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  1. He's just jealous. I'm so happy we have Conte.
  2. Are we any chance of signing this guy? Brilliant player.
  3. He sold to Wenger.
  4. F*** it's depressing reading these forums sometimes. It's funny how we are actually witnessing greatness under Conte but we still want more.
  5. Tottenham aren't catching us and they're two points behind City (ten in total), not one. The only team that could possibly catch us is City. I hope Arsenal and Liverpool do us a favour and take some points off them.
  6. City are now our biggest threat after closing the gap and are looking ominous. The league is far from over.
  7. -------------------------------------Courtois ---------Azpillicueta----------------Luiz--------------------Christensen Fabinho---------------Kante--------------------Bakayoko-------------Ghoulam -----------Mahrez--------------------------------------------Hazard -------------------------------------Costa
  8. Kante got absolutely mauled by Wanyama and I would not want to rely on winning second balls every game. At least Matic has some presence and makes it somewhat difficult for opposition midfielders to win aerial duels. If it was just Kante and Verratti they would get towered over and it would really make things difficult for us. We'd lose possession after most goal kicks and we'd struggle defending set pieces. I really like the look of Bakayoko. He's a monster. He's only 22 years old and has been Monaco's most important player this season. He can dribble, pass, tackle and intercept. Reminds me of a prime Yaya Toure.
  9. Verratti and Kante would get dominated in the air playing 3-4-3. We would lose so many 50/50 balls and they would also get physically out-muscled by more powerful midfielders.
  10. Hopefully he's playing with Verratti ;)
  11. It's a tough one because we were a title-winning side before Kante came to us. All we needed was some rejuvenation and we got that from our manager, so if I had to credit one person for our season so far it would be the person that orchestrated it all. Kante and Luiz have just played their roles exceptionally well.
  12. Sadio Mane
  13. Must just be me, but the media haven't stopped talking about Chelsea and what a wonderful job Conte has done.
  14. Wonder if Rose will cry again if we beat them.