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  1. it doesn't hard to see that the midfield was struggling yeah, but i think a lot of people here was too extreme on judging him. he's definitely no Kante, but i think he did well considering he had to carry Cesc in a two man midfield
  2. what a relief. though it goes without saying that we were extremely (again, EXTREMELY) lucky to grab all the points. also as someone here pointed out, most of the times we looked hurried and unsure, i would say very uncharacteristic of us under Conte, worrying sign tbh. huge improvement needed.
  3. Atleti drawing against Qarabag. bit sh*te aren't they? no wonder we "dominated" them
  4. just curious. did you really think the starting eleven wouldn't be able to beat that CP team? like, when you saw the team news, you thought "yep we're losing this one, it's on the manager". because even though I don't think Conte made the right choice playing Willian and Cahill, the team should be able to beat CP quite easily. so I think blaming the manager alone is quite daft
  5. funny innit, when just two months ago most people here thought that was the smart way, and berated anyone who even remotely suggested we need to break the bank
  6. well to be fair, did you really expect anything else when Cahill and Willian was starting, and we were missing Morata and Kante?
  7. everyone tries to see who can lose the ball the most
  8. really funny this game is. shows our true level. and yet people said we shouldn't spend on the transfer window
  9. like it or not right now he's the only one trying to create anything
  10. you know what irritates me? they're not sitting that deep, it's just us that can't break them down
  11. hey guys at least Willian worked his sock off AMIRITE?
  12. better than to just sit back waiting for the stars to align and miracle to happen
  13. exactly. how could you expect to score and to win if you don't go out and attack. today's gameplan feels like we hoof it forward and hope Morata/Hazard/Willian do some magic on their own