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  1. I think you could be right and i truly hope so. I would also love it if Baka just needs to settle and will come good next season. Maybe if we do end up with Jardim he can bring the best out of him. I agree about the comments about Willy. very dodgy and with Cahill in front of him I'm sh*tting myself everytime a lofted ball comes into the box.
  2. I also didn't see a great deal from Emerson either tbh. If Southampton go down we could do worse than get both Cedric and Bertrand from them.
  3. Our New Stadium

    I confess I don't understand the £1bn price tag for a stadium rebuild that will only add 19,000 extra seats. We have always been told that gat receipt revenue contributes very little to the overall profitability of a club and does get anywhere near television rights and merchandising. It would be interesting to know what the difference would be between lost revenue from, say, 4-5 years without CL football against the additional gate receipt funds. I read somewhere that Man Utd don't really care whether Alexis Sanchez is a success at Old Trafford or not, whether he scores goals, contributes to the success of the side. They sold enough shirts from signing Sanchez to service the Glazer debt, which is their primary requirement. I said in a previous post we should just sign that Son lad from Spurs and sell half a million shirts across Asia, which, I am pretty sure would make us more money than the additional 19,000 seats. Meanwhile our team slides down the sh*tpan. I don't get it.
  4. Leo Jardim

    I think if we are able to keep hold of Kante in our team, he has such dynamism, purpose and strength that initial formations have only a notional importance. Hazard in any formation would still have the licence to be creative if you had Kante and, say, a similar strong roaming midfielder (I would love to see Kante and Pogba in our midfield, but I know we can't compete moneywise) galloping through the midfield, pressing the opposition and nicking back possession. Hazard is important of course, but we shouldn't be blinkered either. Whilst I don't doubt his importance to us and my sphincter tightens every time I read a rumour of him leaving, let's be honest his impact has been negligible (that's being diplomatic) these last couple of months and he has largely been given a free pass, and yet still pouts and mutters when he is inevitably substituted having not had a shot on target. We need a team that consistently develops and improves with occasional critical changes to important positions. We shouldn't continue on the merry go round of wholesale changes to the team and to the manager. I am happy with any manager that wants to play the football I like, which is high tempo high pressing football, which I think is entertaining, and then is give the chance to create a settled squad that is continually improved (Crikey, have I just described Spuds!). I, along with a significant number of our fan base, just lose interest in this constant soap opera of hiring and firing managers and the apparent lack of engagement and commitment to the club from players and management. I just want us in the papers for the quality of our football. It's not even about winning things for me, its about entertaining football and competing.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    When the writing is on the wall then we need to sit up, take notice and act. Conte has always been a walking marketing tool of his own. He has had to be. He was floored by the corruption case and fought his way back to clear his name, in whatever way he did. That takes serious image management and a huge amount of media savvy. Let's not be fooled, this is not emotional hyperbole. Every soundbite has meaning and is part of the overall plot. The bigger concern for me is the lack of trigger pulling from RA. Having successfully become a billionaire in a reportedly seriously corrupt country, this guy also knows exactly how to self manage his image and to keep the media exactly where he wants them. No way would Conte's childish, fongu attitude towards the club have been seen as anything other than what it has been, a scene in the Antonio soap opera. Therefore I can only think RA is either digging his heels in, which makes no sense as Conte doesn't need to work again so he will happily sit there taking the money and take us down if need be. By not pulling the trigger now then, is this a bigger level of apathy from RA. I hope not. People cite this £1billion stadium as the reason behind our continual decline. I confess I fail to see the attraction of an extra 19,000 seats in a bigger stadium at the expense of the team as a whole. We have always been told that gate receipts doesn't affect the profitability of the club. Therefore, why not bin the stadium upgrade, buy Son from Tottenham, sell half a million new shirts through Asia and invest some of the millions made back into the team.
  6. Woohoo, get that man a plastic clapper. We used to be sh*t and then good, so going back to sh*t will be okay. Doug Rougvie was cr@p back in the day so Cahill must be great., so lets all be happy. Sorry, unnecessary sarcasm. Not personal. Apologies, just Tottenham and West Ham in a week is pretty hard to swallow.
  7. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Which one. Choose one
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Why would PSG want him. He hasn't got the tactical nous to beat West Ham, Watford or Bournemouth. Could only beat Norwich on penalties. What chance against the elite of europe.
  9. Abrahams scored this weekend. His first since November!! Name some of these best of british players that are out there. If our national team is bang average where are these brilliant english players.
  10. I'd actually go the other way. For me there are only three playrs to keep. Dave, Kante and Rudiger. The rest are all expendable as far as i am concerned.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    When, in recent memory, have we ever know Abramovich to accept that sort of record. Absolutely shocking
  12. Do the quote justice DD, Brighton, Palace and Newcastle!!
  13. Sorry, courting himself out to Real, Barcelona and PSG and has been totally anonymous for ages, espec ially two games against F****g West Ham
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    But clearly if he has been going on and on about working harder, and garder. I repeat it is very difficult in this country but we must work harder and harder, then as a coach he is clearly two bob and last season was, as every other pundit said, luck due to us having no european football