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  1. No Chelsea player did themselves justice yesterday but Hazard is our key player / match-winner / most valuable asset etc. so I'll have to be honest and admit he disappointed me more than anyone yesterday. There were times he had the ball in good positions and you thought, go on Eden rip them to pieces but he just didn't seem to have it in him. Was too happy to take the easy option and pass to a team-mate. Seems it was just one game too far for everyone yesterday. Let them enjoy their summer hols and come back even better for next season - Especially Hazard.
  2. Yep, it just felt flat right from the start. We were second to every ball and just didn't look up for it. In FA Cup finals you need your big game players to step up but both Hazard & Costa were at best mediocre. Matic was poor, Kante had his worse game for some time, ditto Moses and Alonso. Such a disappointing end to a brilliant season but at least it's a reminder we can't rest on our laurels and need to strengthen.
  3. Yes RIP. Didn't realise he was as old as 89 and younger than Connery but still a shame. He was my favourite Bond simply because he was in the role when I a teenager and saw Bond films at the cinema. Can still recall now how blown away I was with the Lotus that turned into a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me. Loved the humour he brought to the role and seemed like an all-round decent man.
  4. Ok, here goes................ Ajax 1-2 Man Utd Arsenal 1-3 Chelsea Blackpool 3-2 Exeter Huddersfield 2-1 Reading Juventus 1-0 Real Madrid TBH, as long as Chelsea win the FA Cup, I don't mind if I get the other 4 wrong! And thanks DrJonesy for all your efforts on this - it's been good fun and makes up for my poor performance in Fantasy Football!
  5. Really not sure on Sanchez, even if was a possibility. Obviously a great player who would improve most teams but the more I see of him, the less I like his attitude. Sure, he might be frustrated at Arsenal but I don't like all the histrionics and thinking he's bigger than the team. I know Conte would sort him out and not let him get away with that behaviour like Wenger does but sometimes a player like this can upset the who spirit of the squad and as good as he is, I think I'd rather not have him TBH.
  6. It's Got to be Alphabetical order!!!
  7. End of an Era - what a great send off for JT- The Legend. As for the actual guard of honour - 26th minute thing - great for JT and everyone connected with Chelsea FC but I can see why anyone non-Chelsea is having a pop and calling it very self-indulgent. We would be exactly the same if it were Gerrard etc. But f**k 'em!
  8. Because they will spend another sh*t-load of money on major signings and they may well not have CL football as a distraction.
  9. No agenda. You just choose to ignore reasons people give and prefer your own theory that it's because he's Nigerian.
  10. True - Mikel was another one - rubbish in the air. But I don't think it's so much about having players who are good in the air, it's the obsession with many modern day coaches of the "physical presence". Too many "smaller" type players can get muscled out when you play teams with the big brutes - look at the Spurs game at WHL when Wanyama & Dembele dominated. But I like the idea of next seasons midfield having more options with Verratti coming in + we also have the option of Chalobah or RLC who both have a bit of presence about them (although I still prefer Baker!).
  11. To be fair that is because he had come through the Chelsea coaching system and was quite well thought of. The same can since be said of Dermot Drummy, Adi Viveash, Joe Edwards and now Jody Morris.
  12. Must admit, Verratti was one of the players I wanted us to sign for a while. But that was pre-Kante so now I'm not so sure he would be quite as good a fit. If we did sign him, you would expect him to get selected for most games rather than play a lesser part like Fabregas and Willian have done. Got to say, still love the idea of Varratti. Will be cheaper than Pogba and so much better.
  13. Arsenal 2-1 Everton Liverpool 3-0 Boro Hull 1-3 Tottenham Watford 1-3 City Swansea 2-1 WBA Chelsea 4-1 Sunderland
  14. It would be so fitting if JT can go out on a high with an FA Cup win over The Gooners at Wembley and lift the famous cup one last time. Expect it will be a tough game but it would be great if we could blow them away like we did at The Bridge so with 10 minutes remaining we are leading 3-0 and can bring JT on for his swan-song. Don't like the idea of him coming on at 1-0 and dropping a howler!! Be part of another CFC side that wins the double and then hang those boots up John. Finish on a High - all good things come to an end.
  15. Yep, that's pretty how much I saw it too.