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  1. The Spanish radio just mentioned that R Madrid has put a price tag for Ronaldo of 225m €.
  2. Yeah, he fell out with Mourinho as most of the R Madrid players (I think the exception were Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa who got on Mourinho's side). But money talks and I guess it is not improbable that Ronaldo would go back to Utd. The motives of him wanting out are thought to be the tax evasion problems with the Spanish justice.
  3. Don't rate him much, especially after the performance he had at the Bridge in the FA Cup leg in early 2016 (5 - 1 to us but Pellegrini played mostly youngsters).
  4. Sorry to derail the Griezmann topic but since you're discussing Mourinho, anyone who keeps playing that farce of a player that is Fellaini can't be considered one of the best managers any more
  5. That's it, i don't see Ajax getting up an equaliser. And the worst part is going to have to endure all the w*nkfest over that overrated Pogba.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks that the Europa League trophy is prettier than the Champions League one? C'mon Ajax!
  7. Yes, these above are the ones I saw on twitter. ConteTweets‏ @ConteTweets Seguir Más Chelsea fans, what's your thoughts on the new Chelsea home and away kit next year with Nike? #CFC
  8. . (F*ck me I don't know how to insert a tweet in here... )
  9. Are Leicester fans singing "Jamie Vardy has won more than you" to Spurs?
  10. I still can't f*cking believe it! We are champions struggling this game and with a classic poacher goal, and it had to be Michi. Great job lads!
  12. Crystal Palace all over again with worse finishing from their part. Come on Chelsea!
  13. This is going to be a draw, we can't break their defence... And Costa ffs...
  14. Btw, look who came to watch the game! (And I don't mean the blond)