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  1. Your point was that he does not turn up in games against small teams. I have given a list of 'small teams' who he has torn apart. That is several games where he has been our best player. So just pointing out that the statement you made is inaccurate and there is no player who is good against every small team.
  2. Not fully sure. With that one I think they take a lot of things into perspective such as dribbling, passing success, goals, assists, team goals (maybe). I don't read all into stats but even if he is not at his best he always does the littlest of things that have a big influence in games. I agree that he needs to be more consistently quality though. For example by his standards he has been poor last couple of games but against Swansea he prob will now give us a performance to behold.
  3. Mane has not had a better season than Hazard. Don't be silly. He has had a very good season but Hazard has been better. Hazard when I last checked was top of the SQUAKA ratings and is favourite for PFA player of the year. But, yeah I think people have different definitions of world class. I would call Hazard world class as I think Conte and majority other people would. Cundy would not but that is a minority.
  4. Alli has been excellent this season but he still is not on the same level of likes of Hazard, Alexis and KDB etc. He still has a way to go but he will get there but would not say he is the best in the prem. I would have the likes of Hazard, KDB, Sanchez etc on a higher level.
  5. But then he has had several MOTM performances against mid-table/relegation battling teams this season plus the bigger teams which I refuted.
  6. Everton, Southampton, Leicester, West Ham, Burnley and Bournemouth he was our best player by far in those games. He was brilliant.
  7. Assuming they go through against St Ettiene barring a miracle, at least we will have a good week to prepare for them. They will have the Europa League three days before the FA Cup game as you assume the FA Cup game will be on Sunday. The last time we played them and they had a Europa League game three days before, what was the score? 4-0 So advantage us and more prep time. Another 4-0 repeat would be good.
  8. Although people are saying Zouma looked shaky, I thought he was decent. He certainly seems to have recovered that abundance of pace had and he made quite a few headers. Was content with his performance. Terry was good, Ake was brilliant yesterday. The star was Fabregas though. His passing was sublime and dictated everything. Willian was also very impressive. Pedro is such an intelligent player. Even when playing LWB which he has done for us in FA Cup this season, his movement and off the ball work is so good he knows how to get into positions for goals. That is 4 goals in the FA Cup in 3 three games from that position. That is a very good return. Costa struggled first half but he kept battling on and was rewarded with a goal. Hazard was disappointing. He just seemed to be lacklustre yesterday and reminded me a lot of Ozil. Don't work hard of the ball but when you have the ball show one or two bits of magic. Overall he looked lazy and uninterested. He showed good bits on the ball when he had it but regularly saw him letting Wolves players spring past him. Hopefully he just was not playing at full intensity to prevent risk of injury and against Swansea we see him back at 100%. Sure we will but just a shame, I wanted him to rectify the Burnley game and put Wolves to the sword yesterday. Good thing is no injuries, through to the next round where we are 1 win away from Wembley. Bring on the Swans.
  9. Just a class above. Really too good for this level. Quintero has been impressive too.
  10. Agree with you on a lot of this and with DaSilva too but my one concern and still is a big concern for me is that he is very diminutive. He also has gone on loan to a struggling Charlton in L1 ans has featured on the bench every single game, only coming on as a sub once. I think their manager is concerned that he does not have the physicality and height to trust him in the team. Because really our brightest talents should be walking into League 1 teams.
  11. Well he also has not played a game in the EPL. Still has a lot of potential but definitely has stalled. Not much of a loss to us imo as we will get compensation and he was way behind pecking order. He scored bagful of goals for our U18 and U21 but he never really kicked on and was not prolific enough at Vitesse although he was around 17/18 when he moved there so hard to judge him from that. Ugbo is another one with potential but not in the same league as Solanke. Future maybe but Solanke has scored goals galore for our youth teams and U21/U23 and for England at youth level too.
  12. Pedro is 29 mate. And still will be when the season finishes. All good
  13. 28 is still relatively young. He has another 4 years at the top and with his fitness so good and he keeps himself in good condition, he will show no signs of declining until he is around 33 imo.
  14. Yes, and no. In the the near future I doubt it but long term maybe. Brown, I was never really a fan of but he is doing well at Huddersfield. Intelligent, knows when to pick up certain positions and use the ball well in dangerous positions and his acceleration on the ball quite good too. Palmer, is a late bloomer but really started to like him from last season. Has dribbling ability, a very good shot which we have not yet seen at Huddersfield but is capable of and his acceleration on the ball is brilliant too. It is a shame he picked up an injury that will rule him up to over a month but they are both talented. My opinion is that they are not as good as Boga and Musonda but if they keep impressing and come back and play a part in pre-season and play well you never know. I think Palmer is more likely to make it than Brown if I had to pick one of the two but again I doubt any of them are good enough to force their way into the first 11. Time will tell.
  15. It is true and as good as the tradition has continued within the youth teams in the cup, I don't think our youth team will ever have the plethora of talent it did a couple to three seasons ago when we had the likes of Boga, Musonda, Brown, Solanke, Abraham, Palmer, Colkett and RLC all in one team. Palmer, Abraham and Brown are really kicking on at the moment but such is the talent we had is that sometimes Brown, Abraham, Boga, Musonda even and especially Palmer were regular subs or rotational players. Palmer really kicked on from last season though and stepped up in Boga's, Brown and Musonda's absence. Abraham is destroying the championship and Boga who has long been a favourite of time desperately needs a better team. Maybe that is why their is not as much interest because although there are some talents in this team the class we had in the youth cup run 2-3 seasons was special.