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  1. Great come back and a well-fought win. All what Chelsea is about. If we had had the same clinical finish last weekend, we should have put at least two by the spammers. Alonso's tackle may have been red (though I don't think it was deliberate), but if retrospective refereeing is going to be the norm, those sh*theads from the sh*tlane would not have enoug players for most of the weekends. It only seems to apply to us, if that is what is going to happen.
  2. FA Cup Semi Final

    Ok, no problem with it at all. It wasn't my intention to sound brisk. In any case, I go to SB and see empty seats. But this past Friday and Saturday there were still tickets available for the West Ham match. And that has been a constant this season, many times I get online to get my tickets, I see that other matches still have seats available. Right now there are still tickets available for the Liverpool match, it is still some time to go, but other seasons these would have sold out on the same morning that they came on sale. I am not suggesting SB is half empty, but it has not sold out a few times this season, that is all I'm trying to say ;)
  3. FA Cup Semi Final

    Not defensive, but you said "Seeing empty seats on the TV...", which is suggesting that I did see those empty seats on the TV. In any case, I can tell you that we changed seat several times this season and no one came to tell me that I was seating in their seats. They may have not turned up (why spend that money and not bother to turn up?) but they were not all match in the bar. That is for sure.
  4. FA Cup Semi Final

    And who tells you that I saw those empty seats on TV?
  5. FA Cup Semi Final

    This season that is just not true. I can tell you of a bunch of matches where I could see many empty seats in our stands. Starting with last Sunday's match against the Spammers, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Leicester...
  6. Alvaro Morata

    Most likely he wouldn’t get many minutes because Klopp plays with three skilful players up front, with more hold up and link up skills than Bats. Salah, Firmino and Mane are much more complete footballers than Batsman. Maybe at Mourinho’s Utd...
  7. I wonder if those "brave" Scousers get Roma in the semifinals, whether they'll have the "cojones" to trash the Roma bus as they did City's, or if they'll sh*t themselves in front of the Roma supporters.
  8. To be honest, we should have beaten Barsa at the Bridge by three and they were lucky to get away with a draw.
  9. FA Cup Semi Final

    I've argued before in relation to the New Stamford Bridge, that there have been a high number of matches I have seen with empty seats, and there were still tickets for the match against the Spammers this morning (I guess it will be another match with empty tickets). If we don't sell out our allocation for the FA Cup semi at Wembley that would definitely worry me in relation to building a new stadium with more seats. If we don't fill Stamford Bridge in a match against West Ham or don't sell our allocation for an FA Cup semifinal at Wembley, I think that there will be many seats empty in an stadium with a capacity for 60,000+. I don't doubt that we have the fanbase to fill the new stadium, but whether because of the prices or because of the season, the truth is that we don't sell out week in week out the actual allocation of SB.
  10. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Really sad news. Chelsea legend and as many have said before, a true gent.
  11. Thibaut Courtois

    I don't know if anyone saw last night's match between Spain and Argentina, but Willy came on around the 25th minute after the first keeper got injured in Costa's goal for Spain, and suffered a nightmare of 5 goals past him... Not a great night for Willy, and just a reminder of why Courtois is our first choice of keeper. Mind you, with that Argentinian defence I'm not sure that their first goalie would have saved them from disaster.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    It is not about hating Morata, it is more about not being a sucker for his stats. Nobody here hates him, and I am the first one that wanted him to come, and still want him to stay next season. I think he is a quality striker, but it is absurd to deny his dip in form since the new year, and the fact that he needs to man up to the constant bullying he gets from defenders. It is no good to be complaining all the time, get up and keep going at them is all we are asking. He's got quality, I don't doubt that, but he needs to change his attitude on the pitch if he wants to succeed here. And no stats will change what we have been seeing in most games this year so far, so don't come here trying to hide a fact we all see (even us who think he is quality) behind a set of stats.
  13. Thibaut Courtois

    He had two sh*tty foot clearances in the second half that almost cost us, one went straight to Mahrez in the middle of our park who tried to put it into the goal and missed. And right before that he had a similar clearance with his foot that went again straight to a Leicester player (I can't remember who). But he had several other instances of coming out of the box that created strange situations (one with Azpi in the first half I think). In my opinion he is an OK bench goalie, especially as he does accept his role, but I'm not sure he should be our starting goalie in the PL games over Courtois, and I am not a great admirer of Thibaut.
  14. If you think that asking for the sacking (and adding insults) of Abramovich and the board, the coach Conte, and almost every player bar Hazard and Kante, every single day in every single post and occasion is not an overreaction, then I there's not much I can say to convince you. But some then go to AFTV for the laughs when we have this kind of supporters right here right now.
  15. What about Mourinho’s second time season 15/16? That was a disaster from the beginning with bad blood, sacking of medical staff, bibs flying, and so on. And that’s not that long ago. In this patch, I get the feeling that everything is blown out of proportion and we fans have some part of blame. Sometimes I wonder where does the nastiness towards our club owner, coach, and players of many posters here comes from... And I think this is due to too much media reading and too much believing the tv pundits analyses.