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  1. Wow, what a small world! I used to live just down the road in Prestbury, and would often walk to the game. When I was a kid playing for the school team, that's when Cheltenham were doing really well with Steve Cotterill in charge, and we'd often have the players come in for our training sessions. I also have a football signed by Steve himself after I 'beat' him in a penalty shoot-out As you say, I'd love to see them climb back up a league or two, but Chelsea came first because my Dad supports them too, so they always get priority!
  2. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Saw this when he posted it last night and thought it was incredibly sudden. He's been posting a lot of videos of him training and working hard on his own, and after his performance against Forest and his passionate celebration, I assumed things were going well. Clearly a conversation of some kind has happened over the international break, otherwise I'm not sure why the sudden change of attitude. Personally, I think a cryptic post on social media is a terrible response, it's not like he can't discuss it in private with the people close to him, and all the fans don't really need to see it. Unfortunately, given how we know Conte (and the club) don't look kindly on irresponsible use of social media the public airing of grievances, we might not see too much more of him in a Chelsea shirt. I really hope that isn't the case as I'm a huge fan and his talent and desire are clear, and I would love for a star player like him to come form our Academy, but we shall see! I hate the international break even more now...
  3. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    As Scott says, we need some intelligent footballers; that’s why most of them look good for their clubs, because they’re surrounded by them, but at international level they’re on their own. No clever movement or passing, lots of sideways and backwards passes, and generally looking frustrated at the static teammates ahead of them, when they’re used to looking up and seeing movement. It’s times like this I’m thankful for my French heritage and I can support someone good when England inevitably crash out
  4. I follow Cheltenham Town as that’s where I grew up and live, still go and see them from time to time; trouble is at £21 a go, it adds up for League 2 football! I also follow Lille as that’s where my French family are from, and have seen them play when I’m in France and the dates match up. However, they will always be teams I ‘follow’ rather than fully support like Chelsea.
  5. Some good points there Tambling Dice. We’ve had some tough fixtures and I feel City, a few days after a big performance in Madrid, was always going to be a stretch too far. Morata pulling up was no doubt linked to fatigue. They had the tactics to exploit our tiredness and unfortunately we didn’t have any tactics to compensate. It’s a shame we couldn’t test their defence more, but they probably knew we wouldn’t have the legs to pull off another counter attack masterclass like we did at the Etihad last season. I look forward to round 2, when hopefully we can be more prepared; I feel we’re one of the few teams who’s defence can stand up to their attack, and also cause them problems going the other way. I’m very disappointed, obviously, but also realistic about the fact we can’t win every big game. Sometimes the players, tactics or just situation is against you and the opposition have the upper hand.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    To be fair, it took even Drogba a while to figure out the physicality and decide to battle rather than fall over. As others say, he seems a very technically gifted and intelligent player, and if him scoring 6 in 6 is him settling in, then I'm very excited for when he is settled!
  7. Been a while since we've had a competitive game against a big team in Europe, and this'll be Conte's first with us, so be interesting to see how we compare. Fortunately it's the group stages and not the knockouts! I agree with having numbers in the midfield, and Hazard and Morata up front. Being away, at Atletico's new stadium, I don't see us being too adventurous; as others have said, a draw would be a good result from our toughest tie of the group. However, they're also a very tactical team, strong defensively and it'll be an intriguing battle. Leceister put up a half decent fight against them all things considered, so of course we have a chance. I'm hopeful that we can nick something, and Morata is fired up with memories of the Madrid rivalry!
  8. ChelseaTV - Your view?

    Much prefer their YouTube content, stuff like behind the scenes videos etc. are good. Feels like a the idea of dedicated TV channel seems a little out-dated these days, and without showing actual first team games (obviously due to rights, same for everyone), I never thought it was worth it particularly.
  9. Charly Musonda Jr.

    It was encouraging following his Instagram to see how hard he's been working, so it was satisfying to see that paying off for him last night. Looks a real talent, and showed some Eden-esque turns, and managed to draw just as many fouls! Good goal and I'm pleased for him, and would also love him to go on and be a home-grown superstar for us. Obviously, we all know how much of a challenge that is, and also we can't get too carried away after one game vs lower league opposition, but we can dream...
  10. ***Unofficial Brand Survey**

  11. Ah ok, on my BT Sport app I can only see the City game on ESPN, but worked it out now! Cheers all, I'll put my flaming BT Sport pitchfork away for now.
  12. From what I can see we must be one of the few games not on BT Sport tonight? Anyone know what the TV situation is? Bit of a joke if they decided not to show the actual champions first game back in the CL! In terms of the game, you'd hope it'd be a comfortable start to the campaign to ease us back into it, but you never know. This'll be a huge game for them. I'm sure we'll see some rotation so just hope Conte finds the right balance. Looking forward to seeing us back playing weekday evenings and the boys walking out to 'that' music!
  13. Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    PSG just releas their 3rd kit, looks like Nike are going with the subtle 'camo' style pattern, so those mock ups we saw of similar could be pretty close...
  14. Deadline Day Drama

    I often wonder that, but I like to be a bit controversial Truth is, I work for a global sports team (admittedly in a very different arena to football!) and despite all the lows, and occasional highs, I still go into work every Monday and get paid at the end of the every month. It gives you a bit of perspective. Also, I watch football for enjoyment, and whilst I'll be raging during a game at a conceded goal etc. as much as anyone, I find it hard to get too worked up about the off-field stuff. Until it gets proven to be something that affects the teams performance, it's just noise.
  15. Deadline Day Drama

    There have been a lot of odd situations and missed deals this window, not only for us but others too. Personally, I don't know why Ox was a target when he clearly didn't want to play the position Conte wanted him to play (that's partly why he was leaving Arsenal), by the sounds of it we never put a bid in for Llorente, and Barkley was a truly odd situation. I think it's easy to play the 'CHELSEA SNUBBED' card by the sensationalist media; by all accounts Lemar snubbed Arsenal but that got mostly reported as a deal that 'broke down'. Best to take these things with a healthy dose of scepticism. Deadline day is a complete circus, and looking at it a bit more objectively (and taking into account the whole window) we've signed Morata from Real Madrid, Bakayoko from a great Monaco side and a promising young defender in Rudiger who has already helped the German national team to a trophy. Then yesterday we got a very useful HG midfielder in Drinkwater (who already has a relationship with Kante and experience winning the league) and, by the sounds of it, some depth at wingback with a player who is a perfect fit for Conte's style. On top of that it looks like Christensen is going to get a chance, Musonda as well perhaps (although to a lesser extent). Yeah we've lost Matic and a few young players which was all genuinely disappointing, but with the guys we've brought into the defence and Luiz's flexibility, we have a few different tactical options that we didn't have last season. It's obviously not been a huge success, but at the same time it's easy to focus on the negatives and call it a failure. It certainly would've been useful to have a couple more players for even more depth, but it's not the disaster it was looking like at 10 to 11 when Football Focus were reporting the Drinkwater deal looked unlikely, we hadn't announced Zappacosta and I went to bed. Hopefully it's enough to at least keep Conte from walking and he has a squad he can work with. It's still unlikely we can challenge on all fronts, but that's tough regardless of squad size. We all know that trophies aren't won, or bought, in the transfer window, so here's hoping the squad we do have can do us proud.