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  1. Ten years of service. Won everything there is to win. Colossal on so many big European nights. The man deserves great respect - good luck, and thanks for everything John.
  2. If Oscar goes to China at the age of just 25 - when he should be right at his peak - it will confirm what lots of us thought about him. A talented player, but lacking the drive to translate that into becoming a consistent top-level performer. He just never had that ability to control a game. We could do some serious business with this £60 million (Sanchez, Verratti, Nainggolan anyone?). Thanks for the service anyway, 203 games and 38 goals is a significant contribution.
  3. Snap their hand off.
  4. Brilliant news - will it 200 appearances tomorrow, assuming he plays. Mr Reliable, fits perfectly into our system - I can see him breaking into our top 10 highest appearance makers by the time he finally leaves.
  5. Also there's a pretty good chance the FA Cup match will reach general sale.
  6. You have to have posted a certain number of times - it's to stop touts selling tickets on here.
  7. Potentially useful as a back up to Alonso, but it's hardly encouraging how few minutes he got at Watford.
  8. Leeds, Charlton (if they get past MK), Rochdale, Port Vale, Millwall Carlisle or Blackpool away please. Failing that let's have Barrow at home.
  9. Leeds, Sheffield United, Charlton - and having Millwall up for a couple of years again would be fun too.
  10. For Palace I usually go to the Wetherspoons opposite Thornton Heath station, lots of Chels in there - about a 10 minute walk to Selhurst Park from there
  11. Convinced they only exist to make us laugh
  12. What a brilliant post
  13. Hazard will be fine I think - according to Martinez it was 'just a knock on the calf'.