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  1. Or motivate him further for next season.
  2. Oh come on. Penalty for that
  3. Jose loves his 'us vs. them' mentality. At all the clubs before Madrid, he wasn't really expected to win. So he could instill that mentality in the team. At Madrid, the dynamics changed. He was expected to win or else he would be a failure. His biggest weapon was taken away. A team of Madrid's prima donnas is hard to manage for anyone in the world. Credit to him that he still broke Barca's dominance for a season. Before Madrid, he won everything in sight. Then started tasting defeat and he doesn't really handle that well. Flies off the handle at everyone in sight which makes the atmosphere toxic.
  4. Imagine if he wins the league in the coming years. Will be insufferable. And United...A club I hate the most And I still love and respect him for what he did....
  5. ollow Guess they will start Fellaini up front?
  6. Feel for the guy. Surely he would been able to stretch the defense with his pace than a Costa who looks to be gasping for breath.
  7. Costa looks tired. Why is he still on?
  8. Damn that is punch in the gut
  9. The guy is the closest to Xavi in my opinion.
  10. Point is why is he talking about this now? Was he asked about it? Fine the press isn't fair to him but does he have to keep complaining after every game he wins? He can't just keep his head down and work. I love the guy and hated when he was sacked in December. But he is quickly losing my respect. Just comes across as a whiner nowadays.