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  1. rtwelch

    Andreas Christensen

    He was quality the other day for Denmark. Let's stick with him next season and we will reap the benefits in years to come! Stick someone next to him who is good in the air and have the best of both worlds.
  2. rtwelch

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I thought he did a RLC classic yesterday. Drifted through the game and didn't really do anything special. Holding off a few players & not losing the ball isn't really good enough tbh.
  3. rtwelch

    Victor Moses

    Moses literally showing the urgency & directness he's lacked all season for us. What a p**s taker.
  4. rtwelch


    I'm glad we're holding out & not giving in to De Laurentiis' ransom. We shouldn't encourage what he's doing. Apparently Sarri has an encyclopaedic knowledge of football so he will probably already know roughly what we need. As long as we've spoken to him about potential transfer targets and are making inroads behind the scenes i'm not too worried.
  5. rtwelch

    Robert Lewandowski

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/30/robert-lewandowski-wants-to-leave-bayern-munich Expect he'll go to Madrid but we are pally with Zahavi so it's worth a bid if Morata wants to go.
  6. rtwelch

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    HAHA Liverpool just signed Fabinho. The player that covered for all of Baka's flaws last season. We're going to be left behind if we don't make some good signings this summer.
  7. rtwelch

    Mauro Icardi

    What’s to say we couldn’t have Icardi, Bats, & Giroud and send Tammy out on another loan. We’re playing in Europa next season which means a bigger need for rotation. We need options and having 3 strikers definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing. Some have said Icardi & Bats are similar players though so swap Icardi for any ready made first choice striker. Or if Sarri’s style suits Bat’s play he might become first choice but as I say we need options.
  8. rtwelch

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I’m all for Barkley getting a chance but I don’t think he’s the deep lying playmaker we need. It’s a shame Jorginho seems City bound.
  9. rtwelch

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Wow this person is negative. The article is interesting but he constantly quotes Cahill, Bakayoko, Moses & Drinkwater as not being good enough for Sarri’s system, when they are the players that won’t even be playing next season. Key to Sarri succeeding attacking wise is buying a midfielder who can look after the ball. If that midfielder is man marked though it would be handy to have another who can drop deep to support. RLC?
  10. rtwelch

    Leon Bailey

    Why are they dressed as if it's 2 degrees then?
  11. rtwelch

    Realistic Manager Poll

    De Laurentiis is such a little sh*t. The rumours seem to be pointing towards Sarri coming here. If he can bring Jorginho with him we should go for it. Either him or Jardim.
  12. rtwelch


    Do we really need to buy a new CB? Next season we will most likely play with 4 at the back with Christensen & Rudiger? Stick with Christensen I say. It's a tough one because I believe you should change a defence as little as possible, but then you have defenders becoming unhappy due to lack of games. I guess if either Luiz or Cahill are sold we should look for a replacement... to be back up or possibly replace Rudiger in the starting XI. In regards to RB, Dave will start there and Zappa is a good replacement? LB hopefully Palmieri comes good & Alonso is also a good replacement. I think our priority should be a midfielder & a RW. If we sell Morata, buy another striker and have (new striker) Bats & Giroud & send Tammy out on another loan for a season.
  13. On a plus note, Barkley does look a lot sharper now.
  14. Attempts: Newcastle 9 - 0 Chelsea
  15. I can’t believe those of you that want us to throw the game by playing all the youth! We still have a chance and the FA Cup is a week away.