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  1. I'm intreged to see how Newcastle get on next year. Rafa isn't great on the front foot, hence the fact he never won the PL title (too many stuff ups in banker games, remember QPR days after a win at Goodison?) and has made a meal out of winning the Championship with by far the best squad, but as we found out to our cost on many occasions he is very good at tactically setting up a team as a underdog and that's exactly what he will be vs half the league next season. Don't think we will be the only one of the big boys dropping points at SJP next time round.
  2. People in the UK are classed as young people until 25,I imagine the PFA must go down similar guidelines.
  3. Courtois, Azpi, Luiz, Cahill, Moses, Kante, Cesc, Kante, Alonso, Willian, Costa, Hazard. Subs: Begovic, Ake, Terry, Matic, Ruben, Pedro, Batshauyi. Cesc, Eden and Costa will be fresh for this and that hopefully will be the difference.
  4. Funnily enough a combined Chelsea and Spurs Xl would be the ultimate 3-4-3 team.
  5. Haha, I do that with Spurs fans all the time. They mention Terry being a prick and I bring up the rap sheet of Ledley King and Danny Rose's assault on Hiddink. They bring up the Paris metro I tell them about the racist and homophobic abuse they gave Sol. They claim we have mercenary players and I mention that Assou Ekotto admitted to playing solely for money and how the same man was snapped with Adebayor laughing at a 5-0 loss while the were both still Spurs players. Someone needs to teach them the rule of glass houses.
  6. No I gave an example of when we were in the exact same situation as spurs yesterday but I felt we didn't deserve anything. City away in December I admit we got the rub of the green and it should have been different, but when we score 4 goals (plus those sitters mentioned by Alonso and Costa) and the opponents didn't even have four serious goal scoring chances I don't see how we were lucky. Possession wise yes second best, tactically? No way.
  7. I have already covered the answer in the post you quoted.
  8. Well that was partly why we struggled so badly in the 2005 and 2007 games at Anfield, because Jose was up against a manager who was also happy to sit back and counter. Rafa conceded all the possession and we struggled to create anything, exactly like Spurs yesterday. The only reason I brought up this is because you said I would be bemoaning our luck in the same situation as Spurs yesterday, which I wouldn't, as I wasn't then. And it wasn't just Jose vs him it was Scolari, Grant, Ancelotti aswell (the general Liverpool vs Chelsea rulebook in that period was scraped for the Hiddink games).
  9. Why exactly? Most games vs Rafa's Liverpool we dominated possession but struggled to create any real serious chances, it was the exact same for Spurs yesterday hence why I made the comparison. If Spurs deserved to win /draw yesterday then we deserved to win all the games we lost to Liverpool in that period.
  10. One game we were lucky to win was at the Ethiad this year, City cut us open at will at times and Courtois had an amazing game. How many chances did Spurs have? Were we at our best? Absolutely not but we certainly weren't outplayed. And no, I wouldn't be bemoaning our luck if this game happened in reverse, I would be wondering why we couldn't test the opposite keeper enough or create enough chances. Infact we played the role of Spurs yesterday in most if not all our losses vs Rafa's Liverpool in the 00s, yet I never thought we deserved better in any of those defeats.
  11. Were you also banging on about how Man.United "dominated" at Stamford Bridge in April 2015? I'll say now what I said then, there is a massive, massive difference between dominating possession and dominating the match.
  12. It took him a while to break in at Watford and Bournemouth, so I think he is accustomed to waiting now. I also disagree with the consensus us recalling him has stalled his progress, he has already proved he can perform at PL level and I reckon the experience yesterday tops an extra four months at Bournemouth.
  13. There was rumours about Muslera a month or so ago, if that's true that would be insanely good.
  14. Just no, Azpi at wing back with Zouma in his RCB was the main reason we were so clueless on Sunday. I don't get why people want to drop/move Azpi for the only aspect he can be got at defensively (and it doesn't even happen as often as people say). Azpi at RCB is not only crucial to this system he is also a fundamentally better defender than Zouma in everything but leap.
  15. I see Michy is carrying on the Chelsea tradition of random fettishness for the squad players.