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  1. First team squad outgoings?

    No doubt about that, especially with the lack of CL football, but you can always hope
  2. Random Rumours

    Going after Koulibaly again for about 65m. Though this time i think it'll be much better seeing as we need to offload half of this pathetic defence that we have currently. Cahill and Luiz almost definitely need to go out and if we're going to stick with a back 3 then Azpi, Christensen, Koulibaly seems a great shout. With Rudiger rotating.
  3. Burnley have been quality this season, could be a tough game. Hoping to see Emerson and baka perform well
  4. Robert Lewandowski

    This rumour seems to be picking up some speed, chances are he doesnt pick us over RM or PSG though
  5. Random Rumours

    I wouldnt get rid of Bakayoko so quick, hes still young and does have potential. I mean does anyone remember how terrible De Gea was at his first couple of seasons at united? And now look at him
  6. How the f**k have we managed that then????? UNBELIEVABLE SCENES
  7. What a joke. Our squad overall is so f**king w**k its unbelievable. team needs a complete overhaul, but knowing our board we'll bring in more 2nd rate players and sign a f**kton more loanees
  8. First team squad outgoings?

    Out (first team squad): Cahill, Luiz, Drinkwater, Pedro, possibly Caballero and Moses Out (Loanees): Pantic, Baxter, Kane, Quintero, Collins, Piazon, MVG, Kalas, Hector, Pasalic, Omeruo, Baker, Houghton, Nathan, Rodriguez, Baba, Beeney In (from loan): Zouma, RLC, Kenedy, Musonda and possibly Boga and Bats (or sell Bats if its a good price) In (new signings): -More to follow-
  9. PSG and Bayern on the horizon for him... Would be an absolute shocker to let him go. Instead of having him as a wingback, we should definitely use him as a winger and i think he could be successful there for us. I know its been said many times before, but our current squad needs a massive overhaul with a load of dead wood/past their prime players heading out the door. People like Cahill, Pedro, Luiz need to get out ASAP and bring back Zouma, Kenedy and RLC from their successful loans
  10. decent response after that abysmal goal
  11. Free Transfers

    Imagine having Robben on that right wing again...
  12. De Vrij

    No thanks, he doesnt really improve what we have already unless we're losing the likes of Luiz and Cahill
  13. Christian Pulisic

    I meant Miazaga in the sense that they're both American lmao, not talent wise
  14. Christian Pulisic

    Mizaga 2.0 in that he'll end up at Vitesse and part of the loan army for the next 3 years before being sold to another team, where he'll turn into a world beater for 2-3 years and Utd or City end up buying him for at least 150million to win them every trophy