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  1. Not all the top teams could avoid each other - at least we got the home draw. We really can't complain after how kindly the Christmas fixtures fell for us.
  2. Leverkusen 1-2 A MadridMan City 3-2 MonacoDerby 2-1 BurtonHuddersfield 2-1 ReadingQPR 1-0 WiganSheff Wed 2-2 Brentford
  3. He would be more than handy to still have in the squad YB and I would have him ahead of Willian and Pedro if I'm honest. There is NO question that KDB wasn't given a proper chance. We should never have realesed him and as much as folk can argue that it's easy to say that in hindsight, most of us were saying it at the time. Sure he was inconsistent and a bit flaky but what players aren't? Even Hazard goes missing in games (although I agree, KDB is not in Hazard's class and never likely to be). But I'm over it now. Think we have a decent squad and with a couple of additions and the right youth players being brought through, things are looking good and we also have the right man at the helm who I am confident will not make the same mistakes as his predecessors.
  4. It is quite some record. The only trouble is, every season we will get slated by the media (perhaps rightly so) for keep doing so well at Youth level and yet none of them break into the first team squad. Adrian Durham will be preparing a whole show on it as we speak! But I think that may be finally changing now we have Conte.
  5. Huddersfield 1-3 Man City Middlesbrough 2-1 Oxford Millwall 1-2 Leicester Barnsley 1-2 Brighton Notts Forest 2-2 Sheff Wed Wigan 1-0 Preston
  6. Possibly, but if he does move from Barca, whoever signs him will see his gradual decline whilst up & coming younger players will be better than him. That will be sad to see. Wouldn't want Chelsea to sign any player who is already on the downward spiral - we've hopefully learnt our lesson there from past mistakes.
  7. There doesn't seem to be as much interest in the Youth Cup this year? Anyway, we beat Leicester 1-0 last night in a very tight game (Ugbo with the headed winner) and are the first team to go through to the semi-finals.
  8. But don't let those sort of things get in the way of your Dreams!!
  9. Past his best.
  10. Don't wish injury on anyone and we know that injuries to Costa and Hazard would leave us seriously short. But with Jesus out, it would certainly be handy if Aguerro picks up a knock in the Arsenal game, just before they play us. Actually, would rather see Luiz get some revenge and put him into the stands (as long as he's subtle and doesn't get a red card for it!)
  11. THIS. All teams go through spells. We have been the most consistent team and we can't afford to have a dip between now and the end of the season. Thankfully all of our rivals have dropped points and taken points off each other and hopefully that continues. Looking back, that 3-1 win over City in December was massive. If they had won that (as they did look like doing in the first half) they would now be only 2 points behind us. Our match against them at The Bridge will be crucial. It's on a Wednesday and the good thing is we play at home against Palace the Saturday before whereas they have Arsenal away. Let's also hope they are still in the CL then so they have one eye on that. Long way to go, plenty of points to be won and dropped - as Carrick says, it's all about having the desire and remaining completely focused.
  12. That's what she told me when I gave her the money for washing my car. In hindsight £100 was a lot for a car wash and she didn't do a particularly good job but it was HOW she did it!
  13. If I'm honest, I think my dream summer window would look something like this....................
  14. Not sure I agree with that - I find both equally frustrating. This season, Pedro has performed better, but does flit in & out of games and has had a few poor ones. Yesterday I thought he was holding onto the ball far too long. Willian has had a few decent games but just doesn't offer enough and again yesterday was not the game changer we were calling out for. Ideally when you play a "weakened" side like we will against Wolves, you want someone to really grab their chance by putting i a stellar performance so hopefully someone will.
  15. Luiz for me.