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  1. Remembering liverpool vs chelsea 0-2

    97 fa cup first. 2002/3 season final game to put us in the CL second.
  2. It’s crazy. Arsenal and spurs both had to sell tickets for a tenner. I love the league cup and make a point to go every year, sit in the West stand for £25 and get to watch a nice mix of our best players and youth.
  3. I think we should sing the lukaku song but about Moratas willy. Really confuse everyone
  4. I’m curious to see whether the media reports when this game is a sell out in comparison to Tottenham only selling 23000 for their game.
  5. It’s baffling. Mane destroyed a players face, an overhead kick can’t do that.
  6. Follow follow follow, there was only 10 minutes to go then Wayne bridge scored a goal to send us out of control and put the arsenal out the Euro remember it well. Great song that we had to change for...reasons
  7. Eden Hazard

    He hasnt played (properly) yet and you are suggesting he changes his game permanently based on something you have "seen". Of course we are going to jump on you!
  8. Zappacosta

    I’m absolutely baffled I hadn’t heard about him before we signed him. I don’t follow serie A - though probably will More closely this season - but he looks exactly like the type of player we needed.
  9. Nathaniel Chalobah

    He was literally told by Southgate he would get in the team if he moved
  10. Alvaro Morata

    And Tottenham calling us Chelsea rent boys. Also I suppose we should also also stop calling Liverpool fans scousers. That’s a really offensive term in my house!
  11. Alvaro Morata

    Took me a number of years until I knew y*d was an offensive term. Just thought it was a nickname for Tottenham fans. Fans wont sing the song again, no one will get banned. We barely sing the y*ddo part of the "barcelona, real madrid tottenham are a load of" any more.
  12. Broadcast Bias

    It will. I don’t get the complaints about not being on tv enough - it balances out. We were on TV second most last year I think. What I really don’t get is a close game between Leicester and Chelsea being on MOTD after a one sided game between arsenal Bournemouth, Tottenham Everton and Brighton West Brom. Apparently Linekar didn’t understand either.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    Football has always been about this. People care, they get angry, show emotion.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    Agree on the Morata song but not on liquidator. We do hate Tottenham. I like hating Tottenham. It also gives the song a bit more edge...maybe because only half the crowd sing the Tottenham part it gives the Chelsea part a build up.
  15. The Nathan Ake Thread

    I think Conte is slightly at fault for Matic. We didnt take him on the preseason tour, not sure why but I imagine Conte had a say in that. Matic should have looked and felt like a Chelsea player right up until we sold him. Then we could have waited until we had a replacement lined up much more convincingly. Now we need to sign a replacement - so its tricky - and we were more pressured into accepting a decent bid. Chalobah had to go. He asked, has 1 year left, hes been loyal for years and by all accounts was told by Southgate he would be called up if he did leave. How can you force a player to stay in those circumstances.