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  1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    My sources are telling me that we're after Aubameyang. She tells me that we have baulked at the Morata fee and aren't prepared to cough up that much for a bench player. Can confirm we won't sign Morata unless Real Madrid drop their asking price below £50m. Take that one to the bank. But word coming in is that we have turned our attention to PEA. I expect this one to get done as the player wants the move (unlike Sandro) and Dortmund are prepared to sell.
  2. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Is this guy swimming across the English Channel for his medical?
  3. Random Rumours

    So if Moses, Matic and Cahill remain starters and we are replacing Costa with an inferior Morata then we have obviously made our starting XI worse...
  4. Alvaro Morata

    He is. Couldn't start at Juve or displace a woefully out of form Benzema at RM. Doesn't have any real strengths that will make him a potent striker. Has never had a prolific season and has never lead the line at a top club before.
  5. Random Rumours

    Tell me where the improvement comes from? No doubt I will just cop abuse for my post but I'd actually like someone to engage me politely and put forward a rational argument that counteracts anything I've said. Some people just don't like the truth and as soon as someone dares to speak up about it they just get personally attacked and called out as "negative".
  6. Alvaro Morata

    This guy is rubbish.
  7. Random Rumours

    Lol if we replace Costa, Matic, Moses and Cahill with Morata, Bakayoko, Danilo and Rudiger we are actually going backwards. I can already see us trying to replace these extremely average players this time next year. Our infamous transfer window where we signed Pedro, Begovic, Rahman, etc would even be better. The truth is we struggle attracting quality players. Even as champions we couldn't sign Lukaku. If we think Real Madrid's scraps, Roma's worst starting defender and Monaco's biggest donkey are going to improve us then we are wrong. There are/were actually very good players available this window. Dahoud, Silva, Aurier, Fabinho, Aubameyang, Belotti, Koulibaly, Alves, van Dijk, etc. yet here we are trying (and struggling) to sign overpriced garbage.
  8. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Fake news. Sky just want people to put money on it. There are so many reasons why this would never happen.
  9. Andrea Conti

    Don't worry. All will be revealed and I will be proven correct when Sandro signs a contract extension and recommits to Juve. You'll hear it straight from the horse's mouth. In the mean time, you'll just have to tune in and follow the facts as I have done. Feel free to hit me up whenever something I have said has been disproved and I'll happily admit I'm wrong. Enjoy your day pal.
  10. Andrea Conti

    It's common knowledge that Juventus don't hold players against their will and this was also confirmed recently through a public statement. If Sandro wanted to leave and Juventus received a "significant" bid for him then they would sell him. The only reason why they would keep him is because they've established that he is happy to stay. As that is the case, they will now negotiate a new contract for him and he will be rewarded accordingly. These days players hold all the power and if they really wanted to force a move they could. If you want proof, watch this thing unfold over the next couple of weeks when Sandro recommits to Juventus and we are left with our dick in our hands. If you have followed this well enough you'd have a good idea of which journalists are truthful and which ones are leading you on. Unfortunately I think you're having trouble making that distinction.
  11. Andrea Conti

    I don't give a sh*t what your eyes tell you. Sandro will not hand in a transfer request because he doesn't want to leave. If he wanted to leave, he would push for it. Pretty simple stuff really. Happy to admit I'm wrong if you can prove otherwise.
  12. Andrea Conti

    If he wanted to leave he would've pushed for the move. We tried and we couldn't pull it off now the rumour is dead in the water. Zero chance of it happening. Come back to me when you can prove otherwise. Otherwise run along with your deluded mate.
  13. Andrea Conti

    Yeah go ahead.
  14. Andrea Conti

    Yeah. Why?