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  1. That 1st goal from Hazard was reminiscent of a goal he scored 4 years ago in the same month against Newcastle when we beat them 3-0. He scored a hattrick that day, but his second goal was that excellent one-two with Eto'o and the quality finish which he placed in the corner of the net. Would love someone to post a clip of that. Was a brilliant goal and similar to the one he scored today. I think that game against Newcastle was when people really started to take notice of how special a player we had.
  2. Apart from Kylian Hazard, I am pretty sure every member of the 'U21' is under 18 which is a terrific experience and run. This team conquered many first teams which is a terrific achievement when looking at competing on a physical level. Had Musonda not gone out on loan, he probably would have been the difference tonight but either way, the boys done brilliant, competing against men. Tonight was never going to be easy. Lincoln have been excellent this season and formidable at home. Shame on the pens too as even the missed ones were well taken but luck was not with us. Majority of these can now look ahead to the Youth Cup tie against Spurs next Tuesday
  3. Just like his brother... Kylian took that like his brother in cool fashion.
  4. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Well, without trying to cause a stir, you are slightly backtracking. You are making it sound now and in posts further on from the one you made here that no one knew he was going to be that good and also that leaving helped him develop into a better player which is fair enough. However that is not what I am disputing. Your first initial comment was that he would not improve us now and that Liverpool are not better with him. That was in October and I thought that was a very harsh comment. I challenged you about that opinion a month later as he still kept scoring. You stated you stand by those comments and that "I don't think he'd get into our team, even now. He's in a purple patch of form right now but I would be very surprised if he maintained that for much longer". So three months passed by that he is still scoring and the top scorer and surely you would agree he would get in our team now. You stood by those comments continuously regarding that he has not improved Liverpool, nor that would he get in our team and that you would be very surprised if he continued with his form. Salah did not get enough playing time to state he was the worst performing players. FWIW, thought he showed promise and just needed a couple of loans.
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    For the third time? You can't seriously stand by those comments and justify it? :D The guy has over 30 goals and is literally the full package.
  6. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Let's not forget how he tore apart Atletico's defence all game too. Was a nightmare for Godin all night long. Short-term memory is a funny but popular thing with some fans, it seems.
  7. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    3 strikers he means is, Morata, (Giroud or Dzeko) and Hazard.
  8. This is complacency at it's best. Ampadu is never going to start this. I get he is a good prospect but Conte is not going to throw Ampadu in like that, especially resting Kante. Top 4 is at stake here. Barkley I doubt too because he just is not 100% match fit. Emerson is not going to be plucked into the first 11 within 1 day of joining. Alonso will start. Your treating this game as if this was the Carabao cup game which took a last minute winner, unless you are getting the two confused. This is the Premier League!! Let me reiterate.
  9. Typical footballer's car. They love those car.
  10. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I will take him. His minute to goal ratio is excellent and the amount of goals he got for Arsenal coming from the bench. That may be a huge bonus for us as the season goes on plus he scores goals with his foot and head. Some top goals too.
  11. Good, convincing win. Reacted positively and hopefully that gets the team back on high confidence after the Arsenal loss. Bats, Hazard, Alonso were noteworthy performers but I will give my MOTM to Zappacosta. He was magnificent. He took his man on as much times as he could and was successful almost every time. Put in some brilliant crosses too, had a very good effort which was matched by a good save and a fantastic run and piece of skill got us the free kick which Alonso scored. He was top notch. Was go glad to see Hudson-Odoi come on. At first, Conte looked like he was going to send on Ampadu and Fabregas which would of annoy me being in a comfortable lead, you want to see your attacking, flair players come on. Showed a few nice touches and passes when he came on too. He has deserved it because Hudson-Odoi has been outstanding for development teams this season.
  12. He barely has put a foot wrong since joining and he was unlucky tonight with the 2 goals conceded. Other than that, thought he was solid for most of the night. He has been one of the unsung heroes for the season.
  13. Bakayoko has been really impressive out there. Has bossed the game.
  14. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Was watching the complete highlights show in Chelsea TV. Man this kid is brilliant. Our U23 had a game against Sunderland which we won 5-0 and he scored a hattrick. His second goal was out of this world. It then showed our U18 Youth Cup game against WBA. His first goal was a solo effort from starting just in front of the half-way line and must of gone past 5-7 players and finessed shot into the net. I hope someone can get a clip of it. Just magnificent. Almost Messi-like
  15. Finally a nice convincing and emphatic win. Hazard was a joy to watch from the beginning and so glad Conte let him play the whole 90. This game is proof that you keep your best player on the pitch at all times unless victory is all but sealed. The biggest smile I had on my face however was before the game started. So glad we went 3-4-3. Just much more fluid and takes the pressure off Hazard as you have the other winger in Willian causing havoc however him in the 3-5-2 requires way too much reliance on Hazard. I hope Conte persists with 3-4-3 more against lower placed opposition. Just gives the opposition more breathing space. The whole team impressed bar Alonso who was a little below-par but would like to give credit to Bakoyoko. Another impressive showing today. Switched off a couple times however looked really impressive and quite a monster out there with his power and you saw that Yaya Toure ability when he is able to accelerate with the ball. Gives us a good added goal difference too and we have a few nice fixtures in league coming up so good that we ended the little rut. Bring on Arsenal!