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  1. Players can't win these days. They get criticized for being greedy or showing lack of loyalty when they do move but you also hear them showing lack of ambition if they stay at a club too long. In Hazard's case, if he carries on in the sort of form we all know he's capable of, I feel it is inevitable that he will end up at Madrid at some point but I just hope we get at least another couple of seasons out of him before we have his ready-made replacement (how's Thorgan doing these days?!)
  2. Do you read some of the threads on here last season?!!!
  3. That means he must be going somewhere!! We MUST keep him - at least for another few seasons.
  4. This. Think we've all criticized Hazard at some point for what is seen as inconsistently but deep down, we all know how much weaker and less of a threat we would be without him. When you think of some of the brilliant goals he has scored over the last 12 months, goals that only he is capable of producing in our current squad. They showed a clip on Chelsea TV of some of our best moments so far in 2017 and the majority of the clips involved Hazard. Until we identify a player of his type and ability, either elsewhere or in the academy, we must hold on to him at all costs.
  5. Hard Man Graham Roberts. It was hard to warm to him due to him being Spurs but have to admit he did a good job for us and helped win us promotion. What was it he did after?
  6. No, it wouldn't be because he's no longer Chelsea! Have never liked the way Jose goes and shakes opposition manager's hand before the end of the game when he knows the game is won and then disappears down the tunnel. Just not the done thing. Looking back to our 4-0 drubbing, think Conte missed a trick. At 4-0 after 70 minutes, he should have gone up to Jose, shook his hand and said I'm just off to crack open the bubbly and run myself a bath!!
  7. Thought RLC looked decent when he came on Saturday and certainly didn't do his cause any harm. Trouble is, next season we have 4 players who have all come through our academy who all look like they deserve a chance but we know that's very unlikely. Although they play different roles we have: Ake Baker Chalobah RLC Out of the four, I would like to see Baker at least get some minutes but there are arguments for all 4. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see RLC get a season's long loan somewhere.
  8. Yep, they were three players I thought were all pretty equal and although I said Kante in the match thread, I think you're right, Luiz deserves MOTM.
  9. 7-1, what a hammering!
  10. Massive 3 points. We deserved that for a spirited display and the Stoke thugs got what they deserved - f**k all. Both Spurs & City will be gutted as they would have hoped and possibly expected us to drop points today but the mighty blues go marching on. Kante MOTM again for me today.
  11. God I hate Stoke and their tactics. No doubt Crouch and Adam will appear to add to the misery. As others have said, must get Costa off before he sees red. Just hope we can nick a second and see the game out but a point wouldn't be the end of the world. COME ON THE CHELS!
  12. There have been two constants in my life - Chelsea and The Jam. Couldn't have survived without either! Have broadened my musical tastes over the years, but still nothing will ever come close to The Jam and the excitement & energy at their gigs. The middle 3 albums - All Mod Cons, Setting Sons & Sound Affects - every track will forever be etched on my soul. As for tomorrow will be watching the game on ITV4 - COYB!
  13. Hope your youngest enjoys it mate. Should be a good game and a decent turn out - let's hope we make it to yet another Youth Cup Final. Think it is magical that as we get older, we still have those great memories from attending those first games - especially under floodlights. I have great memories of not only going to The Bridge but also attending Stock Car & Speedway at Wimbledon Stadium. Loved the whole buzz and the atmosphere and probably best of all, a burger or hot dog with onions. Whenever I smell onions at one of those stalls, it takes me back to the 1970's. So treat your son to a burger / hot dog - he'll never forget it!!
  14. ^^^^^ Yep. I thinks it's another case of ABU.
  15. Palace 1-0 Watford Everton 2-0 Hull Stoke 1-3 Chelsea Sunderland 1-1 Burnley West Ham 1-2 Leicester Birmingham 1-3 Newcastle