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  1. Good player, but if we didnt have Bats I would have loved to have Lacazette, but with bats i dont see a point unless Costa leaves for China or another club
  2. Well he's been sold, so maybe you're actually onto something..
  3. Good shout, this turned out to be almost spot on
  4. Im not saying every player that comes from mid table teams is bad, but its very common to see a mid table team player get bought by a bigger club and they fail to reproduce the form that got them the club change in the first place
  5. This is why I dont understand the whole loan system we have going. Like even if we make a profit for selling him, its going to be small and insignificant because hes a championship/league 1 player at best
  6. Just look at stones with Everton and now with City. Same with Fonte, Lovren and a whole bunch of other players.
  7. Glad to hear hes doing well! Though it is a shame that even at his age he's already sort of been written off and will never make our team, but as long as he's successful elsewhere its all good i suppose
  8. Anything more than 35m for him is a no go, and tbh even that seems like too much. He seems fairly good at a mid-table team but i'll reckon he'll struggle a lot more at the top level.
  9. A few weeks ago I was worried about the right side of our attack, but in all fairness Pedro and Willian have both been great and it seems like there's no point in spending a lot of money in that area for no reason.
  10. True, but if we do manage to sign him then it will be wonderful as long as Vidal doesn't stay injured all the time. He seems very injury prone which is worrying. And in all fairness, he is only 29 and for a CM thats not too old
  11. Really hope we DONT get him. We already have good future options at CB (Christensen, Zouma) and this guy seems overrated. Would be funnier to watch Man sh*tty pay 50m+ for another CB and them turn out to be overrated trash as well
  12. Instead of buying players, I think bringing back some of the loanees is a good idea. Kenedy could be bought back as a good replacement to Alonso.
  13. Very true, however in Pasalic we are talking about a player who we already have a lot of players already in that position. I mean i dont know about you, but id much rather give Chalobah and RLC a go over Pasalic, whereas the position Moses is playing right now there is not really anyone as suited as he is. I mean there is no chance Moses would have even a 1/10th the game time he's had this season if we were going to use him as a RW which is where most of us thought he'd end up
  14. You're talking as if Ake and Christensen are seasoned pro's, i mean they are both still under 22. They have bags of potential and I can easily see them being some of the PL's best defenders in the coming years
  15. Pasalic is a decent player, but lets be honest he won't make it here at Chelsea, I'd be happy to see him go. We have far too many loanees and really need to cut down on them and just loan out the ones who have a future with us