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  1. chance to go 9 points clear he will be resting nobody I can promise you that
  2. Not from what I heard we payed him 8 mil, we didnt "sack" mata, if a manager makes it clear he isnt going to play a player then the player will ok a move, you cannot make a player leave in contract, if he wants to stay you are stuck with him,and you have to pay him, hence injured players get paid even if they have a year out, but the fact is if teh club want to sell and the player refuses they will make his life hard and let him train with the youth team, never get a game etc, so he will want to move himself makes no sense to stay
  3. And similarly we wouldn't be top without hazard
  4. Well since you dont sell a manager the contract is different, a player won't be out of work a manager may be for a good while there is less job security as a manager so they write early termination penalties in to the contract, it's far more like a service contract than a players which is unique to football, remember the player agrees to leave the manager gets sacked.
  5. Stevie G back for 5 minutes and Liverpool are slipping up already
  6. Look at the timing we got hazard, season after we won the CL and had finished 6th in the league, we got Benitez as an interim then Mou was rebuilding his first year we dinhsed third, hazard has eto and Torres as strikers, costa was also up top last season when we finished 10th, hazard was carrying an unjustly last year, when hazard doesn't play we don't play, if hazard was on form last year we wouldn't have finished 10th, also the way we play now with hazard up top we have shown we can win without a striker, Costa is crucial no doubt and he wins games but hazard is the engine of the attack, I'd rather lose costa than hazard any day
  7. Contracts basically have a clause that they may be renegotiated by mutual consent for example the player wants to go club wants to sell they obviously mutually agree to terminate the current contract Igbo it was binding they would have to keep paying him and he would have to keep playing or be in breach, same as renegotiating a new contract it overrides current stipulations at it is by mutual consent
  8. Sorry just don't buy it 1.Because its the Sun and 2. He wanted a move back to Athleti in the summer, they wouldn't even pay him 100k so it makes no sense all of a sudden it's all about the money, he is on 185k according to some 150k according to others, if 150 sure put him up to 185 even 200k he is worth it, but, I think it's harder to win a game without Hazard than Diego and Hazard is on 200.
  9. I like Morata, I think he would do very well, he has all the right attributes, I've never liked lukaku much but I am a big fan of Aubameyang normally I'd say he may not be a chelsea type of striker of which Diego suits the role perfectly, however his dribbling and ball control plus his interplay is far better than diego's plus he has bags of pace can you imagine him linking up with our forwards, if we lost Costa and griezmann goes to Man U Aubameyang is the only striker I would feel is a good replacement, may aswell take reus while we are there Hazard-Aubameyang-Reus thats a nightmare.
  10. Got no clue what any of that weird rant has to do with my comment about the media making up stories which disrupt the club, aren't you the same guy who fought me tooth and nail to praise pep so badly you said he inherited the worst Barca team of all time got absolutely slaughtered by everyone then had nothing to say....I can see a pattern here, not sure what your issues are but to you like Chelsea and the PL at all?
  11. He has scored 12 for monaco so far, we dont give players a chance then moan when they dont produce, if we sold bats he would have a 20 goal season
  12. Isn't it annoying the players Mou went after so hard with us and couldn't bring to Chelsea (Pogba, Greizmann) he is now getting at UTD, he may aswell buy stones too just to take the piss and then sell him
  13. Way more discipline and concentration needed to be a defender, reading of the game, positioning, a pacey attacker just goes out and expresses himself, in my view it's the opposite, attacking comes naturally all a striker needs to learn is to time runs and split defenders or hold the ball up depending on his attributes, all a winger needs to do is run on teh break and put in good balls, a winger who has pace probably has the easiest role on the pitch, you will find many good defenders started out as midfielders, JT is one, you have to build defender there is no natural defender, there are attributes but defence is a fully learned trade and it's not easy. What I can say that may support what you said in part is defence can be taught to those not as naturally gifted as player but a decent attacker needs bags of natural talent you cant really learn to be a good attacker, you are or you arent and then you improve.
  14. Well it was to remind a chelsea fan who was in awe of peps barcelona just what c**ts they were, it was supposed to have that effect, that Norwegian w**ker ref btw later admitted he f**ked us in that game, when I see this I think of Messi crying in 2012 when we put them out and I feel much much better
  15. I mean it was attractive at times but killing a game of football by retaining possession and doing nothing with it 90 percent of teh time is pretty boring it's just a cute version of anti-football