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  1. Can't see him playing CM. That requires you to be very good on the ball and be able to pick out a pass, he's shown nothing of that note from what I've seen.
  2. I imagine he'll act as backup for Moses on the right. I think he has all the physical attributes to be an RWB, however the tactical awareness and defensive workrate seems to be lacking. I have a couple of mates who are Villa fans and they said he never ever tracked back, all he wants to do is run with the ball and as we saw with Boro' he has zero end product. However, still a real raw talent and if Conte feels he can man manage him and work on the tactical side he could be a bargain at sub £10m.
  3. He'll have to force a move through. I just hope this isn't like last year's Koulabily scandal and we end up with a Micheal Hector, Papy Djilobodji esque signing...
  4. Shame to see him go. Looked good last season in the games he had for us, great goal against Stoke I remember. I'm sure he was the one to instigate the move for the better of his career which I can understand. He probably went to Conte and said it's first team or I go and I'm sure both parties came to an amicable decision. Lyon are a good club, and if we have a buy back in place who knows. Good luck Berty.
  5. Sh*t source, but would this in principal be a good signing? He's performed well at RWB for Arsenal, arguably their best player towards the end of the season. He'd challenge Moses for a role and be a good rotation option, I'm open to it personally.
  6. Not disagreeing in the fact we need 'someone', however would we not be best placed to sign someone who's perhaps more of an up and coming LWB for half the price? Say Jose Gaya from Valencia, rather than splashing out £60m on someone who will effectively replace Alonso. Alonso has done more than enough to justify a starting position for next season, what sort of message would that give high performing Chelsea players knowing they'll be replaced at the drop of a hat?
  7. I really like Sandro but I can't help but feel if we are going to spend £60m on a player it should be in a position we actually need a player. And if this was going to be a wing-back I'd rather it be on the right hand side as it'd be very harsh to sign a replacement for him after such a good season.
  8. Can't believe this is even a thread tbh...
  9. This prompted me to get his name on the back of our kit at the time. It was only years later I found the kit and it took me a while to remember who he was. What a goal though!
  10. Let's get this guy in instead, winning mentality.
  11. He's class. Will be absolutely fuming if he is the one to be loaned and we keep Loftus-Cheek around next season. He's by far the most accomplished midfield graduate we have. I like Chalobah but Baker is ahead of him also, will be an asset to any Premier League side and I fear he'll end up going on and being successful at a Liverpool or a Spurs who nurture young British talent...
  12. Baker set for another loan move this time a PL one sadly I hear...
  13. Certainly wouldn't put it past Costa. However I think something Conte has done well has been his command and earning of respect. Yes we do praise him as fans but that is because he did an unbelievable job with this team. You only have to look at the clear happiness now of the likes of Courtois, Hazard & Fabregas who all came under huge criticism and allegedly resented Mourinho, however now all three speak highly about the manager and those are the players you want to be happy. There's always going to be players on the fringe who are jealous that they're not playing a bigger part in the success, but I genuinely can't see much of that with this squad. Equally I trust Conte to axe anyone of this mentality regardless of their abilities as he showed last season that a strong squad mentality is the key to success, long may it continue with or without Costa.
  14. Who? Kenedy perhaps? Other than that who has a case, and who cares about Kenedy...