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  1. Jamie Vardy

    No, Arsene Wenger not adapting to the modern game or doing the honrouble thing and stepping aside is what did it.
  2. Championship Manager 97/98

    Who remembers LMA manager? I played the 2003 version on and off for about 5 year's. You could also play two player with a friend and even build new stadiums and name them yourself. I absolutely loved it, the one downside was players fitness was awful to the point even the young/prime players couldn't hack three games a week. I had to make 8 changes atleast whenever I had one game a few days after the other else you would be off the pace.
  3. Not to mention, combined £50m on two dodgy keepers plus an extra £50m on John Stones and 80 on two substandard right backs, yet this is the model some Chelsea fans think we should be following.
  4. Are you ever going to make a post which isn't a massive moan or peddling an agenda?
  5. Alex Sandro

    You mean the Ashley Cole deal that dragged to late August?
  6. Alex Sandro

    Have you ever made a remotely positive post? Even just the one.
  7. Alex Sandro

    Why have even our own fans fell for the line that we get lucky with injuries? This is the first real injury crisis we have had since 2010, it's not a coincidence and it's down to the great work off our medical department, no luck in that whatsoever.
  8. Alex Sandro

    If we bid £80m as our first offer it would have been rejected and we would have likely had to break the transfer record (Neymar aside) to even stand a chance.
  9. Danny Drinkwater

    Will be interesting if we go head to head with City on Evans, after all, that's apparently the model we should be following.
  10. Emanalo The Problem

    The vendetta fans have against Emenalo is truly bizarre, never seen anything like it before.
  11. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I will never be happier to be proved wrong than if i am in Ruben's case. The idea of him his great, it's just what's been put into practice i haven't been a fan off so far.
  12. Champions League Draw

    The teams i want to avoid are in our pot. I mean i wouldn't want Barca, Leti and Paris per se but i think we can beat if we are at full strength and firing, which we hopefully will be by gameday 3 (which is when we will likely play them if we get them). However i would prefer we have the weakest team from each pot, anyone who wants a tough team for entertainment sake should look at what happened in 2012. Porto, Anderlecht and Maribor will do just nicely.
  13. Random Rumours

    So in the wake of City bidding 18m for Johnny Evans this could be their back line this season when Kompany's unfit. --------------------------- Ederson---------------------------- Walker---------Stones--------- Evans-------------- Mendy That is a piss poor defense even worse than Arsenal's in the late 00's and it would cost almost 200m to assemble, yet this is the model we should apparently be following