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  1. Surely the club can't be serious about this one?! He is a good striker, sure, but he is often injured, a bit of a cheat, and not to mention his previous with Luiz!
  2. lol, true. But i suppose it was the Genesis. It seems that every transfer window they try and outdo the crazy
  3. Welcome
  4. Mate, it's the same every year (and I don't mean from Zeta, I just mean in general). There are forum/internet/twitter "experts" who want to fire the board....yes, the same board that has won us 2 premierships in the last three seasons ("but...if they'd backed Jose in his second season, we could have won three in a row" they cry...dealing in absolute hypothetical). These same people are the ones who clamber to believe every story about our opposition signing players XYZ. They'll claim that "we're not acting fast enough," or that we are "being left behind," etc. And yet, when none of those rumours materialize they'll say nothing about the oppositions boards failing to land their players. Look, don't get me wrong, sometimes the way we do business does baffle me. But I don't know what's already agreed between us and other clubs, and nor does anyone on this forum. Emenalo OUT...MARIA OUT. Give me a break. We seem to be avoiding paying over the odds for players, which has been our MO for the last few seasons, so why should we be like City or Milan who are spending insane amounts of money? I think those days for Chelsea are passed, Maybe one "marquee" signing now and then? Sadly, there are people who will never be pleased. They want instant gratification. One bad game...should never have bought them. Moses stupidly dives and gets sent off....SELL HIM!!! The Silly Season. If you're ever going to learn anything about it, it's that the journos and all these stories are just as big a guess work as most of us could come up with. We are a big club, we will be linked with everyone. Then if we don't sign them (for example, Douglas Costa we were linked with a season or so ago and it never materialized) and they go to another team, it's easy for the press to cover their arses by saying that the player "snubbed" Chelsea.
  5. Surely this should be in the "other teams" section now, no?
  6. remember when everyone thought 30 million for Sheva was insane?
  7. Been told that he and Diego can stay home and not travel with the team for pre-season.
  8. Or maybe it's his way of thanking them? I think Monaco were (seemingly) a little pissed off at him tweeting all that sh*te ahead of anything being actually finalized.
  9. he still isn't part of our YT, that's my main point. This argument that we sell kids off to buy them back later at silly prices is unfounded. Sure we've let some good prospects go, but we've never bought any back. And despite people that say "but look how much KDB and Lukaku went for," again, we didn't re-sign those players, and they were never part of our YT anyway
  10. I don't think he'd come to us just to be a squad player. If we need that, just put Baker in
  11. 50 million for Kyle Walker. World Record for a defender. Unreal
  12. Tweeting with Mitchy, tweeting pics about dreams coming true and a kid (maybe a young self) in a Chelsea top. Now out with first teamers. I expect this to be announced over the weekend. Good signing
  13. I keep reading this argument that Chelsea buy back youth team players for silly money. Can someone tell me one? The old grey matter isn't what it used to be, but I'm seriously drawing a blank here. And before anyone says Matic, he wasn't a YT product with us. Bought for about 1.5 million, sold to Benfica for something in the low 20 million mark, and we got Luiz in that deal too who we sold and bought back for a tidy profit... so, please tell me where people are coming up with this theory that we buy back kids we've developed then sold for crazy money?
  14. Good move for him. Going to be watching Stoke and Watford a lot this year.
  15. I was playing RE7 last, got to the first boss, and then stopped. New baby will do that, I suppose. Also, I seem to game more in the winter - got to enjoy the summer while it is here and it's too nice to sit in for hours playing games. But baby. However, I see that a new Wolfenstein is set to release soon. Anyone heard good/bad about it? I've played all the previous ones since Return to Castle Wolfenstein