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  1. i fear for Conte. his tactics have been awful this season.
  2. we deserve to lose this. zero ideas, no desire and awful tactics
  3. We are passing backwards most of the time.Our game? Static, predictable, no passion and no ideas.
  4. Hazard wtf ??? Poor tonight
  5. We are frustratingly poor against Arsenal's B team.
  6. Very very poor half by Chelsea
  7. We have been asking for Drinkwater instead of Baka. He is not covering himself in glory so far.
  8. That was a good chance for Lacazette.At the moment this weakened Arsenal team playing better than Chelsea's first team.
  9. Drinkwater not having the best start of the game
  10. f**king Fergie time for this bar stewards
  11. Despite the win, poor display by Chelsea again. On current form best we can hope and pray for is top 4
  12. We are frustratingly poor in the final third. Better teams will punish us
  13. We lack ideas, pace and penetration. It's quite frustrating to see how are passing the ball arround aimlessly. Moses has put one good cross in, not good enough at this level. Pedro poor. Baka? I personally i don't understand. Conte insisting with him, he has offer very little in every single game he played. We need reinforcements in Jan. We are miles away from Man City.
  14. Aloooonsoo. Get in ! Brilliant free kick