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  1. I am wondering when are we going to see referees banned for a few games after the big errors they make. Craig Pawson is refereeing this weekend after his performance at ST last Saturday, and De Burgos Bengoetxea won't probably get any sanction after last Sunday Supercopa match (and Zidane will probably get a sanction after talking about the decision to ban Ronaldo for five matches).
  2. I have no doubt whatsoever that given the chance we would have recovered from being 1-0 down. What I argue is that the ref made sure with his decisions that we did not react well to the sent off and subsequent goal. It is not something I normally say and I don't want to be taken as one of those that complain about referees all the time, but today it was as biased a refereeing as I've rarely seen at SB (maybe the match against Spurs when we gave Leicester the PL title, that refereeing was bad as well), and we lost because of the constant (not the red to Cahill) mistakes of the ref that prevented us from recovering the game. But I agree with you that the team should have not displayed that disarray in the first half under normal conditions.
  3. I'd say Alonso's yellow in the 5th minute should have let us known what this ref was all about. But I don't agree with you, sorry, i think it is normal that such a biased refereeing will undermine any team's work and make it be all over the place. It is not just the red, it was that every single tackle from us was a foul given to them while they got away with murder. If I was annoyed and all over the place at the Shed, the players must have been beyond believe. And the fact that Luiz was so aggressive at some point of the match shows how they were feeling about the whole ref charade. They are human after all and the ref was taking the mick in their home. As I said before, there are some positives to take. I enjoyed watching Christensen, and Morata was superb with his goal and assist. (I'm not that all grumpy)
  4. I'm amazed at some comments. The ref was all over the game with a terrible bias. The first yellow to Alonso came when, at the 5th minute? Direct red at the 15th? And no card for Burnley? Clear stud tackles for Burnley got passed with a yellow, and what was a yellow for Chelsea went with no card for Burnley players. That is a clear biased refereeing. Also, what can you expect from a team when is constantly intimidated by the ref? You've just been sent off your captain and you get a yellow for breathing, I kind of expected that first half with our players totally out of place. The second half we recovered our game and as soon as we get back on track the c*nt of the ref starts making decisions that stops our momentum. Red to Fabregas? Yellow to Rudiger? Studs from Burnley get a yellow? Burnley would never win if the ref had not been a biased tw*t. This is a clear example of how a ref can influence the outcome of a match, and didn't even try to conceal his bias, the c*nt. i'm still pissed off after watching that performance by the ref at SB.
  5. What a f*cking game at SB. The ref was an absolute joke, sorry I know many think the reds were justified, but we'll need to agree to disagree. If you send Cahill off and show our players yellow for almost f*ck all, you do the same to the opponent. And it never went both sides. Few times in my life I have seen such a biased refereeing, and the whole stadium reminded the ref of what a w*nker he has been. Rudigers yellow? That was just the cherry on the cake. The FA should ashamed, but they haven't shame at all. On the positive, I liked Christensen, Rudiger an Morata. Why didn't he come on at half time for Bats?? Shame the c*nt of the ref didn't give us time to see Boga. The only thing the ref did well was to wind us up so the atmosphere was great. Have I said what a w*nker the ref was?
  6. Danny Drinkwater

    OK, thanks.
  7. Danny Drinkwater

    Drinkwater not playing tonight and not on the bench either. Any reason for that other than negotiations on his exit from Leicester?
  8. Antonio Rudiger

    Well, he came on yesterday and Dave moved to the left. Not sure if that is a good solution...
  9. I agree with you in that Fabregas can't be played in a midfield of two, it means losing the midfield big time. We need Bakayoko as soon as possible, or play Musonda alongside Kante and Fabregas (and I liked him when he came on) in a 3-5-2.
  10. Alvaro Morata

    You can never be sure about something until you test it. But seeing what options were available I think we have got the best striker possible. He may not have a killer instinct like Costa, or he may not be a prolific scorer like Lukaku, but he is technically better than any of these two and I think could fit well playing with 2 up front. I also think that he will link up better with Hazard/William/Pedro and Fabregas than Lukaku would. Besides, if it is true that Morata is the striker Conte wanted all along, I have no doubt that Conte will be capable of making him a top striker in this league.
  11. Alvaro Morata

    And magic Fabregas supplying balls to spaces behind the defences...
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Right now on the Spanish radio Cadena Ser they are saying that Morata is looking for flights to travel from LA to London to join Chelsea. And the sports reporter has come live in the middle of another (non-sport) programme to announce this, so it looks like is a done deal.
  13. Danilo

    Some reports in Spain (Marca, Sport,...) mention an interest from Guardiola's City in Danilo. If Conte has a real interest, then the club should get the purchase done without any more delay, especially now they are offering Danilo and Morata for £80m.
  14. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    There you go, have corrected a mistake in your letter that no Athleticzale (Athletic Club Bilbao fan) or colchonero (follower of Atlético de Madrid) would be able to ignore...
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    Don't understand why would they pay £100m for Lukaku and not the R Madrid £80m plus £10m bonus options for Morata, who was their first option...