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  1. Real Madrid literally want all out players. Our starting xi will all be madrid's if the papers have it correct.
  2. an absolute must retain. If we lose Eden we have to completely restructure the way we play. Last game when he was out we lacked creativity and looked bland for long stretches.
  3. I see all you guys calling nonsense but deep down you're secretly hoping it's true obviously I think this is nonsense
  4. If he's truly unhappy it would behoove the club to look to sell to China. They will offer crazy stupid money and we can recoup his loss. Atleti won't offer nearly as much. Ideally, he stays.
  5. Whenever I don't know who to pick because no standouts emerged I pick Kante. I'll stick with it, cheers ngolo
  6. Yes, too far
  7. When he ran to chase down that ball at the end line I had to d a double take. Some serious speed here I haven't seen from him
  8. Have a shot Ruben!!!!!!! Come on
  9. This ref is absolutely atrocious
  10. Even the assistant ref is in it for stoke
  11. Doesn't appear to be our day
  12. Not a goal scoring opportunity??????? Pedro was in!