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  1. Ok, I didn't hear the east stand chants, the ones in MHL came later and happened when Mourinho started his show. Apologies for my confusion with the first chants.
  2. I was there too, MHL, 30 seconds of chant as a response to his nasty behaviour towards our players and to him having a go at Conte. His previous comments sure have helped to get some of the fans turn against him, but yesterday was a response to specific behaviours in the touch line. And as soon as it started it turned into an "Antonio, Antonio" chant (started by others) like I've never heard before.
  3. I didn't join in the singing in the Matthew Harding Lower, but it is also true that as it started the chant changed to "Antonio" within less than 30 seconds, and I saw some supporters telling off others for singing against Mourinho. But, respecting what he has done at Chelsea, I'm amazed that we can call footballers and refs "w*****s", tell them to "f*ck off", sing Pogba "birdsh*t on your head" or "waste of money", call ManU and other fans "northern bar stewards", but we can't sing Mourinho to "f*ck off" when he is behaving nastily with our players and being aggressive with our actual manager. We only started singing that when Mourinho went off his head (can't recall the exact moment but it was after the red card). Our fans reacted to him behaving like the pr*t he is. He should have shown some respect towards this club and us fans, and we would have surely shown him respect. We applaud Mata, Lampard at City, or Cech at LeArse, surely we would have done that to him (or ignore him at most) if he had not started his personal vendetta. Having said that, shouldn't we just turn the page and ignore him. He is a pr*ck, we know it, just leave him be. Ignoring him is the best thing we can do to turn him more bitter, he can't help himself and we've seen it in the PL and in La Liga.
  4. Leave it mate, you aren't going to convince him that the whole stadium knew what the ref was telling the ManU captain even if we were not within hearing distance. Everybody knows that when the ref calls the captain of a team after they've made yet another foul it is not to talk about the weather but to let them know that enough is enough and to watch it before he shows a card. If a professional player on the pitch is not aware of that, then he shouldn't be there playing as a professional. And if he is aware and still goes on and trips an opponent immediately after the ref has reprimanded your team through the captain, your are rightly off if you had a previous yellow.
  5. Oh, don't worry, the players knew, in fact, the whole of the stadium knew because we were expecting a yellow card to Jones and instead all we got was a lengthy chat between the ref and we all booed that decision. And Herrera still decides to tackle Hazard again as soon as the ball has been played, you really have to be thick. His fault and no one else.
  6. What a game tonight for him! He got hacked most of the times because they couldn't stop him otherwise. He commanded our attacking front and showed the quality he's got. Herrera got sent off for being a pr*ck. Didn't the ref just told ManU that one more and the card is coming? And he, being booked already, goes on and makes that tackle on Hazard like 10 seconds after...
  7. On my way bck home. What a game, they definitely came to kill one of us, dirty bar stewards. Herrera's red well deserved and amazing that Rojo did not get sent off several times. He really is a dirty player. I hope he gets a ban after that stump on Hazard. And he was provoking Costa for the entire second half. Any way, job done and bring on the Spuds!
  8. What a blatant cheating sc*mbags Barsa are. All match diving and complaining to the ref and linesmen payed the dividend. Every time I see that cheating bar steward diving for the penalty in the clip above I choke. And that is in Europe, in La Liga is the same but against less important teams. The only other team they can't cheat is Real Madrid and they still complain all the time about Real Madrid having the refs in their pockets, the c*nts. On the other hand, last night Stoke gave us a bit of a push towards the title. Great result for us! I now worry about Spurs, they are in peak and don't see them losing many points until the end of the season. We need to be constant and keep getting points from mid-low table teams, those are the matches we need to win no matter what if we want to be champions.
  9. Cheating c**ts, can't stand any of them barstewards.
  10. And that is why I fecking hate Barsa, complaining all the time to get the ref under pressure and make him take decisions that favour them. The barstewards. I hope we cross their path next year in the CL and teach them a lesson of good old football.
  11. Was it penalty? I've stopped watching it, I can't watch those tw**s and keep my sanity.
  12. I f*****g hate the Barcelona players' attitude of complaining to the referee every fecking time about nothing.
  13. Yes, three points! And that's about it, some good spells but we've suffered way too much against a not that good team. We need to improve
  14. I'm amazed tht Kante is still running to get back to position, he is a machine.