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  1. BTW tell ur mum her apple pie tastes good
  2. Okay if that makes you feel good. While other teams like spurs, man united and arsenal bring players through . We are not perfect, but its sad when people cant face the truth that we suck at developing youth because we dont give them a chance. Even Ake who was bought for 20 million by bournemouth was not given playing time by chelsea but by watford and bournemouth. Wont suprise me if christenesen was bought by moenchengladbach in a year
  3. Stating facts homie. Dont catch feelings
  4. DUH!!! Because he is still a chelsea player .
  5. And what happened to him. Funny thing is we want to buy him back since we cant afford Sandro. LMAO
  6. Same difference. He didnt renew his contract because he was smart enough to know we dont give kids chances. I mean our last academy player in the first team is John f**kING Terry
  7. In other news Solanke scores again. while we are selling our youth . I really hate seeing him shine. I can only imagine what Ake will do. Besides i pray Conte can play morata as a foward. He has no business on the wing
  8. Have you guys seen the fixture list. We play tough teams in our first 6 matches. We dont have time to build momentum. I just hope its not like Joses last season
  10. Don Conte

    Alex Sandro

    I have been saying this since May. No way we spend 60 million or more on a wing back and peeps wanted to take my head off. Even our record transfer morata is technically 59M , even though i am sure it will rise due to his quality
  11. Don Conte

    Renato sanches

    ????? . Makes no sense to me. He is a stronger and more athletic version of Fabregas. If Fabregas can thrive in a 2 man midfield so can Sanches
  12. Don Conte


    He doesnt have to start. Both players will do a lot of running and wont be able to play all their games. He started at left back against real madrid with mendy injured and can easily do the same if walker is injured, fatigued or out of form
  13. Don Conte


    For starters he wont sit on the bench bcoz he can play lb and rb
  14. we do we have jay da silva but he is on loan
  15. Will go for Tibo Dave Luiz Christensen Moses kante Fab Alonso Willian Batigol Moratta
  16. He was just outnumbered in midfield even kante looked bad. It was a tactictal mistake from Conte but better off learning from it now than in a real game. We wud have been better served playing matic or bakayoko but playing cesc and kante against 3 is just suicide. He looked world class against Arsenal because they matched our formation and had 2 in midfield
  17. At least i got the line up. Hope conte has a plan B for when the 343 is crap
  18. wud love to see Courtois Dave Christenson Cahill Moses fab kante Alonso Willian Shuayi Boga after 60 mins Caballero Kalas Luiz Rudiger/clark salter Tomori Palasic Scott Kennedy Baker Moratta Musonda/remy
  19. I am sure if Morata has difficulty adapting to the prem Conte wud still play him and just say he needs to learn from the experience. I am for equal opportunity and i dont think Michy has been given a fair shot at the striker position even though i cant really blame Conte bcoz Costa made the position his. I mean Conte still played him even though he knew he was shipping him off at the end of the season
  20. I really hope Michy is given a chance to prove himself. The fact that he only had one start in the league iis mind boggling
  21. Don Conte


    he looks like a Piazon , wallace or kennedy to me