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  1. Lol morata miss anyway
  2. Shocking defending. Alonso is a liability out there everyone knew that would be the case. Playing him on the same side as luiz is suicide. And then add to the fact Barkley is the midfielder on that side and you’ve got a real problem.
  3. Relax man. He’s gone, let it go.
  4. We seemingly lose every single header
  5. Alonso can’t play as a Lb. Needs to be Emerson
  6. TheChelsRVA

    Rate our transfer window

    The two most important things we had to do this window were, in order: 1. Keep Hazard 2. Sign at least 2 quality midfielders We accomplished both of those things but Kovacic was not a straight up buy or loan-to-buy deal so I will dock a point for that. We also did not get a goalscorer in so we get docked another point. We haven't sold any of our dead weight so we get docked another point. Brought in a manager with nice attacking football, so I add a point. IMO we are at 8/10. If we sell some players or loan them out we will go 8.5 or 9 out of 10. A big deadline day signing would get us to a near perfect window.
  7. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovačić

    There is no doubt about it. We are developing a RM player. Whether or not we pay whatever astronomical fee it will require to keep him is another story. Like I said, he improves our team and the main focus is to get back to CL. It's just bad business to not include any type of buy option. It's a short term fix.
  8. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovačić

    James was sent on a two year loan with an option to buy. Most likely Bayern will buy him up if he continues to do well.
  9. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovačić

    Bad look for our club to basically develop a RM player for a year. I get that he improves our team with the intent to get back to CL, but if he becomes a main focus of our team RM can basically ask any price they want. More likely tho they won’t sell for any price if he comes good. Bad bit of business
  10. TheChelsRVA

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    People here vastly underestimating the amount of laughs I got out of Brakeit posts. It was worth it for me to keep him around! Plus I wouldn't be so quick to dispel the rumors that Brakeit was actually Conte himself...
  11. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovacic

    Ahh ok thank you. I don't have twitter so I guess I'm out of the loop. If that's the case it's a far better deal and I'm all for it!
  12. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovacic

    Why a loan? It's so stupid. We are basically gifting RM Courtois and they have tried to unsettle Hazard for years. If Kovacic does well here there is no way RM will sell him to us unless we either a.)pay an astronomical fee or b.)agree to do business with them regarding Hazard. And if we can't keep him, we risk losing team chemistry when he leaves at the end of the year. We are essentially developing a player for them and paying his wages too. Don't like this at all.
  13. TheChelsRVA


    Drinkwater stinks why did we ever pay 35m for him?
  14. I can’t believe this isn’t on tv in the US. What a bunch of money grabbing greedy bastards ESPN are.