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  1. I've merged the two ild photos from 1920 & 1922 into one as one was of the empty ground, and the other was the the 1922 Cup Final, and colourised them for a new book I'm working on with Rodney George, call the Illustrated History of Chelsea Kits. (Sorry about the watermark, it's to stop anyone selling it on ebay. It's also half the original size, and redused from 300dpi to 72.)
  2. I went to the home game in 1956 and we lost that too 2-1 :-( But if any of you had seen Roy Bentley, in action, you'd have had him up there with Greaves, Osgood and Dixon.
  3. It's the park that runs along the side of the tube line and goes down to the Kings Road, where everyone goes for the end of the open top bus parade. most people think it's Parsons Green but that is father west.
  4. Cheers, I'm gonna do the Bubbles Eccles, And the Shed boys one on Elm Green Park, I'll post them up on here, as I Finnish them.
  5. I don't know if it's only me, but sadly I can't see any of your photo, even with a £500 graphic card :-(
  6. Remember quite a few in this photo. this was taken in Elm Brook Park if I remember right, I was standing behind you when you took it.
  7. And here's the latest update of the Chelsea Roll Of Honour
  8. Here's a Video I put together for the Shed 50, that has never had a public showing -
  9. Now I have a good clean copy of this photo, that at last shows all eight, I'll colourise it again
  10. It's good to see at last the guy that took the photos, sharing clean copies, I've colourised a couple of them from poor copies riddled with internet compression, and will post them on here. But looking at the photos reminds me that most Chelsea supporters at that time weren't Skin's they were Suedeheads, that was like Skinheads a progression of the Mod fashion