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  1. Calculated gamble vs Qarabag?

    IMO beating Qarabag is more important than the Liverpool game.
  2. Calculated gamble vs Qarabag?

    No, we need to beat Qarabag. We arent going to win the league, focus on beating Qarabag and getting through to the next round. I dont want to be in a situation where we need a result against Madrid who might have found form by then.
  3. Most hated opposition

    100% spurs and liverpool.
  4. Tammy Abraham

    Nearly scored before half time but a block from rudiger.
  5. Danny Drinkwater

    Nope, replying on my phone made it weird. Just annoyed by his snidey comment that he will just have to put up with playing in our under 23s and league cup. He was brought on for the last 12 minutes in the last game we played against united when only 1-0 up. Conte clearly trusts him and he is coming back from not really playing since April. And anyway, if he doesnt want to play for England why should he. Scholes gave it up at 29 and the media haven't stopped sucking him off since.
  6. Danny Drinkwater

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5067653/Danny-Drinkwater-regret-saying-no-England.html#article-5067653 Here is the article he wrote that the metro is quoting.
  7. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    We should have loaned him out last season. Thankfully we have loaned him out this year and with a season (or two) under his belt he will improve We are learning all the time about how to develop the academy. It is going in the right direction. Also Chelsea produce more professional footballers than Southampton or Everton.
  8. Danny Drinkwater

    http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/09/chelsea-star-danny-drinkwater-has-ruined-his-england-career-chris-sutton-7068425/ Chris Sutton comes out with some absolute crap.
  9. Our new technical director is...

    I hope we do get a replacement and I hope it is someone with a good reputation in Europe who can attract players to the table. I believe consistency at that level is good so managers are not the best to recruit and Marina has enough on her plate already on the commercial side. Problem is I cannot think of who that person would be. Pirlo and Lampard are not that person. Ballack would be an interesting choice, he loves the club and is based in London already. His media work doesn't seem too heavy and he is extremely well respected in the game.
  10. Emanalo The Problem

    Just to pick up on "he signed Eden". That was 5 years' ago. There has been a failing by the board in the past 5 years' to get Chelsea to a point where we can sign world class players (and bear in mind, Hazard was just a world class youth player when we signed him). Whether that is a deliberate mistake as we don't want to spend the money. Or whether that is a failure of the club to elevate us to a higher level, I don't know. We are elite in terms of trophies won. We are competitive in terms of revenues, we have one of the biggest fan bases in England now (Arsenal and Tottenham can't sell 30,000 to a league cup game, we can sell 40,000). But it has been 5 years' since we signed a truly world class player and if you were to rank the best Chelsea XI of the past 20 years, only Hazard would get in the team. (Maybe Kante, but he wasn't recognised as the player he is today when we signed him). I can't blame Emenalo for that as I don't know all the facts, but that isn't a fault of the manager. That is a board issue.
  11. January Window 17/18

    Yup. Should be 15 November - 15 December in my eyes and the summer one should conclude on the 31st July.
  12. January Window 17/18

    They wont sign for us. Clubs wont sell to us. And we wont pay over the odds for a player that cant even play in the CL. Add in the fact that they wont even be settled until March its a potinless affair. By harder you mean its an extra £20m than their worth in Summer. Chelsea simply dont do that. Cant and wont happen in January. Be realistic. We need depth at LB and Striker.
  13. January Window 17/18

    I think you have this thread confused with one about summer transfers. We can't and won't sign a world class player in January.
  14. January Window 17/18

    We need players at left back, striker and wide attacker. We wont get a big name or a player who has featured in europe this season. Id look at moving Batshuyai on loan or selling to Everton if we can get the right money and a replacement. One of Pedro or Willian will move in the summer so we need to look at next summer in getting a very good player in those positions. In January Id be looking at Vardy, Mahrez, Zaha, Richarlison from the premier league to add depth to striker / wide. Any one of them will improve our squad, in the case of Mahrez he would be a replacement for Willian and Pedro who are reaching the stage in their careers where they will begin to fade and be a first team player. Zaha is a gamble but if the price is right then worth it. Zaha is in a completely different league to Musonda. I cant believe someone compared them. He would be a good young option to bring through to have as a rotation wide player and give competition there. I dont know enough about the other leagues. There must be a decent left back in Serie A who we can get - Samir at Udinese sounds like the right type of player.
  15. Emanalo The Problem

    Well we need someone to replace him. So I am curious who we get to fill his shoes. Telegraph reporting that its Conte and Granovskaia who don't see eye to eye. All very interesting and of course we will never know the full facts.