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  1. What the hell is our defence on?
  2. cuppaT

    Thibaut Courtois

    We sold a club legend to a rival to satisfy this rat. Hurts more than the negative one not using so many now talented players who are ripping it up at rivals..... Please knock them out of the CL like you did with us Tibo. Maybe we can flog them Christienson too, he loves a season defining f-up.
  3. cuppaT

    Thibaut Courtois

    We should Malouda him.
  4. cuppaT

    WC 2018

    Because his goal return is average, not even in comparison to Ronaldo but any decent attacking player? Because he can easily down tools for a whole season in the peak of his career to spite a manager? Because you're paying near world record money for a version of Willian who's good for 7 months instead of 2?
  5. cuppaT

    WC 2018

    How on earth can Madrid want Hazard over Mbappe?
  6. cuppaT

    Eden Hazard

    I can see him staying as although a good player, he’d be so expensive even for Real and he’s not going to replace Ronaldo in any way. Would end up like Robben and ditched after a few seasons when the fans start moaning when he goes missing against Bilbao mid winter.
  7. cuppaT

    Thibaut Courtois

    Same, always seemed like a chore to come back from Madrid and although clearly a decent keeper he lets in a few odd ones.... He also forced the club’s hand to choose him over Cech but then never seemed committed anyway. Poor character imo.
  8. cuppaT

    WC 2018

    England been watching the Chelsea 17/18 review dvd?
  9. cuppaT

    WC 2018

    In the second half England did what happened in the Colombian game after they scored...... nothing at all until they conceded. No way is the defence good enough at top level to win many games 1-0 so no idea what they're thinking. Obviously the terrible finishing predictably came back to bite as always happens. It's like watching us last year
  10. cuppaT

    WC 2018

    Thank God Jose is gone. Might actually not sell good players.
  11. All I want for Christmas is a sub.
  12. Cesc is do slow he may as well not be there.
  13. Show you his bank account funds?