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  1. Ah the Walking Sticks Semi, that was a classic game!
  2. What period was our mob at its peak

    LOL No, I was a trainee Manager at the Swiss Cottage branch of Tesco, and when I walked in there on the Tuesday morning the manager was standing there waiting holding up the Daily Mirror, and said "Your Fired!"
  3. #1 Jimmy Greaves #2 Zola #3 Kerry Dixon
  4. What period was our mob at its peak

    I was in the Army from 1966 till 1971, but based in London, after that I went back to DJing, and photography. I did get the sack back in 1964 for being on the front page of the Daily Mirror, but that's another story.
  5. What period was our mob at its peak

    I only got knocked out once, and that was when four of us took on the whole of the Wolves End up there, I tripped up the terrace step, fell over and on getting up all I remember was seeing the front end of a Dr Martin's Boot. Fractured left cheek bone resulted. Got a fractured skull and right wrist, after being attacked from behind with an iron bar at Plymouth away in 1976. Other than that I was lucky and got away with major injuries, mainly because going in hard and fast, put whoever you were attacking on the back foot. Mind you I've never been hit or kicked so many times in one day, as in the CBL, back in 1976, had bruises that lasted weeks after that one. The North Stand were schooled that you always back your own up no matter what, and anyone that ran, was dealt with after the game, the reason we used to attack the police was in order to get back people that were getting nicked.
  6. 70s photos of Shed Boys

    I posted this above "He got that nick name from Cliff Webb back in 1965 because he laughed like Eccles off the Goon Show. "
  7. The Chelsea Trophies

    1964/1965 The League Cup. (Again I was up at Leicester when we won this.)
  8. The Chelsea Trophies

    I'm doing a series of screens to record all the trophies Chelsea have won, starting way back in 1955, and one that I was lucky enough to have been at the ground when we won it. Feel free to use them as screen savers. 1954/55 the Division 1 Champions
  9. The Billy Bluebeat Videos

    Cheers, I did the Billy Bluebeat video's for Dave Johnson, The Roll Of Honour is a Labour of Love, to honour all those that are no longer with us, Nice to know they are appreciated.
  10. I dont believe it, another loyal Blue gone

    Cheers, on it now
  11. 70s photos of Shed Boys

    Just finished colourising "Eccles" 1970
  12. I dont believe it, another loyal Blue gone

    If someone can post a sharp photo of Alan, together with the DoB & DoD, I'll add him to the Chelsea Roll Of Honour
  13. The Billy Bluebeat Videos

    "Gianfranco Zola"
  14. The Billy Bluebeat Videos

    "John Terry"
  15. The Billy Bluebeat Videos

    Put these video together for Dave Johnson "One Lion"