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  1. Scored 13 goals and I'm watching hm now against UTD he is their only threat going forward, he looks good, had a rocky start at ajax then started scoring, finished very strong.
  2. Ramires has reinvented himself as a 16 year old forward, maybe we should buy him again, meant to be really good
  3. Pity JT has a midlands accent..I just saw Crooks and co whinging about JT's send off, bunch of salty c**ts, the only guard crooks would get is the one throwing him out of the all you can eat fat c**t.
  4. The irony a big sky sports ad in the boards and they won't show our game, clubs commercial should have pulled the add, first time I remember seeing a sky ad too
  5. garry needs a game before the FA cup
  7. alonso hits the target every time, some free kick on him, neat finish Willy
  8. better quality
  9. ffs not the poetic start we were looking for
  11. The one I told you now working btw
  12. Strange, that's a first, showing liverpool game streams working, they usually have the games not on sky from the american and canadian channels, I'll need to start looking now too, will lwt you know if I get a good one.
  13. I use it regularly let me check
  14. would be if his number was 75, think 26 is a bit early.