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  1. Agreed, there was a moment when he threw himself into a 50/50 slide challenge and managed to win a throw-in from it. Definitely doesn’t seem as afraid to get stuck in as Baka, probably because he’s used to the midfield battles in the Prem.
  2. Yeah, I was quite surprised when I actually looked at who was 6th and below, but I think it's just a normal mid-table churn; Everton lost their best player and 'did a Spurs' with the money and completely imploded, the likes of West Ham, Palace etc. have had similar collapses for one reason or another whereas Burnley, Watford etc. have quietly sorted themselves out. I don't think it's a case of the mid-table being worse, just some teams are playing better than we're used to, with the others doing particularly poorly. I'm interested to see how Spurs do from here, as they've done very well in the Champions League, but are having a rough time in the PL. I feel like they still have a good first choice 11, but are in need of a bit of a freshen up and to inject some new energy and competition into the side, as I feel they're in danger of shifting from 'consistent' to 'stagnant' when it comes to their squad.
  3. Eden Hazard

    Of all the rumoured swap deals, one for Asensio isn't the worst; certainly I'd prefer that compared to the James Rodriguez rumours. However, I'd much rather Hazard stayed! He has some good history here now, as well as the opportunity to create more in the future and become a club legend, something that's getting rarer in football these days. He's also got a great relationship growing with Morata, and also Cesc. You do wonder how he'd cope at Real, as they're very demanding of their 'Galacticos', and we've all seen how brutal they can be when they think players aren't performing. I'm not sure it's an environment Eden would thrive in, based on his personality and comments and stuff in the past. I also wonder if there's a limit to how many Spanish players Conte would want in the squad? I seem to remember reading something about him not wanting cliques etc. in the team. We have a fair few Spaniards already, but at the moment it seems a good balance in that they have good chemistry not only with each other, but other players in the team. Personally it doesn't bother me; as long as they do the business and win us trophies, we could have the entire Spain team as far as I'm concerned!
  4. 5pm?! What is this, the Europa League? Looks like I won’t be able to watch it live then. Hoping we can get a result and also rest key players like Hazard, Morata, Kante etc. but also don’t want to see us get it wrong and end up having to get a result against Atletico. Hopefully Conte can find the right solution to have us be as strong as possible in both upcoming games.
  5. When I first saw that Guillem Balague had written a book called ‘Brave New World’ about Spurs and Poch, I thought it was a joke. Turns out it’s real! What can possibly be so interesting considering they haven’t even won a League Cup yet? Spurs fans are loving it though so I guess they’re the target market to be fair.
  6. Charly Musonda jr.

    It was a great cross in fairness! Besides that, you're right, there was very little else. Disappointing, as I'd hoped he might be the creative influence in a line-up that was otherwise fairly lacking on that front. Still, hopefully it was a good learning experience for him. Forest were one thing, but PL level players won't give you any time at all before there's 2/3 of them closing you down, especially 'tricky' players like Charly. A few times he'd take a bit of a poor touch, then look to gather it back in without realising he was already getting crowded out. Hopefully he can learn from Hazard, who's become the master of a tight first touch, then a quick turn and getaway. Still believe he's a real talent and could be big for us, but I think that depends on him keeping his head and continuing to learn and work hard. No more social media tantrums or thinking he deserves more than he gets, but he's generally going the right way at the moment.
  7. Wow, what a small world! I used to live just down the road in Prestbury, and would often walk to the game. When I was a kid playing for the school team, that's when Cheltenham were doing really well with Steve Cotterill in charge, and we'd often have the players come in for our training sessions. I also have a football signed by Steve himself after I 'beat' him in a penalty shoot-out As you say, I'd love to see them climb back up a league or two, but Chelsea came first because my Dad supports them too, so they always get priority!
  8. Charly Musonda jr.

    Saw this when he posted it last night and thought it was incredibly sudden. He's been posting a lot of videos of him training and working hard on his own, and after his performance against Forest and his passionate celebration, I assumed things were going well. Clearly a conversation of some kind has happened over the international break, otherwise I'm not sure why the sudden change of attitude. Personally, I think a cryptic post on social media is a terrible response, it's not like he can't discuss it in private with the people close to him, and all the fans don't really need to see it. Unfortunately, given how we know Conte (and the club) don't look kindly on irresponsible use of social media the public airing of grievances, we might not see too much more of him in a Chelsea shirt. I really hope that isn't the case as I'm a huge fan and his talent and desire are clear, and I would love for a star player like him to come form our Academy, but we shall see! I hate the international break even more now...
  9. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    As Scott says, we need some intelligent footballers; that’s why most of them look good for their clubs, because they’re surrounded by them, but at international level they’re on their own. No clever movement or passing, lots of sideways and backwards passes, and generally looking frustrated at the static teammates ahead of them, when they’re used to looking up and seeing movement. It’s times like this I’m thankful for my French heritage and I can support someone good when England inevitably crash out
  10. I follow Cheltenham Town as that’s where I grew up and live, still go and see them from time to time; trouble is at £21 a go, it adds up for League 2 football! I also follow Lille as that’s where my French family are from, and have seen them play when I’m in France and the dates match up. However, they will always be teams I ‘follow’ rather than fully support like Chelsea.
  11. Some good points there Tambling Dice. We’ve had some tough fixtures and I feel City, a few days after a big performance in Madrid, was always going to be a stretch too far. Morata pulling up was no doubt linked to fatigue. They had the tactics to exploit our tiredness and unfortunately we didn’t have any tactics to compensate. It’s a shame we couldn’t test their defence more, but they probably knew we wouldn’t have the legs to pull off another counter attack masterclass like we did at the Etihad last season. I look forward to round 2, when hopefully we can be more prepared; I feel we’re one of the few teams who’s defence can stand up to their attack, and also cause them problems going the other way. I’m very disappointed, obviously, but also realistic about the fact we can’t win every big game. Sometimes the players, tactics or just situation is against you and the opposition have the upper hand.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    To be fair, it took even Drogba a while to figure out the physicality and decide to battle rather than fall over. As others say, he seems a very technically gifted and intelligent player, and if him scoring 6 in 6 is him settling in, then I'm very excited for when he is settled!
  13. Been a while since we've had a competitive game against a big team in Europe, and this'll be Conte's first with us, so be interesting to see how we compare. Fortunately it's the group stages and not the knockouts! I agree with having numbers in the midfield, and Hazard and Morata up front. Being away, at Atletico's new stadium, I don't see us being too adventurous; as others have said, a draw would be a good result from our toughest tie of the group. However, they're also a very tactical team, strong defensively and it'll be an intriguing battle. Leceister put up a half decent fight against them all things considered, so of course we have a chance. I'm hopeful that we can nick something, and Morata is fired up with memories of the Madrid rivalry!
  14. ChelseaTV - Your view?

    Much prefer their YouTube content, stuff like behind the scenes videos etc. are good. Feels like a the idea of dedicated TV channel seems a little out-dated these days, and without showing actual first team games (obviously due to rights, same for everyone), I never thought it was worth it particularly.
  15. Charly Musonda jr.

    It was encouraging following his Instagram to see how hard he's been working, so it was satisfying to see that paying off for him last night. Looks a real talent, and showed some Eden-esque turns, and managed to draw just as many fouls! Good goal and I'm pleased for him, and would also love him to go on and be a home-grown superstar for us. Obviously, we all know how much of a challenge that is, and also we can't get too carried away after one game vs lower league opposition, but we can dream...