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  1. Please about this loan, happy he's at a premier league club and I just hope he can get some good game time instead of just being benched
  2. Think you meant 2018 pal, which I'll agree with
  3. Riyad Mahrez

    Would love to see Mahrez join, he'd be a perfect addition on the right, and edspite his age (27 next month) he is still definitely an upgrade on Willian and Pedro. Would hate to see him join the scousers, we need to get him
  4. How has Morata been this f**king awful today? I'm lost for words. And bakayoko.... what the f**k
  5. Definitely, he was immense last game and i think he's beginning to form a good partnership with Christensen which is really promising
  6. Strong team, would have preferred to see Rudiger over Cahill though
  7. Well... On paper with the team we have we should still win this confortably, but seeing as they have no experience playing together it’ll be real tough
  8. Thomas lemar

    Id go for him if we sell Willian (Not to a premier league rival this time like Matic)
  9. Nice team out there, ever since we moved to the 3 is MF, we look a lot better! Hopefully another 3 points in the bag and City drop some, they haven't been the best the past few games and have been scraping by with a bit of luck now, hopefully Utd can bring an end to it
  10. decent half, we dominated towards the end but really need to finish our chances.
  11. Well.. Lets pray we dont draw PSG in the next round. Also thank you Athletico! our next UCL game will be really f**king tough though, we should plan accordingly based on how the other groups are looking
  12. Anyone notice how many easy chances Morata's had since he joined us that he's missed? Its incredible to think hes missed so many easy ones, and still scored a bunch too, he has such a high ceiling! That being said i wish we didnt bring him on.. Taking off Hazard and Alonso was a good idea but no point bringing him on. Also need to take off Cesc and bring on Drinkwater. That being said, 3-0 come onnnnnn!
  13. We can easily rest some of our players fron the weekend like Christensen, Baka, Morata and maybe even Alonso. replace them with Rudiger/Luiz, Drinkwater, Batsman, Kenedy we should still be able to take Qarabag with relative ease, but they have looked a lot better since the 6-0 game
  14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    its been thought of plenty of times, just instead we prefer Vitesse for some odd reason. If RLC can force himself into palace this season, then so can Baker (at least he would have last year) because he was always more developed. Lower end premier league teams are the ones we should be aiming to loan out players too. im sick and tired of all these loans to sh*tty leagues and with even sh*tter teams
  15. Most hated opposition

    Though 4) was going to be Arsenal