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  1. WhiteWall

    Jorginho is a Blue

    We do have a problem on the horizon i think. Jorginho is the pivot to all things that are good about our forward movement. He is always available for recycling and has the ability to pop the ball off over 360 degrees under pressure, a rare commodity. However, he can't defend for toffee and has absolutely no pace. Our destroyer is Kante of course, but he has now been moved to the more forward right sided midfield position. Howver Kante's (only) shortcoming is that he is not that good in front of goal. Therefore the problem that we have is tyhat we can't just have Kante hanging around on Def midfield just to break the play up and moving Jorginho out of that pivotting position goes against the foundation of Sarri's tactics. Whilst Kante does seem to have superhuman powers, this surely relates to his energy levels and stamina and his canny knack of constantly breaking up play around him. Even Kante is human and cannot backtrack sixty yards into a defensive positon whenever we are subjected to a transitioning counter attack. I don't know what the answer is because i really love our style of play already and Jorginho is so central to that. But just the thought of Kante falling out of favour in this new system physically makes me gag and brings a little bit of sick into my mouth.
  2. WhiteWall

    Another defender or two in January?

    Agree totally. I am also not convinced that our defensive frailties were totally down to our defenders on Saturday either
  3. WhiteWall

    Marcos Alonso

    I'm not disagreeing with you, but do you feel that Emerson has shown anything to warrant staking a claim to LB over Alonso. For me i look at Luiz and i look at the performances that Ampadu has put in and I get the feeling that Ampadu could easily slot in and, notwithstanding the occasional similar mistake would actually improve in the position. I don't get that feeling with Emerson yet.
  4. WhiteWall

    Marcos Alonso

    Another point that is a shame but is spot on, nonetheless.
  5. WhiteWall

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It's ironic having the picture of Diego in this thread. I actually think Sarri is one manager that could tame the petulant side of Costa's character. I get the feeling that if Costa got out of line Sarri would just f**k him up. How good would Costa be in this team. Surrounded with proper players, he could just bully defenders and give all of our attacking midfielders room to rip the opposition apart.
  6. WhiteWall

    We've got a new Kepa

    I think Kepa really reminds me of De Gea when he first joined Man Utd. His posture, his movement, his build and apparent stature are so similar. Like De Gea i genuinely believe that this lad can become one of the best keepers in the land, possibly in the world. He will make simple mistakes, he will look dodgy against big strikers. I am certain it will take him a season to bed in and we will get frustrated with him and want to bomb him off upon ocassions. Remember it took De Gea three years to become the best in the world. Those that run our club need to be as strong willed and bloody minded as Ferguson was over De Gea and maintain the same levels of belief and i am certain he will bulk up, get into the pace of the english game and develop into possibly the best keeper we have ever had. Anybody that have read my posts about Courtois will know that i always felt that he had a number of technical flawsto his game. The comments about Kepa are not purely to justify that narrative. I genuinely believe that with the right coaching and with same determination to persevere with him this lad could be as big as De Gea, who i rate as the best keeper in the world at the moment.
  7. WhiteWall

    Alvaro Morata

    What is this supposed to mean. I merely said that i thought Giroud also looked good, although he didn't score. I don't even understand what it is that you are digging me out for actually. I also actually thought Morata showed real promise. When it got tougher for him in the second half he crumbled a bit again, hence why i said it was a shame
  8. WhiteWall

    Marcos Alonso

    What does this mean? What is a clutch offense?
  9. WhiteWall

    Alvaro Morata

    Spot on. Shame, but spot on. Giroud looked good though without scoring.
  10. WhiteWall

    Another defender or two in January?

    Crazy as it may sound i think teh team is crying out for Ampadu at the minute. Yes he will have mistakes in him becuase of his age, but surely no more mistakes than David Luiz makes, and Ampadu is the future.
  11. WhiteWall

    Jorginho is a Blue

    But as fantastic as Jorginho is with the ball, and he is fantastic, if we play him as the deepest lying midfielder we have no screen for our defence and i can see us conceding 2-3 goals regularly.
  12. But we do have defensive cover from midfied. The best defensive midfielder in the world. We need to play Kante in his position.
  13. I'm going to stick my neck out and risk a stoning for treason but as fantastic as Jorginho is with the ball at his feet he hasn't the slightest concept of defending and is just too slow to be able to get to his position. It's great Kante having a new lease of life but we have a team of great attacking players. Please let Kante mark the D and mark the penalty spot. Please. It's schoolboy stuff.
  14. WhiteWall

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Perhaps Conte submitted a scouting report to Milan, just after they decided to stick with Gattuso as manager!!
  15. WhiteWall

    We've got a new Kepa

    And Carlo, and he was just fine