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  1. Charly Musonda jr.

    Am I mad to want him to play in checkatrade trophy instead? I really fancy a day out at Wembley for the under 23s...
  2. Peter Crouch

    Would be nice to see Crouch play for a big club
  3. Tapping up

    Looking at our youth teams its clear that a few years ago we stopped trying to bring in talent from overseas. Shame if we get caught on things a few years ago but fair enough if we broke the rules.
  4. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    Absolutely. I think some refs dont realise that when they book a player for diving they are calling him a cheat. In a lot of these circumstances they are not cheating so the reaction from Morata is understandable. Refs need to wait until after the game and if the player has dived they can get suspended.
  5. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    Because he didn't use VAR. It was one of the worst ref performances I've seen, he let the occasion of a 3rd round replay get to him. He had VAR as a weapon to protect himself but decided to go old school and piss everyone off instead. He could have handled that Morata decision with VAR and there wouldn't have been any complaints. Ditto Willian. Instead he forced his own view on the occasion. In some circumstances the ref needs to slow the pace of the game down and let the players calm down, he had no intention of doing that.
  6. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    Absolutely, I cannot understand why bookings are ever given for "dives". More than half the time they aren't a dive. Pedro shouldn't have been booked. The ref should have referred it to the panel after the game and get a 3 match ban. Willian and Morata, impossible to know from the refs point if they were diving. Refer the decision to VAR. Then make a decision. I hate VAR, i think it has been implemented dreadfully but last night wasn't the fault of VAR, it was the fault of an absolutely sh*te ref.
  7. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    Baffling I've never understood booking for diving. You can never know it was a dive. So refer it to your report and punish after the game. But when VAR is active, instead of booking just go to the review! If the review says dive, book. If it says penalty, pen! Willian was bad refereeing. But morata was arguably worse. Why book him instead of just checking. The anger wouldn't be there if he had checked in that moment of the game. Terrible game management
  8. Our New Stadium

    The family know they wont win, they just want a bigger payout.
  9. Club Direction. Past, Present, and Future

    Musonda won't get close to Willian level or squad player level. Thats my prediction. He's not good enough and won't become good enough.
  10. Club Direction. Past, Present, and Future

    Check again...Alonso was playing top flight football for Bolton and playing well. Moses was playing premiership for Wigan playing every game. Pedro played for Barcelona B...which is a much better standard than our development team. Musondas experience compared to these players is miles away from them at the same age. Kante a freak. It happens. The exception to prove the rule. But my point was originally in reply to someone saying musonda and Abraham would be worth 200m combined one day. My view is that musonda will never make it at a top level but at a minimum he will 100% never be worth more than 20 or 30m in today's money.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte also deflecting. We drew 0-0 against Norwich.
  12. Club Direction. Past, Present, and Future

    I disagree that they've been poor. They've been good squad players and haven't had a game where they've been as bad as musonda was against Everton.
  13. Club Direction. Past, Present, and Future

    I can't think of many players who "make it" who have never played at top flight level to any standard by 21. He's played twice this season, once against a championship forest where he played well. Another against Everton where he was the worst player on the pitch. If he was doing it in training we'd have seen him play or warm the bench more at least. He's not going to be worth 100m or a first team player.
  14. Club Direction. Past, Present, and Future

    Musonda is already 21 and never performed at a senior level anywhere. At his age hazard was french player of the year...musonda can't even warm the bench for us. Hate to break it to you, but he's not going to make it. I find it baffling that some people think he's the next big Chelsea player. Abraham might do alright, I'm yet to be convinced, he's not performed well at Swansea this season which is a shame, hopefully he gets a good 2 year loan spell at a better premier league club to take that step up. Ditto loftus cheek - ideally he gets another season at Palace.
  15. Alvaro Morata

    What does actually worth mean? They are worth what was paid for them. If the prices are inflated, then that's how much things cost and are worth.