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  1. Love the player he has developed into, Suits the role in the middle of a back 3 quite nicely. It really has let his passing and vision come into fruition. I do worry that we are forcing him through the season..i mean we won the CL with a one legged Luiz, so why not the prem? If he gets injured I think we are looking at Zouma in there? Not as good a passer, but has the physical attributes, and better pace.
  2. That bloke DT does have a Vlog, never watched it...but how can you take someone serious who merely goes to games and films themselves the entire time? ANd yes, Ty was giving it "we won 3-0 so we won 4-3 overall. This isn't a two legged affair last time i checked. BUt, whatever he has to tell himself, i suppose
  3. I watched a few of the Arsenal TV interviews after this game, and Claude even said that the Chelsea fans were looking for Mo... wonder if he made off sharpish?
  4. What a fantastic servant he was for us, and yes even in a relatively "short" period with us, he is a Legend. It was a shame to see him lose his pace, but he never lost his warrior spirit. And that is something I think the dressing room will sorely miss. Just watched all his goals again, some absolutely pearlers in there, and i think he scored more than 50% with his head. Also, isn't he the highest scoring defender for the Premier League era Best of luck Branners
  5. ah yeah, that's right. May take up on that in the future myself
  6. Given we are linked with all and sundry every window, i think it has to be easy to be a journo in the Transfer window, and this January showed it. I understand that we are in a good position in the League, we aren't in Europe so maybe don't need to have as large a squad, and that in turn is giving Conte the ability to properly assess some of the youngsters. HOwever, this window we were linked with at least a dozen players, lots of whom seemed to be taking over from spots currently back-filled by youth prospects. The stories were so easy to write: Alonso, possibly not a COnte signing, so he's going for a new LWB. Matic, not good enough and back up is CHalobah, better link us with another CM/DM again. And the best part is, it's easy for the press given our current situation to say "well, Conte was just checking his options in January, but he will, for sure, go for this player in the summer...just stay tuned." It's such a bore any longer. So, who has been and continue to be creditable in the press when it comes to our transfers?
  7. Done. Not sure, but looks like you've exceeded what was asked. Congrats to all
  8. Sounds totally bonkers. Like it has that chance of being either really good, or terrible.
  9. When asked about young players, he seems to say that Aina could go on loan, but that Ruben and Chalobah are going to remain. Then he was asked if we will see any of them tomorrow and it sounded like he said that we would NOT see them?
  10. Speaking of the un-dead, i see that Resident Evil has just launched a new RE7 that is seemingly back to the more "survival" stlye of horror game.
  11. what the hell other games has he done? I can't even figure out what that game is all about other than an undead army led by a bloke that looks like Le Chifre, and then theres something to do with babie and bio-hazard looking things on tanks?
  12. what channel is this being shown on tomorrow?
  13. game must've been really bad
  14. my take exactly.
  15. Any chance this will be streamed?