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  1. It's the English Premier League. Couldn't care less how many English players we have in the team. I want us to be the best in Europe and as it stands, England don't have many good players. Thanks to our academy though, that should hopefully change in the future!
  2. Nonsense.
  3. Despite the announcements I still feel nervous this has been moved from rumours.
  4. Were we even seriously bidding 70m? Looking at the facts, we are about break even on spending over the past 4 years. I would say that means we only really want to break even in the transfer market. We probably went in at 70m for Lukaku (the only confirmed bid we have had over 50m ever) just to save a bit of face! Once we realised Costa was only going to net us 20-25m we most likely gave up on Lukaku on that basis. We will probably make 60m for Matic + Costa so means we have 60-70m to spend on a full back and a striker. I reckon we will get a decent right back (Danilo at 25-30m or someone I've not heard of) and a Llorente/Benteke type striker (20-25m). If you ignore all the rumours and focus on the facts (one bid on Lukaku, no bids on players made available to us, Conte not signing an extension, our historical spending), that is logically where we are at.
  5. I made an error on citeh, here is the updated one Over 5 years city are in the red by over half a billion and are over a billion over 10 years 16/17 15/16 14/15 13/14 Net Manchester City -£101.07 -£151.00 -£124.02 -£49.00 -£425.09 Manchester United -£94.85 -£117.17 -£46.89 -£124.50 -£383.41 Arsenal FC -£45.05 -£87.25 -£20.40 -£77.50 -£230.20 Liverpool FC -£33.75 £4.25 -£30.64 -£44.34 -£104.48 Everton FC £7.00 -£21.40 -£32.40 -£32.50 -£79.30 Chelsea FC £2.10 -£20.74 -£2.50 £6.00 -£15.14 Tottenham Hotspur £68.00 -£26.00 £14.00 -£3.70 £52.30 Spending isn't done yet by a long way though, net spending in the premier league for the past 3 years Still got a long way to go, especially considering the amount of TV money.
  6. 16/17 15/16 14/15 13/14 Net Manchester United -£94.85 -£117.17 -£46.89 -£124.50 -£383.41 Arsenal FC -£45.05 -£87.25 -£20.40 -£77.50 -£230.20 Manchester City £101.07 -£151.00 -£124.02 -£49.00 -£222.95 Liverpool FC -£33.75 £4.25 -£30.64 -£44.34 -£104.48 Everton FC £7.00 -£21.40 -£32.40 -£32.50 -£79.30 Chelsea FC £2.10 -£20.74 -£2.50 £6.00 -£15.14 Tottenham Hotspur £68.00 -£26.00 £14.00 -£3.70 £52.30 Ranking the clubs by net spend over past 4 seasons. (Numbers in millions).
  7. Our current squad has 22 players with 5 HG. So with upgrading 3 youth we have the 8 out of 25 (I'm assuming we have at least 3 decent 18-19 year olds still on our books) we will probably ship zouma, Kenedy matic and costa and replace them by the deadline (2 wing backs, a winger and a striker). Essentially, we don't need to spend money on a crap midfielder to meet the quota
  8. That's still irrelevant when comparing selling to Italian sides which is why you brought it up. The reason the clause is just to non Italian clubs is to prevent them selling to them at that price. Any offer they accept from an Italian club they would bite our hands off if we matched. imagine Milan offer £30m for matic and arsenal offer £30m. Who we going to sell to - or will we sell to arsenal because we know Milan could go up 5m.
  9. That's not how release clauses work. Release clause means if we bid 88m they have to accept. In this case it means they only work for foreign clubs. They could accept a bid of 70m for us if they wanted. They could accept anything.
  10. I think we should start looking at all our loans at his level being 2 years. it worked for Christensen. Gives the club more incentive to develop the player and at the end we have a better idea about whether to stick or sell.
  11. Really like his voice, he sounds commanding.
  12. Well Cahill definitely who would not get near the Germany squad, but also potentially Azpi with him replacing Moses.
  13. I would absolutely love you to give an example. The tabloids print lies in sport because they know they can, the BBC don't do that. The BBC are slow and when a story is up there is tends to be on the verge of being announced!
  14. I just said what the guardian reported however Broadsheets and the BBC don't print lies. if you only ever believe what they say then you won't be far from the truth. Conte would have a right to be angry if lukaku told him Chelsea was his number one choice and angry at the agent for likely telling us he would need £10-12m or he wouldn't recommend the transfer. I'd be angry if I was Conte if that was the case - and it sounds like it was.
  15. £79-88m is a lot less than £75m+£15m add ons, +£12m agent fee + Rooney on a free. That's about £110m. £20-30m.