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  1. I've always liked red on our home shirt. First kit I owned was the 94 one.
  2. I think Pickford will be the number 1 in a years' time. I think he is absolutely quality and would walk into Everton's first team.
  3. Yup. We could be Arsenal. (Yes and the more serious nature of your post)
  4. We should have deleted this thread!
  5. Silly Decision. Born out of desperation. players make mistakes.
  6. Did we play at 100%? No. Did arsenal? Yes. Thats it. It's the joy of cup competitions, any team can win on their day. It's why doubles are so difficult and so treasured. On the bright side, the players feel like they need to improve next year. And it was a great game of football.
  7. One thing that I will love Terry for is the Champions League final in 2008. He missed the penalty, slipped, "bottled it" But few people commented at the time or since that John Terry clearly isn't supposed to be taking that penalty. Anelka was and he actually bottled it. No one else stepped forward and so Terry took it on himself. Will always respect him for that.
  8. I don't care about red at all. Maybe because this was my first shirt
  9. ...and they came 6th. So they have it for that reason too.
  10. I can't imagine it would be as the players will be away from the Monday essentially.
  11. Makes interesting reading now considering how aggressively the journos are jumping on John Terry now. Same teams, same situation - dead rubber, almost the same time of sub, the other side knew it was going to happen in advance. But that was a legend the journalists accepted.
  12. Can someone change the topic title. We aren't champions of Wales. This isn't cricket. Wales have their own FA and League. Keeps bugging me.
  13. Yes, the entire field knew it was going to happen. Apparently Costa reminded Pickford who kicked it out. Sunderland were fine with it, the ref was fine with it, the entire ground was fine with it. The journalists are not. f**k them.
  14. Exactly conte: I would like you to play the game terry: that is amazing conte, but I think we need to get our first XI in the fa cup playing together conte: well what do you suggest terry: how about I come off in the 26th minute? Then the rest of the team can play together. I would also like to give Cahill the armband personally to show my respect to him. I wouldnt be surprised, considering the obvious relationship that terry has with conte if that is what happened. Doesn't make a funny headline though.
  15. Ake is left footed, can dijk isn't. I feel more comfortable with ake in that position on the left than van dijk. Bit harsh to blame him for the Kane goal as well. That was a world class goal.