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  1. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Watching Mason Mount play for Vittese i feel with the right development he could be a similar player to KDB and therefore for all intents and purposes it will feel like a second chance. With Mount, Hudson Odoi, Amps and Sterling coming through it's CRUCIAL that whoever replaces Conte this summer has a good track record with young players (Poch would be perfect but that isn't happening). I wasn't that arsed with the previous batch of youngsters because Tammy aside i felt and still feel for various reasons they will never be CFC quality (Ruben and Boga because they don't influence games enough, Musonda and Kenedy because they are all style and little substance, Ake and Traore could have been squad players but weren't that arsed when they left) but those four are absolute diamonds who can be anything they want to be. If we are refusing to compete with the big boys financially then it's crucial we developed the potential £100m players we have got, because that's the only other way to compete with them long term spending little net in comparison.
  2. Race for Top 4

    Even though they are 5th right now i can see Spurs having another strong finish and claiming second. I think we will put another consistent enough run together and claim 3rd. I actually feel United will drop out, as usual a Mou team are slowing down after 18 months and on this occasion the players don't have the motivation of the title within reach to dig into the energy reserves.
  3. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Don't know, but two wrongs don't make a right. Giroud showed last Monday what we were missing from Michy, a few dodgy passes but his movement constantly stretched WBA and created space for his teammates and some of the combination play with Eden was top class.
  4. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    The style of play didn't suit him, if you need your striker to score Goals try and play to his strengths Maybe it didn't, but that doesn't excuse a rubbish first touch, horrendous passing/decision making and static movement.
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He was the main striker in pre season and to start the season while Morata got upto speed, but his performances vs Arsenal and Burnley were so unbelievably bad we had to fasttrack Alvaro. He didn't get denied more chances because he failed to play like Messi, he got denied them because he was barely even resembling a professional footballer.
  6. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I agree about Salah, Lukaku but i just can't when it comes to KDB, sorry. Salah and Rom never really shown anything with us and despite the former becoming world class i can understand why we didn't cling on for the off chance, but KDB, in my opinion, warranted more games at the very start. It may have only been pre season and his MOTM debut may have been only Hull but the performances earned a run in the team, not unconditional run but to be totally froze out after a meh performance at Old Trafford (a ground where even Hazard and Drogba are/were below par more often than not) was harsh to say the least. If he got the minutes Mata (under Jose), Salah or even Cuadrado got and was piss poor throughout then fair enough but post August he only played in the League Cup (plus like 1 five minute cameo) which (up until the semi final) is treated as a mere one step above a friendly by managers these days
  7. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    On their day they are, but they don't have their day often enough hence how we are still in touching distance of them despite 2 months from hell.
  8. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    Maybe but i highly doubt any had such a high profile match for their 4th pro game. Messi's first huge match was the CL at Stamford Bridge over a year after his actual debut. I just feel playing vs Barca for his 4th ever pro game will be too much.
  9. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Who? City fair enough. United have even more issues than we do, Liverpool may play better football but they aren't going to pull away from us with Mingolet, Henderson and the bunch of defenders they have playing significant minutes, Spurs look impressive but have a so so away record. I don't really see any of that bunch leaving us for dust.
  10. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    That was pretty much what was said in 2012 and 2016.
  11. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    I think he's going to be a gem. I hope i'm not speaking too soon but him, Ampadu and Mount look like they are going to be serious players for us, but putting him in the squad to face Barca at the age of 17 after two sub appearances and potentially one start against an out of form Championship club is just far too much too soon. If he and Amps get about 5-10 appearances each to build on going into next season i will be delighted.
  12. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    No, there's not need for it. They are in their first academic year out of school (for perspective at the same age Messi was awaiting his pro debut), the Domestic cups is a good place to start, no need to throw them in in such games this early.
  13. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    He's capable of the sublime one moment (his highlights reel makes him look as good as Messi) but the beyond stupid the next something which was clearly in evident last night with his sublime one two with Eden for the goal and some other clever bits of play but equally screwed up some easy passes. Great asset to have but if/when AM9 sorts his sh*t out he will probably be the plan B.
  14. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    Barnsley fans were scathing about Ugbo. http://barnsleyfc.org.uk/threads/ugbo-returns-to-chelsea.262542/
  15. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Wasn't it more Jose and Conte respectively that choose to get rid? Mou's made two big decisions on Rom's career and thankfully made the right one with us and the wrong one at United.