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  1. benjsross

    Pat Nevin

    I highly recommend listening to his interview on the quickly kevin podcast.
  2. benjsross

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    What about Arsenal?
  3. benjsross

    Andreas Christensen

    Buybacks mean sh*t if the player doesnt want to come back.
  4. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    That and you get a much better wage/ sign on fee if you move on a bosman.
  5. benjsross

    Busy December

    Bournemouth would be top of la Liga with the same points record
  6. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    There isn't a single player in the world who would have looked as good in that role in the system Conte was playing.
  7. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    Then they can have him for free at the end of his contract. 2 more full seasons with Hazard and him leaving when he's nearly 30. Perfect. Id rather 2 seasons of Hazard than 1 and a lump of cash.
  8. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    I think the question would he go to Madrid has been answered. Yes 100%. Would he be fine staying at Chelsea? Probably. At the moment yes 100%. Would he prefer to go to Madrid? He'd be an idiot to not go. The only question we don't know the answer to is, do Madrid actually want to buy him?
  9. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    Id rather he answer the question than fudge. He just answers Of course he would like to play for madrid. Every single one of our players would like to play for madrid
  10. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    On what planet would we want hazard to go in january.... Let him go in summer. If that's what he wants then let him. He deserves it.
  11. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    He was asked if he wants to go to madrid. He always answers questions honestly. Theres not actually been any sign that madrid want him.
  12. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    You were worried by the timing I thought. The timing is just that its international duty time which seems to be the only time anyone actually asks him these questions. I think Chelsea must have a firmer PR team that blocks the press asking. Hazard answers questions honestly all the time. He doesn't think about what his answers mean. An example is when he said giroud was the best target man in world football. It's bugged me that no one's ever pointed how honest he is 100% of the time. He's completely carefree
  13. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    The giants are united, Madrid and Barca. Bayern are at our level. Hazard would essentially be making a sideways step
  14. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    They can't afford him.
  15. benjsross

    Eden Hazard

    Zidane quit. They didn't want to replace him.