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  1. From behind it didn't look like a penalty to me, but when they showed the tackle from the front it seemed to me that Aurier hit the shin of Kroos, so penalty. I would have to see it repeated again. This image i think shows it is a penalty.
  2. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Why not bring back Tammy Abraham in January if possible due to contracts and stuff like that? I know that he is getting playing time at Swansea and that is what he needs, but we are struggling to find a suitable CF and he would be getting time with the different competitions we are involved in.
  3. Willian

    Maybe is not about what he sees in him but rather that Conte doesn't see a suitable substitute for him. I am not sure Musonda is an instant first player over him, yet, and I am not sure why he doesn't use Pedro instead of William. Maybe he was reserving Pedro for the Roma game.But having seen Bats' performance against Palace, I would not be surprised to see William Pedro Hazard as the front three against Roma.
  4. If it wasn't because we haven't got enough players, none of these should even make it to the bench on Wednesday. What a lazy performance, sure they thought the match was won before kick off and they didn't show up. They should be embarrassed of themselves and if they keep performing like this, they shouldn't wear our badge.
  5. Charly Musonda Jr.

    When you are a youngster you still have a lot to learn. William may be playing poorly at the start of this season, but he's got the experience that Musonda lacks, and sometimes that makes a difference in a game. But even if I want to see Musonda playing against Palace, I just don't get why are the youth expecting to play instead of first team players. Why aren't they content with training with the first team, getting minutes from time to time, even if in minor Cups, and learning from the best players of the Club? Why such a hurry in playing as a starter and why post your frustrations on social media? Train, observe, learn, and they'll make it.
  6. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    For as much as he frustrates me, he has scored two crucial goals to get us last PL and three points against a tough CL opposition. So I hope he keeps frustrating me
  7. We've totally deserved it, we have dominated Atlético and bar the stupid penalty, they've only had one good chance. Hazard, what a player, he is at the level of Messi or Ronaldo, he was unstoppable today. Luiz, I would start playing him as a midfielder.
  8. Every time the ref blows the whistle in the area I'm expecting a penalty
  9. Christensen for Fabregas? Is Luiz going to the midfield now?
  10. f**k, Hzard is being kick all over the park!
  11. sh*t Fabregas! Could've been winning by now
  12. Definitely he is not only a good finisher, his ball control and link up with other players is very good.