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  1. Summer gone, people thought he was going to leave however I think fans and Hazard himself felt he owed us one more stellar season as he was below-par last season and that is why I can this season being likely as he has made up for last season and been standout in a season we are about to regain the PL title. I hope not but if he does leave this summer it would be on a high, winning a title which prob would make him consider a move as he has said this himself. A lot depends on Hazard. If he wants to leave or if he wants to stay, either way I think Real will test our resolve from which Hazard will make an announcement and that will tell a lot. That is true about Aguero however Zidance is a huge fan of Hazard and rates him as third best player in world and he knows Hazard will improve that team. Let's just hope he is here next season.
  2. Did not realise that about Benzema but they probably will sell Morata. I think Hazard might want to leave because he has been here for 5 years and might want a new challenge. A lot of European players have that dream of playing for one of them. They are two of the biggest clubs in the world. And let's face it, more times a player does not move, it is not down to him saying, no. All top players they have gone for have not come out and stated they do not want to move. Courtois said he is happy here but once again let's wait until a bid is actually put in. I see reasons why Hazard wants to leave. Arguably the biggest club in the world and he can say he has achieved a lot at Chelsea. Time will tell but I am not as dismissive as you and other's about Real potentially getting him. There is a threat imo.
  3. Well they are competing with Barca. If one team goes for one player who does not interest the other La Liga giant, more times they will get their man. Maybe that was a tactic card used by Woodard but DDG wanted the move and I think Hazard might surprise people in summer by stating he wants to leave. What happens from there, I am not sure. Can't remember with Luiz but did he push for the move. I am stating that if Hazard states his desire to leave for pastures new, puts us in whole new predicament. And no by championship, I refer to that as a league title. If it was Champions League he would of stated 'Champions League'. My point is if they have £100m to spend on him, they prob can stretch that too and they prob will sell Morata or Benzema for a lot of money on top of that. I pray Hazard is here but knowing how much Zidane admires Hazard, I can see them going all out for him this summer. Hopefully Hazard says he is happy to be here so then we just decide he is not available for any price.
  4. I hope so but then you have their ex-president, Calderon claiming that Real can afford £100m for him.
  5. You are really wrong. Hazard said this: "I made clear I had no intention of leaving after such a poor year. I didn’t want to go out like that. If I ever leave, it’ll be after winning a championship. You need to go out on a high so that people remember you for the right reasons." He clearly stated after winning a championship. Can you actually show me proof of them bidding for Neymar. They were interested in him but never materialized into anything more IIRC and he went Barca. If one of the two come in for a player, hard to say no. De Gea would of gone to Real but because of documents not being signed on time, he had to stay. That was another big player, United were about to lose to Real and United were prepared to let him go because he wanted to leave. Pogba would have joined Real as well imo if Real matched United's bid. We are not a selling club but been ages since a club like Barca or Real have pressed us for our top players. This might be a first for a long while since Robben who did not make same type of impact during his time at Bridge. People are being naive if they are dismissing any chance of a deal happening. See above regarding DDG. Courtois they were interested in but they did not actually submit a huge offer for him. Was just rumours and speculation. Hazard too, they never bid for him but now they are showing their intentions.
  6. It all depends on Hazard. Usually when Real want a player, they get. Hazard said himself that he will only consider leaving if we win title which we are on our way to doing. You can't blame if he does want to leave. Been here for what 5 years now and won 2 titles and had memorable moments and I don't think fans can begrudge him of a move. I genuinely think he might want to leave. It is easy to say you are happy but when a bid is actually made from Real, it can turn any player's head.
  7. People are thinking that Ronaldo will be replaced are wrong. Ronaldo will be played as a no.9. That is virtually where he plays nowadays even if he starts at LW, he ends at no.9. He don't have the legs for all the running down the wings as he did before and he is a perfect no.9. Can easily see Real having Ronaldo as their no.9 if they were to get Hazard.
  8. Don't see it happening if Hazard stays because we will not pay over odds for him. If Hazard does leave which I pray does not happen, we can get around £100m for Hazard while paying half for Sanchez and let's be honest they are very similar in terms of quality. I would say we can even increase that to £60m if there was a chance we lose Hazard. Arsenal defo do not want to sell to another English club but if we blow other teams away with what we are offering for Sanchez, Arsenal may have no choice.
  9. As controversial as it sounds he has a point. I love him as do the rest of us but he does not have the top technical skills required of a CM for example to topple other top teams in Europe. His stamina will help rob good teams of possession but in terms of keeping the ball, creating/carving chances and shooting from distance, does not those abilities. Remember, it was not too. It was just 1-2 days before we played them that he was claiming Kante was the best CM in the league so I don't think he said anything that shocking. He genuinely has a point. He is talking as a whole in Europe that he would not call him the best CM in the world. This what he said just before we played them btw: But to sum up there is not a CM with full package. For example Verratti one of the best CM around, is a brilliant passer, dictates the game and has excellent close range dribbling and ball control which Kante does not have but for example what Kante has regarding the stamina, tackles/interception, Verratti does not have.
  10. 4 goals is not a lot to catch up to. Especially when you consider there is still 10 games left, where we have a lot of 'easier' games to play on paper while Everton still have to play us, Arsenal away, United away, Liverpool away and it is noticed he is not as prolific against the bigger teams. We have a lot of teams in bottom half still to play so if Costa plays to his best, not difficult for him to reach up there.
  11. Was thinking that too but yet again we and Costa want him to finish top goalscorer in league.
  12. The more I see of him, just want him here. If it was not for Mourinho we still would have him and KDB. As good as he was for us, he made some f**ked up choices too. Anyway, like said before I am happy with Costa leaving if he is not happy here, only if we get Lukaku who is improving all aspects of his game and is still only 23. 5 years younger than Costa and much more of an athlete. I would be really angry to see Lukaku go to another PL team as he will lead their line for years and should of been ours. Weird that everyone is making us favourites to sign him. Unless we sell Costa, not going to happen but just loving watching him atm and hoping he is here next season.
  13. The only disagreement I have with this is that we have not seen what Lukaku is like for a top club against another top club. Everton are generally bad against big teams so maybe it a case of him not getting service and Everton being outplayed. Costa, has scored in big games but has also had big games where he has been poor or not scored as well tbh. If Costa goes to a major team, maybe he would get a chance of scoring more because his team would get more chances.
  14. Zouma, JT and Ake? Our settled defence is Azpi, Cahill and Luiz. There is no need to rotate the whole defence. It was not a depleted United team for a start. They had a couple key injuries but still not to be underestimated. When you play against a top team you just don't rotate your backline and replace them with your fring players which what all three have been this season. Azpi, Cahill and Luiz don't play again till Monday. Seriously, it might not have the respect it used to do or might not be as big as the PL but it is a big trophy and one that Conte wants to win and one that majority of people take seriously. No manager is ever going to do that against a big team at this stage of the competition it is ludicrous and the fact United had key players missing was our incentive to put them to the sword by going our strongest team to knock another top team out. Zouma, JT and Ake have barely played together this season. Not the game to play all three together pal.
  15. Think about it logically. Seriously. We had a chance (which we took) to get into the semis. United had Ibra and Martial both out. Two key players. Why would we rest our best team to play players who have barely played a part. It would of been stupid. Like someone said, you don't value importance of FA Cup. Other fans have a different mindset and probably is a culture clash thing. Me being British, I have always loved the FA Cup and saw it as a treasured trophy. I know it not might have the seriousness as it did few seasons ago but it still is a big trophy and espec if you are on verge of winning title, winning the FA Cup is a perfect double and at this stage of FA Cup no idiotic manager is going to play fringe players. Makes no sense. Our game is 5 days time after United match. We have no reason to start likes of Chalobah (especially) and not put out our best team. This was United we were playing against, not Wolves. Like I said if you want to see how even foreign managers take FA Cup seriously, look at Guardiola who virtually played his best team against Middlesbrough and have even a tougher and important match on Wednesday. We have no Europe so got to take the FA Cup seriously and I mean playing regular first team players. Only rotations I said should happen is Matic for Fabregas and Willian for Pedro. That is exactly what happened. I just wonder what kind of team you expect us to play if we reach final....