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  1. Great win tonight, team played well and William had a great game bagging two goals hopefully that will give him more confidence for the next games, 3 clean sheets in a row now very good from Tibo, the defence change is proven to be a good move, well done lads bring on the scouse on the weekend
  2. Looking at some of the pictures of the team on the plane looks like conte has included hazard Pedro, drinkwater, rudiger, morata, Ethan, Cahill so it does look like his going with a strong team to get the job done, I reckon a 3-0 win
  3. West Brom have comfirm sacking of tony pulis, I think that was a bit predictable after the weekends game
  4. Went to the game today, I thought the display from the team was excellent the defence have a great sequence. Alonso played really really well, found loads of space on the wing. I reckon cesc upped his game and he did play well. The link up with hazard morata and kante is working really well. Very pleased with the win things are looking up let’s crack this busy period and gain some valuable points
  5. On the ticket page it still says there’s tickets available so I think if it activates by Monday I’m sure your be able to get a ticket
  6. Tom_cfc

    These half and half scarves are stupid

    When i go to the bridge I do see a lot of tourist buy these to show they’ve been to the game, but I’d never wear won. Before the game there £10 and half price after and they look poor quality
  7. Chelsea played with a lot more desire to win the game today, morata look more physical on the ball was showing more fight, with Kante back him and hazard at stages were dominating the midfield. Some brilliant saves from tibo. glad we got a win that’s needed come on Chelsea
  8. I think Chelsea played well today, a lot different in style of play to how they was on Saturday. The defence were as whole s lot better just slipped at the end. Drinkwater played well for his first game, Ethan ampadu showed some good things to come from him and will only progress with more game time and batshuayi done a few things to answer his critics by holding the ball up but overall a good display, looking forward to the draw now
  9. As Everton have sacked there manager I can see them upping there game for this one. Conte may rest some key player but I reckon batsman will start Kennedy will feature and maybe Chelsea may give Ethan Ampadu a chance as he was in the bench on Saturday but I’m going with a 2-1 to Chelsea
  10. Tom_cfc

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He can score goals but defending and playing a ball in a creative way is an area where he needs to improve, his goals were good but there were a few time he just gave the ball away too easy
  11. Tom_cfc

    What's going on with all these injuries??

    Conte has said in an interview that the training isn’t as much as last season, but we have been very unlucky with injury but hopefully after the Christmas period there is less games after each other so hopefully they will get there rest and have a good run to the end
  12. I don’t see morata starting this game he might save him for Watford I Saturday. but it’s going to be a tough game no matter what . Conte is probably going to go with the similar team to what played palace. Prediction 2-1 Chelsea
  13. The batsman is turning out to be a quality signing definitely going to go far this season
  14. Well looking on there website they're doing well haven't lost a game this season and are 2nd in the league. ita going to be a tough game I don't it will have many goals I'm saying Chelsea will come out on top 2-1