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  1. LOL. You are bloody hilarious
  2. Yeah, was so pissed of when that happened. I enjoyed your posts on that forum. Was very harsh. I got banned to however they then removed the ban after few months after having a chat with other mods/admins. Man we had some characters on there. Was much fun before. Ok, and the guy who won the golden boot is the guy you claimed was sh*t. That shows how much of a troll and pathetic you are. You went through all that on a forum and you were not being genuine? Man you are crazy and it is actually scary. Not that I believe that bullsh*t excuse anyway but wow something is not right with you. Good on winning money for Kane. Now put that into getting some sort of help by a psychiatirist.
  3. Yeah, pal, on both. Was quite fun the banter we had down there. Was off their for a bit due to disagreements between a mod but back on their now. It is actually worring. He has the cheek to hit back at people who criticised Pedro yet when he gets hit the same with Kane, he has a cheek to say he was being sarcastic. Hilarious
  4. Just shut up. Your embarrassing yourself you utter bufoon. Your actually disturbed. You got caught out and use that stupid cop out excuse. Clown Yeah, mate, I am all good. Nice to catch up on here. Noticed a few from Talkchelsea on here. This brings back memories How is all for you pal?
  5. What a liar. Me and you were always going back and forth because you were chatting endless sh*t on his thread in the other forum. Let's get a list of your quotes: " he is nothing more then a flash in a pan player, once defenders work him out and he goes through a run of games without scoring the hype train will stop and he will probably have a career as an average PL striker never good enough to play for a top club. " "He really isnt anything special at all, his movement is average if you compare it with guys like Costa, Higuain, Bacca and Tevez all who have excellent movement, his hold up play and link up play also isnt great, no where near as good as players like Lewnadowski, Costa, Ibrahimovic and Benzema, his all round game is pretty average, he is just going through a good run of form, something we have seen many many times from players in the PL. Remy is a better striker then Kane as is Demba Ba, if you want to believe the hype then its up to you, but watchng him play he really doesnt look like someone who is ever going to be world class." Then in one of your other dual account, you labelled him as a "fraud and said "waiting STATS excuse" which you aimed at me then another you said " is Kane going to go on another run of 1 goal in 13 games again now? #Fraud " The evidence is all there mate. You little liar. Didierforever was largely part of those conversations too. So don't lie and accept you were proven wrong you little liar
  6. 24 goals is still an excellent achievement either way. You will be silenced when we put in a bid for him anyway. And oh the top goalscorer was Kane who you claimed was a one-season wonder back on Talkchelsea and claimed he was average Bet you retract that comment now.
  7. The amount of sh*t he writes his amazing. Don't know how he is allowed to continue to do so. He makes a lot of mistakes similar to the one you wrote. Last season, he made a such an error than had to amend the whole thing because he cocked up the whole thing. Can't remember the specifics but many times, he has made errors like this. Such a laughing stock
  8. I don't have a problem not being favourites. I embrace it. City and United were favourites ahead of us this season and look at the margin we finished ahead of both. I prefer not being favourites.
  9. He seems to not have posted for a few days. Went on his profile and he defo has been logging in but maybe the mods have seen sense and banned the clown. Just look at his avatar. Lukaku 36 thing which a lot of people won't understand. Has a lot of growing up to do. This was a same guy I was having constant debates with last season in the other forum about Kane being a very good striker and he disregarded him as a one-season wonder. Not worth taking seriously.
  10. The last few games including today has probably done him enough to earn his place in the squad next season. Really happy that let's face it after a tough season for him, he has finished on a really good not. 4 goals in his last 3 games and scored the one that won us the title. Well done Bats!
  11. Mustafi injured too. Not sure how long. Mertasacker might have to be pulled in from the dark Sanchez gone off injured too
  12. Clucas is a legend. Courtois gets that golden glove award
  13. Still got the game recorded on my sky recording box, 5 years down the line and don't think I will ever delete it. Best moment of my night!
  14. You make it sound as if he is finished. He has showed signs of rustiness but he just needs regular football. I see your point though, but both players have age on their side. Zouma will still develop into a top defender imo.
  15. That was with his weaker foot as well which makes it even more of an exceptional goal.