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  1. RIP Tom Petty

    Just for telling Eddie Hazel to play this track as though his mother had just died is already enough to make Clinton a legend, and Eddie Hazel too...................ONE TAKE!!!! R.I.P Tom Petty.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Cleveland's finest purveyors of Avant-Garage for the last 40 years. Pere Ubu.
  3. Alvaro Morata

  4. Willian

    They probably check out these fan forums.
  5. Andreas Christensen

    Rumour must have damned good hearing to have heard what those few words were about.
  6. Sh@t happens. Some of you need to take up smoking. :)
  7. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    It's full of eastern european aristocracy. Noisy buggers!
  8. We officially have an incompetent board

    Well at least that is a moderation on this..........."with this mentality there's absolutely no chance you'd be able to run a successful business, for one" I think some of those criticising you would surprise you greatly with what they can and have done. To me your approach to being a fan seems arid and narrow.These players and people you dismiss with a wave of your keyboard are people who are real and part of a living breathing thing called Chelsea football club. It has a heart and a soul and a long history in which this era is the most spectacular and extraordinary. Try knowing the value of what you have rather than just the cost or the ratings.
  9. We officially have an incompetent board

    I don't know who you are, but I'd hazard a guess that you are living in a very small universe.
  10. We officially have an incompetent board

    Did it ever occur to you that you are at completely the wrong club? You hate everything about it, the board, the players, and probably all those of us who don't hate the club.
  11. Chopper article - telegraph anyone ?

    According to the UK inflation calculator, in 1980 Chopper was earning about £1,121 a week in 2017 money. I recall reading in about 1983 that some top players in the 1st division were earning £800 ish, and I'm pretty sure there were a couple at Liverpool earning close to £2,000. I do recall being amazed about it all though. Seems nothing now, but sportsmen earning that kind of money a week back then seemed somehow shocking.
  12. Well I'm loving this. What a great game, and now with the usual Chelsea drama. Who'd have even dreamt we'd have nights like this on a regular basis, even just 20 years ago. LOL. KTBFFH.
  13. He's only repeating the attitude he finds here amongst the Fans.
  14. ChelseaTV - Your view?

    It seems a small price to pay for keeping up with the news, the academy, the ladies etc etc etc, and you get to see all of the recent match replayed about 4 times in full. £5 a month with a month free, or £49 for the year. Excellent value.
  15. Stoke's version of unlucky to lose is simply unlucky to meet a team like us, doing what we do: winning. It's why you're here, whatever team you actually support.