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  1. Obviously, the offensive portion of the job is going to be what we notice the most, because the Gunners will be doing plenty of counter-attacking, but the other part of the job is negating Eden Hazard, who is, in my humble opinion, the most overrated player in England (other than Paul Pogba). I have no idea what world this gunner fan lives in. I guess hazard has to dribble the whole team nexttime and score to get this retards respect.. I was kinda worried about arsenal bcoz they will match our formation and can actually pass the ball so it will be hard to press them but after going through gunner website. I want us to totally destroy this lot. Batshuayi to score a hat trick. u heard it here first
  2. Gonna be tough, with arsenal picking up form, but we gat this
  3. wtf. Costa is molesting a kid
  4. michy is officially on firre
  5. glad but dont understand why he is a fraud
  6. i hate it when diego is on his period
  7. actually shed a tear. Thanks for everything Captain Fantastic
  8. that is their best defender....... f**k yaaa
  9. I expect the starting 11 for webley bar Hazard starting.. Courtois Dave Luiz Cahill Moses Kante Matic Alonso Pedro Costa Willian. Hazard cesc and Terry to come on
  10. Terry wud actually flourish in wba or anyteam playing a low block he just cant play in a highline due to his lack of pace.
  11. I agree with everytrhing u said about WD. I think Ake has proven himself in the premiership while christensen is yet to. i wouldnt really fault Ake in yesterdays game because Zouma and Terry were trash and we can expect Ake to cover for them both, Like the Fa cup game against spurs showed put him around good defenders and he will shine.
  12. loving the post match celebrations
  13. f**k these classless watford bunch
  14. Fabregas def seems more mobile.
  15. he cud have signed for arsenal, but he said no f**k that
  16. he wears a magic hat
  17. I feel Kante will improve under kante. His passing and goalscoring will improve under the dons tutelage
  18. No he wasnt. he wasnt even the starting leftback for schalke. Their starting leftback KOLASINAC just got bought by Arsenal todAY. Baba is trash bro, thats why guus played kennedy over him
  19. No we dont. if alonso goes down next season we are f**ked and we have europe also. not putting my faith in kennedy or baba who will be coming back from a serious kneee injury
  20. we have to get rid of both and get a proper wingback
  21. I feel u. But it wud be worse going to a prem team and warming the bench like bamford, kennedy, chalobah. he needs games doesnt matter were he gets them. Delle ali developed a lot at MK Dons in the championship. The championship has def developed due to the money