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  1. Costa for me.. He went to war for us
  2. lol. for the hair dying part
  3. I am sorry. I hate that f**k face Redknapp but he has a point. What is the point of going to 6 finals in a row and not having these guyz in the team. We loan them out and if they get brought back they are stuck on the bench for some reason. A perfect example is Nathan Ake. I am really scared that we will lose christensen because i know he wont sit on our stupid bench. I also hope abraham is left to develop because if batshuayi cant get minutes to ease costas hamstrings i can imagine what will happen to poor Tammy
  4. We need Alonso taking more freekicks. I am gutted for the international break
  5. we need to upgrade on cahill and make luiz captain next season
  6. cahill has rocks for brains
  7. The belgium FA are c**ts for leaking the fact that Hazard hasnt travelled to stoke. On the bright side he shd be well rested after the international break. I have faith in willian pedro and costa. Hopefully Batshuayi can ease the pressure off costas legs or he will be next bcoz conte doesnt believe in resting players.
  8. If hazard is out f**k that Mourinho
  9. we thought the same about mourinho and see how that played out
  10. looks like moses will be missing will go for tibo Zouma Luiz Cahill Azpi fab Kante Alonso Pedro Costa Hazard .. Whateva the score at min 70 Mr Conte Please Please Please Please bring on Batshuayi .. Unless he had sex with contes wife i dont understand the snubbing of the fella. It will Costa a rest and also make him impprove his game
  11. I wud rather they play in a league game than a knockout game. We have a 10 point lead in the league. Heck we cud play once we have won the league. Right now we just need our untouchables to get us past the finishline
  12. One thing i didnt like about yesterdays game was diego costa going back to his dirty ways. It is obvious jose told rojo to mess with diegos head and have him lose focus. Hopefully Conte picked up on it and had a good word with diego. he has done well this season being Deigo the Angel we shd put Evil Diego in the past with his creator or facilitator Mourinho
  13. I think its because they are the only team to match and outplay us in our 343 formation. The fact is we owe them one after they ended our streak... LETS SMASH THESE SPUDS
  14. Cant blame anyone but herrera. He was on a yellow and commited a stupid foul on Hazard. 2 yellows make a red... Its not the refs job to educate those hatchetmen. it is not a coincidence we havent had a red in the league. Its bcoz our coach doesnt tell players to kick others
  15. Did anyone see that time when antonio was shouting in joses face... I LOVED IT.. It is obvious all those jabs frommourinho about our style pissed him off
  16. You are def right .. i enjoyed the first half off the title winning season but once spurs beat us 5-3 we went back to a negative team . i didnt like it but at that point all i cud think about was the title so i let it slide. It is funny how jose has his strikers claim they have injuries so he can park the bus.I am sure one of the strikers will be on the bench. I have no problem with them parking the bus. we will eventually break that bus.
  17. I definitely respect your opinion. Sorry for calling you a mourinho fan boy.. guess you are not. I understand the different football comment just as i understand all his sideways jibes to chelsea. He means we want attacking football which he claims his man u play even though all they do is draw matches. I know we are not an all out attacking team like spurs. But we are defintely more attracting and enjoyable to watch than MOURINHO 2.0, I also prefer Contes aura. We have no contoversies like the eva caniero case. And we are gracious in defeat , just go back and see Contes postmatch quotes after the liverpool and Arsenal losses. I guess i am in the wrong thread.. gotta find the mourinho thread
  18. You are just referring to what he said this weekend. I am talking about what he said a month ago when the draw was made, and also the little jibes he has been throwing our way.. If you think the mind games started this weekend then i guess you missed the plot. He has been throwing jibes for the past 6 weeks. It started with they only play counter attack and score set pieces and yet everyone calls them amazing. Then when the draws were made he said we are solid DEFENSIVE team who are dangerous with couter attack. I called you a fan boy because you gave the impression that you dont see us winning the league next year while we are in Europe. Actually Jose got lucky that psg knocked us out early or may be we wont have won the league.. Either way i am just a passionate fan defending my club from negative people. I remember Jose calling Wenger a Voyeur for always talking about chelsea, seems like he has caught the virus
  19. “I think Jose Mourinho wrote a good part of the history of Chelsea,” he said. “He won a lot with the players. He did a great job here in Chelsea. It’s important, always, not to forget this. “I have great respect for him because he’s a winner. I like his mentality. He has a winning mentality. For sure, he’s one of the best in the world and, here, he did a great job. I think every single fan must respect him. I guess i have to tone down my jose rhetoric since the GREAT ANTONIO says soo..... BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO JOIN MAN U of all teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Wow really. PSG is a big team in Europe. When last were they in the semis of the champions league? I am not just having a dig at him bcoz we are playing united. I am calling him a c**t bcoz of all the mind games and negative stuff he has been saying about us. Its obvious he is jealous, all other coaches in the top 6 praise or at least acknowledge us , but Jose in c**tish ways keeps on hating and that is why i am having a dig at him. I am sure you are in the 1% that dont find chelsea enjoyable to watch. It is obvious you are in the Mourinho fan club hope it doesnt hurt when we smash them tomorrow.
  21. Actually parking the bus is not counter attacking. You can park the bus and just kick long balls like westham did when big sam claimed he out tacticed mourinho. Or you can just play defense and not try to attack like Boro are playing this year.The fact is chelsea is enjoyable to watch unlike when mourinho was coach and also Hazard is free to express himself instead of chasing fullbacks like under mourinho. And when you say he was only defensive against biggest teams in europe you mean Parking the bus against 10 man PSG.
  22. Yuup. we scored 2 and could have scored more. but for their goalkeeper and a guy clearing off the line. Did You see us destroy MAN U 4-0 and Jose still claim all our goals were counter attacks. How do you counter attack hen u score after 29 seconds and the other team doesnt touch the ball. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
  23. Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is not surprised with Chelsea's success this season - only their style of play. HAHAHHA. His jealousy knows no bounds. I am sorry we dont park the bus anymore SPECIAL c**t and actually go for more goals rather than stick to a 1-0 lead. This is the same fellow that parked the bus against 10 man psg and got us knocked out in the champions league.. The same fellow who said we couldnt calm diego costa down bcoz he learnt his soccer on the streets and so had to be allowed to play with an edge.. A.K.A play like a terrorist. I am sooooo glad he is gone and we have a classy coach.. ANTONIOOOOOOOOOOO
  24. He will always be a legend. We cant erase his history in the club but we live in the present and presently he is an enemy. You just have to listen to his interviews to know this . It is clearly understandable as he is competing for the same thing we are competing for but a little class isnt asking for too much instead he plays his little mind games. Rafa coached chelsea and still acted classily towards liverpool. Jose is just jose and cant be taught class at his old age , may be when he leaves Man u i will respect him more but i am sure he wud have destroyed his chelsea legacy at that point , not that he cares actually. I really cant wait for his jealous talk pre match and his excuses postmatch
  25. Knowing Mourinho i am sure he has Man u practicing for penalties...