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  1. Really poor by Chelsea so far. Too slow
  2. Lots of player have a very poor day. Frustrating
  3. Totally deserved 3 points, Newcastle have not seen the ball this game. While vwry happy with the result i tthough we were a bit slow and predictable, we need to move the ball faster. Alonso ? Better than Morata up front at the moment
  4. I have no sympathy for these bastards. Well deserved lead, 83 % possesion, what the hell ? They didn't touch the ball 5 times in second half. This fat waiter and his tactics deserve this
  5. Match day, COME ON CHELSEA !!! Newcastle has always been a problematic team for us, but they are in bad form and I am hoping for a 4-0 Chelsea scoreline that will put us above Liverpool in the table. Hazard, Morata, Rudi and Azpi the goalscorers. I am counting the hours to the game :))
  6. Great game, entertaining football, fantastic result and top of the table. Come on Chelsea
  7. Changes needed at half timem it could have been 6-2 arsenal
  8. Everyone ball watching in defense
  9. Shambolic defending. Unbelievable
  10. Mistake from both Willian and Kepa. Ooor defending
  11. What a goal by Morata
  12. Beautiful football. We need to capitalize on this with at least one more goal
  13. We all want RLC to do well but the harsh reality is that when presented with a chance to prove he is first team material, he didn't take it, for me personally, he seems to play with the brake on all the time, with a sort of laziness and lack of energy that is annoying for a player of his age.
  14. Maurizio said in the press conference of this match that from all World Cup players, only Kante is ready for 90 min football, Hence the decsion to start with Eden on the bench is not that much of a surprise