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  1. opinionsarelike

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Jorginho is a true diamond. He has the best spacial awareness I’ve ever seen from a Chelsea player, which in combination with his silky touch makes him one of the most comfortable one touch-player I’ve seen and one of the more press resistant players in the world. Other players might be more spectacular in their passing, but few if any are as efficient. The only downside is that our playing style is so dependent on him, because Fabregas doesn’t reach Jorginho’s ankles as a pivot.
  2. opinionsarelike

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    I think that this game will be either very easy and a convincing win, or extremely tough with a probable loss. On one hand, our quick playing style is United's weakness, especially if they field a midfield of Pogba, Matic and Fellaini. We will pass rings around them and we will create enough chances to score several goals. On the other hand, their gigantism (especially if they field Fellaini) can do serious damage to our already defensively frail team on set pieces. Each other's Kryptonite and all that. Reckon Mourinho will try to stir the pot in regards to Sarri. Conte got played by Mourinho last year and got into an unecessary verbal battle. Hope Sarri doesn't fall for the same tricks.
  3. opinionsarelike

    Chelsea V Liverpool (PL) Sat 29th Sep 17:30 UK

    Regardless of whether Sarri has the ability to shut down the shop or not doesn't matter. We're seven matches into a season where we look to change the way we've been playing for fifteen years. Not only should a team of Chelseas stature never ever park the bus at the Bridge, the signals it would send to the team would be devestating in our bid to fully transition our playing style. Sarri should of course, and he will, hatch out a plan to try and get the better of Liverpool - but still with his principles as the foundation. If we were to completely sway away from those principles, we might as well start the transition period all over again. I just don't think you can tell a group of footballers that: "yes, we will try to play on our premises, but since you aren't very good at it you can't do it [yet] against this and this team". We will see. Maybe we'll lose big, maybe not. I actually think we have a better shot than what many of our own supporters gives us, let alone pundits. If we can survive the inevitable onslought of pressure Liverpool tries for the first 20-25 minutes against everybody, the game will settle. And if Hazard is at the top of his game, he'll be the best player on the pitch by a mile and then some.
  4. opinionsarelike

    A new striker in January.

    Hearing people not wanting a stop gap signing, and still suggesting Arnautovic and Mitrovic, is quite baffling to me. The former has struggled with attitude up until the last season and is no profilic goal getter, and the latter has admitted that Rafa Benitez' style didn't get the best out of him, because he had to run and press from the front. A striker purchase will come with a risk. Belotti has only produced for one season, and although I like him as a player there's nothing certain there. Werner, who has a metric ton of potential, struggles with hyper sensitivity, and wears ear plugs to not get affected by the sound on the stadiums. Icardi is seems very good (haven't seen enough of him personally), but will cost 100+ million and seems (not least his wife, the boss, does) settled in Milan. Don't get me wrong, Giroud and Morata aren't good enough, and I have little to no faith in Batshuayi for a premier club like us, but just as Morata came with a risk, so will our next striker. Sarri made Mertens into a top drawer striker, and I have never rated Mertens at all. Before splashing out on another striker who may or may not succeed, I would try Hazard or Pedro or maybe even Hudson Odoi as a false 9 (read: not a Conte number 9). A sploosh, or a stop gap signing, in January is something I have no faith in, that's for certain.
  5. opinionsarelike


    Whether you think Willian is good enough or not, his issues within the team is that he is all too similar to Hazard - only worse at everything. They like to hold on to the ball, take on players instead of a short give-and-go pass and both strongly prefers the ball played in their feet. On that right flank, we need constant movement off the ball to benefit from our possession oriented left side. It doesn't help when Giroud is playing either, who's only (albeit a good one) ability is to receive the ball in feet.
  6. opinionsarelike

    Jorginho is a Blue

    I don't understand certain fans' attitude towards today's game, and especially towards Jorginho. We went out with the intention of dominating the game. As our plan intented, we dominated the game - and Jorginho is literally behind every good thing we do. He's the only one who tries (and manages) to move the ball using only one or two touches consistently. Jorginho wasn't, and isn't, the problem - it's the other players who needs to get on his level. We are Chelsea FC, we should have a plan of dominating 8/10 games we play, and Jorginho is player who can realize that plan. I remember @Dorset writing a post about the "fetch and pass"-player. Every top team (Real, Barca, Juve, Bayern) has one, because it's needed to control the most important thing in a football match - the ball. We should (and luckily most are) revering in the fact that we now can aspire to dominate to their level, not pick at his (in my opinion) few flaws. And before people berates me and says Jorginho is responsible for our defensive woes - we were crap defensively last year (even worse than now), and that was with five at the back and Kante in front of them. I think we should remember that, before shuffling Jorginho out of his clearly best role, a role I argue is a necessity for a top team in 2018, for Kante.
  7. opinionsarelike

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    Five teams have tried?
  8. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The problem isn't a lack of plan B - it's the lack of a good enough plan A. That will take time to perfect, just like it did to City and Liverpool. Sarri said it himself, he's surprised that we've taken so quick to his system, but growing pains are bound to occur. For 15 years we've been a reactive team, now we go out with a desire to dominate every game. Let's just give Sarri time figuring out the dominating part, and leave the reactive aspect to the game waiting for now.
  9. opinionsarelike

    Alvaro Morata

    The biggest problem with Giroud is that he has always been a sort of a niche player. He does some things at a world class level, but in the grand scheme of things doesn’t cut it for me, nor did it for Arsenal. He has always excelled as an impact player, both for Arsenal and for us. I don’t buy that he had a good World Cup either; the fact that he didn’t score (or manage a single shot on goal) wasn’t due to his role in that French team, it was mainly because he isn’t quick enough to get his shot away. He filled a role they needed, but we need more from our centre forward (not that Morata is cutting it at the moment either). Last saturday, Bournemouth tried to go at us for the first 10 minutes. After we almost managed to get that final ball over their defensive line, they stopped pressing all together. That is some part due to the fact that Morata has the pace to go beyond players. With Giroud, the opposition is basically only concerned about the knock downs our French man can provide - and are free to keep their defensive line high up the pitch. As I’ve mentioned, Morata as of now isn’t the answer either (as a matter of fact I probably think he’s best suited to an impact role himself, like he was at Real Madrid), but I don’t think we could ever go on to achieve what we’ve come to expect of Chelsea with Giroud as our main striker.
  10. opinionsarelike

    Mateo Kovačić

    I didn't follow Kovacic closely enough during his time at Inter, but Wikipedia says this: "He is considered to be a versatile midfielder, having played in different midfield positions. He started off as an attacking midfielder at Dinamo Zagreb, but he transformed his game at Inter where he was deployed out wide and also as a central midfielder, functioning as a deep-lying playmaker, while being coached by Andrea Stramaccioni. One of his trademarks is dropping deep to receive the ball and then driving forward, often performing his slalom runs. Former manager Giovanni Trapattoni once claimed that Kovačić knows how to really reach the ball from deep and drive up the pitch like a 'raging bull'." Zvonimir Boban (quote from Wikipedia): "He has talents that could make him even better than me, he is an incredibly serious professional for someone his age. Kovačić is a complete player. He is not a born regista but he is playing there now. He is a complete talent that can still grow — he has incredible potential." You could argue that being 19-20 years old, being played around in different position, isn't the best for absolute production in terms of goals and assists - especially if he was played in a deep lying position often (which Wikipedia seems to suggest). Anyway, here's what Willian told the official website: "Everyone has been training well. But I would say Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic have been very good." This was posted to our website 22th of August, so you'd have to imagine that Kova has made quite an impression after only a couple of weeks at the club. And here's what Hazard said after the Bournemouth game: "The big difference is we bring two players - Jorginho and Kovacic - and they are completely different". Not everyone is out to get Loftus-Cheek, as a matter of fact I believe most would like to see a young English prospect come through the ranks. And now, finally, Sarri is the first Chelsea coach who seems willing to work with Loftus-Cheeks' tactical deficiencies. Let's just be happy at that, and hope he can improve further and position himself to challenge Kovacic for a spot in the first XI.
  11. opinionsarelike

    Mateo Kovačić

    You can't just compare Loftus-Cheeks' stats for a poor team where he had a lot of space and freedom to operate in/with, versus Kovacic who played for a team that doesn't get much space, and played a deeper lying role than what he does for us now. I personally think Kovacic is an absolute gem, who's been unfortunate to play in the same team and position as two of the greatest midfield players in the modern era. Naby Keita, before he signed for Liverpool, was my dream midfield player. That was before we got the Croat, who I rate extremely highly. Kovacic fits the modern midfielder to a T - he's very strong through the hips, has sublime control, has good spacial awareness and can run all day long (when match fit). I hope our club is actively looking to secure his services on a permanent basis, reckon we will have the best midfield in the league by the end of the season, with Kova, Jorginho and Kante. Note: this isn't to undermine Loftus-Cheeks' ability. He has by Sarri's accounts done very well in training, and has been rewarded twice already, in a season where we have played four times. He will get his chances this season.
  12. opinionsarelike

    Marcos Alonso

    One of the reasons why Alonso is so effective is because from his left back position, he can sneak into the box unmarked. Similarly, Lampard is the best finisher I’ve ever seen, but he was more effective deeper rather than as a 10, where he would often find himself with his back against the goal.
  13. opinionsarelike

    Another defender or two in January?

    My point seems to have wooshed over your head. Godin is a top, top defender. Now. He wasn't prior to getting a defensive mastermind as a coach. Alderwiereld had the same tactical mastermind as a coach, and wasn't outstanding at all. He is now, in a different system. So, back to my point. Sarri's brand of football obviously requires a specific type of defender. Who is that player? We can only say Koulibaly for certain, but he would be a world record centre back signing. And like I pointed out, he was seen as an erratic but athletic defender, who turned good after Sarri worked with him for years. Given that we have Christensen, a highly touted prospect, and Ampadu waiting, I'd be willing to take a chance on them, rather than spunking out a bucket load of cash on someone who might or might not (see: my original point) turn out good.
  14. opinionsarelike

    Marcos Alonso

    Alonso at left back is an experiment worth having a real go at. He has production most attacking minded players dream of. What Alonso needs two or three touches to do, other players need 15-20 to do the same damage. One of the most effective players I've seen in a blue shirt. Sarri needs to look at his team and try to figure out how Alonso can be on the pitch. You'd have to assume that when Hazard gets back, and Kovacic gets rolling, it will help defensively. Hazard will pin back the opposing full back and wingers a lot more than Willian, and Kovacic is much better defensively (and imo offensively) than Barkley.
  15. opinionsarelike

    Another defender or two in January?

    I totally agree with this, but who is world class and gettable? Bonucci, seen as one of the premier defenders in the world when he was at Juve, looked like Luiz at Milan. Koulibaly was a meme before Sarri came in. Alderweireld didn't look very good in Atletico. Godin was seen as a mistake prone defender prior to Simeone. The list is pretty long on players who have succeeded in certain systems, and failed in others. Some defenders have it, they are clear cut champions. I just don't see anyone presenting themselves at the market both in terms of current production, potential and availabilty. At this point, in this current market, I reckon we'd be better off taking our chances with Christensen, who was very good before the whole team stunk it up last year.