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  1. Wow we finally agree on something
  2. I think the system suits him pretty well.
  3. Phenomenal performance again today.
  4. He drops Matic and brings on Fabregas who goes on to have a MOTM display. Almost as if he's knows what he's doing.
  5. f**king hell. Leicester are now in the relegation zone.
  6. Mourinho using something that has nothing to do with him to draw attention to himself? Come on Argo don't be so ridiculous.
  7. Yep. Matic starts against the big boys and cesc comes on late on and vice versa.
  8. We were pretty comfortable in defence bar a last minute drop in concentration. I think I'll be worried if our defence keeps giving away chances which so far they haven't.
  9. Are you still whining about this? f**king hell. He came on and helped the team win just like everyone today. Just enjoy the victory will you.
  10. Hazard's been brilliant today.
  11. Costa keeps giving the f**king ball away, every attack.
  12. f**king get in. Now keep your concentration.
  13. Really can't afford to drop points in this game. Need the win. Come on Chelsea.