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  1. Cahill and Luiz shouldn't be starting together. I know Cahill isn't ALL to blame today, but when him and Luiz start together the team always looks shaky defensively, problems we didn't at all have when either Rudiger or Christensen started with Luiz. Also im not sure as to why Bakayoko started over Cesc? Cesc is more of a impact sub these days to rip through team defenses when they're all tired during the latter stages of a game.
  2. Zappacosta

    After Alonso, I gotta say that any Italian league defender from a decent side is a good shout, they really are masters in the art I think Zappacosta will come good, at the very least he's a natural wingback unlike moses and can be a good backup, but I think after a few games he'll be good enough to start
  3. After deadline day, Im actually reasonably please with how our transfers went.. .We got rid of a lot of dead wood. Drinkwater is an upgrade on Chalobah and is a great backup for Baka and Kante. Sure letting Matic go wasn't ideal, but apart from the fact he went to a rival, it was a good deal. Zappacosta gives us RWB cover, or if he's good enough can be a starter. Alonso still doesn't have cover, but we can easily sort that out by bringing Rahman in from loan. CB's we are sorted, AM's we're also sorted with hazard, Pedro, Willian with having Musonda as a backup. Striking options may seem a bit then, but Morata and Bats definitely are enough. And in an emergency case, we still have Costa (we do right?)
  4. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    perfect as a RWB. Either an upgrade on Moses or a backup, either way we got some cover in that position so its a win/win
  5. Riyad Mahrez

    £40m - £50m. He's not worth it. Definitely worth 40m in todays market given that Sigurdsson just got sold for 45m Also Mahrez is only 26 and in the prime of his career, Willian and Pedro are both 30. mahrez is the type of player who performs better when surrounded by better players. Imagine the Mahrez of 2 seasons ago and Hazard on opposite wings with Morata in the middle? It would be a f**king dream! His ceiling is also a lot higher than Pedro and Willian
  6. Im glad Cahill got that red card because Christensen showed just how much better he is than him. Rudiger was okay but he got better as the game went on and got more comfortable. im not sure what our ideal starting defence would be with our current squad but I think Azpi-Rudiger-Luiz-Christensen-Alonso is perfect, with maybe switching Rudiger and Azpi's positions. Cahill is good for cup games this season, but he should be demoted to the bench. Also, I don't think we need Sandro because of Alonso, but I do certainly think we need some Fullback backups, or at least being back Baba or someone else to cover for Alonso. At RWB we're probably sorted with Moses/Azpi/Rudiger all being able to play there. Bakayoko was immense and so was Kante as always, and Baka is only going to get better as he settles in and gets fitter, but we are in dire need of a backup, if one of them gets injured or suspended we are f**kED. as for wingers, we are actually stocked nicely here with Hazard/Pedro/Willian and Moses for backup and Musonda and Boga. Morata didn't have a great game but its tough to when hes on his own and so isolated, but that problem will definitely be solved once he gets more game time and with Hazard and Pedro back in full form. very happy with the result! Just hoping Conte keeps the core of the defence the same for the rest of the season because Christensen deserves to be a starter after that performance against arguably the best team in the league
  7. Riyad Mahrez

    Potentially can be an amazing signing if he was anything near his form of 2 years ago, but based off last season he would be a risk. In all honesty im fine with having Willian and Pedro instead of him, unless Conte plans to change up the formation and play with 2 strikers
  8. Are you worried about the squad size?

    Thats a fair point, but i think having RLC as a backup would have been useful, because he would have got much more game time than he did last season
  9. Are you worried about the squad size?

    Still baffled as to why we sold Matic, Chalobah and sent RLC on loan... Now we only have Baka, Kante and Cesc and Cesc is a different mould to the first 2. We seriously need some more CM's for squad depth
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    In todays horrific market, 40m for a player like Sanchez is an absolute bargain
  11. Virgil Van Dijk

    We need wingback/fullbacks and a backup CM more than we need a CB. We're pretty good already there with Luiz, Azpi, Christensen, Cahill and Rudiger.
  12. Are you worried about the squad size?

    I wasn't worried about a month or 2 ago, but after we've loaned/sold a bunch of players, I am now very worried. But there is still plenty of time left in the window to make some big signings so thats reassuring at least
  13. Renato sanches

    Why would we even think of signing this guy (loan or proper) if we aren't planning on playing him? The reason he even said he wants to leave Bayern is because of lack of play time, and he's going to get the same treatment here
  14. Alex Sandro

    Alonso did a great job, but we still no doubt need a very good backup, or someone to replace Alonso like Sandro
  15. Random Rumours

    Not sure what we were thinking selling Ake and Chalobah who were good HG players to have in the squad. Now its gonna be made more difficult to fill the quota. They did want to start more games I suppose but that was simply not possible at the time, but I would have still much rather got rid of more fringe players that were out on loan that aren't HG instead of these 2.