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  1. When you see everyone fit, and you hear Conte say that he rotated because he trusted the players, it shows that we do have the fdepth to compete. I am worried that we are still one major injury away from that being totally screwed, though. Loved the game tonight, it's the sort of result, regardless of opposition, that does wonders for the psyche of the team. As for players that stood out: Christensen; he covered some of Cahill's mistakes (and no this isn't a Cahill bash), and looked very assured playing out of the back. Zappacosta; i hope he crosses more. Today i was immediately reminded of Jesper Gronkjaer, but then I saw Zappa put in more and more great crosses. Wonderful energy and a true "Conte" player in that he knows the system, and gives it his all. Could we really have plucked two obscure wing backs from the Serie A in consecutive seasons who go on to be superb for us? I surely hope so, and given his crossing and Morata's heading, it could be a joy to watch. Bats: Kinda stood out for the wrong reasons, as in the first half his second touch was a tackle. Became more assured as the game went on and did well in both goals. Facing the goal, little time to think...gets it done. I'm not sure he's there, nor ever will he be, when it comes to holding the ball up with his back to goal. I'm actually quite amazed that i saw some on twitter claim that Willian again proved hos inconsistent he was, as I thought his determination and one-two's were great. COYB
  2. Glad for the points, but we made that hard on ourselves. Especially in the final 3rd
  3. Zappacosta

    Was glad to catch the Italy Israel game yesterday and see some of him. I know the Juve fan thinks we paid 40% too much for him, but the market this summer was crazy to the point that 23 million for a relatively unknown player doesn't seem too bad. An Italian Chelsea fan I know said that he is a great crosser of the ball. And that certainly looks to be the case. I also noticed that his passes down the wing in the Italy game were really intelligent: passed into sapce a lot, opened up the defence with his passes as they dragged players out wide. Also, i feel that he and Morata may link up well given how good Morata is in the air. Glad we've added the depth with one player.
  4. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    unpopular Opinion: Chelsea were extremely lucky to win the CL Popular Opinion: I don't care how they won it, we did.
  5. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    possibly one of the most popular opinions on the board, even crossing the line into fanatically so.
  6. i'll rate mine okn players who have played during my time following Chelsea. And even that's tough Zola, Drogba, Eidur.
  7. We officially have an incompetent board

    I think of your 10 really only 7 were first teamers, and I also think Terry and Ivan were subsequently at the end of tehir shelf life. If you'd have told em we would have added in Morata, Bakayoko, and Rudiger, Brought back Christensen (and lets imagine we sign one more top player) I would have been very happy with that. I think we are a little light, but I also think we are sending a message that we won't be bullied into paying way over the odds. The only thing I'd say the board are at fault for is letting players go before we have a replacement. But, at the same time, if we buy then try sell our sales could be negotiated down as the buying team know that we no longer need that player. It's the flip side of letting players go then clubs know we are desperate to buy. Also, if we don't add this summer, but do in the January transfer window, (assuming we haven't been knocked out of the CL at that time) I don't think overall it's too bad.
  8. Jamie Vardy

    Ranieri to come back and replace Conte
  9. Also telling that he asked for another question when asked is letting Ruben and Chalobah go was a mistake
  10. Telling how genuinely Conte laughed when they talked about Costa. Also, i don't expect us to win this, but I'd also say that if we start off with 2 losses, it's not a crisis.
  11. Random Rumours

    they do it every year, mate.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's all down to the fact that Conte has stopped wearing his suit on the sidelines. I think Jose used to, then went into his trackies.... it's ominous
  13. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Thought he looked far more comfortable on the ball than i'd have expected. Glad he wasn't sent out on a pointless loan again