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  1. i'll do the honor:
  2. lmao i read somewhere on twitter that we were going to wait until after the international fixtures to submit a formal bid for him. hilarious if true. this is why we should do our business early
  3. if we're selling Traore to Lyon (and we apparently are), i hope we'll get a favour in return from them by letting us secure Tolisso
  4. easy, Cahill is past his peak, Luiz shown signs of drop in his from on the second half of last season, and Zouma hasn't really shown that he can excel in a back 3. overall, our backline doesn't exactly screams world class
  5. selling him cheaply now will not help our cause. it will only show that the club can be bent easily if the players want to, and would set a very bad precedent for us. things like this is exactly why clubs let players like Malouda rot in the reserve. i say put him in the reserve and sign Lukaku ASAP to put the nail in the coffin. anything that he says afterwards will not bother us in any way
  6. by "him" I meant Costa. and yes, Conte only pointed that out in a private exchange, but that's not my point. my point was at the end of the day Chelsea Football Club (and Conte in an extent) was put in disadvantage because of this fiasco
  7. I say Conte made a huge mistake letting Costa know his doom, regardless whether the club cleared him to do so or not. with him letting everyone in the footballing world know the situation, it would only make his valuation fall down to the floor, when only 6 months ago he could've fetched us 80million+
  8. Matic could easily fetch 30m (that's not much), so puts Bonucci's valuation at around 70-80 millions. outrageous
  9. do national team staffs deliberately injure their players during international fixtures? i guess this makes signing a WC winger a top priority now. the board better delivers
  10. honestly i'm not THAT disappointed that we lost the FA cup, i think we have exceeded the original expectation this season (for me it's top four) but one thing that bugs me is the fact that we lost a final, when usually we're so good in them. granted i haven't support Chelsea as long as some of you here, but i struggle to remember other finals that we were unable to capitalize. (of course Moscow came to mind but that was a case of total unluckiness rather than being thoroughly outplayed)
  11. based on today's match you can clearly say Arsenal deserves it. fair play to them, they had a much better performance than us today. however when you look at the bigger picture, the team fielded today should really had no problem handling Arsenal. we know they have the capability to do that, but somehow they were able to pull off one of the worst performance this season. i don't think it was a case of Arsenal having a better strategy (unlike United when they beat us at Old Trafford). i guess the sh*tshow was down to the players. most of them didn't turn up today. you can't really blame Conte for the selection. let's be honest, nobody would have thought the starting XI would pull off such crap, they were the team that enjoyed 13 match winning streak ffs. the only fault from Conte was the fact that he let Matic on the pitch for 60 minutes, and the fact that he subbed Pedro off when he was our only constant threat. special mention to Matic who pulled of his worst performance in Chelsea shirt, deserves a 1/10. then again, the biggest idiot today wasn't him, it was no other than Moses. we were building momentum and on our way to an equalizer when he decided to sent himself off, effectively putting us at disadvantage - and effectively handing Arsenal the cup. well done Moses, you deserve 0/10
  12. Matic was an absolute dogsh*te when he was on the pitch, but Moses is still the biggest idiot this day
  13. you know why they're able to dominate the midfield? because Matic was nonexistent. he has been for the most of the season. it's like Kante's playing by himself in the midfield
  14. Veratti, Sanchez, Laporte, and a new RWB (still not sure who) I was also gonna say Lukaku, but not sure he would be that much of an upgrade on Costa
  15. no first teamer should start this game really. Le Arse still needs to fight for fourth place whereas us has already secured the title. should use that to our advantage in the FA cup final