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  1. TheChelsRVA

    Eden Hazard

    the question has (for quite some time now) stopped being about whether or not Eden wants to go to Real Madrid. The question is whether he be happy to stay at chelsea? Would he truly be OK being a chelsea player for the rest of his career? Will more money actually make a huge impact on his decision to stay, or has he already told the club his decision and that is why we are not negotiating? I fear he has made up his mind. And from a logical, objective perspective it makes sense.
  2. TheChelsRVA

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Where does his finishing stand on a scale of 10 - Morata
  3. TheChelsRVA

    We've got a new Kepa

    Yep. Courtois is probably the best in the world at corners and set pieces simply because due to his height he can come and punch or catch balls that most keepers cannot. He also will pull off spectacular looking saves when he has time to adjust his positioning and track the ball because of his enormous frame. But outside of that, if we are talking pure shot stopping, he's not that great. And terrible with his feet.
  4. TheChelsRVA

    Eden Hazard

    Real needs young talent. They are an aging roster and they have basically no resale value on their top players. Buying a 28 year old isn’t going to help them in the long run. I question whether they will make a big push for Eden. They are unlikely to pay anything above 100m for him and will probably try to even reduce that by adding kovacic to the deal. Chelsea is on the up and up, real is declining. With that said though it’s hard to keep someone from their childhood dream. I know if it was me, and I had the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream, I would do anything to get it.
  5. TheChelsRVA

    Eden Hazard

    He has said he is open to talks with Chelsea over a contract. Why would he say that if he isn't open to the idea of staying at Chelsea longer? He may sign a 2 year extension with a "handshake" that if RM come and offer big money due to the extension then we must sell him. If they don't come knocking he can stay here with us and play some fantastic football with a squad on the ascent. That's a win-win for Hazard and the club I would think. He has earned every bit of option he can get. He's all class and is a fantastic footballer.
  6. Congrats morata. Good finish and make me eat a bit of crow. I hope you do it more often
  7. Morata is an all time bad goal scorer for a striker. Legitimately has to be one of the worst.
  8. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovačić

    I like Kovacic as a player and he is really helping our team offensively and defensively. The problem is Real Madrid will not likely sell to us unless one of two conditions is met: 1. Hazard goes the other way (obviously they will need to add cash) 2. We pay an astronomical fee to acquire him. I don't know what Kovacic contract situation is but RM are not likely to be keen for a sale. Especially if their struggles continue throughout the season.
  9. TheChelsRVA


    Agree he had that terrible giveaway and if not for a brilliant save from Kepa would have equalized. But I guess my point is no matter what way you look at it, Moses came on and was worse. Willian got us out of tricky situations plenty (especially first half) and was very creative. As far as a creative outlet for us he's our second best player on the ball and is needed in close games and tight spaces. Moses comes on and tries to take on players but stumbles over his own two feet/backheels it to no one. If Willian was tired, that is another thing. I agree regarding Pedro. I think Pedro suits the playstyle much better and sharing the position between the two is very important to our success going forward.
  10. TheChelsRVA


    good game today from William. Puzzling why we brought Moses on
  11. TheChelsRVA

    Mateo Kovačić

    Ummmm the guy was very good today. He put in a shift defensively too as well as getting forward at a high rate. Showed great composure in our half carrying the ball forward. Solid player who I hope improves and stats here.
  12. Extremely poor end to the game. Both Willian and hazard in phenomenal spots chose the wrong ball both times.
  13. Yes we must address forward in January if we want to be a real threat in the league this year. It is absolutely top priority...
  14. Just forget about this one and move on. Sarri needs to get more creative with how we attack teams who put 10 men behind the ball