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  1. Could not stop that pr**k aguero from hurting David Luiz #CONTEOUT
  2. Ndidi looks scary, this ain't gonna be an easy game i think we will win 2-0 with goals from costa and azza
  3. Sorry i mean recalling him from his loan.
  4. Howe has confirmed the move is nearing completion.
  5. Love Brana but his time is up here,got outpaced by wingers of teams like wolfsberger? btw will never forget him because of that goal against napoli in 2012 RO16.
  6. Why are we even comparing moses and hazard? moses is doing well right now,he is causing problems to opposition defence and almost earned a penalty with his trickery and he played as a wing-back so he went back a bit too and conte was pretty impressed with him,he is not expected to be MOTM in every game unlike Hazard he has to do his job which he did pretty well and if he puts in performances like that his position in the side will be nailed.he has made it easier for Conte to 3-5-2
  7. Check this out btw
  8. Guys if he comes in then most probably Conte would opt for 3-5-2 so the three center backs would be zouma terry and bonucci maybe zouma competing with luiz but then can Azpilicueta play as a wing-back?? bcoz where would Azpi fit in Bonucci comes in.
  9. Looking to make new friends here, here's to a great season for chelsea!! :))