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  1. If Lukaku is going for 60m, i'll rather we go all in for this guy. Monster goal scorer and scary pace, he would be insane! I think Conte should try sign him at all costs
  2. I agree, these positions all need players in, going to need to be a very busy transfer window indeed! Here's my thoughts... 1) Andrea Conti from Atlanta, has played as a wingback all season so he knows what he's doing, also the 2nd highest scorer for Atlanta this season from a RWB position.. And not to mention, playing in italy he's good defensively also, and im sure better than Moses 2) Not too sure atm, but if Baba comes back into the team, he'll be a decent option for backup 3) VVD seems like the most likely to join atm, and with Christensen coming in and Ake already there also we'll be set for CB's. Zouma might need a loan out though. 4) Radja/Bakoyoko/Verrati/Matuidi - Any one of these 4 i think will be a massive upgrade on the sh*te that matic has become. 5) We already have a good backup in Chalobah and possibly RLC too (depending on where Conte wants to play him) 6) Lukaku seems the most likely atm, but also Belotti could come good 7) Sanchez (as unlikely as it seems) would be the best possible option, has prem experience and bags plenty of goals, and from the RW and Hazard on the LW, teams will sh*t themselves.
  3. Yeah could have made subs a little earlier I agree but how can you say that starting XI wasn't gonna cut it when its basically the starting XI we used all season and we won the league with? Either way, calling Conte a "disgrace" is a disgrace in itself.
  4. First half was absolute shocking, their goal was a handball yeah but they were all f**king over us second half we started well until that c**t Moses got sent off and from there it was always gonna be hard, but we had some decent chances, but that 2nd goal was just criminal defending. In a way, at least the loss means we definitely need some big signings over summer, if we won we would have perhaps been more complacent in the transfer market
  5. Conte is a disgrace? yeah shut the f**k up mate
  6. Yeah dont be daft, the Moses red was fair, he was an absolute c**t for diving and diving is a yellow
  7. As good as that sounds, selling Willian to a rival is not a good idea, and Griezmann sounds likely to go to Utd if anyone and Costa seems set for China. Highly doubt what you said is gonna happen
  8. I expect us to win, but then again you never know with Arsenal.. They seem to do well in cup games, especially the FA cup.
  9. Saying VVD is better than JT based off barely half a season LOL!
  10. JT in his prime would be worth more than that without a shadow of a doubt.
  11. Agree, ive said from the beginning that 50/60m price tag is way too much. But ive come to terms recently that thats just how ridiculous prices are these days. At least VVD is still relatively young and has many years left at the top of his game.. Much better than buying a 30 year old CB
  12. Right decision atm, very tragic news. I assume if its being rearranged that it would probably be sometime after the FA cup final, possibly with 2 trophies under our belts
  13. The way Alonso has been this season and the way italian football is, I think we should definitely consider a wing back from Serie A. Conti seems like a good shout from Atlanta, he's the 2nd highest scorer for them this season from w WB position, so it'll definitely be an upgrade on Moses in the going forward department, and I assume he'll be better defensively too
  14. Atsu confirmed to have signed for newcastle for about 6m on a 4 year deal!
  15. Conte being in charge of transfers and having a choice in the assistant manager could prove crucial. We really should be doing everything we can to do everything the way he wants it done, because he's already proved what he's capabale of, and I can really see him staying on at chelsea for a long time and building a dynasty. Wish he would try hard to get rid of a lot of our loan players we currently have out, having 30+ loan players is crazy, especially when most of them arent even worth that much