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  1. Dortmund's Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has purchased a property in Neuilly-sur-Seine ahead of a possible move to PSG, according to Tanziloic
  2. Is Bernadeschi any good?
  3. 90 million could buy almost any player in the world. Would make me sick if we spent that much on Lukaku. I would rather we bought Aubameyang and played him up top with Costa.
  4. Apparently Conte wants Perisic as a wingback, not as a forward. I would be OK with this as long as we're not spending heaps.
  5. Have a feeling this window is going to be exactly like the last few. A lot of d*cking around and no massive names.
  6. Is Sanchez, Verratti, Lukaku, VVD and some wing backs too much to ask?
  7. Did anyone watch him and Kante get destroyed against Spain?
  8. No thanks.
  9. He's barely been injured this season. Just out of favour. And because on his day he's one of the best strikers in the league.
  10. What's everyone's thoughts on Daniel Sturridge as a backup striker? Klopp doesn't like him and he's almost third in the pecking order at Liverpool. He'd be second choice here but I think he would play a lot considering how many games we will have. We need a deeper squad if we are to contend on all fronts. He could also play as a second striker in a 3-5-2 and would add greater flexibility to our squad. People tend to forget how good he was for Liverpool in 2013/14 because he was overshadowed by Suarez. Obviously there are question marks surrounding his fitness but he was actually match fit for a large chunk of the season. He was just never selected on game day. I think he would complement Lukaku well. Two ex Chelsea boys firing us to CL glory ;)
  11. Lukaku is a beast and will only improve both his performances and his mentality in a stronger side.
  12. I'm in the pro Keita party but those rankings are sh*te haha
  13. But he has really good YouTube videos so that must mean he's world class. Aren't YouTube videos an absolute indication of a player's quality?
  14. If he's a very good player but his YouTube highlights aren't then I think we should pass. What's the point in buying someone if he can't dab and rabona?