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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    This is what I like i about him too. No embarrassing of field dramas and constantly getting in the news. Once the game is over we never hear from him again till the next fixture. Even opposition fans who despised us are now warming to us because of him.
  2. Jose Mourinho thread

    And they say I don't live in reality
  3. Jose Mourinho thread

    We? You and your fellow Jose arse lickers? And here I was thinking you lot liked me for continually attacking Mourinho. silly me
  4. It should happen either today or tomorrow because he needs to be banned for the next game.
  5. It was the right decision by the referee. It was pretty obvious that their aim was to use rotational fouling on hazard by using different players and he nipped in the bud real quick.
  6. Still waiting for Rojo's charge. It's coming isn't it?
  7. Jose Mourinho thread

    Football is an emotional game. People expecting us to just ignore Jose's comments because it's all an act must think we are robots. if that was the case no one would even bother getting excited at the game because it's just 22 men kicking a ball around. How's that exciting?
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Just oozes class from every pore. We really are lucky to have him.
  9. Jose Mourinho thread

    Usually happens when your team beats a bitter rival. I understand with your split loyalties between Jose and Chelsea you're very confused right now and that's okay. Me, I'm 100% chelsea so I don't have that problem. Like @Ernie_blue said, I'm running out of tissues.
  10. Some of these Mourinho fanboys seem distraught at Jose losing than the club they support winning. Amazing. I mean there's nothing wrong with supporting Mourinho as he means a lot to our history but surely your loyalty should be 100% chelsea. Weird.
  11. I'm reading his posts in this thread and at times I had to check to see if I wasn't on Redcafe. f**king hell.
  12. Surely Rojo will get a ban for this.
  13. Really enjoyed that. God I love this club.