents? Getting tiring now.
  5. Can anyone point me to the "scandalous" article?
  6. Dear God
  7. Hope they don't make up stories of something so serious
  8. Horrible news
  9. I believe even Cesc disrupted more plays than him. He just was jogging around today.
  10. Nope they said he was on later