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  1. Kovacic better than Barkley, Barkley better than Kante, Kante lost in his role, Alonso great, Alonso sh!t, Sarri's tactics wrong. Crap result against a poor Manure team. Guys...unbeaten. The cowardly Man City tactics of last season a distant memory. Unbeaten and can't wait for Burnley away. Up the Chels. Morata is a championship player at best though, that is true
  2. I agree largely with Sarri's assessment of the game. I did feel throughout that there was a lack of intensity in our play. We were too slow and measured and whilst our possession and passing stats may have been comparable to other games i still felt that the ball wasn't passed quickly enough and too often we had a lack of pace and energy in our running off the ball. Morata Not as long as he has got a hole in his..... One thing i did take from today. I would gladly take Mata back. He'd replace Willian with him. In this Sarri team Willian doesn't track back liek he used to anyway so Mata lack of defensive work would make little difference. With Mata's craft coming in from the right on his left foot, with Hazard doing the same from the left, we'd just need a proper premier league centre forward.
  3. WhiteWall

    Antonio Rudiger

    With Joachim Low's antics in the last World Cup he probably didn't want to say he had tender balls in case Low had a feel and a sniff
  4. WhiteWall

    We've got a new Kepa

    I think he is a different keeper than that. It was the problem that De Gea had when he first came, he tried to conform to the english coming and claiming style, but he just didn't have the frame for it. For me, same with Kepa. I think keeping has changed over the years. The marauding Peter Schmeichel school still works for some and if you are an Alisson, 6 foot 4 brick sh!thouse there is definitely a place for you. But agile, athletic, high reaction keepers are also sought after and these guys don't have to come and commit. They can stay on their line and pounce on the shots that come in. Ideally the defence should still be giving a 6 yard shield to allow for the reactions. Cudicini, De Gea, Fabianski, Kepa. Personally i think Kepa could be as big as De Gea, but like him i think there will be times when we question how frail he looks, how dodgy he is on crosses, how he can get out muscled, all the stuff De Gea had in his first season or so here. Personally i'd take a Kepa over a Fraser Forster type any day.
  5. WhiteWall


    A valid point, highlighted again today. I do not understand why the commentators and pundits get all "stats"-y about corners. At one point today the corner count was 1-11 in our favour. Not one of these corners had resulted in a genuine attempt on goal requiring a save or clearance from the GK/defence. They show attempts at goal and then shots on target. Why don't they show corners and then resulting in attempts on goal stats. The fact that we had 11 corners and never threatened their goal with one is a disturbing facet of the game, and it doesn't really matter if Willian's, or Harzard's delivery is poor or if the attackers didn't attack, could't flick, head, shoot, or get a penalty, the set pieces, from top to bottom are poor and need working on. Without wishing to be negative, because today was a good day, we must improve how clinical we are in the final third. Another stat earlier today, attempts on goal 6-13 in our favour. On target 4-2. I think Sarri is shoring up the defence nicely and the transition from a 3 to a 4 has gone extremely well so far. Midfield, whilst sometimes a bit pedestrian is still very good and we have a grip on most games now. The triangles, the one touches, the movement of the ball is excellent. But the final ball and finish is still short and i am a little sruprised with Gianfranco Zola workign behind the scenes, that we are not more dynamic in this area. Of course, yb, Willian's sh!t passing, slowing up play and ridiculous tricks that don't work are also very frustrating!
  6. I don't actually agree with this. I am sure we tried something similar in a recent previous game and it didn't quite come off. I think this is a training ground routine. It looks like to me that Giroud shapes for a scissor kick making the defenders brace for it. He then fizzes it in across the goal into an area where any touch will do. If the defenders are bracing for a shot then our attackers, and i think we had two on the line, are in a prime positon to anticipate the ball, which is what Barkley did. Hopefully someone better than me can remember the game recently where we tried this and it didn't work. Was it west ham maybe or Scouse in the carabao.
  7. Desperately want Barkley to score tonight.
  8. I get hazard coming on, but Pedro is the only on that has shown any get and go.
  9. Spot on Val but a lot of the guys are also right that bringing in hungry young players that want to prove themselves also brings with it honest endeavour, hard work without the frills and a respect for the opposition.
  10. Shambolic half. The problem seems to be that when we play more senior players against "lower" opposition there is a general lack of respect for the opposition. Stupid flicks and flip flaps that don't work. No movement, lacksadasical defending and a lack of quality going forwards. The rot then sets in and we get ourselves into a rut we can't get out of. We'll end up huffing and puffing through the rest of this game now.
  11. This is pretty appalling fro us so far actually. So little quality out thereat teh moment, especially in the final third. Hopefully one goal will settle us.
  12. 120 minutes of football against two teams that most people have said are hopeless, league 1 standard. 1 goal. and we had to bring the big guns on to get that.
  13. 23 minutes - Pedro - first shot on target. It can only get better.