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  1. Glad to see we've been linked with him....poor from the BBC!
  2. Azpi, Christensen and Luiz in the back 3. Cahill and Ake rotating. Zouma on loan to a top club for a year.
  3. He does his job better than any other CM in the world at the moment. That you may concede?
  4. We got 40,000 people to watch our second string play Bristol Rovers at £25 a pop for a midweek game where we had about a weeks' notice to sell tickets. We wont struggle to sell out a 60,000 stadium. Next.
  5. I agree about Moses, but we need back ups and an improvement would be welcomed. Our current squad of wing backs aren't good enough (I don't count Azpi as then you are just covering a crack with a plaster). I also disagree about right wing. Willian and Pedro are quality and RLC also offers a lot of potential. We have 4 players for 2 positions there and I am happy if we have those same 4 for next season. Striker yes and a partner to Kante yes - I agree those are the two highest priorities.
  6. I love Moses but am confident we can improve. Compare Moses to Pedro/Willian/Hazard and you can see the gulf in his attacking abilities, compare him to Azpi, Ashley Cole, Ivanovic, and you can see the gulf in the defensive ability. He offers a 6-7/10 in both at his best. Vital when we play 65 games, vital off the bench, but next year I hope we can get someone stronger to compete with him. Kenedy + Baba are not offering us that. Alonso on the other hand I think is a deserving starter. Anyway, dream window; Mendy, Cancelo, Lukaku, Morata, Bakayoko. Terry, Matic and Costa going the other way. More a focus on developing Chalobah and RLC. That squad will compete on all fronts.
  7. Actually it is 90 points. Tottenham can only get to 89 now. But yes 21 points away from that. 7 wins. (Or 6 wins and 3 draws).
  8. Also can we stop going on about 100 minutes. Conte sees him every day in training. If he isn't performing well enough in training then he can't "be given a chance".
  9. He probably meant costa would start 2 games a week if costa and bats were both here. Because bats isn't good enough. If bats goes and we don't sign someone good then costa will obviously play 2 games a week. But if bats leaves then we will get someone else in who is probably actually a good player and costa wouldn't play 2 games a week. Even if bats stays I think we will still get someone else in. I think lukaku and morata will both come in and costa + bats will both go.
  10. For me it would be the classic. He's here, he's there; he's every f**king where n'golo, n'golo
  11. I think everyone's point is that this game was more important than the next 2 league games. So they agree that they should get some game time, just not against United. United without Zlat and Martial is still a stronger team than Stoke or Palace and with it being a knock out game in the FA Cup, its a more important game. You don't take a risk, calculated or not, in these games. But has already been established, you dont value winning the FA Cup more than maintaining a 10 point lead in the PL. You fall into the 10% of Chelsea fans who think that. That's fine. In my opinion if we don't win the FA Cup and the League this season then we can't rightfully call ourselves the best team in England. Thus why I place so much importance on it.
  12. I was 9 years old when we won the first FA Cup. My long term memory is pretty rubbish but I remember every minute of that weekend. The night before and seeing all the flags in the windows around Sutton. The songs outside the globe pub. Where I was sat for the goal and then the parade the next day. I carried on wearing the t-shirt my Dad bought me at the parade for too many years afterwards (lucky I didn't grow too much).
  13. I agree that Zouma and Ake need to get game time. But not in this game. It is obvious you just dont value the FA Cup at all. That is where we differ. I want us to win the double this season. That will make us the best team in the country and will only be the second time we have achieved it. You want to just win the title. Just winning the title is great but still comes with a note that we did it without European football. Winning the FA Cup by beating Man U, Tottenham and City/Arsenal will cement us as the best team in the country.
  14. I don't understand the first part... but if we hadn't played the best defence in the league against united then it would have given them a boost. Playing a shaky looking zouma and JT and a player who had a few good games for bournemouth? Wow. Their dressing room would have celebrated. It's all anyone would have talked about and if we had then gone on to lose (and that is possible, united are a great side) then it's all anyone would have spoken about afterwards. What a great confidence boost for players that we want in the first team eventually and what knock on would it have had in the league? How big would morale have been for this weekend? Conte agrees with me and that's all I care about.
  15. Yes I do remember every fa cup win. I remember where I was for each of them, attending three (and one where we lost). I also remember our double winning side very well. Our only double winning side. Maybe the fa cup doesn't mean anything to you, that's fine. To 90% of Chelsea fans though it does mean something. And we've won the league already, there's no chance of us losing it. If we played a weakened side in the fa cup until it was guaranteed mathematically then in my mind this league win would have a bit of an asterix over it (it already does a bit because we didn't have to play European football). But additionally ask Leicester and Liverpool how playing a weakened side in the fa cup panned out for them with league results. Ask Sunderland how a 2 week break did for their league form. Players need to play and to win. I cant believe I am having this conversation.