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  1. rtwelch

    Jorginho is a Blue

    I have been thinking about this quite a bit recently. They could almost do with swapping round but it does seem Jorginho is very set on dropping deep and being central. I hope it works out though because i'm still not sold on Kante in a more attacking role.
  2. rtwelch

    Andreas Christensen

    I can't believe how much Christensen has regressed in people's opinions. At the start of last season he was Mr Cool in people's eyes. Composed on the ball and the future of our defence. Fast forward a season which included a few (big) mistakes and now he is "Mr Liability". The guy is 22! He needs games to be shown we can trust in him I think.
  3. rtwelch

    Mateo Kovacic

    Reminds me of a more powerful looking Dembele (spurs). Loves to dribble. Unsure whether just like Dembele he’d be more suited to a deeper role in midfield though. Although his stats show he showed some promise for goals & assists with Inter just before he joined Real.
  4. rtwelch

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    So we send him the money & he pays it off personally?
  5. rtwelch

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I've been reading he's on his way to Madrid to pay off his clause. What's this about? How come he has to go do it?
  6. rtwelch


    Bulka translates to bullet in Lithuanian.
  7. rtwelch


    Yeah need to see more from Barkley tbh. We need assists or goals from that midfield spot and i'm really unsure he has it in him.
  8. rtwelch


    Agreed. A few times I was baffled at the amount of space Inter had between our defence & midfield. Sarri also spoke after the game about how we had a lot of the ball but didn't move it quickly enough in the first half and how that would lead to blunt attacks. I'm really intrigued as well to see how the dynamic of this midfield is going to work. Jorginho sure loves the quick short passes but how is he going to be on the long Cesc'esque (!) passing? Presume Kante won't be asked to do this role. Also do you think Kante has the attacking attributes in his game if Jorginho will be dropping deep a lot of the time...
  9. rtwelch


    He's coming on now. Same I want Emerson to have the starting spot tbh
  10. rtwelch


    Does Sarri not rate Emerson?
  11. rtwelch


    So refreshing seeing someone other than Eden run at the opponent's defence. Love CHO's directness.
  12. rtwelch


    Wow we look so much better on the ball already
  13. rtwelch

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Personal Favourite Player: Michael Essien Best Player: Frank Lampard Most Talented Players: Eden Hazard & Gianfranco Zola
  14. rtwelch


    23 goals in 49 games last season. Not exactly worth 60m euros.
  15. Panic at the Isco