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  1. What on earth are we doing
  2. Fabregas in a midfield two? Oh God
  3. Physically speaking I haven't seen us been beaten like this is a long time
  4. With our defense the way it is they will get plenty of opportunities second half. Parking the bus and playing counter is a strategy straight out of fifa 18. Hope it pays off and we grab all 3 points. Would put us in a fantastic position.
  5. Oh my completely against the play...wow I am shocked but i will take it
  6. This is pathetic playing from the back.
  7. Yea this isn't going to end well for us. Roma truthfully bullying us
  8. Cannot play out the back with just 1 technical player on the pitch. It's a nightmare
  9. We look sloppy and disorganized. VEry lucky to get an early goal the way we look
  10. Fabregas is the worst defender these eyes have ever seen
  11. This is the manner in which Atleti always plays. Close games, whether they play Real Madrid or Qarabag.
  12. 3-5-2 it is...let's go boys probably our strongest possible starting lineup with the exception of cahill.
  13. Andreas Christensen

    Given the manager role, I too probably would have slotted Luiz right back in ahead of Christensen. It's not a slight on him either. Luiz is a CL winning, established player who hasn't necessarily been out of form. Christensen is a young boy with loads of potential who has been playing well. But Manager's cannot just displace proven players like Luiz, coming off FA recognition and a league title the year before, based solely on potential. Luiz has not been a liability for our defense nearly as much as... Cahill is the one who draws a question mark for me. Rudiger has been better, hardly made a mistake. Rudiger is more comfortable on the ball, has better pace, and can play in the wide positions in a back three. Cahill seems slotted in just because he has the distinction of captain. I get it though, Luiz did not have a great game. Hindsight is 20/20. There are tough decisions to be made in our back three for Conte, that's for sure. Would not be surprised to see any combination, really. Almost all can be justified. Truthfully, that's a good problem to have. The one thing I will say about AC is he has been far better than advertised. Good on him, keep doing your job and your time will come. Sooner rather than later most likely.