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  1. No VM no GC please, but unfortunately he will play the both of them
  2. Don't forget atletico in between
  3. Point is even weaker teams can overload a midfield and stop you controlling games, all good teams control the middle of the park, baka can play box to box don't think of it as defensively setup exclusively, we can play baka and kante and still be attacking, the point is if you control the middle you recycle the ball quickly so you can start an attack again quickly and sustain pressure, you take pressure off the wing backs, allowing them to push up, and can generally push up and defend on the front foot, that' how you dominate teams, this way ab sits in front releases hazard and morata, thats a deadly and balanced team, if we don't play that to me it's an error. Also in a big game where we expect to be attacked I'd play the 2 of kante and Baka and stick Andres behind them, maybe in a 4, hit them on the counter, in all cases 3 in the middle is so necessary, Mou spoke about why a 4-3-3 beats a 3-4-3 because you can control the middle of the pitch, any good team can make a 3-4-3 lose it's function by overloading the middle.
  4. It's clear fab brings a lot to the table but we need to only play his with 2 CM's behind him, we know the reasons why
  5. No he didn't he played the same team we lost to them with last time out what do you mean a bit different, Tottenham was a bit different worked wonders, he should know by now cesc in a 2 man midfield with no hazard and slow on the ball garry at the back is not a recipe for sucess I called that soon as the team sheet cane out, he made poor selections and had a poor game plan which is his weakness in big games this far he will hopefully adapt because it's very disheartening, you can win the leauge but can't truley say your the best unless you can beat the best teams
  6. All possible, the 3 at the back doesn't work without hazard, plus in all honesty our wingbacks arent dynamic enough to cause as many problems now that teams know what to expect although given space Alonso can do damage. But if I was playing 4 at the back I'd play 3 in midfield: Tibo Dave Rudiger Cahill/Andres Alonso Baka Kante Fab Pedro Hazard Morata Swapping fab for Andreas behind teh 2 CM's in games where we expect pressure like Atleti, better yet luiz back in for Atleti.
  7. Well at least he can play in the CL I believe in Madrid, so it will allow a CB to rest before city, real shame he has been on top form
  8. Conte said it was a good game, brought Pedro off because injured....not what we saw sir
  9. He should but rather we will just see Rudiger with Garry and tbf Garry is now the lesser player between him and Andreas
  10. I have a list of people that need fly kicked in the face if you are game.
  11. I see no argument for garry continuing, even after Luiz is out, he is our weakest CB
  12. Sorry looking at the replay his studs weren't up he was trying to hit it with his side foot the side of his boot went in not his studs
  13. Souness said overhead is a red f**king irony defined, one of the most dirty bar steward calling that as a red
  14. Why does Ramsey sound like a foreigner