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  1. Not bad but rudiger should be in the right as should VM
  2. My problem is they always give us boring colours I know chelsea were referred to as the pensioners but ffs it's not literal. Call me flash, not tasteful or what have you but I like bright colours on everything but the home kit, it looks "sporty" we are a sports team you know, that training shirt looks like a windows 3.1 wallpaper on a black and white monitor
  3. Even in that short display for me I can see the intelligence and his technical ability is very good and certainly miles better than Lukaku, if he can get in his scoring stride he is a player that has a very high ceiling, worst thing for him is not to score straight away, Costa did and he kept scoring, very important in a new league, sooner he gets in the goals the better.
  4. I don't think they have it worked out as a team but we know what Mou can do, he produces time and time again, lots of pressure on them, for me 3rd
  5. It's so hard to tell, last season everyone including many in this forum thought we would do well to get into the CL and looks what we did. Player wise you always have to look at the Manchester clubs, there is also huge pressure on both managers to deliver this season, city have defenders now but pep is the wrong type of coach for the PL in my opinion, he is Wenger on steroids, until he is willing to be adaptive he isn't winning this league. Man Utd were good last year they just couldn't score, as always a Mou team is hard to score against and beat, will Lukaku change those draws into wins, lots of pressure, for me not sure he is mentally strong enough but he might do, he can certainly score. Also note ibrahimavic scored 14 or 15 I think so only 5 or 6 less that Costa, problem is no one else is scoring, unless Lukaku gets 30 not that much will change, we have goal scorers all over the pitch. Tottenham haven't seemed to strengthen yet sold walker, they will be up there but as usual they won't get over the line. Arsenal - lol Ok fine..I think they will get 4th because they finally have a striker. Liverpool - Top 4 challengers but it's been 30 years for a reason, they would need a special season to be a real threat. As for us I'd like to think we are the team to beat, conte's big attribute to being a league winner is he pushed the team on game after game, installs the winning mentality and consistency. But conte's big game tactics are my only concern, if we get a top full back I think there is no reason we won't be there until the end, but I'd like to see us winning big games and be a bit braver in those big games. Chelsea City Utd Tottenham/Liverpool/ Arsenal but I think Arsenal will edge it. I fancy this top 4 to be a far more conventional top 4 i.e. Chelsea the Mancs and the Goonies.
  6. Indeed it's all a round us, don't upset any of the protected species.
  7. I don't feed mincey little cowards who like to be warriors online, it's painfully obvious you take great elation in that because you're a weak little man in real life who has achieved nothing and taken seriously by no one. This is an outlet for you, it's obvious in how hard you try and how deep you try and delve, we both know this and I'm going to put you on ignore now because as we saw from our private conversation you're a purely online type, and I won't feed your big man fantasy, you're a fuxking nobody and belong on mute. I wonder if you'll be able to resist responding even although I won't be able to see it, I think you won't be able to incase an onlooker reads it and gives you that online fantasy fix you're craving poor little sausage, you deffinatly got bullied as school you're telegraphing it so hard.
  8. I think what's best for us isn't if he stays at Arsenal and becomes frustrated, by January he may reduce his diva size wage demands when he realises ok I'm getting on a bit and not winning anything and my exadurated demands are putting clubs off. At that point due to a buy of desperation we may get him then again this scenario will bring in a host of clubs that want him. If you really want your man exadurated fees are in your favour if you're rich enough, that's why city get their man they are happy to overpay when we are not.
  9. Lamps and terry in a lounge in Heathrow, our flight to play in a UEFA cup match was delayed because of 9-11 and there were Americans in the lounge, I assume they just have said something along the lines of Americans holding everything up in a drunken slur which Americans objected to, they then they threw their peanuts and sandwiches at the Americans moaning about it....not that I agree with that but different times, this hypersensitive society is horrible, I agree being fair to people and not offending them but f**k me these prats that pipe up at the sniff of something offensive are rediculous, cause mass disrespect and disharmony in the process of claiming to promote respect and harmony. Whats funny is back then there was a fine and it was forgotten now all these years later frank has had problems in New York because the story resurfaced.
  10. Serious question: what do they do with all that fine money?
  11. ....a tackle means a mistake was made? I think some people think a tackle means sliding across the ground and that's it, 50/50's, any pass in mid field where there is a tight space, a pass into a striker that is on the shoulder of a defender, anywhere in build up play, and more importantly for a high press team tackling is a big part of ball recovery so it's even part of an attacking strategy, how on earth does that mean there is a mistake for a tacke to be made? You train tackling every session, why do you think they play practice games passing in tight spaces, teaches moving the ball fast under pressure and on the other side it also teaches getting your foot in quick to stop it, just because there aren't 23 players in synchronised sliding routines across the grass doesn't mean they don't train tackling. The difference in PL tackling and with Barca is they want to be on you quickly and nick the ball without tackling as physically as in the PL, who are happy to sit off you, it's still a tackle, you put in a foot to take the ball it's a tackle. Peps comments were in defiance of a reporter asking why his side were tackling poorly he said he doesn't train tackling now if you want to take that seriously you also have to believe one of the top rated managers in the world doesn't know what tackling is because he also said in that statement "what's tackling?" In other words of course they train in tackling but they train in quick ball recovery and blocking off or stealing the ball in the passing channels, getting the foot in quickly as soon as a player receives the ball, they don't train in stoke city sit off your man then put in a crunching tackle... Having said all this that doesn't suit or style of play for a fb or a cm, in our league and our style of football we need a more physical player in those positions, that sort of front foot tackling works for our attackers but we need more physicality in our defensive players. Cesc is an example he lets players walk past him because he would expect where the pass is going to be cut off so putting pressure on the passer is enough, but he is decent at ball recovery, that's Barca adadamy training and it's hard to untrain
  12. One of our biggest concerns was depth, we now have a smaller squad (assuming matic and Costa go) I'm sure we will bring in boga and baker to make up numbers. We are apparently in the market for 3 more players according to reports, other than Sandro who could we be in for that would improve us? No clue why we would want Lorente as a priority when we have 2 capable strikers and hazard can play as a false 9, I'd rather see a youth player promoted as the third striker will see little game time anyway, unless he wants to play 2 up top, maybe that's the thinking? Other than him no real decent links, not sure what we can get in 2 weeks but I'm hoping at least Sandro so we can say we haven't just made the squad younger, we have actually strengthened it in terms of quality and depth.
  13. Trust you to pop up... leave things alone, dredging up bollox, I wasn't to "communicate directly with you" remember? at least be a man of your word, you don't choose what I find morally acceptable and not, it's f**k all to do with you now piss off and don't "communicate with me" and this has f**k all to do with football or the topic, this isn't Dr. Phill, it's a football forum.
  14. You're a throw away you pillock and with that....
  15. It's ironic and fitting that your picture is a muppet..but that's a Facebook picture it came on here by default because I signed up through Facebook, Btw I'm not tensing my arm that's just what a males arm looks like little boy, I'm holding my daughter and to me that was a significant day, "showing the guns" wasn't the objective you silly little Instagram educated sausage, nice observation though, quick question do you rail it in real life or just on the internet? If you do follow up, if not jog on little boy I've no interest in a back and forth with a prat like you.