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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Away fans in the East upper, as you say our fans nearer the pitch European nights for the first time in over 20 years and an improving team. I rarely stood in the Shed after I was 17 so the temporary stand was no problem I enjoyed it there.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The temporary stand was put up in 94 unless they dismantled it at the end of every season.
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Third picture that was 94 presumably before the temporary stand was put up but that team in the white looks like the England 1966 World Cup team look at those shorts !!.
  4. Marcos Alonso

    Even if I believed that I could never praise another teams players while pissing on one of Chelsea's totally baffling.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Chelsea, QPR and Spurs. Very few Gooners those days although a lot of older Irish blokes supported them.
  6. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Watford game we won 2-0. Lost 5-1 in 86 to them the one and only game for the legendary Les Fridge.
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The Watford game in 79 I saw this kid from school the same age as me at FB station before the game and on Monday I saw him on the playground. I said '' Alright mate I didn't know you supported Chelsea and told him where we met up when we were going to the Bridge. He looked at me and said '' Err I support Watford'' I couldn't believe it to this day he's the only Watford fan I know. Your free to choose to support who you want he came from Stonebridge and Watford is only about half an hour on the train but to say it was uncool to support someone like Watford in 79 is an understatement.
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Against Watford 79.
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    No red for that kit but our third kit from 74 was white shorts (I think.)
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Should stick this picture where Morata gets changed.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I found a fiver when I was 15 in the Bovril bogs happy days.
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    And why are left footed players always described as having a cultured left foot ?
  14. FA Cup Semi Final

    I take zero comfort with that. They have train fares and petrol money to take into consideration we should be able to sell 33.000 tickets comfortably.
  15. FA Cup Semi Final

    2005 against Liverpool was the League Cup Final. 2006 was when we lost to Liverpool at Old Trafford. It does show how many finals and semi finals we have been involved in in the last 15 years. That's true about general sale Sunderland have stopped Newcastle fans buying tickets for there last home game of the season. But if it can be done it should be I can't see many Southampton fans buying tickets for the Chelsea end.