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  1. 70s photos of Shed Boys

    This is appropriate.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    No they were at QPR, we were at home.
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I think 79 although memory has faded a bit, Quadraphenia had just come out on film anyway. It was a blinding hot day. Cant remember where they came on that was a blur, I was reading a programme minding my own business and next thing I was protecting my head.
  4. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was linked to this, I cant say how legit they are to do business with. http://www.stadiumportraits.com/chelsea-62-c.asp
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    West Ham were always sneaky and snidey blade merchants. Living in Essex I knew a lot of their more normal fans but their mob were dirty. Worst for me with them was when they were at QPR and attacked us on a train after, they had numbers and surprise and I got hit a lot when I was down which was OTT then I got something hard over my back that had me in pain for weeks. I was later told it was Gardner and his mob yet online all you hear about is how fair he was. Load of crap.
  6. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I am sure that sign saved many a sore head.
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I thought I posted before but maybe not. Not the same day but around 82 I think I went to Hampden and it went off all day with us and West Ham. One time we were downstairs in a tunnel at Central Station having a major toe to toe and the tartan army jocks just stared wondering what it was all about. We then went into some boozer and a guy walks in in a Millwall replica jersey and we just all laughed at him. Years later I read online that the under 5s and a bunch of Jocks fought on the train all the way back to London. Of course they won, they never lost. Right?
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was ejected a few times but never nicked in the ground. 2 away fans arrested at Upton park?
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Here were the goals from the Forest game in 76, poor quality feed.
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Stoke for sure who I rated, Leicester and Wolves not bad too. Villa and West brom were w**k. And Derby too.
  11. Morning this is for over 60s Chelsea

    I remember loving the train stations. You would play some nothing team at home and head to whatever station northerners were returning to and it could be carnage. I remember an opening day 78 I think we had Everton at home, Leeds at Arsenal, Newcastle were at Millwall and still aroung Kings Cross when Spurs got back from Forest. West Ham had small numbers and Euston/Kings X/St pancras was a war zone for a few hours. Newcastle hijacked a train that day and shut the southern rails down for a few hours.
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I took a hell of a hit to the back of the head at that UP game in 81, I remember the f**kers coming across and chucking the corner flag too. Living in Essex it was a tough one for me as a few knew me.