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  1. @garryhayes: "Cahill tries giving Terry the armband as they run up for a corner, but he refuses it." this makes me sad. really sad
  2. i have no idea how anyone could agree with Jenas. he literally said Spur "deserved" to win. yes, he didn't just said they were playing better or more offensive, he literally said they "deserved" to win. think about it, "deserved". i thought it was a universal consensus that football match is won by scoring goals?
  3. sorry I don't get what you're saying? I was talking about the first equalizer, Ake was marking Kane right before the goal but lost him
  4. so, Cahill or Ake for the next match? Ake was (somewhat) at fault for the first equalizer, so it dents his performance, but I think overall a solid performance from him today. I wouldn't mine giving him a start if I was Conte
  5. not many times Willian takes pen for us, but from what I saw his technique is pretty similar to Hazard's. probably learned it from him
  6. Costa on form is not even worth 100m. if they offer anything close or even more than that, i say bite their hands
  7. why be negative for something you can't change? only thing it does is making you depressed. so, relax
  8. which was only two weeks ago, from which point they faced Watford and Bournemouth. not exactly hard fixtures are they? well then, what do you suggest? that we all panic? what's that gonna solve?
  9. relax. not the end of the world. if anything let's hope this defeat will become a wake up call for the team. moreover, Spurs' fixtures are starting to get harder soon. I can't see them winning all of the 6 remaining fixtures. if they do, then fair play to them they do deserve to win the league (if we drop 4 more points that is)
  10. not exactly striking confidence having Begovic in goal, but we'll manage. it's definitely not the end of the world. If Hazard's out on the other hand...
  11. to be fair to him I think his excuses aren't aimed to take a dig toward us, but rather to convince their fans that he's doing a great job (which he isn't)
  12. I wasn't commenting about his price tag was I?
  13. i think it's too harsh to judge a player by his (non football related) attitude. remember Costa? majority of people here wanted to "keep him as far as possible from this club" because they didn't like his attitude on the pitch. look what happened. pretty decent signing no?