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  1. I think both have earned the right to start as our leading wing-backs next season. However we need to sign comparative players in both positions. Neither has any competition for backup and this can lead to complacency. As well as that we have 25% more games next season and can't expect these two to play 55-60 matches. I'm sure Conte will take a look at Baba Rahman in pre season, he might feel he can do a similar job that he did with Moses. I can't really remember too much about Rahman, he was always going better going forward so maybe a wing-back role may suit him more? On the right we are lacking, Azpi really suits that RCB role and for me we need more than him at RWB. If he hadn't have just signed a new deal I'd have said look at Michail Antonio as a homegrown, youngish option and certainly someone Conte could do a similar job on. He has all the physical attributes just needs tactical training.
  2. It's a shame. I know Conte kept him around last pre-season in a bid to try and keep him here, but he was having none of it. I think he could have moulded him into a similar player that Moses has become. However if he'd have kept Cuadrado he'd have been likely not to give Moses a chance and we all know how good Vic has been this season! If a player comes here, gives it 4 months and then isn't willing to try to improve or adjust to life in England then good riddance to them. I wish him the best of luck and hope he doesn't score any annoying goals against us in Europe.
  3. Sanchez is a winner stuck in a losing club. His frustrations are exactly what you'd hope and expect, from a player who is clearly a cut above his teammates. Time for him to come to down to South West London and get a taste of the winning lifestyle. Sanchez, Hazard and a replacement for Costa if he goes would be a scary front three. Let's make it happen
  4. Great article amid all this b*llocks, the man deserves some respect.
  5. Shed a tear or two in my seat yesterday. Terry is the only player still remaining from when I first started going to Chelsea 17/18 years ago. He has been there and was a key part of so many great memories I have had at that ground. Days like yesterday remind me just why I invest so much time & money into this football club. The greatest Premier League defender of his generation. Forever and always our Captain, Leader & Legend!
  6. Can't wait to be there and see JT lift HIS trophy one last time...
  7. I went for Hazard vs Arsenal due to the sheer technical brilliance of it. Matic vs Spurs was probably a better goal, but it was a one off strike which did have some luck involved. Hazard's goal typified everything he is about. Sent Coquelin back to France and then twisted and turned his way through the Arsenal muppets, what a goal.
  8. Fantastic attitude, exactly the type of player we need at the club.
  9. Flying back home for this one! Looking forward to a fair few beers pre and post match. Hopefully sign off with a nice victory and a Thibaut clean sheet so he can take the golden glove. Above and beyond hopefully no injuries to anyone important before Wembley! Also I may well shed a tear at the JT post match farewell, it's okay for a bloke to cry in these situations surely?
  10. Unpopular opinion of the week, I think for footballing reasons last night was very evident as to why JT can't cut it with us anymore. Arguably at fault for two of the goals, definitely the first. The JT of old would have claimed that header and Chalobah most likely sh*t himself to get out of the way, but he seems to have lost the command he once had, probably due to the fact he has had so little game time this season. From an entirely selfish perspective it would be a big shame to go and see him play for a Bournemouth, West Brom etc. as I really feel he will struggle and it will be a sour note to end what has been a remarkable career. He obviously has the credentials to be a top class coach/manager, why not quit at the top and learn your trade as a coach? Then again, his decision and rightfully so not mine! Aside from that rant which was painful to make I must say, I thought last night was a strange game. After only one training session on Sunday and 9 changes I wasn't expecting a 4-0 win, however the defence looked very shaky. I thought Ake played alright, but Zouma and Terry were very poor. Azpi was solid as always and nice to see him on the scoresheet. Kenedy I thought surprisingly did well, didn't do much wrong defensively, however I must say he's probably the most one footed Premier League player I've ever seen, good job his left is half decent! In the midfield I thought echoing Ake, Chalobah was okay. He can certainly pick a pass when time is on his side, but his decision making isn't on Matic's level. However I'm sure he will be in and around the squad next season and will get some more games. Kante class as always, likewise with Willian. Hazard quiet for the second game in a row, fingers crossed he's saving himself to tear Arsenal to shreds at Wembley (again). And Bats got his goal and showed a few good promising signs again, let's hope he can carry that through to next season. Anyway, nice to get the win, hopefully another on Sunday and a 93 point season... imagine if we were told a year ago that'd be our points total, I'd have laughed my head off!
  11. Title challenge, semi finals of champions league, a domestic trophy and a number of key signings for the future of the football club. FYI, this should be the minimum expectation for any Chelsea season during current state of play.
  12. Duncan Castles writes anything and everything to belittle any club/manager/player if they aren't either playing under or associated with or in fact Jose Mourinho himself. He is literally the man's personal journalist.
  13. Really respect and enjoy seeing his attitude. For a £33m player to come and spend the amount of time he had on the bench, you'd presume a modern day footballer would kick up a fuss and push through a transfer. He has been the opposite. Tried to grasp every opportunity he's been given, I thought he played well in the Semi at Wembley against Spurs and his positional awareness for the goal Friday was brilliant. All his social media activity has been positive, and you saw with the celebrations on Friday that he's an extremely popular member of the squad. I hope he gets to start the next 2 games and get a goal or two, and hopefully that will kickstart his career with us. Will never forget that goal and whatever happens he's a Chelsea hero in my eyes!
  14. Cesc by a country mile
  15. Hope he sticks around. Seems to have a really good attitude and for a man that could easily have had his fill with 7 successive loans he's knuckled down and earned some minutes. I imagine he'll have more of an impact next season due to the increase in our fixture list.