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  1. But, but, but he didn't shoot 440 times to score .......
  2. Seriously? Saying Hazard's inconsistent is one thing, but trying to play him down at his absolute best is absurd. The Hazard vs Hungary, Arsenal and Everton is basically ultimate level and that level only him and Messi can hit.
  3. I personally believe he was trying to get attention back on to the situation last season. How Chelsea and United started the season basically confirmed beyond reasonable doubt who was mostly at fault for last season's great meltdown and him slaming Leicester's players is a thibly aimed dig at ours for "betraying" him.
  4. I heard Nigel Pearson is the front runner, imagine if he did a Di Matteo? That would be absolutely bonkers
  5. Even when they were in sh*t under Pearson till late they still performed, what they have served IP this season is awful compared to that let alone last season. It looks harsh further along in the future we go, however the performances or lack off all season plus no inspiration in the dugout had a lot of Chelsea fans wondering if it was time for fresh impetuous, I can't speak for here but on Talk Chelsea fans were split almost to the extent Arsenal fans are with Wenger now. I wouldn't have complained if he got a third season to make amends (I would have taken a drop in league position if our performances were better) but equally I can't say I was too unhappy when he got replaced by the at the time young managerial prodigy.
  6. Is it their rightful place? I mean, ofcourse no one expected them to retain the league and if they were mid table his position as manager would be under lock and key. But over the season they have been getting worse, they started okay drawing to Arsenal and technically drawing against us before losing in extra time and got 12 points in ten games. In the 14 games since their draw at WHL they have picked up 10 points, scored 12 (9 of which in the first 5 games of the 12) and conceded 27, for a bit of perspective if that's repeated in double that would be P28 W4 D6 L18 F24 A54 Pts20. That even only tells part of the story, they don't even look capable of scoring bar getting lucky on a set piece and looking susceptible to conceding every time the opposition attack, basically us last season but worse, they were going down under Claudio made even more certain by Marco Silva and Paul Clement's turnarounds at Hull and Swansea. If Leicester's new manager beat's Seville, performs a deep run in the competition (with good tactics and god's looking out for them, you just never know) and climbs up the table everything will be forgiven and forgotten. Also to add to what i said re there recent run, who has the lowest budget in the league? Probably Dyche at Burnley, i bet even he would fins himself under serious pressure if he had a run like that. We as much as anyone has preached constantly at how players (especially Ivanovic and Malouda) shouldn't get free passes based on what they did in the past, why should it be different to managers?
  7. A Leicester fan's two penny's worth.
  8. They won the league and spent £60m, no one was expecting them to retain the league but to not score in six games and be fighting relegation is unacceptable. Carlo was awful all second season, some of his tactics was ridiculous. Infact despite the nation constantly preaching to the contrary, very few sackings are harsh without good reason (Rowett is the only one i can think of recently, before that probably Big Sam at Blackburn).
  9. I think the summer was the beginning of the end when he brutally poured cold water on there chances of retaining the title and said there was more chance of ET landing. I know there was very, very little to no chance, but hearing you're manager say that before you have played a minute of the title defense must have been pretty demotivating.
  10. The point is every player also has flaws and he would probably be scrutinised for them if he was a Chelsea player. He (Ronaldo) is basically like an extreme goal poacher these days in fact some of his decision making and passing in general play is embarrassing (certainly lows that Eden would never hit), i remember watching a Classico once and someone said he was Barca's best defender on the night.
  11. If he was still a free agent Marco Silva would have been the perfect candidate. Given how he got Hull competing against the top six and matching them in head to heads, he would have given them a fighting chance in the CL of doing something.
  12. No one expected them to retain the title, but after winning it and spending 70m they shouldn't have gone back to fighting relegation. They had a glorious chance to use last season to establish themselves as a top 7/8 club long term and they blew it.
  13. Or maybe they saw still being in it as a lucky break? After all unless they win it this is the only shot at CL for a long time, they are probanly desperate for atleast one glamour tie. Last season was incredible but he could only last so long on that alone. His tactics all season has been baffling and yeah we did get battered to win it but soon after RDM showed he wasn't a great manager, as I've alluded too this is likelyLeicesters only ever shot at CL football and they will want to give themselves the best possible chance of making a good fist of it, and in mine (and quite clearly there) opinion that isn't Claudio.
  14. They were lucky not to get battered, if they make a similar astute appointment as to what Hull did, they might just might scrape past Seville.
  15. Correct decision, we all say players shouldn't keep position based on past achievement (Ivanovic, Malouda), why shod it be different with managers?