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  1. Got the same feelings as I did towards Bertrand , happy enough for him to remain as a squad player but equally not that bothered if he wants to go to be a starter and in that case, good luck to him.
  2. No im not basing it on some random quote, but what I saw with my own eyes. Sammy may not of been the monster who lit up the Nou Camp but as soon as he was up to speed he was class. You cite those games we didn't score in as why we lost the league and you are right, but Eto'o didn't actually play in any of them and if he did I'm certain either he or someone else would have scored. I'm not saying we should have even let Lukaku go that summer (we should have had both on rotation and let thall who shall not be named go) but I believe signing him was a masterstroke and if he didn't get injured vs Arsenal we would have won the title.
  3. Eto'o scored the winner in the home games vs all the big teams bar City plus one in the CL knockout stage. His experience made Hazard and a better player (he said so himself). Then when they went to Everton Eto'o was better initially, someone after the 6-3 summed it up nicely "two players with a point to prove (to Jose) but only one had the quality to make it".
  4. Lukaku was offered a role of immediate back up to Costa in 2014, he wanted to be undisputed number one and at that time he wasn't better than Eto'o let alone Costa. It's a myth on the whole that managers ignore loanees, tyeres been numerous success storys from premier league loans. I'm all for a young player coming through, infact I can't wait for it, because then maybe the averaged ones will stop getting hyped beyond all extremes.
  5. Lukaku got offered a role in the squad, he demanded undisputed first choice place, what could we do? And no, if the player is doing well enough he will play and tbh if Chala isn't head and heals above the Burnley midfield, that in itself is a concern.
  6. Not random youth players, Bruma and Kakuta were getting hyped as world beaters back then and a lot of people didn't want us to sign Luiz and Neymar because we had them two. How does Chalobah stand out? He's been at 3 top flight clubs now and all came to the conclusion he was squad player standard only. Or has Conte, Sarri and Dyche all got it wrong? I mean imagine if we signed a player of that profile, the same people moaning he doesn't "get a chance" would be the same moaning about lack of ambition and dismiss him as "another Papy".
  7. I could almost imagine Wilkins at the training ground in 2010 telling Carlo not to sign Luiz and Neymar because we had Bruma and Kakuta. How that guy got a coaching job here is a mystery.
  8. By that logic we should have played Papy and Hector because well we won't know if they don't get the chance, right? If the only way Conte and the coaching staff can work out if the player is good enough or not is to give them first team games then they should all be fired on the spot. The likely reality is Conte assesed Nate's quality's and came to the same conclusion Sarri and Dyche did, which is decent depth filler. If Chalobah was as good as Bakayoko he would have walked into Napoli's team. Imagine if we passed up on Hazard to "develop" Kakuta?
  9. He only got 10 goals in 49 games last season, imagine if he had a similar number here? People slate Hazard for "not doing enough" for getting 15-20
  10. A lot in the CL, few times in the French league, downloaded a couple of games when the links became serious and watched numerous all touches videos. He isn't the most technically defined player you are ever likely to see (but neither was Essien). He reminds me a lot of Dembele in his forward burst's, to run 30 plus yards wiping oppo players out in the process is a hugely under-rated asset and is a key reason as to why Monaco have scored so many times. He won't perform to his maximum every week, but overall i think we are getting a very good player.
  11. Why not? He's perfect physically for this league. He also helps sort out a major problem which was getting dominated in the middle in big games, especially Spurs, who he shat on both times.
  12. Using Harry Kane and Dele Alli as an argument to use random youngsters is akin to saying you should give manager's time because of Fergie. For one Kane or Alli there's 100,000 Kakuta's and Januzaj's.
  13. Have we ever failed with a signing from the French league?
  14. Chalobah never really stood out in the championship and was never given more than a squad role for his 3 top flight teams and that's for a reason. Bakayoko is a title winner, saying we should abandon this signing for Chalobahs sake is like when people said we should give Kakuta a chance instead of signing Hazard or Todd Kane a chance instead of signing Azpilicueta.