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  1. Suppose he hasn't got much else to do bless him, may as well...
  2. Depends what Wenger does with his own future. Maybe they've found a new manager and Sanchez doesn't want to work with them? Lots going on behind the scenes at the moment that we can only speculate about.
  3. Let's fast forward to Arsenal Fan TV when Alexis Sanchez scores a 89th minute winner to give Champions Chelsea 1-0 victory at the Emirates... One can only hope
  4. 2-0, goal in each half. Fabregas free-kick & Costa header
  5. Why do players always mouth off when they're on International duty? We've had it with Courtois already this season, it's so irritating... It's almost as if they think the news won't filter back to England... makes for a very awkward situation on their return I'm sure. In December if Costa came out with this I'd be saying keep him at all costs. But he's not been right since the China bid, if we receive silly money aka £80m plus then I think we should take that and invest in two key players. Mbappe & Sanchez perhaps.
  6. Depends where you feel he's best utilised. I've always thought RLC's best performances for us have been as part of a midfield 2, if so you're correct in saying he's ahead of Chalobah. However I think Conte sees him as more of a Forward, therefore he's competing with Pedro, Hazard, Willian for a place which is a different contest.
  7. He's had a good season, clearly the worst of our 3, which is no discrimination by the way, most defenders on this form would be worse than Dave & Luiz. However noticed on the ball last night he was shaky, a number of times Luiz would play him the ball and he'd be very hesitant with what to do next and could see Luiz getting frustrated. I think in the system we play you need 3 players who are extremely comfortable on the ball. We have that with Dave & Luiz but Cahill isn't a natural ball player and is prone to a mistake. For the same reasons this is why I don't see Zouma fitting in the system. He's physically strong & fast but not great on the ball, as much as I admire both of these players I think their time with us will come to an end in the next couple of years and will be replaced by Christensen, Ake and maybe another continental signing.
  8. Really poor last night, and as I've mentioned previously has been out of it since January. Conte needs to have a word and get his head right for the big games we have coming up. At the moment he is getting goals, but adding little to nothing else to the team, if he stops scoring goals we're effectively playing with ten men. Therefore more pressure on Hazard/Pedro to come up with the goals and that's not where we want to be. Longer term the club need to sit down with him and really identify whether he can commit to another 2/3 full seasons with us without incident, otherwise we should cash in from this interest and invest our money elsewhere on a Belotti, Aubameyang, Sanchez esque player.
  9. Definitely become more think skinned under Conte, clearly toughened him up. He's come to terms with the fact teams will target him all game long, and in the past he could go missing from time to time however now he doesn't let it phase him and keeps himself in the game. He was class last night, our best player behind Kante, which I'd probably say speaks for the season. Keep him at all costs this summer.
  10. If he doesn't win PFA Player of the Year it'll be a bigger scandal than Brexit
  11. Except for the belter against Spurs, what a goal that was!
  12. Should beat these boys without Zlatan. I just hope Conte is up for the cup as much as he is the league and that it translates over to the players. Seeing as we don't have a game till the following weekend I'd expect a full strength side and a good performance. 3-1 (Costa, Hazard, Pedro) | Rashford consolation as we don't keep clean sheets anymore.
  13. Won't be leaving this summer, calling it.
  14. We might as well get rid of Conte and bring Arsene Wenger in during the summer and all his fellow average compatriots seeing as we now look like the French national team...
  15. Headline looks good, and hope he gets a new deal. But why is there even any questions over him leaving? I'm 99.9% sure there isn't a doubt in his head about where he's at now. He's loving it and doing incredibly well. This does look like dreaded 'fake news', especially when you look at the clubs he's linked with. Inter & AC Milan? The man is a Juventus legend, that is the equivalent of Arsene Wenger coming to Chelsea, not happening ever! And Barcelona? They prefer Spanish coaches, or at least coaches who have played/managed in La Liga for a number of years, I can't see Conte's pragmatic & calculated approach being of interest to them. Not that I'm saying he wouldn't do well there, he'd do well anywhere, but I think he isn't there man. Don Antonio will be here for a minimum of 3 seasons and I'm confident on that, enjoy the ride whilst we have it folks, it's a great time to be a Chelsea fan!