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  1. Wow. We should have been down by 3. Wth is happening
  2. Is Lampard available?
  3. Wish I could taste those salty tears.
  4. His wife reminds me of my old Romanian girlfriend. Sigh good times.
  5. Officially fighting back tears. Thank you JT!
  6. He seems like an upgraded Kalou right now. Scores goals but is lacking in other areas. But he has time on his side to keep improving.
  7. I like Michy's attitude as well. Compare it to Lukaku who started complaining and then finally left. Michy is patiently waiting for his chance
  8. Congratulations guys!!!!!!! I am already drunk
  9. I think a lot of people are overconfident that we will win. Hopefully the players are not and do their bit.
  10. I blame Emenalo for Jose's total mental loss last season. Giving Hector and Papy instead of Stones and Pogba will drive anyone batsh*t crazy.
  11. I don't disagree. He should have won at least once and that is a failure. I said that in my previous post as well. But to say he took that team backwards and made them weak is a little too much. Pep doesn't have a plan B and that is his weakness. His plan A is good enough to beat 90% of the teams though. This city team is old in a lot of places and he did take a flyer on Gundogan which didn't work. He will invest big again and will be much better next year. At least I think so but we will know soon.
  12. Like someone said in the other thread, hopefully we are not celebrating prematurely :) I don't think I can handle the pressure if this goes to the last day.
  13. That's fair. You are entitled to your opinion. Not everyone shares it though.