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  1. RMH


    Thankfully William hasn’t decided to use no. 30... yet!
  2. RMH

    Alvaro Morata

    @robdog sorry, I had not seen it and since they were discussing here Morata's "celebration", I thought it was appropriate to paste it here.
  3. RMH


    You are right, I didn't think that William put many decent corners last night in term of creating dangerous situations, most nowhere near any of our players, but it could be also that other players were not responding correctly to the set piece. So I'll give you that. And he was angry last night in many corners, he seemed to fight in every one with Pedro, I don't know if the latter wanted short corners and William was not having it or not, but it was obvious that they were having some arguments. Regarding giving him stick, I never mouth any of our players or coach, but as BlueDave put it he had a decent match last night, which in RLC language means he played OK, but... And that is most of his games, he is a good player to have on the bench, though.
  4. RMH


    Well, yesterday there was one corner, I believe in the first half as I saw from the Shed Upper, in which you had most players in the back post and one player on the front post. William put the ball in the middle of the 6 yards box. I may not be a football coach, but I understand that players are placing themselves according to what William signs, and then he delivers to the wrong area. I've never given him any slack, but yesterday he should have stepped up because, a priori, him and Pedro were the players with most quality on the pitch for us. And he didn't deliver.
  5. RMH


    I think yesterday he used no. 5 more often, which means hit the ball to the opposition so they can clear it more easily
  6. RMH

    Alvaro Morata

    According to the Spanish sports newspaper As, it was the saddest celebration that Morata has ever done, and apparently a journalist asked Sarri about it in the presser after the game, and his response was that if Morata wanted to cry after every goal he scored, he was hoping to see Morata crying very often. https://as.com/futbol/2018/10/05/uefa/1538720054_925037.html
  7. RMH

    Victor Moses

    You’re right. We’ve looked so much worse when he’s come on, especially on Saturday as today we were pants overall. For me the change would have been CHO for William, but CHO didn’t make the bench.
  8. RMH


    Pedro and William kept discussing in every corner. My take is that Pedro wanted short corners an William kept telling him to piss off as he wanted to see if he could cross it even worse than before. He didn’t dare to discuss corners once Hazard came on.
  9. Napoli deserved to be two or three ahead by now. Liversh*t have had 4 attempts this second half.
  10. Yeeeessssss!!!! Get in Napoli!!! Last minute goal!!
  11. Am I the only watching that Liverpool dross? Totally being dominated by Napoli, but still 0-0. How the fcuk did we manage to let them draw! It is becoming quite annoying now seeing what an utter sh*t football they play. I may be wrong but they haven't had a single shot this second half.
  12. Blimey, that Napoli stadium looks pretty empty!
  13. Oh crap, so the dippers score a late goal...
  14. I think that Salah has been poor all season so far, he is not very sharp and lacks the speed and freshness he had last season.
  15. That's a clear faul on the PSG keeper you f**kwits! And it must have been a painful one too.