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  1. Yes, on Saturday we were playing a good attacking side while last night we played a team that couldn't get one past the Citeh defence! The second goal was a lack of focus similar to Arsenal's goal at SB. I expect Conte will sort this out in summer and it looks like he the club is bidding for defenders. But we can't keep conceding in every single game until the end of the season, so I guess he needs to work something out soon with what is available at the moment. Most of the danger comes from set pieces and crosses into the box, so it could be just a matter of training those situations. The annoying thing is that we had such a great defensive performance up until January... Last night I was also surprised that Ake didn't start, but after that header I kind of "forgave" Conte for choosing Cahill over Ake ;)
  2. Fabregas was superb in my opinion.
  3. Great second half from our side but the first half was nerve racking. I just can't understand why after we score early it is quite obvious that we are going to concede. What is happening at the back in the last couple of months is a mystery to me. Conceding that last minute goal annoyed me quite a bit, but I was at the Shed and Courtois had a go at Terry and Luiz as I have never seen him. He must have felt really really angry at the defending. Ffs, this is a team that didn't score against Manchester City 10 days ago! Costa had a great match (an assist and two goals) but man, he annoys me with his inability to keep the ball for long most of the times! And a shout out to Cahill with his great header just when it was needed. Anyway, we got three points and an almost relaxed game on the second half.
  4. I fcking hate those Barcelona w*nkers.
  5. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what is wrong with some people. They are so overcritical that leads them to say things like: "Yes they didnt create much, but nor did we. And there was only one team looking like scoring in that second half. The pressed us better and passed better. We scored from a corner and a wonder goal. ". They didn't create much but looked like scoring? We scored from a corner and a wonder goal, just like they did but they deserved those goals and we didn't! And still we didn't deserve to win? Having scored two more goals than them? It seems that tactics, which Conte is a master of, is not part of football, you just have to dominate and do fcuk all to create a goal chance to deserve to win. With all their possession we still had as many chances as them, and we scored more goals, is not that enough to say that it was a deserved win? I just don't get it.
  6. We want you to stay, we want you to staaaay, Arsene wenger, we want you to stay!
  7. Did just Ozil look back instead of running towards the goal? Amazing player...
  8. Oh f*ck off City! You gave us so much hassle and bottle it against Arsenal? Glad to face le Arse in the final, though.
  9. I never thought I'd see this season Arsenal bossing City! But they want it more than Guardiola's side.
  10. Is it me or it looks like Arsenal wants more this game than City?
  11. Yeah, Cech should have been quicker there. I thought he was going to get to the ball before Aguero.
  12. I guess many here don't think Juve should have gone through against Barsa, as Barsa dominated despite having created f*ck all chances. And tht is what happened against Spurs yesterday. They press high up, control the midfield, but struggled to create clear goal chances. We had as many chances as they did but we had a better quality finishing, and we could have been 2-0 up if Michy had scored that header. It was a tight match as expected and it was won on tactics. We rested two starters and had to bring in Ake for Cahill. And Conte had a plan all along, and it worked out much better than Pochetino's.