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  1. Alonso I would not mind rotating and same as the RWB. However rotating Hazard, Morata as well is a huge risk. Yes, it should be good enough but there is no guarantees going away to this team. Look how Roma struggled there with their best team and just about sneaked victory. Atletico could not get a win in 2 appearances against them. I am sure Conte will put a very strong team to get the job done then start resting players hopefully. Judging by Conte's comments regarding that he sees this game as the biggest so far this season as well, highly doubt he will rest too many players. Likes of Luiz to come in I would say, possibly Moses if fit and think we will go 3-4-3. However still think Morata and Hazard will start with one of Willian or Pedro on the other flank.
  2. If we win, we qualify. Qarabag have shown in recent matches they are no pushovers, If we leave our star players out and end up dropping points in this game, it will be suicide. Not ideal with Liverpool on Saturday, but Conte will want to get qualification assured. Bats being injured is a blow right now. However we cannot afford to drop points and possibly drop out to the Europa League in the final game. People are treating this game as a Europa League or Carabao Cup fixture. We can't afford to make wholesale chances after dropping points in those 2 games against Roma.
  3. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Out of interest and without trying to start an argument, do you lot still stand by those comments regarding Salah? Because when you made these posts, he was on fire and is still on fire and top scorer in league and is looking an absolute top player. Him doing well though, does not anger me as much as KDB doing well as KDB is a rare talent.
  4. Calculated gamble vs Qarabag?

    They have improved since that game. They draw home and away against Atletico and only narrowly lost 1-0 at home to Roma who outplayed us in both games. Can't underestimate them.
  5. Andreas Christensen

    Despite his brilliant performance for us against United, crazy to think he can't get into the Denmark team right now. Ever since they changed from a back 3 formation to a 4 man defence with 2 traditional CB, he has been on the bench.
  6. Tammy Abraham

    Quite an exaggeration. He could have done better however had his moments and was very unlucky not to score. Showed good strength and anticipation there. But this is his first international match and think that is a bit harsh.
  7. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Been England's best player by far tonight. The lad has so much ability its unreal. He just needs regular playing time like he is getting at Palace and to keep on being consistent and he can be a top player. His acceleration on the ball is excellent too.
  8. Cesc Fabregas

    We can still have Kante and Fabregas in a double pivot against inferior opposition. However teams you know that will press us the major issue. There have been games last season where Fabregas has played in a midfield two and dominated the game. However against top opposition, like you aid he needs 2 DM around him.
  9. Cesc Fabregas

    Well tbh you have a point regarding Cahill. The way some of them on TC take the piss out of him is really immature and pathetic. However there are some very good posters on there who speak a lot of sense and I like engaging with a lot. But yeah, I agree regarding Fabregas. People have been sensible although maybe a bit too harsh as he still has a lot to offer. When he plays like today, complete joy.
  10. Cesc Fabregas

    My post stated that the criticism was well warranted. Tell me at one point, where I have had a dig at people who criticized him? I have been looking at the pre-match threads on this forum and TalkChelsea and fans were sh*tting themselves regarding seeing Fabregas in the team and I can understand why, especially if we lined up with only 2 CM. Read my post again please. I just want those who were slating him and sh*tting themselves about him being in the team, to admit Fabregas was class today, that is all.
  11. Cesc Fabregas

    All those critics he got and he responded big time. MOTM he was awarded with. People were sh*tting themselves seeing him on the team. Completely dominated the game. Well done and I hope those who have been slating him all week, can comment and give him the praise he deserves. BTW, I am not criticizing anyone who was slating Fabregas as he has been poor before today, but just would like people to give credit when it's deserved.
  12. Yeah, but if he has been dropped from the squad, probably means they have had a bust-up and will increase media speculation of discontent between players and manager which is not ideal. Also, although he is over the place, I definitely would want Luiz in the team for a game like this.
  13. A lot of rumours coming out that that Luiz has been dropped from the squad. Hope this is not true, however there is no smoke without fire. Not sure what circumstances are to this if true.
  14. If we are in the UCL, regardless of who we play, we will go with our strongest team. What kind of mindset is that to reach knockouts and have a surrender attitude? Also, I still feel that top spot is very attainable. As poor as Atletico have been in the UCL, I still think they will get something out of the Roma game. Qarabag, although not to be underestimated is a game we should win. We do that and Atletico do there part, we will be top going into that last game against Atletico. I see that situation very possible.
  15. Thanks God for Qarabag. What a get out of jail card. Beat Qarabag and we are through. No excuses for performance though. Shocking and could and should have been more. Hazard after that challenge, seemed to take stuffing out of him. Serious questions need to be asked after this. Awful performance.