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  1. Let me know when he signs as far as strikers go he's about as good and untouchable as it gets. I'm happy to eat my words the second he puts ink to paper.
  2. This is right up there with the Messi talk from last year
  3. I believe they said "top team"
  4. I said the same about ibra not too long ago. And tbf he really surprised me with his effectiveness here. Fwiw I don't think Ronaldo will be coming to the prem either...but if he did I'd gladly take him
  5. what a tease
  6. Bayern is a perennial contender in the CL, with a fantastic shot at winning it compared to other teams in other leagues. Chelsea missed out on CL just this year, and PL does not have a good reputation (recently) in the competition. They also don't go through a grueling season like in the PL. Next, Bayern is chock full of world class talent and they can take an entire season to work together and gel (because they don't have to worry about domestic competition). We must also look at the styles of play. Bayern is a possession attacking football club that puts the pressure on. Maybe Tolisso wants to play more attacking/possession as opposed to Chelsea's defensive/counter system. I can certainly see that being a huge factor.
  7. Antonio is off on holiday anyway, where's the substance to these rumors? Media is--and always has--been all about throwing drama against a wall and seeing what sticks. There's no reason not to anymore, with all the money they get. News is now more "entertainment" than fact. I understand the above but i have a huge problem with it because it sends unnecessary negative signals to players and supporters, and forces clubs to make announcements like "everything is fine don't believe the reports"...which in turn can be spun into a the media!! Like, "look, see! they wouldn't need to make a statement if everything was fine!" When in actuality they are the ones who drummed up the nonsense in the first place. People are drawn to drama, it's probably the best form of entertainment we've got and it keeps fans plugged into the media so why wouldn't they. It's all a bit much for me.
  8. Whatever.
  9. That is the exact comparison many of my French friends use. Doesn't leave me too encouraged....but I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised
  10. Conte didn't let everyone know. he let DIEGO know. To me it shows the difference in class between Conte and Costa. Conte let his player know, in a private conversation, that he was not part of the plan moving forward and that they were likely to sell him if possible. Direct, and honest...something most people would appreciate. Instead, Costa took it like a baby and aired it out publicly.
  11. I'd rather we didn't unless he's literally a one year signing stop gap because we don't think we can get a young rwb/rb to push out Moses.
  12. Alonso offers real flexibility. If I'm not mistaken he has been played as a left sided CB too in a back three over in Italy? Not sure how good he was, but may be able to fill that hole as a skilled lcb
  13. Depends on the severity of the fracture and if there's ligament damage. Having done my ankle in + ligament damage, took me closer to that 3/4 month time frame. On the other side of things, if it's just a hairline fracture or something of similar ilk with no ligament damage, recover time can be quicker than even just a sprained ankle. Time will tell, I'm afrai
  14. A frenchman on another board has said it's unlikely to be done because of this. He mentioned Bakayoko's inconsistency and likened him to Kongdobia! He also said Tolisso has a history in the past of being a bit of a locker room problem, getting in fights with teammates, etc. But the superior talent for sure.
  15. Well that's certainly a let down