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  1. One of my favourite matches if the season ( away to spuds takes some beating ). I can't stand this lot and I'm hoping by now that Don Conte is tuning in to the finer points of being the leader of our army and understands what it means playing these scum. 3-0 will keep me happy and the title a little closer. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!
  2. Let's finish morons off another 2 goals will send out a huge message. COYB
  3. Steady on is right. 2 lallana's don't equal 1 hazard
  4. Spot on Scott. Chelsea have always had a reputation of taking all comps seriously. Making 7 changes made it obvious that this wasn't a priority and we're there for the taking tonight. I can't stand losing to these pikies and expect the manager to know or at least to have been briefed the games that Chelsea fans hate losing. With no European excursions we should have enough in our squad to take everything seriously. Southampton game will let us know how far we've come on since the Arsenal debacle and if we have a serious chance of challenging come the end of the season or if Sunday was just a flash in the pan.