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  1. Hazard can be one of the strikers
  2. its hyperbole mate. Of course he isnt a disgrace, but using the same line up and tactics gets predictable and easy to plan for. Do u know why we beat spurs in the fa cup semifinal. It is because all week they planned for hazard and diego and were dealt a curve ball, with batshuayi and willian It is a learning process but if conte has one fault it is starting the same team over and over and over agaiin. Pretty easy to plan for that. For starters that 11 has it flaws 1. No quality set piece taker hence weak corner kicks.. With fab and willian out we rely on hazard and pedro who can do the job but are not specialists and a final set piece goals are crucial 2. We have no midfield creator hence all the creative load falls on hazard, we cant expect moses and alonso to be our creators and pedro is a presser and an off the ball runner not a creator 3. It is a counter attacking lineup and can be found out when we concede first. You can check the season and find out that we conceded first very very rarely, I remember the spurs game at home but i am sure they were only a handful starting with fab or willian wud have taking all the playmaking pressure of hazard.
  3. You hit the nail on the head. If i recall Ancelotti won the double and the only player we bought was ramires bcoz we thought we were invicible, we got found out early and then panic bought torres for 50 million in january.. Its time to build this squad, there are tougher challenges ahead. And it wud be nice to smash these gunners in the charity shield
  4. cud have made subs earlier. that starting 11 wasnt going to cut it. poor hazard. had to do all the creative work even though we have fab and willian in the squad.
  5. on the bright side. we know we have to improve the squad. pedro matic and moses need to be upgraded
  6. conte is a disgrace, for taking so much time to make subs. it was obvious the starting 11 was not up to par. I hope we can do magic in 20 mins but i doubt it