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  1. All I want for Christmas is a sub.
  2. Cesc is do slow he may as well not be there.
  3. Show you his bank account funds?
  4. I wish we could put more than 5 passes together.
  5. Can’t wait to score, do nothing for 60 mins, then lose 2-1.
  6. cuppaT

    Will we win the FA Cup final?

    Maybe if Christienson doesn’t play. He’s screwed 2 competitions up for us single handily.
  7. Did Hazard idolise Malouda? Doing a good impression of him recently.
  8. Moses, Cahill, and Alonso shouldn’t be starting for any top club with ambition. No wonder we’re this bad.
  9. Will be dire. Nothing to play for + World Cup year = nothing performance.
  10. Most predicable thing. This team kills brain cells.
  11. Was obvious once we ruined our good performance in the firs leg with that dumb goal that this fixture was a gonner....sadly.
  12. cuppaT

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Should have just given him the money and players he wanted and if we wanted to be thrifty reign in the spending the following season. But I guess having 2 good seasons in a row is too much to ask these days.