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  1. New person from Poland.

    Welcome Matt
  2. Most hated opposition

    Pretty much this for me. I will add that when i started following Chelsea in the early 90's, the entire Leeds and Millwall thing seemed to be a little less of a deal. Still had some good matches against them since then, but we've certainly been clubs on different trajectories. I don't think Arsenal Fan TV helps their lot out, and there will always be Spurs. I don't actually "hate" any team, but I thought a lot of the Liverpool stuff was more recent due to managers than anything else. Similar to Jose now being at Utd. I always disliked them, but they were good and old Red Nose was a fantastic manager, so i begrudgingly had respect for them. Now, with Jose at the helm, i can see why others maybe hated us so much.
  3. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Yep, from what i've seen he's got a freedom to roam, and that usually involves as ana ttacking midfielder/box to box, that seems to roam behind the attackers
  4. Any game recommendation?

    i see that the New Colossus is only getting a 6/10 rating. Quite surprised it's that low. Any ideas as to why? I can only guess that it's too similar to last ones?
  5. Kerry Dixon.

    can you share some more? Great that you got to meet him and hear from his own words.
  6. Cesc Fabregas

    I think we have to play a 3-5-2 if you want Cesc in the team. Changing to a 3-4-3 if needed. That does mean Pedro is the most likely sacrificed
  7. Alvaro Morata

    yep, and only just turned 25 in October.
  8. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    only way i've been keeping up with him is via Instagram. He's bummed to be injured, but he posted a load of pics of him watching Chelsea at the weekend.
  9. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Very strange that he is dropped like this. I hadn't heard any murmurs of discord coming from the camp (just shows how much ITK's actually know if they never picked up on this, a major story). I like Luiz, but he has gone a little hair brained, and I think that's why Conte stated that the decision was a purely tactical one. I also liked how Conte was preemptive about the need for midfielders in claiming that Ampadu, who is only 17, is someone he trusts in the middle. That's a shot at Luiz, in my mind. Sometimes Luiz needs a little controversy to get him focused. I remember he was lambasted for Brazil in the World Cup. Then last season for us he looked great nad seemed a more mature character in his interviews. And as for that drugs comment??? That's pretty libelous
  10. A very enjoyable performance, and at no time did I feel that we were going to lose. I did think at the end they would possibly equalize due to our failure to take chances. It is amazing the confidence that Kante gives the rest of the team. If he's playing them it frees up Cesc even more so (as is evident in him getting the MoTM award). I also thought that this game was one of the more involved i'd seen Bakayoko play, and that can't be a coincidence. As for the Luiz fiasco, it will be interesting to see what comes of this. I've seen the post match comments, but i'm unsure what lead to this riff in the first place. Major pisser: International break killing our momentum
  11. Hi everyone

    Love the optimism, but I can't see anyone getting anything from City this year.
  12. January Window 17/18

    i can't see that many coming in the January window. It would be nice to bolster the squad, but has been said, the main targets we would want (especially as fans) are going to be cup tied. If we are still in teh Top 4 andmake it into 2018 in the CL, then I think Conte will still be here. So I hope the board back him. I think we need new fullbacks, and a midfielder. I'm not sure about a striker, but certainly an attacking player. If we were to go for anattacking player I could see us potentially selling Willian to make space, and at the very least selling Musounda.
  13. I do like the idea of Morata and Hazard up front in a 2 man attack. I think the wide players and overlapping fullbacks have become too predictable. Teams just sit in the box and we can't break them down, or we put in crosses and there's no one there. I can't see Conte breaking from the back 3 though, so I'm thinking we may go more with a 3-5-2 I know Cahill gets a load of stick, but I think with Kante back in the team, Cahill will remain. That's not necessarily what I want, but it is what I expect. I also think that we still need creativity in the middle, and if we did go to a 5 man midfield, then Cesc could remain part of that with 2 of either Drinkwater, Baka, or Kante in there with him. That would at least relieve him of some of his defensive duties, and free him up for some passing to Morata and Hazard. I also think that a middle 3 of Kante, Drinkwater, and Baka could be a little too athletic at teh expense of creativity. If chasing the game, I think the shape would need to change, and Cesc would be taken off and someone like Pedro or WIllian put on to support Hazard and Morata in a 3-4-3. Or, you take Cesc off along with say Zappacosta, and bring on a defender and attacker for a 4-3-3. I think we will line up like this on Sunday: Courtois Azpilicueta Luiz Christensen Zappa Kante Baka Alonso Fabregas Hazard Morata
  14. Sad that Batshuayi never got a single touch (well, hardly) and that when we get to the opponents box (this isn't just tonight) we slow down and don't attack. Teams will always sit back in against that and make it hard for us to score. It's also frustrating that from wide, some players will put a ball in, and there's noone there to meet it.