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  1. Alvaro Morata

    Exactly. There's a time and place to have a go at them but it's stupid, let's be fair how many of them are actually jewish these days. Especially when you look at rangers and Celtic's religious fan base.
  2. Diego or Diegone?

    Im hoping for a short time reconciliation until madrid can afford him.
  3. Deadline Day Drama

    This is spot on. Plus if we really need to we can always recall some of the fringe players. Oh and it isnt that bad look at arsenal
  4. Barkley

    Watch this space. We will sign him in january when he isnt injured.
  5. Van Ginkel to Chelsea

    He's academy so will be sold in a year or 2
  6. We officially have an incompetent board

    See if it wasnt for the shambles arsenal are in id be loosing my mind. The biggest problem isnt the fact of buying its selling all the youth. Take lukaku matic and kdb all 3 have came back to bite us in the arse. Now ake,chalobah and solanke are all playing for decent teams that will come back to bite us if not cost us a fortune to buy back. Oh then theres costa lets not forget about costa that situation has been handled so badly its a joke.
  7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Not overly excited about this but it weakens arsenal and makes us a bit deeper in the squad
  8. Which Abramovich season were Chelsea weakest?

    Either or the years we won the European cups. Now bare with me.... Both years we were brutal in the league finishing 6th and 3rd only top4 by a point or 2. Won 1 domestic cup. Our decent players were at the end of their careers like lamps,dd etc. We also had torres.
  9. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Our team is over rated and the rest have been poor for years.hence why Leicester won the league.
  10. What can realistically be done behind the scenes?

    i agree on the fact the youth system is now a cash cow. it annoys the hell out of me because we have seen it for years where their are decent young players like: bertrand,van an holt,kdb,lukaku,salah,matic,ake even rahman etc. the youth have always been sold on because "they aint good enough" but thats not the case, its the fact the club can atleast double their profits. ake has been the closes one to being good enough,he even got recalled for 1st team and look how that panned out. I have given up wondering what can be changed with the club and ive came to the conclusion its now us as fans that need to change, stop hoping for the next JT to come from the youth and deal with the fact its business and everyone of them will be sold even tammy will be.
  11. It would be out of Kane or Jesus
  12. The youth system

    Rlc was brought in last season and hardly given a chance. This season could have been ake or chalobah Next season Tammy and maybe christensen And so on. One or 2 a season and if they ain't got it already we gave them a shot
  13. The youth system

    Im not expexting droves of youngsters coming into the team but lets be fair here when was the last time 1 youth player came through and stayed?? Im not on about dropping key players for youth but why buy players for 20mil+ to be sitting on the bench when the likes of ake have proven themselves good enough in the epl. All the big european teams bring through more youth players than we do so why cant we bring in 1 or 2 every year give them a chance in the team. then see if they are good enough to stay instead of loaning them out to another epl teams.
  14. The youth system

    Is anyone else getting seriously pis..d off with our youth system producing so much good talent for other teams? Ake being sold all be it for a good price, was the last straw for me on any hopes of players breaking into our team, solanke knew this hence why he left. Why as fans can we see players talents but the board cant until were buying them back for stupid money.
  15. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Ooo the u20s win the world cup. Do you really see any of them tearing up the epl let alone europe?