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  1. How is rudiger a German international?
  2. Ashley Barnes? Yeah, sounds about right...

    Maybe get Andy Lochhead out of retirement
  3. Peter Crouch

    What must hazard be thinking of all this .benzema or crouch?
  4. Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    Present kit best in a long time.
  5. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Is he actually fit to play these days ! God help us
  6. After yesterday's performances definetly Kane I'm afraid
  7. Or is it because he's fergie's mate
  8. Why does everyone think alladyce is a genius . Baffled
  9. Any chance flog zappacosta in January .
  10. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Always moaning,time for a change .yesterdayabsolutely awful
  11. Matic

    Looked out of it very poor play fabregas