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  1. magichat

    Next Chelsea Manager

    this is obviously just a guess, but I think what holding the deal down mainly was the fact that Napoli didn't want to release Sarri's coaching staff as well, it was reported that the release clause would only release, well, Sarri alone. but recent report that I read mentioned that we're going to bring in the coaching team too, which I think is a fantastic news. it's already a monumental task for him having to adapt to new league and new players, and new coaching team would only complicate things. so (I think) the main takeaway of the recent negotiation wasn't about Hysaj etc release clause (what's 2m compared to their release clause really?) but rather about the coaching team.
  2. magichat


    I've always thought Willian is an arrogant judging from his body language and gesture on the pitch. his post pretty much confirms that. too bad his skill isn't as big as his arrogance is. i'm somewhat in the Conte out camp, but with that kind attitude from a professional player, Willian can f**k himself off really
  3. so... one more season with Conte right?
  4. it's alright guys, this is according to Conte's plan, he wants us to suffer, so suffering we are
  5. so remind me again, is it Newcastle United or Manchester United that we're facing now?
  6. because he's not used to have so many attackers on the pitch. defending is the only way to go, you know
  7. magichat

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    really hard to defend him at this point, even for the most rational of fans. it looks like there's no other option than to pull the trigger as soon as possible, or risk damaging the season and damaging the team further
  8. because he was changing the shape to 4-2-4 with 2 strikers upfront?
  9. thanks for the well thought out argument, really adds to the discussion
  10. could've changed the game, should've changed the game, didn't. Conte had to change something, for half an hour all of our attacking player (Hazard included) was sitting on their arse. he's no oracle, he couldn't have predicted whether Hazard will or will not change the game had he stayed, but what he could do was judging him by his actual performance. he had every right to change him based on that.
  11. have to disagree here, he was largely ineffective in this match, slowed a lot of our advances and hesitated to shoot.
  12. does anyone surprised that we lost? if you look at the first half performance alone, you could say that we didn't deserve to lose. hell, even if you look at United's performance, you could say they don't even deserve to win. however, if you look at our second half performance, not surprising that we lost, we were ASKING for it. for a good half an hour (before their second goal) nobody was trying anything to change the outcome of the game. not even Conte tried to sub anyone in (the game was screaming for Cesc). but then after their second goal, we started to panic. we then started to actually try something. Conte actually tried to change the shape. why? why did we need to wait until the dying minutes, when were 2-1 down to try anything? instead of keeping up the tempo from the first half, we were waiting for them to score before doing anything. this isn't the first time I see mentality like this. the players, the coach, everyone was at fault for letting complacency creeps in. we could have comfortably beat them, but instead we put out this sh*tshow, jeopardizing our UCL hope for next season. sh*t needs to change, or else the board needs to force some change.
  13. just read pages on this thread around the time the lineup was unveiled, as well as WAGNH's lineup thread, everyone was going "we already lose" "Conte's fault" "we are dead", and my personal favourite "this is Conte's resignation letter", all this because he decided to deploy false 9. regardless whether you think the outcome was good/bad, I must say the negativity was disgusting really coming from so called "supporters"
  14. Willian was stone wall. Morata has a reputation and he is rightly suffering for it. sorry but I really hate when people say that. if referees let reputation of a player clouds his judgement, he's already wrong in the first place. so saying that he might have dived because we've seen it before adds nothing to the discussion really