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  1. He is a smart man with our mess of a board
  2. What an ass****
  3. My comment was on the post above. Seemed like it was blaming Emenalo
  4. Although I do hate Emenalo, I don't think the Lukaku thing is on him. He just gives the name. Marina and others negotiate the deals. They are the ones who screwed up.
  5. But was he as talented as Costa?
  6. Didn't he have a fall out with Jose?
  7. I hope it isn't 100M
  8. He is known Jose partisan. He has zero credibility.
  9. What hogwash
  10. I just saw 25 + 5 on sky website. Could be more accurate.
  11. Pickford's move to Everton is £18m up front, plus a further £12m based on how successful the club is over next few years. So, £18m then.
  12. We are way behind Madrid, Barca and Bayern. Statement purchases like Sanchez will help bring down that gap but I am not too optimistic by the way things are going so far - wasting 100M on Lukaku, an area we really didn't need strengthening before the Costa fiasco. Quarters is the best I give us.
  13. What a joker. Why drag the club and manager through the mud here? And why does Conte suddenly not him in his plans when he was one of the crucial reasons we won? Something doesn't add up.
  14. I am worried he might not return to his best. This is his first major injury and not sure how his body will respond. F*** international football.