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  1. WhiteWall

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    But the people that shipped Barkley from the Everton's treatment table to ours actually think he is good enough. I'm not sure on what evidence that opinion has been arrived at as he seems to have been injured for his entire career.
  2. WhiteWall

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I am not convinced that our club has truly been at peace since the moment when Jose abused the physio. There has been a gradual decline in the relationship between manager(s) and players, manager(s) and the club hierarchy, manager(s) and the press and to a lesser extent club and the press (through its silence). Whilst we have had the oasis of a fantastic championship winning season, hindsight indicates that the reduced competition during that season clearly contributed to the overall energy of the team. For this last season I believe two major contributing factors, one well recorded, one less so, massively impacted us and put us on the road to where we are. The well recorded issue is the transfer dealings at the beginning of last year. Clearly the club were unable to obtain the targets that Conte had set out. Maybe these were unrealistic, maybe we couldn't afford them, maybe the players just didn't want to move. The oft repeated remark by Conte that he has no dealings in the transfer market is clearly laughable as his apparent demeanour and sometimes sniping soundbites regarding a) the players we failed to get and more importantly b) the players that we did get, demonstrated. However I am sorry I do not believe that the signing of the little known Zappacosta and Palmieri were unilateral club decisions with no input from the Italian manager. The second lesser recorded incident was a report fairly early during the season, or possibly pre-season, whereby the players apparently complained internally regarding the intensity of the training as the previous season's high tempo, high intensity sessions were continuing unabated. This is achievable with a small knit group of players if the season isn't as competitive as it could be. However, going into this season, challenging on four fronts, the only way Conte could have maintained this style was simply with a bigger stock of players, which of course he didn't get and ironically the players that he did get often came in already injured (Baka, Drinkwater, Barkley). Here is where I believe the die was cast. Ergo, he had to change the training to appease the players that he had and as such had to change his style of play to a style that we hadn't seen the previous season. Whilst this was still generally effective, all could see that the players were just not endowed with the skill set to maintain this style effectively in our highly attacking league and the high caliber CL. Oh and it was boring as f**k (imho!) The crash was inevitable to me, its just sad that it generally happened against the weaker teams because tired and mentally weak players took their foot off. The foundation of all of this is perfectly understandable and, I suspect there are a number of managers on this forum in their work lives, who like me, have to manage under-resourced areas with limited or no budgets and a senior management or board who haven't got a f**king clue what their doing or how to support us managers. So I get it. What I can't reconcile is the continual image management in front of the press. Making comments that can be read as disrespectful to players, colleagues and the club hierarchy is poor management and clearly displays a separate agenda. I find both Conte and Benitez as similar characters, in that everything seems to be played out in front of the press to manipulate situations in order to portray themselves in the best light possible. I have found that an abuse of privilege (and having the opportunity to manage my club is a privilege) and as such unpalatable. Give me a Conte committed to the club and his players, extracting the best out of his team and pursuing a goal of attacking, entertaining, flair football and I will follow him to kingdom come. But a Conte moaning about the squad limitations, pining over departed directors and thus undermining current directors, and generally pouting, shrugging and "I repeat"-ing to the press all the time, can basically do one as far as I am concerned.
  3. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    After we get Jorginho
  4. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Gardening Leave. he gets paid his full wage to sit out the rest of his contract and watch telly
  5. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I was around when we were really sh*t and whilst your point is correct, Shaggy is also correct in saying that we truly have little room for our sense of entitlement as everything that we currently have has come directly through the funds provided by RA. Even when we got close to moving up to the next level we only got the players to help us get there off the back of the hope that Matthew Harding would change our fortunes. RA took us to another level and if, a generation later, we are now finding that there are bigger fish out there than us, we should still be happy with the quality that we do have within our squad. That is the point I think Shaggy was making.
  6. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It's Italy. It just means that some "oil" is needed to keep the wheels moving. I expect that this is all just typical posturing
  7. WhiteWall

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Good point made here and something i have often said when watching the muppet commentators on Sky, when they show the corner count. What does it actually mean? It would at least mean something if they then detailed how many actually resulted in an attempt on target, like they do with shots. No point us having 15 corners in a game if we can't ever beat the first man.
  8. WhiteWall

    Alvaro Morata

    The thing with Morata is that when all is said and done there has been nothing in his performances to break the cycle that he has been in whereby big clubs splash out on him, only for him to fail to deliver on a consistent basis and to fall down the pecking order. I think Giroud has been good for us but if Giroud had been a bit more mobile Morata would have been a permanent sub throughout, just like his previousu clubs.
  9. WhiteWall

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Let's not forget Bakayoko is pretty young himself. Towards the end of the season his performances definitely improved meaning perhaps he needs a bit of time to settle. I suspect that the atmosphere in the dressing room this season hasn't been as good as the year before. If we do get a new manager and a new impetus improving the atmosphere we could see a different player next season. He undoubtedly has got talent, maybe he just needs soembody to help him to join the dots. As frustrating as he has been this season he still wouldn't be my first one out the door, i would keep him for at least another season.
  10. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    True, but if you are Sarri and have plans to rebuild our squad in your own image this isn't exactly the best opening gambit is it really. Its hardly ambitious. It remainds of the little girl in the Dairy Milky advert handing over a plastic 20p, two buttons, a ring from a christmas cracker and a my little pony, at which point ADL goes " vai avanti, Marina"
  11. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    But i suspect your avatar and Sarri could be a dream marriage. That's if Sarri has the stones to try the youngsters. And why not. Great technical ability, speed, quick thinking. They just lack the experience and the physicality and they have to start somewhere to learn those attributes.
  12. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Erm. Actually i thought it was a fascinating read and as uncomfortable as it may be, many of the points made regarding our failings really did resonate with me. Whilst i was originally cool on the idea of Sarri, simply because it feels part of the same old, same old, if he can bring in and develop players to play this style of football it would be fantastic to watch and i think the likes of our true ball players, Hazard and Kante will really enjoy playing in that structure.
  13. WhiteWall

    Eden Hazard

    So its funny seeing those clips again. some random thoughts: 1. Its laughable when you here Cahill not only justifying his inclusion in the England team, but also inferring that criticism of him has been unfair. Looking at these clips with the World Cup imminent, what a sobering thought. 2. How refreshing it was to see our team attacking with pace and purpose and shooting at goal. Oh those days! 3. Its correct we could have been blown out of the water in this game, thanks to previously mentioned Cahill. 4. Our counter attacking display was helped immeasurably by an absolutely shocking goalkeeping performance at the other end. Bravo just took a knee and watch Willian's effort go past him. 5. Finally whilst I thought moving Costa on was the right idea due to his indiscipline internally and what appeared to be a serial habit of downing tools whenever it suited his mood, God what i'd give to have him here now. Just to see a striker that can lead the line, can hold up play, bully defenders and know where the bl00dy goal is.
  14. WhiteWall

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Id have Higuain over Morata. Mind you I'd have Ledgerson over Morata
  15. WhiteWall

    Alvaro Morata

    This is quite possible, as he would also be able to do in Spain. Mainly because there is less of a pressing culture in football in these countries. This guy is incapable of taking the ball on the half, which is fine in Italy because he will get time to turn with the ball. Don't get me wrong the Italians can defend but he would get time to turn with the ball. You can't do that here, you'll get clumped and unfortunatel thsi guy is a bit of a pu$$y. For me it is so evident when Giroud comes on. Giroud immediately pins his man, plays on the half turn and holds up the play and brings others into play. This guy clutches his face and dives to the floor, has a sh!te touch and frankly hasn't been able to hit a cows ar$e with a banjo