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  1. RMH

    Membership seating

    Yo need to put your mate in the "Friends & Family" list, and your mate put you, so you can buy each other's ticket in one purchase. Otherwise, chances of siting together will be low to nil. All you can choose is the stand where you want to go, the seats are allocated automatically and you either accept them or go back to choosing again the stand and hope that seats are different (and not sold out). At least that's how it's been until last season, now with the new website I hope it changes and lets you chose the seats too.
  2. RMH

    Next Chelsea Manager

    So why the f**k you turn on me when all I'm asking people is to stop complaining about not having a coach?! There's a point in saying it when posters keep saying that, contrary to our rivals, we don't even have a coach. Have you even read my original post?
  3. RMH

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Give what a rest, exactly? Asking people to stick to the facts? We have a coach, if you don't believe it just go to the Club's website and check it for yourself. Until he is sacked and we hire a substitute, Conte is our coach. Whether you like him or not is of no interest to the fact that posters here keep saying that we don't have one when we do.
  4. RMH

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Can people stop saying that we have no coach? Not specifically aimed at you Sindre , but I've already read several times other posters saying we have no coach, and it is false. Conte is still our coach and so it says in the Chelsea FC website. You may not want him to be, you may want Sarri to be our new coach, but do not say that we have no coach because the truth is that we DO have a coach, Conte, and we have no clue whether the board want to sack him and bring Sarri, Blanc, Enrique... or just keep him.
  5. RMH

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    No, in the ticket exchange tickets are sold to the first that grabs them. It also doesn't give you the points, which I used to find annoying as loyalty points should go to those going to the matches.
  6. RMH

    Next Chelsea Manager

    And this sounds very much like many of our fans (mostly internet, haven't heard that much whinging in the stadium tbh).
  7. Right, every time anyone here says how crap we played the FA Cup and how good football the dippers play, I’m going to refer to this CL final. Yes, Karius was a joke, but they played f**k all in the final. I was expecting a high pressing all guns blazing Liverpoodle and all we got was a weak and predictable crap match. One of the least interesting finals I’ve seen.
  8. FFS was that a Benny Hill show?? What a laugh! Karius will be on the next Mr Bean film.
  9. What’s Ramos done? From what I’ve seen on tv, Salah injures himself falling with him, but I see nothing weird.
  10. I guess that's it, we won't see Terry back a the the Bridge next season.
  11. 5 minutes added. I hope there's a last minute Terry's goal for Villa.
  12. People complain about getting to Wembley, but Twickenham is far worse. At least with Wembley there are different realistic transport options. Plus it’s closer to me
  13. Mono Burgos, he used to be the goal keeper for Atlético and also for Argentina.
  14. Didn't we see Roma come back from a 2-0? It can still be done! Forza Roma!!