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  1. Go all out to sign Morata & Sanchez.
  2. If we play 3-4-3 we will lose.
  3. Icardi? Belotti? Haven't seen them play but have obviously heard good things.
  4. With the right acquisitions I could see us reaching the semi's next year, not winning it though. Conte's major "flaw" at Juve was his performances in the CL. Different team and different proposition now though. We need a bit of luck & a cool head this summer.
  5. It would be nice to have someone that can score from outside of the box again...
  6. Immense without the ball. Not so great with it.
  7. How's his left foot? We have to remember any midfielder we sign needs to have one...
  8. Moses marking Llorente is bloody backwards to begin with. Then he just stands still as the ball is played in! Kante is a freak of nature btw!
  9. Put a bid in. Definitely want out of Arsenal judging by his reactions on the pitch.
  10. Legend! PR will be straight onto him about that but f**k them! Hope his penalty miss galvanises him for the Arsenal game. Brace please.
  11. It's really not rocket science where we need to upgrade the team. Against the big teams the same players are standing out like a sore thumb. Alonso, Moses & Matic. I thought we were really poor last night despite the pundits saying we were brilliant. Yes we defended well but to give the ball away so cheaply was painful to watch. Reminded me of the Barca CL games where we looked scared of the ball. Can't understand why Conte doesn't play 3-5-2 against the top 6. Is he that scared of leaving an extra defender free to bring up the ball? Am I missing something? Conte is clearly an excellent tactician but I feel like when Cesc comes on we keep the ball and look a lot more composed. Pleased we're 9 points clear at the end of the day but hope we sort this at the end of the season. Might seem pessimistic but just know we can do better.
  12. Any chance of us keeping the ball? Get Fabregas on
  13. Why can't we play 3-5-2 with Fab, Kante & Matic playing? Control the midfield and let Costa and Hazard do their worst with Fabregas spraying balls left right and centre. We desperately needed this against Tottenham I think.
  14. I'm sorry but Mane is quality. He'd be perfect for us on the right of the 3.
  15. Seems some of you aren't very humble. We shouldn't underestimate Brentford.