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  1. not saying the pen decisions were wrong, but the ref is definitely a bit too protective
  2. Courtois Azpi Christensen Rudiger Zappa Kante Baka Cesc Alonso Morata Willian Should give Hazard a rest especially after that (albeit minor) knock. Willian to play in his place, hate to say this but if Hazard is to rest, need Willian's creativity (ugh) to compensate for him
  3. what a difference a win can make toward the mood around here
  4. you would think Conte was the one who shied away from that pass to Shaarawy, and the one who passed it straight to Perotti
  5. i don't think Cesc underhitting a pass and Rudiger leaving a long ball uncleared are because an all-over-the-place organization. look, i can see the scoreline alright, just find it odd people are overreacting in this particular match, when there were other games when we played worse than this one (despite the score), for example CP away, Watford at home, Roma at home, etc.
  6. okay might you might have a different definition, but i wouldn't say they dominate us in this particular game, even all of their goals were either from a freakish shot (1st & 3rd) or a gift from us (2nd, and 3rd to some extent). they definitely dominated us back in Stamford Bridge, but not it this particular match. at the end of day the scoreline is all that matters though
  7. yes because one instance defines the whole story. and seriously, are you really surprised a decent player can do that to Cesc?
  8. everyone talking as if we got completely overrun in midfield. maybe i watch the wrong game
  9. does the scoreline reflects the balance of play? i would say no. we might haven't played that dominantly, but I think we improve a lot compared to the home game. the first goal you can say it was unlucky for us (if you disregard the fact no one was marking Shaarawy), but the second goal was pure idiocy from Rudiger. he took a step back ffs. the bad thing about this is with them going 2 up, there isn't any reason for them to leave their box
  10. it doesn't hard to see that the midfield was struggling yeah, but i think a lot of people here was too extreme on judging him. he's definitely no Kante, but i think he did well considering he had to carry Cesc in a two man midfield
  11. what a relief. though it goes without saying that we were extremely (again, EXTREMELY) lucky to grab all the points. also as someone here pointed out, most of the times we looked hurried and unsure, i would say very uncharacteristic of us under Conte, worrying sign tbh. huge improvement needed.
  12. Atleti drawing against Qarabag. bit sh*te aren't they? no wonder we "dominated" them
  13. just curious. did you really think the starting eleven wouldn't be able to beat that CP team? like, when you saw the team news, you thought "yep we're losing this one, it's on the manager". because even though I don't think Conte made the right choice playing Willian and Cahill, the team should be able to beat CP quite easily. so I think blaming the manager alone is quite daft
  14. funny innit, when just two months ago most people here thought that was the smart way, and berated anyone who even remotely suggested we need to break the bank