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  1. Alonso's ability to find the back of the net for a LB is amazing. What a goal. And despite being battered, positive is Boga has looked confident and is making things happen. Impressed once again and the Premier Sports commentary team seem to be to.
  2. Ignoring this social media issue, Kenedy is being judged harshly imo. His decision making is poor but when we had that awful season before Conte came in, he actually impressed me quite a bit. Very direct, powerful, quite a bit of pace and a decent shot on him. I am not saying he is a wonderkid but no way as bad as some people are making out. There is a good player there. I don't see how people say he has never shown any sign of promise. He impressed me when I first saw him. He had a loan that did not work out but many good players do. Look at Chalobah. Boga. List goes on. Only 21 too and got loads of time to prove himself but whether he gets a proper chance is another thing.
  3. He is right footed but just very good on his left.
  4. 2 brilliant goals, with his weaker foot. His hold up play and back to goal play is brilliant and while not be like Llorente in the air, he is a lot more agile and faster. Got to keep him.
  5. His head defo does not seem focused. Already envisaging playing in blue perhaps...
  6. Boga is such a talent been absolutely breathtaking. I have been raving about this kid from when I first saw him play for our U21 when he was like 14 or something but he was breathtaking. A shame his loans have not worked out because he can be a WC player if he has the platform to prove it. And know this is not knee-jerk reaction. This is from someone who has watched him closely for a long period of years.
  7. The standard of officiating in these games are poor. The officials are just not up to scratch. Iwobi clearly played Fabregas on and we should be 1-0 up and I don't know if anyone watched that Bayern and Arsenal game other day, but Tolisso had a goal ruled offside which was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. Clearly onside. Embarrassing. Boga looking good btw. Good to see.
  8. Remember when we gave Boulahrouz the no.9 shirt. Funny days
  9. Defo excited about the transfer and agree with your statement but he is 25 in 3 months time mate. Still very young age mind you.
  10. Difference is, Messi can feed himself and a lot the goals comes from pure individual genius skill.
  11. I would say Bertrand. Might not be at a top club (yet) but defo made a good career and still can get a big move imo. Probably Liverpool. While you have a point, I am a believer that if you play with top class players, the player will improve. If we bought Dele Alli from MK Dons, he would still be an U21 player and no one would even be mentioning him as a top class player. Iwobi who imo is a good player but looks a lot better of a player than he actually is because he is playing with likes of Sanchez and Ozil whereas if Iwobi went out on loan to a much inferior team, I reckon he would struggle and would not exactly be that good however he is given the chances. Similar to Musonda. If we send him out and Boga to sh*t teams, Granada for instance it is not going to develop the player because they are that bad. If those two, especially Musonda are given the chance to play games with out team, they will really excel imo and long run be considered top players however not if we keep farming them on loan and eventually selling them. Similar with Rashford. If he was here, he prob would be in Abraham's shoes but because he is a talent and being able to play with top players, he is considered a quality prospect and good enough even now. If United sent him out on loan, things may be completely different.
  12. He would look so much better if he is given a chance to play with better players. IMO players like Iwobi are not better than him but because he has been given his breakthrough chance with big players, he has looked a better player. For me, Musonda is a batter player than Iwobi and if he is given a chance here, can prove to be a very valuable asset. His talent is unreal.
  13. If he goes United, this will hurt 10 times more than it was seeing KDB flourish post-Chelsea. I won't get over this for a while, especially as he is still only 24 ffs and can be scoring bagful of goals for a near decade. And especially more so that if the board were not so nitty picky with their dealings, he would easily be a Chelsea player by now. Furious about this. And to all teams United and Mourinho!
  14. Will be fuming if he goes United. Would put us in a such a dilemma. But for United to have Morata and Lukaku would be ludicrous on our part. I hope by tomorrow this rumour turns out to be bullsh*t because right now Lukaku is the best possible striker for us to get in terms of realism.