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  1. Roy Bentley

    Sadly it has been announced that Roy Bentley has passed away at the ripe old age of 93. RIP Roy was the captain of our first league winning team in 1955 and was presented to the crowd at the Bridge in recent years. For the full announcement on the club site please see here
  2. don't care who the team is but i doubt they will be up for it. i will still watch it even though its a 1.30AM kick off here in Thailand
  3. 2028/19 kit?

    i have never seen a red lion on a Chelsea badge although i have on a Glasgow rangers badge aha just found this. was it ever on a shirt?
  4. 2028/19 kit?

    "blue is the colour" not "blue and red is the colour"
  5. 2028/19 kit?

  6. RIP Ray Wilkins

    2 weeks tomorrow it's overdue i remember Ray being made captain. we are almost the same age; too close for comfort
  7. 2028/19 kit?

    this is allegedly next seasons kit. its a thumbs down for me if correct as we should not have red on the shirt
  8. all you guys keep blaming Conte yet the same thing happens over and over again! the coaches don't get the players they want, the club buys second string players and fire the manager only for it to repeat again. sack the board ;) take the three points and we can be 6th from bottom since Christmas. we won the European under 19 twice in a row yet we only have one of them in the squad . its a long way to go until we are bottom of the second lol
  9. alright 7 or 8 of the same players played crap for jose ;) therein lies the problem :D
  10. Don't blame conte the same players played crap for jose. the squad needs to be dismantled and rebuilt with players that give 100% we are 5th from bottom if the season started at the new year
  11. Alvaro Morata

    So far the spuds have not added so i doubt they will do as well with others improving.There's nothing worse than complacency for a team. Will be nice to see them 4th or lower Welcome to Chelsea Álvaro 5 years at 170+ grand a week so I'm reading I always thought that Lukaku would end up being another Chris Sutton: scores goals but a square peg in a round hole wheras Álvaro is the right fit and I expect him to be far more consistent than Costa without the histrionics
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    he got cited on the 2nd of July
  13. fekking nasty place is boro. i got my first speeding ticket, in 45 years of driving various things up there, in Oct. Pigs hiding in council vans i don't trust em so let's get a couple more :)
  14. superb all round performance. We are looking like a well balanced unit. Can't remember seeing better
  15. one word sums it up! annihilation