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  1. Love how Conte has handled this. Little fuss but makes it clear exactly WHO is the Boss. No one player is bigger than the club, so off you go.
  2. Not looking forward to playing Spammers next season as he's certain to score and Andy Carrol will no doubt get off the treatment table for that game and notch one too.
  3. I agree. Was going to post about him but seems pointless right now as at only 18, he's unlikely to get anywhere near the first team for a while and will no doubt be going the Vitesse / Championship route for the foreseeable future.
  4. Well said that man. We now have young George McEachran to pin our hopes on - lets hope he get's a fairer ride and learns from older brothers mistakes.
  5. Don't get me wrong, those four were great servants, but they were all at the stage where they had become dead-wood and it was 100% right to move them on and free up spaces for some of our youngsters. Shame Ake and Chalobah have been sold but hopefully we will see a few of the others taking those squad places in future.
  6. Has anyone heard from the ever-reliable Football Agent?
  7. Some Great pictures of Wee Pat there CR. Still my all-time favourite Chelsea player.
  8. Not keen on the idea of having a main striker we would probably lose to the ACN every couple of seasons.
  9. I had the same situation. Back around 86/87, girlfriend at the time insisted on coming to some games. First time we went in the Shed against Liverpool and she was getting knocked all over the place so I thought best go to the benches in future. A couple of games were fine, then we had West Ham and it all kicked off where we were and in the West Stand and she was crying and some old fella had a bit of a go at me for bringing a young (17/18) girl to such a game - wasn't as if I wanted her there FFS!!
  10. He's since been called a lot worse than that.............!!
  11. Which just goes to reaffirm that we shouldn't get carried away with young players (and yes I have been more guilty than most!) Kakuta looked like he could be something really special. Alas, another one bites the dust. Next.....................
  12. Is that for an under 15 girls team by any chance? If so, we could yet welcome him back at some point.
  13. Sure you are!
  14. Said on other thread that Llorente would be big downgrade if he was to come in as our main striker (can't imagine anyone would be so silly as to let that happen). If he was being brought in as back-up I would rather keep Bats as No. 2 / first striker on bench to throw on.