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  1. Course it is he looks different than I remember.
  2. No problem. I'm a bit stumped as it goes.
  3. Not entirely sure who that is but it's not Charlie Cooke and it's not 1971. Mickey Nutton maybe.
  4. When the Shed shouted Eddie Eddie what's your name to Eddie Niedzwiecki and he turned around smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Brilliant.
  5. As was mentioned on the previous page official attendance and actual attendance that night against Sunderland there were loads more. Me and my mates jumped the turnstiles in the West Stand and we weren't alone. The operators had given up and were thumbing through the programme smoking fags. Thought we were going to win after the early goal but then as you say the mother of all nights on and off the pitch.
  6. Guy on Ebay is selling repro's home and away. There pretty good not cheap but I'm thinking about it.
  7. Was a middle-west side boy till 83 then Gate 13 and then the benches-West Stand near enough till 94. Only really started going back to the Shed when the temporary stand was being used. Was in there the night when all those blokes became fathers for the first time during the cup winners cup game. Me and my mate were running late so he went to the offie opposite the West Stand all they had left was Special Brew so we downed 2 cans each quickly. On top of what I had already drank glad of a seat that night I can tell you
  8. What team ?
  9. Yes I was there great day and that is one of the things I miss taking thousands to away games. Can't say I miss the beery farts in the Shed though
  10. For me it's a mixture of both. Better laugh and atmosphere and going away especially when you're young was great. But from Full Members Cup to Champion League winners is some turnaround in fortunes.
  11. Climbing from seat to seat at the final whistle instead of going to the gangway.