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  1. And what amazes me is supporters like you who get attached to players rather than supporting the club and expecting better. And also you are wrong on "every single trophy" part as well.
  2. Cahill did ok against relegation fodder that too with 7 injuries. World peace has been achieved and hunger is beyond us. Sheer lunacy.
  3. Cahill isnt and never has been a great player. He was at best a "good" player and those days are long gone as well. Should be nowhere near a squad for any top half team let alone one with top4 ambition.
  4. You do realise that there can be other positions between bad mouthing a player and giving him a sense of false confidence in a delusional way.
  5. So you think Cahill will be out of the lineup when Terry is fit? I hope I am wrong but I think you are mistaken. Cahill will have a decent performance today against a crap team and then will be found out against United likely costing us another 3 points.
  6. Totally daft post. Its clear from Cont's comments that he rates Cahill and will continue to play him in games after today.
  7. My comment was pointing to the delusional quote from Conte (about Cahill being a great defender) rather than today's game. I think we will win today regardless.
  8. This is only the case if we want to keep him and Real or PSG are aggressively looking to buy him. Things will be very different if we wanted to sell him. He could very well go for under £60m.
  9. Well, atleast Conte would have fully deserved his sacking if when it comes.
  10. If we finish below Everton, Conte's sacking will be a well deserved one. I dont think that will happen. I think we will finish either 4th or 5th.
  11. Despite all the rubbish you post, that last statement is something we can agree on.
  12. Stand on your head and call everyone else upside down. Its all your pov right...
  13. The man won the title at a canter with a team filled with average players. He had them playing several levels above their ability and will sadly do the same now at United. How is that not a big feckin mistake?
  14. Duh... I was pointing to the fact that "best Chef" from that analogy should not be Conte but Mourinho. Mourinho still beat arsenal 2-0 confortably even with an out of form struggling bottom of the table squad.
  15. The amount of ridiculous opinions you put across in one sentence is truly amazing.