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  1. I'd like to see the CL back to what it was before, the two top teams from the strong leagues and the winner of the weaker ones. Maybe do a league stage as it is now but with fewer teams. And the return of the Cup Winners Cup, that would be awesome as well. It gave a higher sense of relevance to the Cups, and I always thought the CWC was more important than the actual Europa League.
  2. Don’t agree. A flamboyant article focused on two stars and obviating the quality of the rest of the players. Didn’t he see Isco and Kroos combinations? Nacho nullifying Neymar? Marcelo’s runs on the left with Modric and later on Asensio? Lucas Vázquez playing with Bale? And PSG the same, I just don’t know them. It was a game with great pace and high pressure. And of course goals came from defensive errors, they always do. Just forget the two stars, there’s other quality in these teams the writer chose not to see.
  3. Cesc Fabregas

    From what I've seen when he's been played in the midfield, Ampadu could be the man. Good passes and composure to look up and see the runs. Defensively will be much more accomplished than Fabregas too. I think that Conte or whoever is the coach next season should look at developing him for that role.
  4. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Well, he didn’t set the world on fire but imo helped opening up WBA defenders with his mobility. A good performance overall, but not world class (which he is not).
  5. I suppose you know the "jobs" that Terry had to do for the first team players when he started integrating into the group. That shaped him as a footballer and made the legend he is to all of us. It is not only about playing minutes as soon as you start being called to the first team, the personality of the player will be formed outside the pitch more than inside. And that is what will define in a great deal his footballing. Why didn't we see Ampadu last night? Christensen, with much more experience, was getting bullied all the time, especially during the second half. That's why Conte made the call to bring in a more experienced Cahill, who is a worse defender at the moment, but is more capable of dealing with the bulling they were getting. And it showed perfectly in our defending after the change. I would have liked to see Ampadu for Fabregas, I like more the lad in the midfield than in the defence to be honest, but he is playing tonight against Spurs in the Youth FA Cup (as said at least a couple of times before). And that is also important for the Club. You can't risk him to play a few minutes against a bottom of the table team. Also, you keep asking why was he on the bench if he had no chance of playing? Well, for the same reason that many others before sit on the bench and are not usually called in to play. Ask Caballero, who sits on the bench week in week out. And as I said before, it is not only about playing minutes, it is about being part of the group, learning from the bench and in the changing rooms is also important for a footballer. Regarding Conte, I'm fed up of all this moaning and whining going on against him. He is our coach and, thankfully, the majority of Stamford Bridge supports him as we support our players and Chelsea no matter whether we lose or win.
  6. Ampadu was on the bench, and he warmed up in the touchline, although Hudson-Odoi wasn't. But I agree with you, if they are playing tonight, it made no sense to risk them last night. And they'll get the minutes, or so I hope, on Friday against Hull. But those saying these lads don't get first team experience because they don't play against teams in the PL are forgetting that experience is not only about playing, is about getting into the group, learning with the first team players, and being part of the team home and travelling away, whether playing or on the bench.
  7. Back from the game. The first half a bit suspect, I thought we were back to the same tricks as against Bournemouth and Watford, but what a great goal. But what a second half, I really enjoyed it and thought we were almost as good as last season. I did not understand the Cahill for Christensen substitution, although you could see the latter been bullied by the WBA players. I would have liked to have seen Ampadu for Fabregas once we were in control, and Emerson for Zappacosta. I liked the link up play of Giroud, and Morata did also quite well when he came on. And very happy for Conte. I hope he stays, at least til the end of the season if not beyond that.
  8. Change Fabregas for Ampadu and I would be very happy with that formation. If we play a 343, I'd like Rudiger, Christensen, Azpi, Alonso/Emerson, Kante, Ampadu, Zappacosta, Hazard, Giroud, Hudson-Odoi.
  9. Our New Stadium

    I love the idea of the new stadium but I have my concerns. However, more than whether we will be able to compete with Manchester teams in transfer money spent, I am more worried about the capacity to fill it with supporters. Other than the obvious London and top 4 rivals, I am watching empty seats in many games, for example the Bournemouth match and there were still tickets available yesterday for the West Brom game on Monday, and there are still tickets for the Hull FA Cup. How are we going to sell out a Stamford Bridge with much larger capacity?
  10. Alvaro Morata

    I've really not heard him talk down our team. He is constantly asked by the media about the players coming and he has been positive about them, Giroud, Barkley, DD, etc It is just boring to hear every single day the same questions by the sh*t media, and he is obviously saying that he has no direct role in the negotiations, but I don't hear him saying they are not good enough. But I haven't heard all his press conferences entirely, so I may be missing something.
  11. I don't agree that our football is dire when we dominated last season playing some good football. And the change to 343 that Conte brought has changed the PL and most teams are now playing like that, so he can't be that bad. This season we have had really bad games, but we are in no way producing on average the worst football in the PL, and we have had memorable nights like the match against Atletico Madrid (some of the best football I've seen in years). The 353 is not working but neither is the 343 in some matches. The players are looking knackered lately, but that is because Conte took us back to the CL. Some want to play 4 at the back, but we don't have proper FBs (except Azpilicueta who has played in that position and was never as good as he's been as a CB). Conte switched last season to 343 for a reason, and it changed the PL and gave us the PL. In my view we are playing accordingly to the team we have, and on average we are where we deserve to be, fighting for top 4. And, again in my opinion, we are not as bad as some paint us. You want to play like City this year? Get the check book out, and even so they were crap last season.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    I agree with you in everything but on that about Conte. How is he guilty of all the media sh*t that some repeat in these forums as if they were the god-given truth? How has he helped to create the negativity? I just don't get it. Let's forget about the media talk and get behind our coach and team. We can't play well and we can have really bad days, but I just don't get all this negativity.
  13. Can you list those f**k ups by Conte? Because I just don't get all this negative talk regarding our current coach (other than boredom and wanting to create a discussion out of anything the media makes up).
  14. I rather have Morata and Giroud. Maybe Auba still can give a couple of years, we will see, but if people complain here about Morata I can't imagine what it would be like if we'd got Lacazette performing as he is for le'arses. Sorry, but to say that Ozil has created the most chances since his debut in the whole of Europe is a bit over the top, specially when they haven't won any league and have been consistently sh*t in Europe. Plus he is seriously under scrutiny for his lack of commitment. And Mikhitaryan may be a good squad player, and I think he is good, but waaaaaay long from being world class. The point here is that you are saying they have a WORLD CLASS offensive line, and I don't think it compares to ours, where only Hazard is top class (and we will see Morata).
  15. Ozil is sh*t, Mikhitaryan is a ManUtd reject, Aubameyang has been better and Lacazette has scored less than Morata or Michi. With Hazard, William and Morata we have a better attacking than they do.