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  1. That celebration shows a lot. A player who is so eager to just play football and prove how good he is. That was really touching seeing that. Hopefully Musonda grows from here and turns out to be a top player because he has the ability to do so.
  2. The way they are going on, you would have thought Arsenal won the bloody game. It was a 0-0 draw and they did not win. They had just under 10 mins to snatch a victory against 10 men and did not. Talking about all their defenders played a brilliant game. If Pedro scored that goal in the first half from the ball Fabregas did, whose fault would that have been? All three of Arsenal's defence for playing a high line but did not pick up on that. Morata was great nor poor and eh caused them problems. The most biased post-match reaction ever. Just because we were favourites they are going OTT with Arsenal's performance.
  3. Acc your right. On look in morning, there is a whole list of tickets available. Still expect it to a good turnout.
  4. Just went on there now. It says no tickets available.
  5. Second half he improved massively. Like you said, made couple vital headed clearances and also ran the channels well and created couple good opportunities. Was amazing the way he outpaced Alderwerield and nearly carved out a goalscoring opportunity. Looking forward to seeing him play against Everton when for 1 game he will actually have better service. First game, he was playing with a 10 man team. Today he was isolated againsta team dominating much of the ball. He will score goals for fun once he is being fed the ball more. Espec when Hazard is back.
  6. Tammy Abraham

    Definitely.He has impressed in pre-season too. Picked up a slight injury in Swansea's win over Sampdoria but should be fit enough for this Saturday. Llorent is expected to miss Swansea's first 2 games at least. Guess who Swansea play in their 2nd game? Mourinho's United. Should be starting that and hopefully does us a big favour.
  7. This season just has a feeling of deja-vu to it as in a repeat of 15/16 season. We come back from winning the title then lost to community shield 1-0 to Arsenal then had a awful PL season. I have already been feeling pessimistic before this game as I am not content about the transfer dealings and lack of squad depth. If Pedro is indeed suspended, we need to get busy this week in so many different departments. Look at Arsenal's offensive options for instance compared to us and this is with Sanchez and Ozil not even playing and they are still going after Lemar. This is what we need to be doing and the board's philosophy is getting really worrying. Luiz and Kante were excellent today I thought though. Big week ahead and Conte needs the board backing because right now with the squad we have, see zero chance of us retaining title yet alone sustaining a title challenge and that is not a knee-jerk reaction. That is my genuine belief.
  8. Virgil Van Dijk

    For a tema who has aspirations of winning the league and CL, Azpi at RWB is a no go. Short term or for cover or rotation yes, but long term you need a much more offensive player in that position.
  9. That is my point. Ivanovic played the league game as it is not considered a 'competitive' fixture so Moses therefore can play, this Sunday I assume.
  10. I think that is a mistake. Players in previous years have been available to play in CS but then played first game of season. Smalling and Ivanovic springs to mind.
  11. A lot of confusion around this. I am sure Moses is available to play this game as it is considered by the FA as a 'friendly'. So Moses will be able to play this Sunday, however will be suspended against Burnley as far as I understand.
  12. Matic

    What the club are thinking strengthening another rival I do not know and United of all teams espec after Lukaku thing should be a no go. Even if it is a very good offer, United are a much stronger force with Matic in. He will allow Pogba to be much more of an offensive threat next season and I believe Pogba is going to be on another level this season. Concerns me about how much the board are always happy to receive money without realising bigger implications.
  13. I was surprised at this. Bats has been playing CF throughout all of pre-season. Be interesting to see what Conte does against Arsenal. Morata needs the fitness.
  14. Either way, some are content to sell to United. Some people literally disregard him as useless which is ridiculous. He started majority of games for a team who dominated league last season and no it was not Kante carrying him.
  15. Matic is severely underappreciated here.