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  1. Nibs

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I think Mourinho is struggling to cope with the fact he is not No.1 any more and not even close. He's still a top coach but he isn't THE top coach and he's in danger of slipping further and further down and when you've been as successful as he has and you have the sort of massive ego Jose has, that must be difficult to accept. No wonder he always looks so miserable and it seems to be rubbing off on a lot of Utd personnel, which of course is just great!!
  2. Boy, we could do with a Costa right now. But only a Costa who was in the mood, wanted to be here and up for it. He was great that first season but folk are too happy to overlook what a sulky, waste of space he became once the China move cropped up and then fell through. Really no point going over the "we should have tried to keep him" and "it's all Conte's fault for sending him a text" argument. He had become just as useless as Torres and Morata at their worst so we did the right thing. But I know it doesn't stop us pining for what we once had!
  3. I just knew this clown would post after his hero scored a couple and he didn't disappoint!
  4. Nibs

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Fair Enough Then!
  5. Did you watch Costa in the WC? He had a couple of okay games then disappeared without trace. Anyway, all in the past and nowt to do with today's game which we are winning quite comfortably.
  6. Oh do f**k off. No-one gives a toss about Costa.
  7. Nibs

    2018/19 squad

    I knew when I posed that it was unlikely. Feel sorry for Bats and I can't see this season being much of a goal-fest!
  8. Kante! Who needs a striker?!!
  9. Nibs

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Time will tell but IMO this looks a poor decision. And today, brightest player in pre-season (CHO) - doesn't even make the bench. Looks like new regime but same old, same old.
  10. 1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 4. Arsenal 5. Spurs 6. Man Utd 7. West Ham 8. Wolves 9. Fulham 10. Leicester City 11. Newcastle 12. Everton 13. Crystal Palace 14.Bournemouth 15. Burnley 16. Brighton 17. Watford 18. Southampton 19. Cardiff City 20. Huddersfield Town
  11. Yes, those ones you've mentioned with Cardiff & Huddersfield favourites (not so much Brighton). Think Palace will be okay as they've managed to keep Zaha, but Southampton will be in the mix and I guess I would add Bournemouth, Watford and possibly Burnley. Think Burnley have punched well above their weight and with Europa League football, it could just have an effect.
  12. Nibs

    2018/19 squad

    Really hope we keep Batshuayi and he is given a chance and isn't sent out on loan again. The thought of going into a season with just Morata, Giroud and Abraham is the one area where we look pretty weak. Not saying Bats improves that greatly, but IF he could perform like he did in Germany, he could quite easily become our main striker. At least give him a chance.
  13. Nibs

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Come on Coco, are you telling me you have not read one of @RIP Mourinho's 1,000 posts (not one of them bad) on RLC?
  14. Nibs

    2018/19 squad

    He Isn't!!
  15. Really doesn't matter about a coach making Zouma look bad because he won't be coming back to Chelsea at any point in the future.