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  1. Olá, boa tarde

    Welcome on. Your English is actually very good
  2. Hello The Shed End

    Welcome. Believe it or not, I've actually been to Iowa. Had a buddy that was from Western Chicago, who's brother went to U of I, so we took a road trip to visit him. WElcome on board.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    i mentioned this somewhere else, can't remember what thread, but by several accounts (none official, so take what you will from what I'm about to say), Conte actually was halfway out the door this past summer, then the club gave him his new contract and he stayed. However, in sorting that fiasco out seemingly some of the targets Conte had identified had all already moved on or signed contract extensions/larger buyout clauses. It is why I wish the club would sort themselves out in the transfer market quickly and efficiently. The more these things drag on, waiting for the Hollywood signing or whatever, the more chance you have of something messing up. Anyway, thought I'd share that "insider" story (again, i'm not claiming to be the insider here)
  4. Ampadu out for the season, and Luiz not fit. Christensen a doubt, as is Tibo. That's a lot of the back line potentially unfit, and even without Kane I feel Spurs will score. Suddenly rather anxious about this
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this elsewhere in the thread, but i read something recently and wanted to share. Seemingly, and yes this is according to Twitter, Conte told the board half way into the summer that he was leaving. So, they were going to look for a replacement, and put all transfer activity on hold. Then when that didn't transpire, Chelsea were stuck with the transfers we ended up with. I'm not sure of timelines and if this even makes sense, but thought I'd put it out there.
  6. Random Rumours

    I'd really lose a lot of faith in the club if we signed Ramsey. Another decent player, nothing more, that's injury prone. Comparable to Barkley, imho, and also my feeling that we have just as good alreadt within our ranks that should be given the chance. Excellent call about MVG, and I was impressed with him when we first got him.
  7. Eden Hazard

    I'm kind of settled on the fact that Eden will no longer be a Chelsea player next season, and while I don't have a list of players i'd say we should target with his money, I do think we need someone in a DoF role that can identify talent and replace him. I'd be happy if we got 150 million plus for him and used that to invest in a few players; however, I don't think Marina G is exactly scouring the world for the next Eden Hazard. It's sad that we have a potential windfall of cash coming in, and yet i've no confidence that we'll use that money for the betterment of the club. The only way we can get Eden to stay (because I'm pretty sure we'll not make top 4, and i'm maybe assuming that Eden will want to be playing CL football every season from now until he hangs up his boots) is if we take him aside and say "we are adding x, y and z players to support you next season." Then he'll at least have a season to see if we're going in the right direction before we sell him with a year plus on his contract.
  8. Eden Hazard

    We'd probably see the board get 120 mill for Eden, then spend 90 of that on Mahrez and the other 30 on someone we hope fully comes back from injury
  9. Worst in 35 years

    I can understand frustrations, but to say the worst in 35 years is certainly going to raise a few concerns about the validity of the OP's initial intent. I've been following Chelsea since the early 90's and for sure it has been a roller-coaster. Since 2003 obviously our expectations have gone through the roof and the calibre of the player has increased. Signing Gullit, or Vialli back in the day, hell even Weah, were absolute dreams. These days, the standard of the league is such that signing players like that any more would be seen as signing once great players in the twilight of their career, that is, "not Chelsea quality." How fortunate we are. But, i also don't think it does anyone any good to sit and lament for the past. We are where we are now, and we have to look forward. But looking at where we are right now, and looking forward it all seems so uncertain; therefore, i can understand why people are frustrated. The stadium excuse does have a bit of a whiff of the Arsenal about it. I get that we have to look at our investments, but I still stand by what I said about the past year's transfer windows: we had the money, but we spent poorly. I truly believe we could have signed a few star players, and embedded youth, and at least be where we are today if not better. Sadly, i think it's the last season for Conte. But I also don't look at his pending dismissal as that big of a heartbreak. I think this is the norm we have to live with, and it's not just us that follow this practice of sacking managers, it just seems that we go through it under more of a spotlight other than maybe Real. And Real have certainly proven it's successful for them (outside of their state funded bankroll). I still stand by the fact that we could attract big names if we throw players the money needed. But I also stand by the idea that we have some young lads more than capable of filling the roles of a Barkley or a Drinkwater. Sadly, I think it's going to take us throwing even more cash to get back into contending/top 4 which is counterproductive and goes against the protocols that we put in place this past cople of transfer windows of "spending wisely," as we've certainly not done that. New manager, an influx of cash from selling Courtois, Hazard, Pedro, etc and start with a clean slate and new expectations next season; hopefully with a new direction from a new board...
  10. Danny Drinkwater

    Adds a bit of depth to the midfield, and although not flashy he does a job. I do think we paid a little too much for him, but fully support him while he's here.
  11. i can't remember the specifics, but I remember reading that he couldn't be named on Chelsea's CL squad because he'd already been named (maybe even played) in early CL games for Roma.
  12. Saying hi From Australia

    Welcome, got to say, with all the Aussies that we've got on this site, that i'm surprised your user name was available! Where on the East Coast Australia you from?
  13. Don't think Emerson can play for us either, as didn't he play for Roma earlier in the campaign? I think that we will try our hardest to not concede, rather than playing to actually win. If Bakayoko is out, then i think we'll see Kante and Drinkwater in the middle, Alonso and Moses as WB's and Willian floating in a fluid 3-5-2 to 3-4-3 as needed.
  14. Wow, a very young bench, and Emerson and Ampadu starting.
  15. Anyone know Italian? I'd love to know what's being said in the middle there with the supposed shirt from Jose