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  1. newsflash: he's currently United's manager
  2. there was definitely that chant at the end, not sure from which side though. who cares about him anyway, he's the past; as long as he's United's manager he's the enemy we were tied with them in term of points before this game ffs be a little optimistic
  3. although draw is a fair result, it was mostly because our inability to control the game in the second half, so can't help but feel disappointed with the result. btw I thought Sarri made two mistakes in the starting lineup by starting Morata & Willian, arguably the two quietest performers today
  4. and sitting them off for 90 mins?
  5. I think Drinkwater wasn't registered in our EL team, was he?
  6. magichat

    Random Rumours

    then why berate him in the first place?
  7. magichat

    Random Rumours

    you know, I still remember in the previous summer window (2017), people were arguing the same thing whether we were conducting transfer fast & effective enough. people kept saying that "transfer deadline is still some times away" but then we all know how it ends (acquiring mediocre plan Bs after missing out some of our top targets), and how the following season ends (finished 6th). funnily enough, people who were worried during the window was referring to summer window in 2015, when we pretty much did the same thing (acquiring mediocre players, finishing 10th). and if you were here back then in 2015, you would know that they were also referring to summer window in 2010, when we did similar mistake although in a lesser degree (failed to strengthen, followed by trophyless season). so point is, he (and many others including me) has a valid reason to be worried with the way we conducted business in recent times. i can name you three reasons already: summer transfer window of 2010, 2015, and 2017. we just don't want the club to repeat the mistake that we had done so many times, to settle for second rated players instead of acquiring truly world class players that would bring our squad to the next level. case in point: right about now you probably are thinking about Jorginho's transfer as counterargument to my thesis about bringing in mediocre players. i agree that he's a wonderful player, but ask yourself this: is he alone enough to bring us back to the highest level? tl;dr: it is totally understandable if some of us are worried, given recent results, and frankly I would be surprised if you aren't worried
  8. magichat

    Leon Bailey

    you know what, you are right, misdirected my dissapointment to him when it should be the board who should've been wiser (e.g. offload him to Barca when opportunity arose). still, the thought of having him yet again this season as our starting RW worries me. but transfer window is still some days left so let's see
  9. magichat

    Leon Bailey

    according to Standard we are now having doubt whether to chase Bailey as Willian looks set to stay. as if I need anymore reason to dislike the guy...
  10. magichat


    mandatory Ron Paul gif
  11. magichat

    Next Chelsea Manager

    this is obviously just a guess, but I think what holding the deal down mainly was the fact that Napoli didn't want to release Sarri's coaching staff as well, it was reported that the release clause would only release, well, Sarri alone. but recent report that I read mentioned that we're going to bring in the coaching team too, which I think is a fantastic news. it's already a monumental task for him having to adapt to new league and new players, and new coaching team would only complicate things. so (I think) the main takeaway of the recent negotiation wasn't about Hysaj etc release clause (what's 2m compared to their release clause really?) but rather about the coaching team.
  12. magichat


    I've always thought Willian is an arrogant judging from his body language and gesture on the pitch. his post pretty much confirms that. too bad his skill isn't as big as his arrogance is. i'm somewhat in the Conte out camp, but with that kind attitude from a professional player, Willian can f**k himself off really
  13. so... one more season with Conte right?
  14. it's alright guys, this is according to Conte's plan, he wants us to suffer, so suffering we are
  15. so remind me again, is it Newcastle United or Manchester United that we're facing now?