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  1. We Need a Change in Formation.

    No matter the formation we are going to be left with dead wood and thats a big problem. And the only formation I can see us utilising Barkley would be a. 4-2-3-1 Dave,Christiansen,luiz,zappa Kante,cesc William Barkley hazard Morata And to do this Alonso and Moses are shoved on the driftwood pile. Then you have dw,baka and ampadu fighting for cescs place as kante is to good. The bonus on this is musonda might have a chance with Barkleys spot. Generally though there's not a lot of depth in the squad
  2. Time to start worrying???

    I was talking to my arsenal mate who said he wasn' that worried as he said Liverpool and utd were poor a few seasons ago. Which fair enough is true but like is said to him was that: If Chelsea and arsenal don' bolster their squads with decent signing in the correct positions in this window, then come the summer both mancs and Liverpool will bolster again and leave us Londoners behind and so will spurs if they get 200mil for kane as that's 3 top class positions in an already established team. For me we need to wing backs either a left attacking mid to let hazard play more central or Sanchez lol. I don't get the Barkley signing either yes he's good but he doesn't exacty fit our formation. Now talk of Carol with bastu going the other way WTF!!! moratas not scoring neithers batsu so why bring in another dud! Now we got rid of eminalo and that at the time was a good thing but what is going on now is seriously worrying me. We can all see there is clear positions need filled even conte but we are looking at players that are just not good enough or not what we need.
  3. Most hated opposition

    I hate Liverpool every time. city a long 2nd away with spurs and utd trailing
  4. Our new technical director is...

    ballack would be an amazing choice imo. he's similar to Beckham in a way as everyone in the game respects him which would give him a great footing. the problem with lamps is he doesn't come across as anything other than a nice punditry kind of guy. Carlo is to big a name/manager who imo could end up clashing with the managers.
  5. Alonso is absolutely brutal.
  6. Jose writing in his book "Dave's a d1ck"
  7. made in Spain. what a ball from dave
  8. Eden Hazard

    i agree the team wasn't able to string 3 passes together or even defend for that matter. hence why id have liked to see Eden have a go at their defence and maybe lift the team with a bit of magic. instead he looked lazy/pi**ed off and just slowed the game down and ultimately passed the ball to someone who would loose it. 2 points though. 1. when was the last time he actually made a difference in a game? 2. do you see similarities recently in his game play/attitude that mirrors the season we booted jose?
  9. Eden Hazard

    he needs to start working on his consistency. you look at Messi.ronaldo.bale.neymar they tear defences apart week in week out. Eden does it maybe once a month when he can be arsed. that defeat to roma we could have done with him at top form and i don't think i seen him do anything near what he should have been doing.
  10. the passing was nothing short of brutal. I've said this for 3 or 4 seasons now hazard needs to take a look at himself. he can tear defences apart but that's only when he feels like it. take last night the amount of times i seem him recive the ball on the edge of the box and he would do nothing but walk with it then pass.
  11. Favourite Current Chelsea Player

    has to be luiz for me. I've always like his style of play and his personality is spot on.
  12. I don't get why we keep players over that age if the are not going to break into the 1st team. take feruz for example he had plenty of potential but now at 22 is he worth keeping as he was brutal at hibs. or even van genkle he's 24
  13. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    the hypocrisy in this thread is unreal. he had a poor game yesterday but he is still young and has been playing well since the tail end of last season. everyone is expecting him to be this amazing striker week in week out when he has never been that.
  14. The only thing that I'm worried about is being 9points behind. The team didn't perform today get over it, it happens let's look to roma. but at least the youth/reserve are getting chances and we will soon see who's not cutting it.
  15. Charly Musonda jr.

    kdb a few weeks ago. But let's be fair there's a fair few that "haven't been good enough" only to go to another club and become great. matic,lukaku,Bertrand,traore I'll throw in ake,solanke and chaloba that can potentially be up there. But at the end of the day Scotland and England don't have world class players (kane's the exception) because we need the hazards the agueros the dembeles etc to compete against the big teams NOW. so the guys who should be getting a chance aren't and they end up at Watford or some other little team and get over looked. As a Scot looking at the England team as a Chelsea fan that defence is woeful Cahill and stones are brutal, Ox and sterling makes me laugh as we see week in week they are brutal. but they play for the big clubs so they consensus is they must be the best WRONG!! same in Scotland we had Darren Fletcher on who's passed it but he plays in the epl so he must be good enough WRONG! The right way to go about picking a team is by the form they are in or the work they put in in training. so yeah musonda was wrong to say it on social media but I get he's frustrated if he is giving 110% and I'd be asking, why he isnt getting a shot when willian has been avg at best this season.