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  1. Alonso did a great job, but we still no doubt need a very good backup, or someone to replace Alonso like Sandro
  2. Not sure what we were thinking selling Ake and Chalobah who were good HG players to have in the squad. Now its gonna be made more difficult to fill the quota. They did want to start more games I suppose but that was simply not possible at the time, but I would have still much rather got rid of more fringe players that were out on loan that aren't HG instead of these 2.
  3. we play counter attacking football mainly, imagine counter attacking with Aubameyang and his crazy pace?
  4. Sign Aubameyang, let him kill it for a few seasons and then slowly integrate Tammy or another young striker with great potential into the team and let them lead
  5. How can you forget the great Marco Amelia? A club legend
  6. Have to agree with this, he's one of the few indispensable Bayern players that will likely never leave (until they are at least way way older) like Alaba and Neuer
  7. More and more repotrs coming out about utd.. Better not be f**king happening
  8. Looks like signs of Matic going to Utd have also slowed down, so that may not happen anymore which may be why they're trying to hijack Bakayoko
  9. Oh i wasnt aware of his age, I thought he was only 26. when we were going to pay 70m+ for Lukaku, I think 60m for Auba is an absolute bargain
  10. Honestly pretty clueless as to why so many people are picking Belotti over Aubameyang.. Hasn't anyone been watching him for the past couple seasons
  11. If he ends up at utd im going to be seriously pissed
  12. How the f**k would you not want Auba? He's one of the best strikers in the world today and he's still fairly young
  13. To be fair, I think its about time that top defenders get the same recognition as the top forwards, because they're both equally important imo.
  14. Pretty much confirmed then, just wondering what the fee for him is going to be? I think i'd be happy with anything under £40m