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  1. Nibs

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Decent performance from England last night. The highlight for me though was the Dier challenge on Ramos. Obviously no fan of Dier (for England and even less for Sp*rs), but love to see Ramos get done and the boy did good!
  2. One swallow a summer doesn't make.
  3. Nibs

    We've got a new Kepa

    6'2FT? Hmmm. Hard to tell but he doesn't look that tall - looks like he's added 2-3 inches there (who doesn't? ) You would think having spent a record £71M on a keeper we would have got a bit more for our money! Just jesting of course, don't really care how tall he is as long as he's a top keeper and so far so good and he's a whole letter better personality wise than Courtois (not that I've been out with him socially).
  4. Nibs

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    But I thought you were a fan of RLC?!!
  5. I didn't realise that you had been passed the "RLC is God" baton from @RIP Mourinho Coco!!
  6. Nibs

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I thought Fabregas would go in the summer and think he's past his best. He won't be in our first 11 and should only play a bit part and last night underlined why. I'm undecided on Kovacic. He's good and perhaps still finding his feet in the team but he hasn't been anything special to date - pretty much the same as RLC. Kovacic is quicker and does link up really well with Hazard though. Thing with RLC compared to Kovacic is all the hype. Not his fault but all the media and Pundits are RLC should be playimg more, Why isn't he getting more of a chance at Chelsea so when he does the spotlight is on him and you see what he can offer and as it's been said it's a case of..............urm, well yeah he did okay but no more than that.
  7. Not much of an accolade last night! And if Hazard had been on the pitch much longer than he was he again would have been MOTM. What a sublime footballer. He just makes things happen.
  8. Nibs

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Exactly how I saw it almost word for word. On the night he was one of our best performers but again faded in the second half. You watch him and you feel like someone should run on the pitch and shake him and say "f**king step it up and stop playing in your comfort zone"! But he did ok. On Barkley, he looked lively but we need to keep him as far away from our own box as possible as he loses possession far too easily and far too often and at times is a liability.
  9. Nibs

    Thibaut Courtois

    ....Until they go and sign Neymar (and please let it be Neymar and not Hazard).
  10. Nibs

    Following our ex`s...

    I understand he was just pipped by Neymar for the MOTM award!
  11. Nibs

    Following our ex`s...

    It's on the Up again. He scored for Brentford the other night. Knew he would come good! (Let's ignore the fact that was his first ever goal in senior football)
  12. Nibs

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock........................... Things getting nicely set up for us to put the final nail in his United Coffin.
  13. Nibs


    Similar to Morata - possibly better? Like Morata, he has struggled to establish himself in the PL and misses too many chances which then drains his confidence and so it goes on. Would take Aubameyang in a heartbeat though.
  14. You could also argue bringing on Barkley is what cost us all 3 points. As soon as I saw him coming on I feared his giving the ball away could cost us. He's just not up to it in big games like this. Sure throw hin on if you need a goal but not when you need to see the game out. Costly mistake but I probably would have taken the draw before the game.
  15. Nibs

    Alvaro Morata

    Well, all expect one obvious exception!!