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  1. i don't understand how one could even come to this conclusion after todays game. we absolutely dominated atletico, one of the strongest teams in the world the past five years. if not for a top four-five goalkeeper in the world and poor finishing we would have won by four-five goals. conte's job is to set us up to defend properly as a unit, and attack cohesively enough that we create chances. he cannot be blamed for individual mistakes defensively (zappa failing to cover torres and baka failing to cover niguez) or poor finishing. (now if you blame him for the roma matches, i could give that to you, but we were in dire straits at that time, not just in cup competitions)
  2. Cesc Fabregas

    is it? he got shafted from barcelona after they had invested massive resources in getting him "back" from arsenal. his defensive discipline didn't cut it. he doesn't get call ups for the national team anymore, a team that often fields three, four or even five midfield players. no formation can hide such a gaping hole in the middle of the pitch. i've always thought that fabregas has been over rated. he was, and still is, a free roaming maverick with little to no defensive responsibility who you hope can deliver that final pass. if he doesn't, it's basically like playing 10 men. other playmakers in his mould has more to them that makes them useful. pirlo and kroos (number 6's) are/were waaaay better under pressure and have/had a way better understanding of the pace of the game. modric, thiago, koke (number 8's) etc are way more explosive and can contribute to their teams defensively and offensively without needing the ball. modern football is played at a supersonic tempo, and fabregas is being left behind. 20 years ago he would have competed for all individual honors, now he's a luxury teams cannot afford (which spain and barcelona has realized). fabregas is a football genius born in an office workers body, and i feel that if we ever are going to reach the top of europe again, fabregas' role should be reduced to the bench and cameos when we need (and can afford his deficiencies) his talents.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    i don't see why so many people are wishing for morata to develop a 'nasty side'. not only does it seem completely against morata's character, but i also don't see why it is necessary. henry, ronaldo (9), batistuta, drogba and many many more great strikers didn't have it - and didn't need it. what morata needs to do is to develop his understanding with team mates (and vica versa), understanding of the league (that you don't get a free kick every time someone pushes you in the back) and further improve his technical and physical condition; all of which will come with time. we don't need strikers who spit, elbows or tackles recklessely - more often than not they can't even spell the word tackle, let alone execute it. we need football players who contribute to our team, and morata has every tool available to him.
  4. Alvaro Morata

    still doesn't make any sense to me as to why our position to negotiate will change for the better. real madrid still has their castilla super sub who can change games from the bench. why would they give up that asset easier than they could? my only logical conclusion points towards real madrid getting more leverage in negotiating for morata as our desperation increases. (i think morata will struggle as a lone, 50 games week in week out, striker anyway, so i'm not too bothered if we don't splash the cash on him).
  5. Alvaro Morata

    how will chelseas position to negotiate change?
  6. Your dream summer window?

    this, or: lukaku/belotti - morata/sanchez hazard with our usual 3 at the back, wingbacks (maybe even upgraded) and centre mids would imo win the league next year barring injuries. that much attacking power will make mincemeat of teams from 6-20, and with contes organization we will stay secure enough at the back against the top teams. one of the few problems with our attack this year is a) that no one gets on the end of crosses from our wing backs and b) that we still have hazard dependency, and teams are willing to sacrifice one of their players to stifle him. getting two cf's who can attack the box (hopefully better than costa) will be devastating. if conte got two good strikers he trust, as well as keeping key wide players, we can seamlessly transition from 3-4-1-2/3-4-2-1, 3-5-2 4-2-4 and 4-3-3. the tactical possibilities are pretty much endless and opponents wouldn't know what to do with us (once again).
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    so, who's the only team that can concede goals or even chances, the team with the ball or the team without? i think it's boring too, but scott harris said that guardiola doesn't care about defence, when one of the main reasons for having possession is that you can't concede in the period of time you have the ball. i tell you what, guardiolas barcelona conceded 35, 24, 21 and 29 goals in 38 games pr season. in bundesliga, guardiolas team conceded 23, 18 and 17 goals in 34 games pr season. how anyone can look at those numbers and say that guardiola neglects defence is beyond me, and that was my point. oh and yes, i think conte is a better manager and plays more entertaining football, but that was besides my point which you quoted.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    this is obviously not true. the best defensive national team in the history of our game was built strictly on guardiolas principles - if you have the ball you can't concede. the problem is that you need some of the best midfield players in the modern era to do it effectively. and for that reason, i'm glad we have conte instead of guardiola. we should model our team after juventus (a team that is still deeply ingrained in contes roots), not real madrid or barcelona. they have too much pulling power in terms of super stars and resources needed to play super expansive football and still be successful.
  9. Naby Keita

    i think keita is the one who suits our needs the most. he plays in a team very similar to how conte seems to want our team to play; loads of pressing, running and movement off the ball. the sterotypical african midfield player is physical, but maybe not as disciplined (or technical) on and off the ball. keita has proven that he is both physical, disciplined and technical and is the stand out player for germanys second best team.
  10. i think contes biggest problem with fabregas is that he can't play effective conte-ball for 90 minutes, which means you effectively have to set aside a substitution for him somewhere between the 65th and 75th minute. fabregas is as wonderful as a technican that he is an horrible athlete. any coach would want at least two (ideally three of course) substitutions available for changing a game. they can be defensive options if we need to lock the shop or offensive firepower if we need to score. i would also assume that every coach wants at least one sub available if there is an acute injury. i think fabregas should play (3-5-2), because he is a) smart with the ball and b) technical. this lets us keep the ball and when we have the ball, at least we can't concede. but conte will also have a good reason to not start fabregas. i fear that sunday will have a high octane game in store, and i think we need running power for 90 minutes to seal the deal.
  11. Matic

    i agree. kante runs around a lot because he's the best runner ever seen on a football pitch. it works more often that not (because kante is a bonafide freak), but if kante fails to break up play, he has left an acre of space behind him. you cannot have both of your midfield players do that (and we only play with 2 central midfield players, so...). matic makes up for his lack of leg speed by clogging up passing lanes through the middle of the pitch with his ichabod legs and positioning himself very well to take the first sting out of oppositions counter attack. the difference in how we stopped counter attacks against spuds and how they did it was striking (we were never really in danger, where as spuds didn't seem to know what to do when countered on), and matic is very good at clogging up the dangerous areas the opposing team will counter in. you could talk football tactics until you're blue in the face, but with that being said, it is pretty simple for me. 1) conte has showed to be ruthless enough to drop vaning regulars/'favorites' (oscar, terry, ivanovic, i would add fabregas as well) 2) we are in contention and probably favorites for the double so knowing that 1) conte has dropped previous 'undroppables' (ie. not scared of dropping players he thinks doesn't do a job) and 2) we are looking to have one of our best seasons ever after one of our worst in 20-25 years, the proof really is in the pudding. matic must be doing something correct in contes mind or else he would have been dropped, and conte probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Kylian Mbappe

    this is the one, absolutely. whilst i don't think we'll get him (reckon real are favorites, as the always are), if we at least don't try i'll be pretty disappointed. twice in a row he's been the best player on the pitch in the quarter finals of the champions league (at 19!!!), arguably four games in a row if you count the city game. never have i ever seen a faster player, and he manages to bring the ball with him, holding it up if thats required. the qualities mbappe brings to the table is what's going to win trophies in the future, raw pace and power. i really don't think the premier league defenders are equipped to deal with an athlete-football crossover like mbappe, and he already thrashes europe, so please, at least give it a go and try to get the guy!
  13. Your dream summer window?

    i rate the most important positions as: 1a) striker 1b) goalie 3) central midfield players 4) offensive creators 5) the mid centre back in a back 3 6) wingbacks 7) the outside centre backs out of these, 1a), 3) and 6) should imo be top priority for the summer. 1) a striker who can a) finish well and b) create his own shot (to ease our hazard dependency). lukaku seems to be the best bet for me. (belotti, mbappe, morata, sanchez, aubameyang) 2) a midfield player with both engine, leg speed and passing ability. i really like naby keita from leipzig. (kessie, fabinho, bakayoko, nainggolan) 3) a left (wing) back to cover and challenge alonso (who i think is fantastic in the epl, but fear might get exposed to the more uptempo cl). mendy seems to fit the bill, not too familiar with other left backs unfortunately. if we manage to secure these three key positions, we can start to fill out our squad even more. we also have very interesting players coming back from loan. i would expect conte to seriously look at christensen (who i think is a star and super star in the making) and abraham to at least get a look.
  14. Matic

    1. you said that matic is poor under pressure, i countered you with objective stats to show that that might not be true. 2. you then said that these stats doesn't matter, that the only stats that matters is goals, assists and clean sheets. 3. when your trifecta of stats inconveniently are used against you, you imply that i'm the one trying to cherrypick stats. 4. you then finish off by getting angry and reverts back to your tried and "true" opinion. shall we rinse and repeat?
  15. Matic

    do you agree that matic has been a part in our best run of games ever as a football club? do you agree that matic is our second best passer/creator since he has 6 assists, more than anyone except for fabregas who also has 6? because if you want to argue this way, the constant criticism against matic becomes even less factual/nuanced and more based on perception and assumption.