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  1. Isn't Eccles selling programs outside the Bridge these days? Fantastic pics, btw
  2. Exactly where i am at, also. Tried shooting on of those "others" in the leg, to get past it, but then the next room i went into (trying to find the scorpion etc door keys, or anything else) there was another one of them, and when I turned around the one i shot in the leg was there too... Killed, and switched the game off
  3. Its out there, isn't it! I'm playing it in small doses myself. I'm actually glad that it's not just a run and blast type game, but i've just started running into the "others" or whatever they are in the basement of the main house, and I don't think shooting them does anything. They killed me once, and I said "ok, that's enough for today." I've heard that it's also really spooky if you have the VR set, but the VR play isn't that great (doesn't let you look around any more than if you were just looking at the TV type thing)
  4. i'm pals with him on Facebook, he's fine. Just think life means he's not on here as much
  5. What a great result. I think we limited them quite nicely, and even when they put us under some sustained pressure in the second half, I didn't feel uneasy. The defending that Conte has this team doing is a joy to watch. Luiz, who'd have thunk it? He has been exemplary all season and could be in the running for POTY were it not for Kante.
  6. lol, that looks insane.
  7. ESPN, so that's probably dollars. They love to do that to make it more sensational
  8. Anyone play RE7? It's back to the original game in that it's not just blasting away all damn game, and so far the thing you have to work out puzzle-wise, are spread out throughout the game..not just finding something in the same room. Very different feel, and enjoying it so far. Won't be playing it in the dark though
  9. people slate Costa for his technical ability, and yet want us to sign Lukaku for 100 mill? I like Lukaku, and feel bad that a bloke who idolized Drogba and Chelsea was shafted by us. However, there's no way we should be really serious about this; unless, Costa does leave and replacements are limited. I just think the amounts being touted are ridiculous
  10. With all those players out, i think that nails it that Jose will play for a scrappy 1 goal win. Hope we can break them down and progress
  11. I'd also try and find a record collectors book. I've one back in the UK, the name of which escapes me right now, but it was handy for looking into things like price, what the serial numbers should be, etc.
  12. I've picked Vinyl up in the past off of eBay. However, you've got to be careful. I remember looking up the Sex Pistol's when they were on A&M (very rare) and eBay miraculously had about 10 of them - all a collectors edition release, not original. Not sure that there's a specific vinyl trading site.
  13. NOt sure i ever bought into the story that he'd score an own goal if we didn't trade him. He was a fantastic defender, but getting Ashley Cole in the deal was certainly the better
  14. Best of luck. There is a ticket section where people post on this site. You may have to post more to get access (a good way to stop spam bots). If all else fails, on game day you can usually go to the Fulham Broadway underground stop, and there will be folks selling tickets on the street (scalpers) their prices are above face value, but they are there. Also, if you wait closer to kick off then the price will reduce down toward face value. Also, it depends who our opponents are on teh day