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  1. Agreed. Not sure how slow he is really, or if it's just that he appears slower (he's certainly not fast) due to his long legs and stride when running
  2. Giving him a chance this summer isn't exactly saying that he's coming back to replace Alonso, or fight him for that spot. To me, it means he'll take a look at him seeing as he's our player anyway. Baba was good in the BUndesliga before we signed him, correct? My memory isn't great but i seem to remember people talking about how he was the second best Fullback in that league behind only Lahm? Unfortunately i don't think he was a Jose signing and that's why he was hooked after such a poor spell and sent on loan. We've all seen what Antonio can do with his players though, so it's worth a look for sure.
  3. It would be a great thing to have it done and dusted on a Friday at WBA. The time difference means this is lunch time for me, so it could be messy by dinner! Another way it could unfold would be for us to lose and then Man Utd to beat Spurs. Anti Climatic, I know, but i'd take it.
  4. I think he's marvelous, and can't add much more than what has been said. Seeing him over applauding the Boro fans, and shaking hand with their team and staff; as one Boro fan on twitter said "our bald c*nt of a manager didn't even do that!" It then made me reflect on Jose. He loved going to the crowd, but always his own crowd to pump his chest and give it a lot of the whole "i am." Its great to see a manager be so humble when he's obviously achieving great things. Something Jose never had was humility. It was always something else: a player, pitch conditions, the refs, fixtures, etc. I watched the post match press debrief yesterday, and one of the pundits was an ex Boro player. He had just seen his team relegated, and talked about how it hurts, and is the worst thing he ever experienced in his professional career. All understandable. Then, he talked about how magnificent it was for Conte to be over there acknowledging the fans, that it wasn't just this one game, and that it may give them the spark to come back next season. There's no way on earth Jose would have done that. And i think Cointe is a reason, well certainly an integral part, of Chelsea not being painted in a negative light by the press this season. Jose was a lightning rod for controversy. It was always claimed that he did it to protect his players; nonsense. He was an antagonist, is still an antagonist, and with that comes the press looking for the dirt. Jose would react to that dirt, Conte doesn't. Even in the Costa episode this winter, he stayed focused. He's never drawn into futile talks about his players, transfers, other managers. It's all just to wonderful. I hope that Conte is offered the players he wants, and a contract extension. I hope he's our manager for a long time. However, I am resigned to the fact he'll probably only be here for another 3 years, and then will take off to something new.
  5. Nice to see you back, Scooby. Congratulations on the baby girl, they change your life completely, don't they? Beautiful name too, by the way. I like the idea of 7 tables having names, are you looking to have the names be Chelsea players, or just Chelsea related? If you were doing it Chelsea related you could avoid people being mad at the player their table is named after. For example, as great as the John Terry table may be, i'm sure a lot of "don't sha* yer missus" jokes would be made. If you were doing it Chelsea related, then you could have things like the Stamford Bridge, Fulham Broadway, Mears Family, Matthew Harding, Ken Bates, Roman Abramovich, etc. All the best when that times comes, pal.
  6. Thanks for the updates. A lot of us on here have high hopes for Tammy. Unfortunately, we are all a little jaded with promising youngsters "nearly" making the first team before going on loan again and again, then moving on eventually. I hope Tammy i different, but only time will tell. Conte has made good noise about the importance of bringing through youth...
  7. i know it's a big game, but i think Aina makes the most sense for me. Keep the back 3 as is, and then you're only putting in Aina...but it's a big ask for the lad
  8. I don't know how reliable Talksport is, but if all of those stories are true, then it would be fantastic. I know that JT isn't the player he was, and so does he. But what he does bring to the table is his leadership, and that can not be overlooked. I'd imagine, whether on the field or in teh dressing room, he is a positive influence. He is also a great mentor and ambassador for the youth players looking to break through. For once, i hope Talksport is right
  9. I like what I've seen of VVD, but I also can't help feel that Conte will want to go back to Italy to get his defenders. Purely a hunch
  10. He only has a year left, and isn't signing a new contract. If he continues to not sign, then i'd guess that he is leaving this summer as Arsenal will want to cash in. Whether or not that's to us remains to be seen
  11. yes exactly
  12. Best of luck on those games, mate. I think one of the best places for Chelsea tickets is Twitter. Otherwise, you're probably looking at heading to the ground the day of and looking for ticket touts...
  13. I've heard a few things doing the rounds. I think Ruud the other day via Twitter made comment that Chelsea were about to fully back Conte with 2004 like spending." Which is quite the statement. I've also read that Conte has stated he will sign a new managerial contract if Chelsea stand behind him and his requests for additional players to challenge in Europe. This rumour certainly seems to tie into all of that. I think this season has favoured us, and Conte, by being purely domestic. It has allowed the current crop fo players to be molded by Conte's philosophy, and it has given Conte himself time to adapt his playing style and understanding of the premier league. However, Conte is a passionate man; he loves his football, and has stated that for a club like Chelsea to not be in the CL is unacceptable. If we go on to win the premiership, i bet Conte will celebrate that day, and then the very next he'll be focused with laser-like ambition, on assembling a squad to compete on all fronts next season. For Conte to do so, we need to add to the squad, and we need top players, not just squad players. I can see us adding two or three top class signings this summer (i personally don't think we need 2004 levels of spending. Well, maybe i should state we don't need that sort of influx of players, but the cash outlay may be the same), and Alexis is such a signing. If we sign him, i think ti drops Willian and Pedro to the "squad" player status, but I can also see us rotating much more in a season where we are competing in Europe; in fact, it's a necessity. WE haven't changed much this season, other than the initial formation, because we haven't really had to. *insert obligatory comment about still bringing in the youth here*