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  1. Alexis Sanchez

    Actually, knowing Mourinho as we know him it really wouldn't surpirse me if he has decided to keep Luke Shaw because he will end up using Sanchez as a LWB and get Shaw to compete with him. Still Sanchez should be sweeping out the changing rooms and driving the bus as well for the money he is going to be on.
  2. Our playing identity

    Actually, historicaly we have always had a large central presence up top. It is just that the players chosen have gradually deteriorated in quality. Costa was an improvement but his attitude was always going to cause problems. We still seem to be searching for the next Didier. The clowns that we are being linked with now are laughable of course, but the reasoning may be sound. We have all of the artistry, we need a central figure to play off of that can also hurt the opposition as well.
  3. Dzeko the Gecko

    I think those days are long in the past. Sadly we're not big players in the market any more.
  4. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    On a serious note i wouldn't mind us going for Rondon from West Brom and go for Maguire from Leicester as an expected replacement for Luiz or Cahill. None of it will happen of course, we will continue to be linked with broken down has beens
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    They have been saying the same thing about Danny Welbeck for years!! Lol
  6. Going to go against the grain here but whilst I thought it was a good solid performnce and a great result i actually thought that Michy was absolutely dire. Runs were shockingly bad, to me he looked like he hadn't trained with the first team as a lot of missplaced passes behind players and not into runs. Even passing the ball straight off the pitch on one occasion. Lets hope some transfer activity in the forward positions can strengthen us going forwards from here.
  7. Dzeko the Gecko

    Not totally convinced to be honest, but i don't particularly rate any of our targets. I think it shows the level of our ambition.
  8. Peter Crouch

    In the Gossip columns today: "Chelsea may face a transfer ban for breaking the rules on the signing of foreign players aged under 18. (Guardian)" Two thoughts come to mind: 1. If a transfer ban results in us not signing Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch or even Niall bl**dy Quinn then please bring it on. 2. Irony of all ironies if Chelsea cop a ban for illegal approaches to under 18's (that didn't sound right (!) but you know what I mean) that never end up playing for the club anyway and are loaned out to every other bu88er around us.
  9. Random Rumours

    We're in it already. I'm more worried about being left behind by the scousers and the spuds.
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    I seriously don't understand why everybody is wetting their knickers over this guy. Sure he is a decent player, they're all decent players. 500k contract. Please. I think because all of the really good players are either on long contracts or just not available/interested in moving, then the next tier down players are now commanding the big boys money. Sanchez has actually been quite average for a long time. Yes he could add a new dimension, yes he could develop into a great player in a better team than Arsenal, but for the money being banded about nowadays, these guys should already be in their prime, already have a resume full of success and can hit the ground running. Whilst I am not comparing the players its just an illustration and although I hate his guts somebody like Luis Suarez does that. He has a proven track record and has hit the ground running in different countries. Like I say it's not a comparison but you get my drift. What really is on Sanchez's CV to stand him out other than the market is full of expensive dross so he must be priced to be top of the pile. I don't get it.
  11. I'm off to bed but before i go can somebody please reassure me. This is the bottom, right? Please. Tell me there is only one direction to go from here. I might have to sleep with the light on tonight after that
  12. Guys, I know we're fans and emotions run high especially during a game but let's not forget Morata was brought on becuase we needed a goal. It was a calculated risk in giving him minutes on the basis we were playing a team 13th in the championship and it would be a good chance to regain his confidence. In his time on the pitch he missed an open goal with his foot, he also headed directly at the keeper from inside the 6 yard box. He dived to the floor from virtually every challenge include grabbing his face from the very fisrt tackle. Even if his penalty wasn't a dive it was still bl**dy soft. I know it is a cliche calling these blokes thick but having got nothing, nada, not a single decision from the tw@t of a ref all game, was it really the actions of a senior leader of the team, the attacking spear of our side, to go down so easily and then jump in the refs face immediately after. I genuiney think if Ron Harris walked onto the SB pitch Morata would literally cack his pants.....and Ron's 73 ffs!!
  13. do you mean that a team of our size and resources should have won, or do you mean on the balance of play we should have won. If it's the former i agree with you, if it's the latter i'm not so sure to be honest, Deino.
  14. "Feel like i've spent all night with a right old dog. Glad i got the "result" out of my system but deep down i know i'm getting caned by all my mates in the morning." Just been texted this from a mate. Politically incorrect but i kind of get the sentiment.