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  1. STATS

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Had Giroud and Hazard converted his excellent lofted passes, he would be receiving a lot more appreciation today. He was our best player by far along with Rudiger imo.
  2. ^^ Caballero is the second choice keeper so he will definitely start.^^ Kovacic will be rested to, most likely for Fabregas or Barkley. But yeah I will be absolutely fuming if I do not see CHO starting from the off. He will tear Clyne apart.
  3. Kante played a box to box role but offered nothing on the ball. We would have been more effective having a player who was more effective offensively. I just think with position Kante is being played in, he needs to do more on the ball and impose himself more on the game.
  4. I might sound harsh but generally think while Kante is a top player he is slightly overrated and is not as effective as he should be in our team. This is not just a knee-jerk reaction. This is me watching several games this season. For a player who has the rep he does, we need more from him and it seems that he is cut a lot of slack. Does his job but can do more. For instance he had a lot better game than Kante today but people seem to slam Jorginho and not Kante who was a total passenger. Jorginho created our best chances today. Hazard had a poor game but hopefully that is a one-off. Other than that he has been top class this season. A shame as that was a chance to go 8 points clear of United and keep level with Liverpool but could have been worse as how Yarmolenko missed that I do not know but another clean sheet anyway . Next week is going to be a true test of our character as this is our biggest test.
  5. Bold move but I would take off Kante and bring on Barkley.
  6. Kante looks much more ineffective in this current position. Noticed this for a few games now.
  7. Can't see what you posted mate.
  8. Giroud played the whole 90 mins yesterday. Pretty sure Morata will start this then Giroud will be back in the lineup against West Ham.
  9. Next week Friday is a £110m super jackpot for Euro Millions. Please message me with the numbers and then I will go half and half. £55m for both of us each
  10. Hazard is currently top scorer in the league!
  11. Most likely be Adam Smith at RB. He got a red card last game but he will miss the game tonight. Smtih is quite good offensively from what I see but Hazard should wreak havoc against any Fb he comes across tbh.
  12. I would keep the same team but maybe put Barkley in for Kovacic. Not because Kovacic was bad or anything, but I think it was harsh for Barkley to be dropped and I don't think Kovacic did much better in his start. Also think Barkley gives us more of a goal threat so would rather him start this game.
  13. STATS

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I disagree about Barkley. He seems to regularly want to run at his man and have a pop. A lot more than RLC. Arsenal was a perfect example when he flicked the ball over the guy's head then dribbled with the ball and hit a very good effort that was well saved by Cech.
  14. What a nerve-wracking, brilliant game of football. From start to finish, was a brilliant game of football. A lot of neutrals for sure will be tuning into our matches this season. Defence for both teams were poor. We kept getting cut open time after time but fortunately poor finishing cost them. We were the better team for majority of the match but when they attacked, they looked really threatening. Iwobi caused Azpi all sorts of problems and Azpi looked really vulnerable and weak. Looks like he needs to hit the weights because Iwobi had the better of him throughout the game on so many occasions and generally looked a lot stronger. Jorginho was very good and my MOTM. Alonso gets his critics but man what he contributes for us cannot be underrated. Even at LB instead of LWB, he still manages to contribute goals and assists. That is 2 games this season and 2 assists and 1 goal. Barkley impressed me as well. When he is running with the ball, he is really threatening and intimidating for the opposition. He forced a really good save out of Cech. The sense of relief I and the stadium had for Morata when he scored was pure gold. So glad for him. What a goal it was . He has kept persisting and has been awarded. We obviously have things to improve on which is natural but 2 games, 2 wind and 6 goals scored. Hopefully we make that 3 out of 3 against Newcastle. Think the team will be the same but maybe Hazard in for Willian if Sarri feels he is ready to start.
  15. STATS

    Too many midfielders?

    We have got a lot of CM which is a good and a bad thing. Realistically in the PL games, Kante and Jorginho are guaranteed starters. The other CM slot has got 5 CM competing for it. Drinkwater should hope for a loan move elsewhere because he will be hugely down the pecking order. I hope he is here but still would not rule out RLC going out on loan by the end of the transfer window. Things change and if it looks like his game time will be limited, he may go out on loan. Similar to what happened with Lukaku when we loaned him out, although he initially said he was going to stay. RLC will get games in Europa League and cup games etc but it is the league where he will want to play and test himself against the best.