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  1. RMH

    Mateo Kovačić

    Ampadu should start getting some time, he's the ideal CB for Sarri's style, good on the ball and better defensively than Luiz from the few times we've seen him.
  2. RMH

    We've got a new Kepa

    Cech does his season match against us, he did some great saves against us yesterday which he will let in when the Arses are playing Huddersfield or the likes. Kepa had a couple of good saves, he let one in which he could have done more, but the defence was all over the place. For his first match at the Bridge, he did quite well and I think he will grow up to be a good keeper for us.
  3. I agree with you completely. I sympathised with how Conte and Mourinho set up their teams against Guardiola, a strong defensive tactic is required. But most people seem content with losing 2-0 but having more possession.
  4. Jorginho was excellent, very much controlled the pace of the game brilliantly. Kepa could have saved one, but other than that he had a good game, good distribution and saved a couple of Arsenal's chances.
  5. They already beat Arsenal at the Emirates 2-0. The only team I can see taking points from City is Manure if they can perform a good defensive game 'a la Mourinho'. We can have more possession as in the community shield, but they will open us up easily if we don't get our defence sorted soon.
  6. Yes, they could have scored, but how many times did Cech save the ball from going in? We got 11 shots on target for 6 of them. We have to improve massively our defence, but we can't play us down as the media's done because we were massively better than them. Great attacking football in need to defend much better, but today we were above Arses' level.
  7. It was on their website report of the match that I read on my way back home. I haven't seen MOTD so not sure if they've mentioned it as well on tv.
  8. By the way, really annoying that the BBC on their match report mention that Arsenal could have been 5 up before half time, forgetting the several chances Cech defended saving Arsenal from an embarrassing defeat. Also mentioning that our 71m keeper could have done more in the first, which I agree, but there's no reason to mention the price tag other than to put pressure on him and us. Let's see if the expensive keeper from their Livepoodle darling gets the same treatment.
  9. Back home after a few pints at the Bolton after the match. What a game! Even the atmosphere was on fire from the minute that the Liquidator started blasting. We were all over Arsenal for the first 25-30 minutes, and then we lost control of the game and let them equalise. The second half we were the better team by far and deserved that win. It is disguised by their two goals how better we were. Anyway, Morata scored a great goal, Jorginho was a beast in the midfield, Barkley was very good and Kovacic showed how much quality he's got when he came on. I think that we are losing a lot of the defensive power in the midfield by letting Kante roam high up the pitch, I think we should let the best DM play as that. And William, in my opinion, was poor and we improved so much when Hazard came on. You can also tell that Hazard is enjoying playing. I was a bit skeptic about Alonso as a LB, but sincerely, today he played very well and the amount of damage he brings when attacking is worth the while, I'm no thanks sure how he came on to the scoring position, but I find it amazing that a full back should find himself in the 6 yards box to score the winning goal, brilliant! Anyway, I've really enjoyed our football today, it's been a brilliant. Up the Chels!
  10. Anyone think that City support is embarrassing and doesn't deserve the team they have? You could barely hear them today on tv or last Sunday during the Community Shield. And how many thousands seats did they not sell? Like a half of their upper tiers were completely empty in Wembley.
  11. Every time I see Ped Guardrogas on the television I find myself cheering for Arsenal, I just hate the two faced hypocrite. On another matter, I get the feeling that next week we should target that Guendouzi bloke and we will be alright.
  12. RMH

    Thibaut Courtois

    No, that also is a difference. But he wanted to go from Athletic since Real Madrid whispered in his ear last January, and when he did not go (Zidane did not want him) and had to stay in Bilbao, his words were that after meditating it he had decided that the right move was to stay and play for his Club, Athletic. Hasn't shown much loyalty to the club were he has grown up. And he possibly has not gone awol given that the interest has only been recent, so no time to do a "Courtois". But I am happy that he is here and I hope that he makes his career as goal keeper at Chelsea.
  13. RMH

    Thibaut Courtois

    The annoyance at Courtois in here is the same that Athletic fans have for Kepa, with the difference that he has given them 80m € and we get 35m GBP... and the opportunity to develop Kovacic for Real Madrid.
  14. RMH

    Mateo Kovacic

    I hope this doesn't mean Barkley isn't getting much play time, because I think that he was having a good preseason and would be a good player for us this season. RLC will probably go on loan.
  15. RMH

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    If we want to register him with the FA for the PL, my guess is that we will have to complete the contract before the transfer deadline closes.