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  1. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Probably a tad early to surrender just now and start lynching the generals. Typical us, a team of two halves, a ref (they're all biased), and a team of good pros having a cup final against last years champs. Ha, football. Thank God it isn't the only thing in life, although it is a bit hard to think that the team I love have apparently been amateurs for most of the last 47 years I've been following them. Sad!
  2. Possibly in the wrong team's forum, matey!
  3. So, we have the most possession. Arsenal 2 chance, us one. Arsenal dominate first 20 minutes we are pretty much in control in the latter half of the half. First game of the season and my aren't we just the best most loyal fans in the world! Well done mr Moses! KTBFFH
  4. Moments of interest in the game so far! Mertesaker heading Cahill's elbow with his nose. I think we won that one.
  5. 0-1 Chelsea (Cahill 33')
  6. Any good links to the match anywhere?
  7. What are you listening to?

    Tal Wikenfield.
  8. Antonio Rudiger

    He looks pretty good to me. Young, athletic, smart. tackles well, passes well, scores. Who does he replace? Well, I reckon he could even play in front of the back three. It's all a lottery in the end but he looks a good bet. A good buy!
  9. What are you listening to?

    Post Modern Jukebox.
  10. Tough to play against a well drilled Manc double decker bus dancing team. The only times I got worried were when I took a glance at this forum for the obligatory alternate reality check. I would never have known just how badly we were doing camped in the Manc half with 70% possession otherwise..
  11. I thought "Demote Moses to the wilderness squad." was pretty damning of the post as a sombre critique, but if the ruse held all the way to the last sentence then I'm awarding myself a Harvey Wallbanger.
  12. only after I read these match day forums each week.
  13. Dunno. Didn't understand your question so I threw in some random answers.
  14. Inter Galactic champions or bust? It never ends............
  15. Clinging on by our fingertips there. . Definitely demote Moses to the wilderness squad. But who knows, this dire win might kick start our season in the prem.