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  1. We have been "lucky" with injuries since 11/12, we haven't had a serious crisis since the Ferreira-Ivanovic CB partnership farce vs Sunderland in 2010. Its not a coincidence that it never happens to us but repeatedly happens to Arsenal and United especially, our medical department are outstanding. There will be a lot more rotation next season especially at wing back, but our core players (Courtois, Azpi, Luiz, Kante and Eden) will be playing every CL, PL (and FA Cup vs PL opposition) game unless they are injured or suspended. Which means if we start the season with 6 CB's we will have four players fighting for one position which just isn't feesiable. I could be wrong but if I had to guess now I would say Cahill and Andreas will be fighting it out for the third CB spot with Ake as 5th choice due to his versatility, a more exotic O Shea if you like.
  2. Given how good our medical department are I think we can take our chances, id be amazed if we don't sign a wing back in the summer which will mean Ake could be 5th choice CB and 4th choice wingback. If Zouma is still here come August 31st ID be amazed.
  3. i think Azpi and Luiz handle the forwards fine, plus with the philosophy we are trying to create Zouma is behind the current 3 and will be Andreas aswell. Also even with Europe 6 into 3 doesn't go, we saw that with the Attacking midfield situation in 2013.
  4. Jose use to play him for 90 minutes every game bar League Cup and FA vs lower opposition and it resulted in him burnt out mentally and physically, he never even use to sub him out when we were winning comfortably. I think Conte is aware of that and taking every possible step to avoid that happening again.
  5. So he wanted to leave, didn't get his way and instead of sulking, kept his head down and has likely fired us to another title with his goals. If anything he should get more respect for that, not less.
  6. Arrogant doesn't even cover it. As a Chelsea fan i'm more than happy for him to stay at Arsenal but if this was happening to us i would be really starting to resent him despite the success he gave us early on.
  7. Azpi and Luiz are very experienced, infact you could argue the balance is perfect to bring in Christensen next season.
  8. He was making a point to Boro about how "angry" he was about Karanka's sacking. He's jumped on both Aitor and Ranieri's sacking now blaming the players, his way of trying to get attention on how he was "betrayed" by our players.
  9. You're sounding like one of those United or Liverpool fans trying to discredit our season because we didnt have Europe. Let me guess you thought it was a 3 horse race between Jose, Pep and Klopp back in August?
  10. He sent of Abidal because Anelka slipped, he refed the Fiorentina vs Bayern game the following season and was even worse. There was no conspiracy, it was just a case of a crap referee totally out of his depth and we payed the price. Had Iniestas shot gone two mitres higher it would be Barca fans that still hate him to this day.
  11. We absolutely need at least one wingback. Baba makes Bosingwa look good, Kenedy doesn't have the patience in the game required for wingback and Azpi was questioned going forward as a fullback.
  12. I know it was an 8 minute cameo but by the looks of it Conte has done some serious work on the training ground with him.
  13. Can't see it now, its a shame but September has screwed us in regard's to that. I think we can get to 90 atleast tho which will be superb.
  14. N.G

    Won't you have Spurs at home near the end, fancy returning the favour? ;) As for Kante, ive ran out of superaltives.