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  1. Yeah, I don't think Monaco not selling would be a problem; their current system is based on finding new talent, then selling on for a profit believe. just look at their squad, all the most talked about players are young guys like Mbappé, Bernardo Silva, Lemar, Bakayoko, Sidibé, Mendy etc. They'll probably sell a handful and find a load more! Probably got them lined up already. Then the proceeds pay Falcao and Moutinhos wages
  2. My current boss used to work as head of brand and identity for QPR, and he said Nike left a lot of the kit design, colours etc up to the club. Not sure if that varies from club to club, or depends on how bothered Nike are (can't imagine they were too fussed about QPR ), but the email from them earlier in the thread suggests it's true for the Chelsea partnership too. All I'm hoping for is a nice yellow away kit. Just a simple, classy blue home kit with white details is fine by me after the pyjama print this year. Camo third kit would actually be pretty cool imo. I haven't had a new shirt, at full price, since I was a kid and my parents bought it for me...! Just got the Adidas Originals lifestyle shirts occasionally since, and one from Sports Direct. I'd be all over a yellow one though.
  3. It has to all be a bit embarrassing for English football though...Tottenham getting knocked out by a team scraping by in the Belgian league, in the national stadium no less! Of course there's also the tradition of Arsenal getting smashed by Bayern, leaving United and City. Still, I'll gladly make an exception for Spurs, couldn't have happened to a more petulant team. I'm hopeful we can make some good signings in the summer and show them all how it's done again
  4. There's a video on the Chelsea Facebook page of training, in which Diego is clearly involved. I've no doubt there's some elements of truth in this story (all concerned are fiery), but there's clearly a lot of stuff they've invented to flesh the story out a bit. Throw in the old rumour about China and you've got a great article. Hopefully it isn't true and it all blows over. I just can't see the logic in abandoning a great chance at winning the title to go and fade away in China? We shall see...
  5. I also saw about it being on Fox Sports 2. They had some FA Cup yesterday so it's likely.
  6. Hmm, conflicted on these reports! I'm also a Lille fan as it's where my family are from, and the team could certainly do with some quality help at the moment. I'd rather see him succeed at Chelsea though, and can't see Conte letting him leave without any backup in place...unless he doesn't see the need for any, and is happy with the Pedro/Hazard/Willian combo?!
  7. I've seen a few reports of Tottenham 'figuring out' how to beat us. It apparently boils down to match our formation and do it better, which leaves me fairly confident that if that's the case then we shouldn't be too worried! Everton tried to match us and that ended well...I guess whoever finally ended our run would spark those pieces though, I imagine they were saved in drafts folders ready to go. Anyway, all good things come to an end. We're still 5 clear and have won 3/6 games against fellow top 6 teams, as well as setting a new club record of consecutive wins. I'd have fully taken that at half time in the Arsenal game! Disappointing in the context of recent form, but whilst the battle was lost, the war continues. Hopefully it's highlighted a few areas to improve on and we can spend some of that Oscar cash to strengthen key areas. Might be difficult in January, but you never know. The last time we lost inspired this incredible run, so onwards and upwards and here's to bouncing back against Leicester!
  8. In France, it's pronounced 'Con-Tay' also.
  9. I wonder how long the money alone can really make you 'happy' for though? Factor in a much bigger cultural shift than the one from Brazil to England and all that comes with it, plus the lower quality of their football and the fact he wasn't exactly poor before. Surely there comes a point when the money is just a ridiculously big number and you need some job satisfaction? I guess being paid to play football at all is a pretty good deal though. I wish him the best, I always hoped he'd reach his full potential with us, but he gave us some good goals and was with us for some great journeys. If the money helps him and his family then I guess that's why anyone goes to work everyday.
  10. The thing that amuses me about their match thread is how many of them are going on about 'if we need to, we can get physical because they don't like it, bunch of lightweights'. This ignores the fact last time they tried that, their title hopes went down in flames. It's also kind of pathetic that most of their match thread is just insults and talking about putting 'Hazard in Row Z' etc. I hope we don't lose our unbeaten run to this lot. Conte is a fantastic tactician, and I don't think he's the type to be caught out twice, so hopefully he's learnt from our last game against them and how they've been playing recently. We know that, unlike City, we can switch up our tactics and adapt well, so hopefully he can work out a way around their high press. After the Stoke game I'm confident we won't be too complacent going into this, and I'm happy we've shown how much fight we have in us.
  11. I saw the video of him at the airport, and he definitely looked shell-shocked. Maybe realising what a circus he's walked into...there's a reason they have to pay so much! Hmm, doesn't look so happy...
  12. I was expecting a more relaxed game than that, especially after the first goal! Good to see we can scrap and step it up though, and not feel sorry for ourselves. Pleased for Willian as he gets a lot of criticism, but made the difference today. Weirdly enjoyed it, rollercoaster of a game. Not had too many of those lately (thankfully!). What an end to 2016 compared to the way it started for us, looking forward to 2017! Let's celebrate the achievements so far, happy new year all!
  13. I like to think we could follow Liverpool and destroy them, but that game will have made them wary. Plus, as the leaders on a winning run, teams are determined to try and shut us out. Having Costa in for this game will be a big help, we know how physical Stoke can be. Not in the habit of predicting scores so won't, but if we're in the right frame of mind, they don't have enough to stop us.
  14. Yeah, despite signing the likes of Bojan, Shaqiri etc. and all the talk of them 'reinventing themselves', it's still a team managed by Mark Hughes, with Ryan Shawcross and Charlie Adam on the payroll... Hopefully they roll over for us like they did Liverpool, but unfortunately I think that's going to make them even less of a pushover. However, we've found a way of breaking down tough teams a few times this season and I have a lot of faith in our attacking play at the moment. Fingers crossed it's another 3 points!
  15. Yep. Also we have the joint top goal scorer in the league, and Hazard has scored more than several Liverpool and Arsenal players including Coutinho, Firminho, Mane, Walcott, Ozil, etc. I'm not doubting their attacking strength, but I think we have a certain amount of strength ourselves. Granted, we should've won by several tonight, but on another day we do. We took apart United and Everton and showed some clinical finishing against City, some games you just have to grind out!