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  1. Put it this way, you have the tightest top 6 I can remember, There is a real risk they won't make it, if they do it will have to be at the expense of Arsenal or Liverpool, he has a chance to win a tournament in Europe and get the CL in one move it would be seen as a very successful first season and it probably the easier route, to risk that to beat us in an FA cup that will probably be as hard to win this year as the Europa league...unlikely.
  2. Highly doubt that, Europe league is his best bet to quality for the CL next year, Jose is a father of pragmatism, plus he will have another chance to play us at old Trafford in the league.
  3. Milwall would have been iconic, Billy Bright will be disappointed, buys his Charlie off a Turk and he is supposed to be right wing. Man U a much better footballing challenge and a chance for conte to send a little message to Jose, move on.
  4. What gets me is if you read the way he red media re-wrote his crap speech in the huddle, they blatantly changed it up to sound like he was addressing the 300 before fighting the Persians, tried to make him sound magnanimous and epic, the reality as you said let's not f**king let's this slip...and we all know what happened next, poetic.
  5. Willian better than pedro, not for me.
  6. I was really happy for Moses when he played his way in, started off amazing, tapered off a bit, thing is he normally gives 100% but his 100% is about 75% of what we need, he should deffo see out the season and stay in the squad, but next year starting 11, in the CL, I don't see it. Hard to bash the guy because I love the story and his determination not to get derailed, he has made a great effort but I don't think it's unfair to say we need a bit more if we are going to compete with elite clubs.
  7. If victor puts in one ball today I'll do a handstand
  8. Pedro becoming the old dependable, little gem
  9. Burnley manager moaning about the pitch not being in a great condition a factor in their loss it got you a draw last week Sam mate.
  10. Better spell but they are stuck to out forwards very little room to turn
  11. He never put a foot wrong last season it would be a real shame if he doesn't recover form after his injury, young guy, bags of potential
  12. Chill lads if we aren't winning by the 65th min conte will send hazard on..
  13. Ince sounds like an old timer from the east end love it
  14. Not unprovoked mate, why be sarcastic and condescending, I was just expressing a view, didn't deserve a response like that I don't think.