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  1. I'm not going tomorrow but if Spurs have been given the old tunnel end then West Hampstead will be full of Spurs as it's on the Jubilee line to Wembley Park.
  2. Before Bob Wilson a bloke called Sam Leitch used to do a football show on Grandstand.
  3. “Never let the fax get in the way of a good story”
  4. Cantona, Keane.
  6. Wolves 94.
  7. 20 points.
  8. Gary Chivers biggest influence on career
  9. no matter what colour you are I would say he was yellow because it's a very cowardly thing to say that someone is playing the race card.
  10. Not sure I could travel all the way to Burnley to a funeral for someone I didn't know has a touch of the Princess Diana about it.
  11. Fan power has reduced the cost of being an away fan at football. There's a lot of people who despise what football has become I'm one of them. The origins of "You ain't got no history" is aimed at the fans not the club as we have so many JCL'S. Me I've been going since the mid 60's and stopped going a few years ago as it's become a quiet soulless place that has alienated the average man and woman.