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  1. With our luck of buying top strikers, losing Costa will be massive. I cannot think of anyone available who can replace him. Just hoping he stays.
  2. Agree with you on that. Him and Costa would be lethal.
  3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Would like him here as well
  4. Michy, these kind of giveaways are the reason you are out of the side.
  5. Dammit. This is my only complaint about Conte. This match is over and you can give Michy some experience and he puts on Fabregas. How pointless.
  6. Willian just kills me sometimes.
  7. Really missing a target man up front.
  8. Man. Really kills out season if true. Always drama at this club.
  9. Nope. Not travelled with the team
  10. Naah. We will make up most of it if we sell.
  11. I rewatched the match and it was kinda a freak result. We were defensively pretty good apart from the 2 goals. If Hazard had converted one of his half chances, game might have been different.
  12. I actually like coming to football forums so that I can share my pain and feel positive about the future.
  13. Not just scoring. I remember him assisting as well in a number of games. Just playing well in general against us. Maybe my memory of him is just limited to 2-3 really bad games for us.
  14. Agreed. Just that Lennon seemed to show up only against us.