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  1. Not that hard to understand. If you want to win an important game why would you play misfiring players. Especially Costa, and Hazard can make a difference against tired players from the bench.
  2. Jesus, gonna get relegated if we win? :o
  3. In important areas like Striker and midfield we've zero options to change things. Cesc vs Matic is about the only regular swap, and only one of them can run.
  4. Having a thin squad was always going to catch up with us. Costa going awol
  5. Going to be hard to score more than 1 today with Costa playing how he is. Probaby going to need a corner/free kick goal in the mix to sneak a win.
  6. Probably lose 1-3 now.
  7. Because literally no manager on earth but Jose could have won 3 titles with those squads...
  8. The difference is you're far more replaceable than the average footballer at a top club, let alone a squad of players. Far cheaper to sack the manager than replace a squad.
  9. Not great defending areal balls are we....
  10. Let's do the overrated chumps.
  11. Hazard will never be world class. Never destroys fodder like the top players.
  12. People don't rate Zouma. Jesus, no wonder it took so long to flog Mikel.
  13. Pathetic defending and a terrible approach to this game from us.
  14. We're playing it needlessly safe. Too many back passes when a forward pass is on.
  15. We're better than them and they're very predictable. Think we'll win.