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  1. Can we not pinch chelsea dagger by the fratellies. Something upbeat to chant
  2. Shame the little guy cant make it to the game.
  3. Epl title if we loose it to anyone it will be spurs or city and i dont want that. Last 8 of cl and at least 1 domestic final. As for players i think its time a handful of the reserves were given a chance the likes of baba,christensen,tammy and Kennedy sound good. Maybe another world class stricker and cb
  4. This year feels very special, after last year we came into this as underdogs and to pip spurs to it is even more special.
  5. I still dont rate him. But tonight i love him lol
  6. The problem is we have a lot of players 20 this year or older. If they aint good enough now let them go. Defences- baba, ake and Christensen deserve a chance. Baba would be ideal cover for alonso if not him Cuevas . Mid- rlc needs to be given more game time than sitting on the bench or is that what he is for us "cover" same with baker,cuardrado and palmer they deserve a chance if not get rid. Strikers well where do you start.. atsu has been great for the toon but is he right for us. Traore looks amazing. At the end of the day we need to have a clear out its pointless keeping all these "development" players that are 20+ if they aint good enough now then dont waste the time.
  7. Looks quite similar to mata and pedro
  8. Vvd is 30million tops. Yes hes good but we dont really need him, if any Southampton player id prefer bertrand as we need cover for our wing backs. lets be fair moses as much as he was amazing this season isnt one, and is getting on a bit to, and im not the biggest fan of alonso.
  9. We are shipping goals mainly due to laps of concentration. Take spurs 2nd they caught us sleeping! I cant see conte standing for that and i think that was shown yesterday against everton.
  10. Morata hes proven under contes system and hes proven outside the epl. Lukaku is good but unless we get rid of costa and batsu we dont need a strong striker.
  11. was really good to watch. spurs were hard done by which makes it even more special lol i think batsu needs to be sold hes not good enough, so glad ake stepped up he looked good. bring on either of the diddy teams
  12. I think we definitely are contenders but I would say Liverpool are my favourites as Klopp has then performing just as good. Maybe city as well after January as I know Jesus will be joining and probably a few more.
  13. 20years I've been a blue and our current form and style is probably the best I've ever seen. It's a pleasure to watch.
  14. Not the greatest cb but he brings so much more. One of my favourite players of recent times. But is he going to be a cb or his more suited roll of dm? Either or if a player wants to play for us and he's as good as Luiz bring him back.
  15. Baba is so promising why were letting him go out is beyond me when we signed him he was 1 of the best lb in Germany and looking at our squad he's the best option we have. Actually wtf is it with us and that position... we let go of bertrand and van anholt who are probably top 5 in the league.