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  1. tough game. swansea have clement and makalele making their homecoming
  2. This is the begining of the final stretch of the season. # The scousers have conspired to get out of all competitions so they can focus on a the league # man city have hit form but have extra champions league and fa cup games # Arsenal is arsenal and spurs are spurs I say as long as we dont let the others in the league shd be a wrap by April. Winning the tropghy at Old Trafford against that Jealous Voyeur Mourinho wud be PRICLESS
  3. very smart sub. bcoz that boy had pedro beaten all day. ake and azpi shd nullify him
  4. never said anything like that. just saying be more involved in the game he is our highest payed player and shud take the game by the scuff of the neck with his talent. he doesnt have to dribble the team he just has to show that he cares. I would rather play reserves who will give their all in the fa cup than play starters who wud rather be elsewhere
  5. he is having a stinker. he might as well be ozil bcoz he is invisible
  6. john terry just ooses of class. oops i just jinxed him
  7. this is just stupid from conte. we have no one on the bench to change the game. it is obvious hazard and costa wud rather be anywhere but in this match.
  8. That sounds like Power house defence
  9. gotta hail thibaut though
  10. I hope he plays so he doesnt start against swansea. Willian offers sooooo much more than pedro. Willian carried this team last season something pedro cant do. Also pedro lacks playmaking abilities and hence hazard has to drop deep to influence the game. Willian def helps compliment hazard and helps to bring the ball from midfield to attack, something that we need since Conte wont start cesc. Next season we need upgrades on Matic and Pedro. Those 2 are good but can be improved
  11. No need to worry. We will get veratti or a better midfielder to complement kante. We have one in cesc but we all know how conte feels about him. Hopefully we switch to a 352 also. Imagine Kante with 2 attacking and creative players next to him
  12. i dont get why the stick . The lad has a point. There was absolutely no use for matic in this match. Even matic looked lost trying to figure out his job. He didnt have anyone to mark in midfield as burnley bypassed the midfield and just lumped it long. Fabregas shd have come on earlier at least hazard wouldnt have had to always come deep to get the ball. I am for Matic in the big games but against negative teams it has to be cesc all day long
  13. Robbie Brady is the first player to score a direct free-kick vs Chelsea in the PL since Rickie Lambert in March 2013.
  14. Will be a good chance to see our substitutes. Conte has to start rotating the side. I hate it when our lineups are easily predicted makes it easier to work a plan out. Bergovic Zouma Terrry Azpi pedro cesc chalobah Ake Willian Loftus cheek Batshuayi