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  1. Did Hazard idolise Malouda? Doing a good impression of him recently.
  2. Moses, Cahill, and Alonso shouldn’t be starting for any top club with ambition. No wonder we’re this bad.
  3. Will be dire. Nothing to play for + World Cup year = nothing performance.
  4. Most predicable thing. This team kills brain cells.
  5. Was obvious once we ruined our good performance in the firs leg with that dumb goal that this fixture was a gonner....sadly.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Should have just given him the money and players he wanted and if we wanted to be thrifty reign in the spending the following season. But I guess having 2 good seasons in a row is too much to ask these days.
  7. Playing with Moses must be like being on The Chase but one of your team takes a minus offer and still gets caught with a set of easy questions.
  8. No point blaming Morata when we can’t make an easy 5 yard pass to him in a good position.
  9. So afterwards why didn’t he go off the pitch to be assessed? Because it wouldn’t be advantageous to the team perhaps whereas stopping play during a dangerous attack would?
  10. Christienson was fine a second later. It’s not the ref’s fault he doesn’t fall for every cheat on the pitch. Guy needs to grow up.
  11. If I had £1 for every attack Moses ruins I could buy the club and bankroll Messi’s transfer.