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  1. disagree, to be a good dribbler you have to have a great touch.
  2. have to say willian and batshuayi were very poor up front, but at this stage a lot of that might be due to tiredness in the legs.
  3. all came from that initial boga run
  4. agreed, I think Luiz and Kante in particular helped out Cahill quite a lot last season.
  5. David Luiz had his moments, but if you had to say which defender directly cost us the most points last season it was clearly Gary Cahill. I don't think it would be harsh on Gary Cahill to drop him considering the quality of potential replacements. Lots of people are saying Rudiger could come in for him, my opinion is Christensen should.
  6. I think a lot of people including Conte are already looking at Gary and questioning whether he should be starting.
  7. what I don't understand is that the player is clearly available and has been for some time, yet we haven't agreed a fee, neither does it look like we've made a bid. The fact that the board are taking this long makes me think that this could be a smokescreen for another deal.
  8. He doesn't score against physical teams is just a complete fallacy. He's scored against United (Ferdinand and Vidic), he's consistently scored against Real Madrid with the likes of Pepe, Casemiro and Ramos attempting to kick him off the pitch. He has destroyed Jerome Boateng. Also please don't pretend La Liga teams like Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao aren't physical either and he scores ( a lot) against them as well. By the way when I said play him at striker I really mean leaving him at the top of the field and letting him pretty much do what he wants. Maybe you're right that 35 goals is a bit optimistic for his first season in the premier league, I'll revise that down to just the 30. We'll just have to agree to disagree I guess.
  9. Messi wouldn't score 20 goals in the premier league? It's a hypothetical and no one will ever be able to prove each other wrong unless he moves, but I think that's pretty ridiculous. I mean yes Messi hasn't scored against us. But how many goals has he scored against Arsenal for example? If we played Messi as our central striker I personally feel he'd hit 35 goals in a premier league season. It's total dreamland us getting either him or Kane though.
  10. I would love to see Christensen put Lacazette in his pocket in this one.
  11. yeh or they might have picked up knocks.
  12. If he does arrive the Ivanovic song needs to be revived with the names switched.
  13. but if both players want to leave ...
  14. I'd love to see him and jeremie Boga stay around this season and be given a few chances.
  15. But lukaku was also a target for Conte at Juve. Maybe he does know more than me and you, however, I highly doubt it considering his previous guesses at what the club was up to. I do hope he's right and we are prioritising Morata though.