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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    What the f**k is wrong with the board?For crying out loud they should be bringing one player a day this week and still nothing,with 5 days to go until we fight a long lost battle against spurs. Do they realize we don't have enough players not only to fill the bench,but to put on the pitch?We're gonna be playing Luiz as a cm,when Matic was available and an easy solution.But no,they had to sell him to utd without bringing in a fit-to-play backup. Where's moses' competition,where's alonso's backup -baba rahman is sitting there w/o a squad number and is totally available. This board has f**ked up big time not once,not even twice,but thrice after a league winning season. At one point do we kick their asses out,finally put our trust in our manager and let him do his magic? Managers like Carlo,Jose and Conte are serious professionals,yet the club has repeatedly treated them like trash. Roman has to get a grip and decide if he wants to own an ambitious title challenging club,or arsenal. Because we need to know in order to not have too high expectations and end up frustrated and disappointed.Otherwise we could as well be Blackburn fans,knowing we'll be losing week in week out so it doesn't bother us,and an occasional tie is a bonus.
  2. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Alright,if they still won't give Conte the blank cheque he needs,now more than ever he should just show them the finger and take off
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Let's not panic guys!Arguably we need another 2 or 3 players,and we've got another 4 weeks to get them.I'm sure this is not the final squad
  4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Well,believe me when i say that every coach in the world would sign messi any day of the week without any second thoughts. I don't care if Kane scores 3 or 4 goals against hull wba and bournemouth,i care that messi scores them again arsenal,man city,real madrid and atletico.And let me remind you,he scored 3 against city less than a year ago. And when was the last time a single player had a hatrick against Real?Oh right,that was messi.And the one time before that?Also messi Saying you would get kane instead of messi is just ludicrous
  5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    stupidity at its peak?
  6. Realistic Transfer Suggestions

    oh i'm sorry
  7. After this final i'm 100% now that chelsea need to get: 1.A world class rwb 2.A backup lwb 3.A good cb + christensen 4.A world class dm 5.A backup dm 6.A world class striker 7.A world class winger to accompany hazard Let's hear what you guys have to suggest for those positions
  8. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  9. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Madrid are on a transfer ban guys...
  10. Thank You Mr Roman Abramovich

    man u
  11. I've been thinking that if spurs lose all their matches (utd,leic and hull) and city win all theirs (leic,west brom,watford) then spurs will finish 3rd can they do it for a second year in a row?Finish 3rd in a 2 horse race?
  12. it would be pure perfection If i were conte i'd start him in the final 3 games,title is secured anyway and we're probs gonna do 93/93
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    barca can honestly go sh*t themselves once again conte is going nowhere we'll talk business in next seasons champions league
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    probs one thing for certain he wouldnt go on a 2 month drought