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  1. This second half must be Baka’s fault too.... We are just not good after European games unfortunately. Squad players like Willian don’t stand up when needed.
  2. Another feature of our poor final third play, Hazard constantly forgetting that you can stop a dribble as well as start one.
  3. Could see that happening after farting around in the final third all game.....
  4. Has money ever been made more easily than lumping it on Lukaku to score?
  5. What's happening to our passing? It's like the City game and it's cowardly tactics shredded our confidence.
  6. Our passing has been horrible recently, not helped by unbalanced lineups.
  7. City weren't even that good. Were very easy to defend against until we tired and had all the ball in non dangerous areas. Not exactly Barca of a few years ago. Hopefully I'll never have to see Cesc against a big side again or Willian playing over Pedro.
  8. We came third with by far the best record against the big sides a few years ago.
  9. We played the most tiring form of football today with a team already tired. I'm not saying we needed 60% possession but the lack of attacking has been obscene today.
  10. Oh look we're making city do some defending now at least.
  11. Is this the worst attacking performance of all time? Oh look they scored, we might actually do something now like play football.
  12. On the bright side we're not losing and surely can't play as bad second half! Shame about Morata, not sure Cesc should ever start these kind of games tbh, need pace to be in a front 3 if you're playing counter.
  13. Fernando Llorente

    Llorente is old, immobile, and not better than Michy. I don't even know why we were in for him.
  14. We officially have an incompetent board

    How can you debate someone who doesn't know what a fact is?