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  1. Ready Player One

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't want to get into a big thing, and this is the wrong thread anyway...but I really don't think that's true. People used to say it about JT, "he gets burned by pacy strikers all the time", and it wasn't true about him either. Alonso has been excellent for us. He will be the starting LB next year. No idea what any of that is supposed to mean. How do you assign a number value to someone's "rigour"?
  2. Ready Player One

    Next Chelsea Manager

    You guys are in for a shock when (if) Emerson get "the chance". Particularly on that "worse athlete" one. You must be going by youtube highlights (if not, no offence intended). He's not much of an athlete at all, and Alonso will get up and down that flank all day. Alonso is class. Much better than anyone thought he would be when he signed. It's a shame you've missed it. Our last manager didn't. Our next manager won't.
  3. Ready Player One

    Next Chelsea Manager

    miles better than emerson. but emerson is shiny and new and no-one has seen him play enough to notice his weaknesses. that's the way it is with new players. they're everything you want them to be. until they're not.
  4. Ready Player One

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Team of midgets.
  5. Ready Player One

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    ballack had a 1 goal every 4 games record over his career. that's actually a pretty good record for a mid. his record at international level is nearly 1 in 2. i don't think he'd mind be judged on his goal output.
  6. Ready Player One

    Next Chelsea Manager

  7. Ready Player One

    Next Chelsea Manager

    blanc is a bang average manager, and (more worrying to me) the stories of racism are completely unacceptable for a potential manager of this club imo. what he said was casually and systemically racist, and it says more about the culture in france that he kept his job (a culture that has accepted into the mainstream a narrative of black and muslim national team players being trouble makers), rather than his views being in any way acceptable. of course, some value winning above any sort of morality (including us, as the last manager we hired was literally about to face trial for match-fixing) but blanc isn't the guy for that either (he's not in conte's league even remotely). In case you didn't know: "You have the impression that they really train the same prototype of players: big, strong, powerful … What is there that is currently big, strong, powerful? The blacks. That's the way it is. It's a current fact. God knows that in the training centres and football schools there are loads of them... The Spanish, they say: 'We don't have a problem. We have no blacks'".
  8. Ready Player One

    John Terry back at The Bridge

    Was worried as soon as it became clear he was thinking about next season. Desperately wanted to see him holding that trophy aloft. Desperately wanted to see him back at the Bridge, even if it was just waving from the oppo dug-out. But when you start looking past your next game, that's when you slip up.
  9. Ready Player One


    Drinkwater isn't so much a back-up, as a player the manager has been lumbered with, doesn't trust, and doesn't know what to do with. I don't know why we signed him, or why he came here. His definition of "back-up" may have differed from the definition of "back-up" he was sold? Regardless; Willian clearly IS unhappy. It's obvious to literally everyone at this point. So what is it? Like you say, he's started a reasonable amount of games. For a back-up. Exactly half his appearances in the league under Conte have been starts. That's OK. Was he promised more? Is that it? You can disagree that he should have played more (although the disagreement pre-supposes that the issue is the player, rather than the lack of attacking spots in Conte's systems); but it sure seems like HE feels he should have played more. FWIW, i agree that Pedro was deservedly in front of him last year, and I agree that if he was more consistently productive he would have forced Conte to play him in the 3-4-3 formation (as opposed to ditching that formation altogether for large portions of the season; moving Willian from back-up in our first choice system, to first choice in our back-up system).
  10. Ready Player One


    He's probably pissed off because he's pretty much been a back-up for the last two years. He's been openly pissed off all season TBH. I suspect he was promised a bigger role during the close season, because a few clubs were sniffing around; and didn't get it. Either way, he's obviously unhappy at not having played more, and I suspect that his recent Players Player of the Year award was the squad siding with him over a manager who has become unpopular. I doubt he'll apologise because he (and everyone else) know he'll be playing for a new manager pretty soon one way or another. I am surprised so many are painting him as a bad egg, despite his behaviour this season. He was nothing but a consummate pro for us for years. He was the one guy you couldn't fault during the disaster of 2015-16. Even last season, mostly back-up to Pedro, he was a consummate pro. I've heard many criticisms of him during his time here, but not many faulted his attitude or application. This season has been different in that regard. Maybe he suddenly got a big head, or maybe you have to ask why a consummate pro would start behaving like a petulant child?
  11. Ready Player One


    Probably a little bit of appreciation for him as a guy, and how he was in and out of the team, but still generally gave his best. Probably a little bit of 2 fingers to Conte. I don't know how many players are unhappy with Conte, or his tactics (or both), but Willian has been openly unhappy with Conte. He's had a chip on his shoulder and a stroppy attitude all season...and that culminated with him completely blanking Conte and storming down the tunnel during an FA Cup semi. Which would have been about the time the votes for this would have been getting gathered up. My first thought when I saw Player's Player of the Year was "that's an FU to Conte". Just a thought. Could be completely wrong.
  12. Ready Player One

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    That "conference footballer" scored twice in his last start for us before being shunted off on loan. His goals/starts record was always good for us. Always. He played better for us than every single one of the guys people moan were shunted out the door too soon and not given a fair chance. Every single one. http://www.espnfc.com/player/156479/michy-batshuayi?season=2017
  13. Ready Player One

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    They're both sh*t at crossing. Zappacosta tries it a lot more often though, so eventually he gets one or two right. Pretty much the definition of "what you like". Similar level. Similar qualities. One tries to cross all the time and gets it right sometimes, one doesn't and keeps possession more often.
  14. Ready Player One

    Why Conte Must Roll Away The Stone

    An under-pressure manager questioning whether the core squad of first team players have the mentality to play for a big club. Fans wanting unproven kids who have shown a few flashes of potential to be given an extended run in the first team over experienced pros who have won it all (and expecting the board to back the manager if he does that), because we're on a bit of a bad run. We've been here before. We know how it ends. At a certain point you realise you're setting yourself up for disappointment.
  15. Ready Player One

    Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    No. Improvement is not the only path for a young player. Some will. Some won't. And no manager who needs success in the here and now in order to avoid paying with his job is going to trust highly rated potential over proven quantities. That's why all our managers do pretty much the same thing and play the proven quantities the majority of the time. Which is what makes it pointless bitching about the players who don't make it here. We buy players as commodities. We don't have a plan, or a first team pathway. We buy loads of promising young players. Then we send them out on loan until it's make or break time, dump them into the first team squad (probably already unhappy at being a player of that sort of standing who doesn't know what their future holds...while their agent is in their ear telling them about all the clubs who want to make them first choice) and it doesn't matter if the manager needs players with those qualities or in that position. They just got to the point where we couldn't keep loaning them. Play them or lose them. That's a justification for something happening. Not saying it doesn't happen.