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  1. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    https://www.11v11.com/teams/chelsea/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/Barcelona/ Our record against Barca
  2. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Was just coming here to post this. Absolutely brutal 3 weeks.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    Michy got the winner at Atletico? I agree with your overall point though...Morata can come up with big goals. He missed his opportunity for a big goal yesterday, so it's most fresh in people's mind. There is something about his touch though that has me very slightly worried. He will take too many touches in crucial areas and miss his opportunity to score. Morata is also more technical than Diego...by a longshot. He has flair and the ability to dribble and drive by folks that we haven't had up front in a long time. It's refreshing to see him link up with Hazard and Fabregas.
  4. TBH I think it's the way it should be. Scoring a billion goals against Qarabag doesn't mean much. Roma beat us fair and square, and if tied on points they should be ahead. All we had to do was 1 of the following three: 1. Not blow a 2-0 lead to Roma at the bridge 2. Not lose (3-0) @ Roma 3. Not lose tonight when we were the clear better team at the bridge
  5. Willian oh my God what are you doing
  6. Gonna get PSG yet again. Incredible that we could not put so many chances away. No one to blame but ourselves
  7. what on earth is going on with our players. My god our finishing is so out of whack it's literally indescribable. Cannot find words for this
  8. Morata HAS to be better there. Needs a much better touch. Again, these are things that come back to bite you...
  9. Quite honestly we just cannot put goals in the net. We are the superior team but that doesnt get you 3 points. We've got to start capitalizing...it has hurt us in the league as well
  10. Bakayoko is having a nightmare game
  11. unlucky but great bit of play from the boys!