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  1. just read pages on this thread around the time the lineup was unveiled, as well as WAGNH's lineup thread, everyone was going "we already lose" "Conte's fault" "we are dead", and my personal favourite "this is Conte's resignation letter", all this because he decided to deploy false 9. regardless whether you think the outcome was good/bad, I must say the negativity was disgusting really coming from so called "supporters"
  2. Willian was stone wall. Morata has a reputation and he is rightly suffering for it. sorry but I really hate when people say that. if referees let reputation of a player clouds his judgement, he's already wrong in the first place. so saying that he might have dived because we've seen it before adds nothing to the discussion really
  3. has been a few games where we seem like don't know how the f**k to score. Conte and the players need to work this sh*t out, and work it fast. Jose's reluctance to shake things up despite the obvious flaws was the reason he got booted, I hope the same doesn't happen to Conte
  4. we got through yes, but in expense of two players getting banned and 210 minutes in the middle of a congested schedule
  5. embarrassing from everyone
  6. teams have figured out how to secure a cleansheet against us, and frankly either Conte has no idea how to counter it or the players have no capability of executing our own strategy
  7. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    or maybe, you know, he actually wants him to succeed so he's trying to give him as much opportunity as possible? the only way is down if you're sitting on the bench
  8. Morata's one on one deficiency starts frustrating me
  9. no conviction and uninspired. i feel like this kind of toothless display has become a new standard for us
  10. i wanted to say that was a really sh*tty strategy from everton... but that was exactly how we set up against man city earlier in the season
  11. not saying the pen decisions were wrong, but the ref is definitely a bit too protective
  12. Courtois Azpi Christensen Rudiger Zappa Kante Baka Cesc Alonso Morata Willian Should give Hazard a rest especially after that (albeit minor) knock. Willian to play in his place, hate to say this but if Hazard is to rest, need Willian's creativity (ugh) to compensate for him
  13. what a difference a win can make toward the mood around here
  14. you would think Conte was the one who shied away from that pass to Shaarawy, and the one who passed it straight to Perotti