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  1. World class.
  2. Better from Hazard today, still so frustrating how he always wants to pass when he is in the box though. He needs to recognise when going for goal is the better option.
  3. 11 Goals and 8 Assists still makes me laugh how people doubted him.
  4. Brazil was most likely Costa, Willian, Kenedy, Luiz and then they must have got Moses or Ake to play for them with Eduardo in goal
  5. Only way Hazard has a chance to leave is if he tries to force his way out or Real Madrid offer us Bale, and I can't see either scenario happening.
  6. I hope you're right.
  7. It's crunch time now, this is the time of year where players usually win the POTY award, Bale won it by turning up this time of the season even though he was pretty average in the 1st half of the season, and after Hazards poor performance against Burnley he needs to start putting in MOTM performances otherwise he isn't even going to make the top 3! Kante, Ibra and Costa will be in the top 3 with Sanchez just missing out, Hazard really needs to step up if he want that POTY award. and when it comes to player awards the bookies have got it wrong before, I remember a few years ago getting 20/1 on Ribery winning the European POTY award, just a few weeks before the award was handed out.
  8. He needs to turn up against Swansea otherwise he probably won't even make top 3 for the PFA POTY award.
  9. He will get POTY in France, and we all know how good our record is of signing Ligue 1 POTY award winners, he is like Mata except a lot better.
  10. Yes but he was still very consistent, Hazard needs to be more like Lampard someone we can rely on all the time, with Hazard you can usually tell within the first 10-15 minutes of a game whether he is up for it or not.
  11. Lampard is our greatest ever player because he was very consistent against big and small teams. I don't want Hazard to be like Drogba because he is a much more talented footballer then Drogba was, Hazard shouldn't sell himself short.
  12. No it clearly wasn't! I said I don't want him become like Drogba and only turn up in big games and not be consistent against the small teams like Drogba.
  13. Yeah and I could name so many games where he hasn't turned up against the small teams
  14. I hope Hazard doesn't become like Drogba and only bothers turning up in the big games, he needs to terrorise the small teams as well.
  15. 10 Goals and 7 Assists so far this season, can't believe people ever doubted him.