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  1. Far more excited about the prospect of Tolisso than Bakayoko. As mentioned, he's a player very good at doing pretty much everything, and he's also far more capable in attack than Matic and Bakayoko put together. However, I definitely wouldn't be against getting both of them and Matic leaving, as whilst the difference between Bakayoko and Matic may be not that great currently, he's much younger so in theory has a much higher potential. If we can be in a position where we're not relying on him that'll help.
  2. He was born in France, and has played at a few Ligue 1 sides before, so it's very likely he might prefer to go to PSG. Plus, he's got a much better chance of winning titles and a regular go at the CL every year with well as the huge wages they can offer! Of course, maybe he just wants a house in his home is just outside Paris though. Shame, as I'd be excited to see him here, but there you go!
  3. It's a shame this was the last game of the season. If we'd have have lifted the PL trophy after this then I'd be a lot less bothered, I just hate ending such a great season on a low. However, we are champions, and that's something that still feels a bit like a dream! We were hoping for top 4, and got way more than that. I've missed the feeling of a cup final, and whilst I hate the feeling of losing, at least it's better than the numbness of just watching other teams compete in them all the time. FA Cup winners are remembered for a few days, but they'll all be reminded who the champions are for the next 12 months The one thing that stood out to me was we didn't seem to have the attitude of serial winners, who want to win anything and everything put in front of them, no matter what they've won before. We've seen that before with our golden generation, but not so much in recent squads. Hopefully that's something Conte can work on, and I think a big part of that is bringing in new players with a fresh hunger and desire. Gonna be a big summer to avoid previous mistakes.
  4. I have to admit, I've missed the feeling of being in a cup final! Not the nerves so much the BBQ chicken wings and beers in, and ready to make the most of it! As long as our players haven't got complacent like they say, we surely have too much for them? Especially without their best defender.
  5. I seem to remember them doing early business when Pep joined, signing Nolito etc., and now Nolitos leaving. Didn't help then, hopefully won't now! Also surely in attack isn't where their weaknesses lie? They were scoring plenty without Silva. I'll be worried if they sign some proper defenders and a midfielder though. I have to say I like Silva though; on the ball he has fantastic close control and poise to wriggle out of most tight situations. He'd be an upgrade on Sterling for sure! Never thought he'd come to us anyway though, a team like City is closer to how Monaco play. Hopefully we can make a statement or two in due time...
  6. Same. I wasn't unhappy with him last season, but I try not to think too much about anyone's performance last year if I'm honest There's probably a lot to be said for a bit of competition, and Pedro has definitely provided that this season, along with Conte occasionally only going with the two attackers. I personally really like him anyway, his directness is something defenders hate, he loves to carry the ball out from midfield, and he's generally pretty good at. As an 'impact sub' later in the game, or in a rotation with someone else, I think he's a great player to have. And as we all know, he hates Tottenham, so he can't be all bad. That 'brushing the champions badge' thing he did in the Battle of the Bridge game last year was brilliant
  7. Plenty of United fans going on about winning 'the treble', 'in Jose we trust', blah blah. Shows how far they've fallen. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather win 3 finals and get in the CL that way than finish 3rd, but have some self-respect; they were the 3 most irrelevant finals. Still more silverware than Spurs this season though, unless we count the Jermaine Jenas trophy of course.
  8. That's exactly what they've done with PSG, but as you say, we're champions with a new headline-grabbing deal with them, whereas PSG were runners-up and epic bottlers this season!
  9. Talking of Liverpool missing out on Europe, the one thing that's really bothered me is that everyone claims "of course Chelsea won the league, they had no European matches to worry about"; well neither did Liverpool, and they're struggling to make top 4! It'd be hilarious if they missed out on the CL again, just because I struggle to think of a fan base that feels they 'deserve' success more...ignoring Spurs/Jermaine Jenas this season of course! Also because if we don't win it, we know arsenal and spurs will bottle it, and city I have no real feelings on. Not sure I can cope with another 'Istanbul 2005' love-fest.
  10. As a Lille fan (it's where my family are from - they're still second to Chelsea, promise!), I tend to watch a lot of Ligue 1, and agree that Bakayoko looks fairly average. He has been a useful presence in the centre of the midfield with his strength, but some of his passing and decision making is nowhere near where we'd need it to be. He also has the tendency to get caught on the ball, which could cause problems with our tactic of playing out of trouble. I paid attention to him tonight against Lille, and he was clumsy and wasted some good counter-attacking opportunities with poor passes. From the Monaco team, Mbappe is clearly the real deal, Lemar is talented and could benefit from another season there, Silva is probably ready for a move and Sidibe/Mendy look good too. Bakayoko would probably be bottom of my list in honesty. However, if Conte sees something he can work with and improve, then I'm happy to stick by a decision to buy him. We've all seen how Luiz, Alonso and Moses have surpassed our expectations under Conte, and Bakayoko is young and does have a lot of positive qualities too.
  11. As many have said, the 2004/2005 title will obviously be special; I remember thinking how crazy it was that we'd won the league, as growing up I'd never even really considered it. I didn't support Chelsea because they were always top of the league, I just liked watching them play and guys like Zola (and my dad is a fan too), so it was extra special to get such a huge prize! I still remember that game against Bolton and celebrating Lampard's goal like crazy. Second time was kind of an extension of the 04/05 win to me, and secured our place at the 'top table' of English football. Being at school with loads of United, Arsenal and Liverpool fans, it was nice to get the chance to be the one doing all the gloating! During Ancelotti's time I was just starting university, so I'll admit that whole period is a little hazy and obviously could never live up to the first time, but it was nice to be back on top. I enjoyed the 2015 title; the return of Jose, the football we played in the first half of the season, but limping across the line and the disastrous title defence that followed soured it for me. I have a 'Champions 2014/15' pint glass that didn't turn up until almost the start of the new season, so it's seen very little use! As for this years title win, I am absolutely LOVING it, and it has to be one of my favourite so far, second only to that first time. The way Conte turned things around from the incredible lows of last season, the return of David Luiz as a key member of the team, the togetherness and team spirit, turning United over at the Bridge and finally putting Jose in the past, and of course all the great football we've played and goals we've scored. I know a lot of people focus on the defensive aspect, but no-one can deny how breathtaking the likes of Hazard, Pedro and Costa have been at times this season. Michy coming on to get the goal that sealed it feels like peak 'Conte's Chelsea' to me, and summed up the whole season and the way that pretty much everyone in the squad has contributed to this seasons success in some way.
  12. Yeah, knocking out a Barca team featuring one of the very best players of a generation, and shutting them out pretty conclusively, is quite an achievement. Monaco have very little experience in their side by comparison, and have done brilliantly to make it to the last 4. Ligue 1 title and CL semis must go down as a good season for them, especially if they can keep the bulk of the team from being picked apart, and bring through some more exciting players to replace the couple who move on for big money. This game will be a huge learning experience for all of them, they haven't faced a team with this quality and experience before, and in fairness Juve are most capable of putting up a fight against Real for a good final.
  13. It's a shame Boro need something from this game as much as we do, as they showed against City they're not necessarily going to be a pushover. However, being away from the Riverside and at the Bridge will hopefully take the edge off them, and let's face it, we're a better team than City overall this season. I'm sure it's been said that we have several 'cup finals' left, but I'm confident Conte can keep everyone focused, and our squad is full of experienced winners so hopefully that sees us through.
  14. I'd also add that opening goal in the league game against United at SB. I can't think of anyone else from our squad that'd be buzzing around the defence like that, and he showed his speed, control and finishing ability to put it in the net. I've no doubt Jose would've had a defensive game plan, and that blew it out the water. I'm a big fan, but even I thought he was having a bad game...then he sticks it in the top corner! He works very hard and finds space well, makes good runs etc and eventually that pays off, as it did yesterday. Only a top class player can pull something from nothing like that. That's not to say there aren't upgrades out there, but he's played a big part in our season and is clearly a team player, so I imagine Conte is a big fan!
  15. Yeah, I don't think Monaco not selling would be a problem; their current system is based on finding new talent, then selling on for a profit believe. just look at their squad, all the most talked about players are young guys like Mbappé, Bernardo Silva, Lemar, Bakayoko, Sidibé, Mendy etc. They'll probably sell a handful and find a load more! Probably got them lined up already. Then the proceeds pay Falcao and Moutinhos wages