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  1. If that is Neymar's buy-out clause and he wants to come then he is ours lol, but unless we're selling Costa and Willian to China for a combined fee of £120m then were never going to spend 180m on one player.
  2. Dream midfield pairing.
  3. I really want us to sign him, but I Doubt we have agreed anything with him, why would he be speaking to other clubs right now when he has some big games for Monaco coming up?
  4. We are now being linked with Emerson from Roma I have been saying for a while he would be perfect at LWB for us, really hope we sign him and Bakayoko
  5. Fabinho is quality as well, but I think Conte wants a more powerful midfielder like Bakayoko
  6. Kante and Bakayoko in midfield together for Chelsea would be incredible!
  7. He is 1/7 to win the PFA PoTY award! It's unbelievable how he is almost certain now to beat Hazard to the award! And he already has the FWA PoTY award in the bag as well! Mind blowing really.
  8. Courtois Azpilicueta - Luiz - Cahill Moses - Kante - Matic - Ake Pedro - Hazard Costa
  9. Edit: don't worry someone already asked why play a weakened team.
  10. Shocked Kante has the most votes, I thought he was average yesterday, he was sloppy in possession, it's like people ignore when he gives the ball away now and just remember when he wins it back.
  11. Man City will cut the gap to 8 points tomorrow but can't see them beating both Arsenal and Liverpool before coming to Stamford Bridge, so the gap should be bigger before we play them
  12. Hazard was MOTM against Arsenal and was oustanding last week against Swansea.
  13. Doesn't matter if it's only West Ham, that's like saying we don't need to prepare for our game with Watford as it's only Watford, even if Barcelona was playing against West Ham I guarantee you they wouldn't play Mascherano at CB against Carroll, you are asking for trouble if you play a small CB against Carroll, Whats the point of us having a squad of players if we are not going to use them in a game that suits them? Zouma should play at RCB, with Azpi at RWB, we don't need Moses in this game.
  14. Because West Ham will target him and Azpi as they won't be able to compete with Andy Carroll in the air, which is why Zouma should start at RCB and as Azpi is so good he needs to play so Moses is most likely to be dropped if Conte chooses to start Zouma