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  1. As usual, we let one goal in in the last minute.
  2. sh*t, you almost got there the head goal!
  3. Ampadu for Christensen?! I thought he was a midfielder.
  4. It's been at least 7 fouls on Hazard tonight and no yellow shown. It is disgraceful.
  5. Quality pass from Azpilicueta to Alonso and quality cross from Him to William.
  6. Yessss! Great play opening their bus after a fatal error.
  7. Strong team, good. Alonso is already looking tired and that shows in how poor his finishes have been lately.
  8. You really can't say that Fabregas-Kante did not work yesterday. Except the last 15 minutes or so we dominated them and they created nothing. I think that we can play with a more attacking 3-4-3 at home against a poor opposition as Swansea. Obviously against top teams we should play with 5 men in the middle (I'd play Fabregas Kante and Drinkwater), but yesterday we should have been 2 or 3 up by half time.
  9. It was a cold night at the Bridge yesterday but I surely didn't see us playing as bad as some here suggest. We controlled the match except in the last 15 minutes or so, had 21 shots and 10 on target in comparison to their 2 shots 0 on target, and could have gone to half time 2 or 3 nil up. So yes, the 2 man midfield worked for the majority of the game and we dominated the middle of the park bar the last 15 minutes. My only complain would be that it all felt like a stroll in the park, the atmosphere was flat, there were plenty of empty seats, the team looked like it was in training, and Swansea is the worse team I've seen this season so far. But I am happy with the three points and with the performance in general. I hope Conte does not get many matches, that c**t of the referee had no clue last night.
  10. Absolutely right! I thought it was my imagination when I saw it, but you confirm it so I wasn't going mad. That's disgusting if not suspicious.
  11. That's what I think as well. We had a good first half, and our midfield dominated the game during that half, with Baka playing well. During the second half we lost the control of the game and you could see how many errors were committed by our players. It was Baka who made a fatal mistake, but the whole team was in disarray after Salah kicked Hazard (and he disappeared). With Zappa it was the same, good first half and like most of the team, worst second half. I think they were tired in that second half.
  12. Was a good match and we had a good first half and end of second half. I think we were better than the weirdos dippers and really only struggled for about 20 minutes of the second half when they scored. As soon as Fab came on, we started controlling the tempo. Overall I think that the draw is a fair result.
  13. I was writing that it wasn't our day to get anything from this lot when William scores that one