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  1. International break gives me the hump, back to real life, come on chels 3 more points, this is the month we win the league.
  2. Feel good factor at the club I'm sure haz will want to see what conte can do in the CL next year especially with summer signings and the prospect of a haz costa Sanchez front line, if they want haz I think we will draw blood back Bd want bale, if haz gives us another year and we have bale and Sanchez up top with Kante and bakayoko and Kante behind them I wouldn't be heart broken, either way I can almost guarantee he will want to give the CL a go with conte, and if we do sell him we will replace with someone world class
  3. Did you watch him last season and early this season couldn't get anything right, conte resurgence, benefiting from Kante in front of him and 3 cb's garry wouldn't be able to play in a 4 at the back in the absence of perfect fm cover anymore without getting badly exposed, he has adapted well but I do t think he is the player he was in 12/13 at all
  4. Luiz better Cahill worse in my opinion, agree with everything else you said and I was of the opinion alonso and Moses as a stop gap were fine but not long term need better wingback options, however alonso won me over to my surprise I think he is developing well under conte
  5. Didn't he play as a winger when we won the CL? I'm not disputing what you said I haven't watched him enough just thought the irony was nice
  6. Never liked statement that contradicted my statements it's not hard to see a trend in 3-4-3 since conte came to England, other than playing it against us teams have been using it who never used it before, football is trends, playing 1 up top became the standard if you look back someone will have done it and it caught in like all trends, this trend started with conte, did he invent it no, did he bring it back into style yes and I don't think your argument of it being a coincidence holds water.
  7. Chelsea player to Chelsea player to Chelsea player then cleared off the line by Chelsea player.
  8. What they mean is no winning history, but when it comes to arsenal they have no European history, we created European history, they alledge we are a new elite club because of romans money well it maybe so but I was watching us pump Barca in the zola days pre roman and yea when I first started following Chelsea in the mid 90's they were basically a spurs level team, but a few years on we were starting to evolve and in 99 qualified for the CL, so what should I do stop supporting the team because it gets money, they don't need an answer the bottom line is we have been a CL team for near enough 20 years, we have won it, we are an elite club and they aren't, Beitger are Liverpool so who cares what they did 30 or 40 years ago, and when we were actually sh*t in the relegation days they couldn't say it to us or they would have got their heads kicked in happy days either way. Winners don't need stories.
  9. I'll tell you what I didn't think he would cut it at first but his development has been phenomenal, I enjoy watching him play and I definitely think he is a long term chelsea player.
  10. England adopting our 3-4-3 against Germany, if you want to gauge who has had the biggest impact on English football, Conte, Klopp, Pep it's not hard to pick a winner
  11. He was unbelievable at one point now he just looks like he is turning up to get his cheque not sure what happened
  12. He has been at fault for at least half our goals this season and if not solely his fault he has played a part in them, keeping players inside, not marking his man, not defending the back post etc, he isn't a defender so it is what it is but I would keep alonso over him any day, we need a better option in his position.
  13. Moses is at times a defensive liability he is right, hard worker and has learned very quickly how to defend but not being a natural defender shows sometimes, he has done well that's not his position so he as a player should get some slack, but in the context of real implications he is ,at times, a defensive liability.
  14. I was watching sky the other day and saw the welsh premiere league they have a team called Airbus united
  15. I would have a major issue with Stamford bridge being renamed especially a Japanese name "his honourable big boss IV yokahoma stadium" only weak clubs do that, can you imagine camp nou, the Bernabéu or old Trafford being renamed? The only elite club that's ever done that is Bayern and they didn't even have their own stadium they shared the old Olympic stadium with 1860 Munich .