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  1. I laughed. It’s so predictable.
  2. Here we are again folks. We’ll miss a few glaring chances early second half then concede and draw or lose 2-1.
  3. Bakayoko has not improved one bit.
  4. Where the creativity going to come from?
  5. Leo Jardim

    Interested & excited of the thought of Jardim & Campos coming in. A coach & DoF that are on the same wavelength just makes sense surely?
  6. Playing youth players for remaining matches

    I'd like to see Moses, Alonso, Fabregas & (Cahill) out of the team and other players given a chance certainly.
  7. Why is he picking Cahill in the first place?
  8. How Chelsea it would be to miss a few glorious chances at the start of the second half & go on to lose 2-1. Hope i’m proved wrong.
  9. How many opportunities is Moses going to waste today?
  10. Eduardo is our 3rd choice keeper.
  11. Will we see Morata the big CL game player pop up out of the blue?
  12. It was due to the birth of his son.
  13. I'll be there. In the clouds. Just hope the team does us proud!
  14. Free Transfers

    Max Meyer. We need an attacking midfielder as well.
  15. Shock, we start to play better with a striker on the pitch.