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  1. he loves a sly dig at the Scottish, does Zeta
  2. Top Bantz
  3. So glad we are staying home
  4. yep, best one for this right now. Objectors are up. Local residents going on about new stadium being harmful to an historic area
  5. just reading along on twitter and posting anything pertinent. Thanks
  6. "we believe development of Chelsea FC is integral to the prosperity of the borough. The stadium will be seen across the world" That's a pretty cool statement
  7. planning officer: 1 year development while Chelsea still play there. 3 years playing elsewhere while it's completed
  8. Sounds like a good meeting so far, everything gone well and then they adjourned to come back in a few minutes to talk nothing but Stamford Bridge
  9. AT home, if a little unexciting. Another good chance to give some of the youth a chance. Will be interesting if Mousonda and Kenedy are still here at that time.
  10. Nice result. Great to see us finish with 3 academy players on the pitch. Bats frustrating at times as he was trying to do too much. Chalobah solid. Pedro MotM
  11. also:
  12. I really would like to see Kenedy start. Seeing him, Zouma, and Bats all play would give us a pretty good indication to their "readiness"
  13. I also love that, in his farewell letter, he managed to throw in "only team in London with a European Cup"
  14. I think myself and Plokoon could have been the presidents of his unofficial fan club. As he stated himself, he never really got the plaudits he deserved because he wasn't scoring goals. I wish him all the best in China, and thank him sincerely for all of his years at the club. Godspeed, Mikel