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  1. not positive at all about this game, we have been horrendous in the last few games, with Roma game one of the worst I have seen Chelsea in the recent years. If we lose this game, top 4 is the best we can hope this year. I am really hoping for a reaction from the players, they have been absolutely pathetic lately, no effort, no desire, heads down and should be ashamed of themselves ( with very few exceptions ). Formation ? Conte knows better but what he tried so far this season isn't working so I hope he finds the winning formula today. I would love to shut Mourinho's mouth with a trashing like last season, but based on current form i just can't see a win. I hope I am wrong and we win today
  2. Very very poor from us. Roma is a mediocre team in my opinion. They are taking their chances, we are missing ours.
  3. Pedro has been poor so far
  4. A few of our players have not turned up yet . We created chances though and could have equalized.
  5. Watford the better side, can't believe i am saying that. shambolic performance
  6. Hope we improve ( quite a lot ) in the second half and win this game. But something is very wrong with this team we are getting dominated / outplayed by every single opponent lately.
  7. Getting outplayed at home by Watford. Embarrassing. Apart from the goal we created nothing. Lucky to be leading, but i will take this result at the end gamthe game. Ooooh they just scored while i was typing. Can't say they don't deserve it
  8. Can't seem to be able to get out of our own half when they are pressing. Disjointed performance by us so far.
  9. Match day, Come on Chelsea ! Hope we steady the ship today a little bit, not overly optimistic given the last 3 performances but a narrow win will do for me today. Curious abut the lineup, what will Conte come up with?
  10. Fatigue is really a pathetic excuse. We have been totally outplayed by a much better team today. Conte got his tactics wrong, he has to take the blame for this awful defensive set-up and display. Half of the team played so badly.
  11. Atrocious, absolutely atrocious. Man City have been toying with Chelsea today. Conte, miserable tactics. It has been man vs little boys. One of the worst Chelsea performances i have seen.
  12. All, absolutely all players have been poor. Shocking performance.
  13. If this finishes 0-0is a good result