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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yeah, bit weak wasn't it The thing with the iPad dragged on, not that anyone could see what was on it. I quite liked the way he was told to just sit down because they had a press conference to get on with.
  2. I'm hopeful the players can step-up and at least put in a strong performance against them. Historically it's always been a good tie, and we've given as good we've got, I just hope that can continue! If we go out then I hope we can do so with our heads held high. Maybe the poor form we're in will actually help to inspire us? Wishful thinking perhaps, but the underdog mentality has served us well before. I know we're out of form, but these are the games where, with the right players, form can become irrelevant. Hazard, Kanté, Azpi, Christensen, Courtois and either Morata or Giroud are all players capable of performing at this level. It may not the squad from 'The Glory Days', but it's not half-bad either! Add in the likes of Fabregas, Pedro, Willian and the possibility of Alonso popping up with some magic, it's not all bad. It will require a huge effort from every single player, but there isn't much greater motivation than us against Barcelona in the CL!
  3. Isco is a joy to watch. Such great close control and technique, usually finds a teammate as well.
  4. Can’t wait to replace my ‘2017 Champions of England’ pint glass with the soon-to-be-released ‘2018 Chumpions of England’ edition. Top stuff.
  5. Peter Crouch

    I'm hoping this and the Andy Carroll rumours were put out by Chelsea PR as a decoy, so when we eventually sign Dzeko we all go 'well, could've been worse!'.
  6. Morata and Pedro both out is almost unbelievably bad, but at least if Bats plays we might actually stand a chance of converting some of the chances we're creating. If there's one thing he's good at, it's instinctive finishing around the 6 yard box. If it pans out as an attack v defence game again, then we just need to keep sticking plenty of balls into the area and have him hang around in front of goal.
  7. I think what truly makes that goal is the fact that the keeper injured himself and had to go off afterwards!
  8. Marcos Alonso signs for Chelsea.

    Interesting point, and it makes more sense when you think that often it’s Cahill covering for Alonso, and as he struggles in a similar way with pacey players etc. then you can see why. Also, Moses at least has the pace to stick close enough to the opponent to make it more difficult for them. Having said that, I’m a fan of the guy. Works hard despite his flaws, and has popped up with some great goals for us. He’s definitely surpassed pretty much all of our expectations, and when he’s not been in the team no one else has managed to cover well enough for him.
  9. When I went to the Cheltenham v West Ham game for the Carabao Cup, the Hammers fans were poor. Fair play a fair few turned up considering, but aside from a couple of back and forth chants they didn’t get involved much. Also they were giving Cheltenham fans a load of abuse outside the ground, for no obvious reason.
  10. They’ve also clearly picked up the Willian song too...quality commentary!
  11. Don't often get involved with the post match discussion, but thought I'd have a go after such a big game! First off, the result was fair I thought. Both teams had a number of chances, both keepers made some good saves, and both teams had something to moan about with the ref. However, we definitely had the better chances with Morata missing several clear 1-v-1's. On that note, it's incredibly frustrating, because he is actually a decent footballer; he shows good intelligence, strength, pace and control to get himself into these positions, then seems to have a mental block. In a way that's good, as that can be overcome but I just hope this challenge makes him rather than breaks him. Thought Bakayoko was a complete passenger, it was like we were playing with a 2 man mid with some of the gaps he left, dangerously naïve and tactically unaware. Also doesn't look particularly threatening going forward either, Cesc summed up all our feelings when he threw his arms up after he failed to do anything with that fantastic ball into the box for him. Thought Kanté had a decent game considering, made some key tackles and got some counters going, goes forward with a lot more intent than he used to, a sign he's still improving and adding to his game, which is good to see. Moses struggled and frustratingly doesn't seem to fancy taking on the fullback at the moment. I know Zappacosta gets some stick, but I was impressed when he came on, at least he had a go at Maitland-Niles, got half a yard and stuck a dangerous ball into the box for the second goal. Alonso continues to be limited defensively but a great asset going forward; definitely needs to be paired with Rüdiger on that left side of defence, purely for his athleticism and pace to help Alonso out, who got roasted again and again by Bellerin. No shame in that given he's one of the quicker players in the league, but definitely highlights that limitation compared with other wing-backs. Essentially, we continue to frustrate in front of goal, and this could easily have been 4-2 to either team. They were there for the taking defensively though, and Morata's misses were criminal.
  12. Turns out losing just 1-0 was actually a good result!
  13. Agreed, there was a moment when he threw himself into a 50/50 slide challenge and managed to win a throw-in from it. Definitely doesn’t seem as afraid to get stuck in as Baka, probably because he’s used to the midfield battles in the Prem.
  14. Yeah, I was quite surprised when I actually looked at who was 6th and below, but I think it's just a normal mid-table churn; Everton lost their best player and 'did a Spurs' with the money and completely imploded, the likes of West Ham, Palace etc. have had similar collapses for one reason or another whereas Burnley, Watford etc. have quietly sorted themselves out. I don't think it's a case of the mid-table being worse, just some teams are playing better than we're used to, with the others doing particularly poorly. I'm interested to see how Spurs do from here, as they've done very well in the Champions League, but are having a rough time in the PL. I feel like they still have a good first choice 11, but are in need of a bit of a freshen up and to inject some new energy and competition into the side, as I feel they're in danger of shifting from 'consistent' to 'stagnant' when it comes to their squad.
  15. Eden Hazard

    Of all the rumoured swap deals, one for Asensio isn't the worst; certainly I'd prefer that compared to the James Rodriguez rumours. However, I'd much rather Hazard stayed! He has some good history here now, as well as the opportunity to create more in the future and become a club legend, something that's getting rarer in football these days. He's also got a great relationship growing with Morata, and also Cesc. You do wonder how he'd cope at Real, as they're very demanding of their 'Galacticos', and we've all seen how brutal they can be when they think players aren't performing. I'm not sure it's an environment Eden would thrive in, based on his personality and comments and stuff in the past. I also wonder if there's a limit to how many Spanish players Conte would want in the squad? I seem to remember reading something about him not wanting cliques etc. in the team. We have a fair few Spaniards already, but at the moment it seems a good balance in that they have good chemistry not only with each other, but other players in the team. Personally it doesn't bother me; as long as they do the business and win us trophies, we could have the entire Spain team as far as I'm concerned!