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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    There have been some ridiculous stories floating around, the most bizarre of which popped up on my Twitter feed today, saying that the squad are unsure on Rudiger and if he's good enough The only sources they quote are other clickbait merchants such as Yahoo, who also have no proof. A complete storm has been whipped up from this uncertainty, and it seems to be spiralling out of control. I hope we can sign some decent players and start getting some results ASAP to try and quieten things down a bit. Either way, it's a shambolic start to a title defence once again, which is a shame as I was genuinely looking forward to it with Conte at the helm, having worked miracles last season and hopefully being able to strengthen us in the summer. A long way to go this season I know, and even some time left in the transfer window, so can see the next few weeks being key; both on and off the pitch. I dare say I'm probably going to be ignoring any source of news that isn't chelseafc.com for a while though, there's far too much negativity and 'fake news' surrounding us at the moment!
  2. Random Rumours

    I think that's fair. Given the fact we're supposed to be defending champions, it's all starting to look a bit of a shambles. The silence will always be filled with noise from the media, rival fans etc. and none of it will be positive, so either get out in front of this thing or buy some players. I appreciate very often secrecy is necessary, but I don't see many other clubs finding themselves in this situation too often, so it'd be good to know that there is a direction, whatever that may be, I'm sure we'd all get behind it!
  3. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    If I was them I'd be more annoyed at the club for not providing enough for the player to want to stay, whether that be money or the opportunity to actually win things. He's not even from London or anything, so it's not like he should be any more loyal to Arsenal than anyone else; although I seem to remember him saying he was an Arsenal fan as a kid, but the fact he wants to leave even though he's a fan should tell them all they need to know about where their club's going! Would be a good signing if we can get him as I seem to remember us doing good business with them in the past
  4. One thing felt quite familiar watching United yesterday, and that was how open their midfield was at times. Often Matic would, for some reason, have gone wandering halfway up the pitch and then given the ball away, meaning there were no United players anywhere near the middle of the pitch and Madrid charged straight at the quickly retreating backline. Pogba has no interest in dealing with defensive stuff, and Herrera certainly doesn't have any of Kante's defensive abilities so was nowhere to be seen either. I know we're no better off with Cesc and his defensive abilities in the middle at the moment, but hopefully Bakayoko can come in and give us some presence in there. I've no doubt Matic will have good games and all the pundits will be falling over themselves at how stupid we've been (it happened a lot with the BT team last night), but there's no way a player of his level would go to a new team and be terrible in every single game. Jose's systems perhaps work more in his favour than Conte's, so my annoyance isn't necessarily with losing him, but with losing him to a team that can make some use of him. Anyway, if we sign another solid midfield backup, and Bakayoko comes good, then I'm sure we'll forget all about him.
  5. Yeah, I also think it has a lot to do with the Champions League; PSG know they can't be taken seriously as a genuine 'top club' until they win that. Buying players like Draxler, now Neymar etc. isn't about being the best in France, but being the best in Europe. They were all in for the CL last season, and it crushed them when Barca made that comeback and knocked them out. Monaco took advantage of their shift in focus and won Ligue 1. Talking of United, I see Mourinho hailing Matic as a 'genius', which even during his peak would've been stretching it a little. The resident United fan at work seems to be fairly unimpressed by the signing himself though, and would also have preferred Morata to Lukaku. He does live in Chelsea however, so has probably learnt to toe the line a bit! Personally I'm not too worried about Liverpool as they always seem to gas themselves out at some point, but it'll be interesting to see if the Manchester clubs spending will ever pay off, and if Spurs have peaked or not...
  6. In light of the news that United will be sponsored by Tinder, this made me laugh...
  7. Sergi Roberto

    I actually quite like him, but didn't he get completely shredded by Draxler in the first leg of the CL tie? Granted they all did, in fairness. And he did go on to win them the tie... As has been pointed out, Barca don't play him in a way that maximises his potential, but think he could be a great WB for us. Can't see Barca being too desperate to keep hold of him either.
  8. I guess kit design is a subjective matter! Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. I do agree it's not much of a 'design', but then again I'd rather plain with a nice colour than something too try hard (see united and their fan designed third kit). I loved, and still have, my Umbro centenary shirt with the gold, but when Leicester went gold and blue I thought it looked tacky. If we have a big season though the kit will look much better to everyone at the end, however.
  9. Don't normally like to dissect the game too much on here, but as this is our first 'proper' game back after the break I'll give it a go! I thought we started with a much higher level of intensity than Arsenal, which was great to see; Conte clearly never lets the level drop and the guys were clearly focused. I did worry that we might gas ourselves out fairly early as Arsenal have a few more games on us, and in that kind of hot, humid climate it can happen much quicker anyway. Fair play though, they made it until midway through the second half, and it gave some of the young guys a chance to come on anyway. Overall thought everyone did very well, considering. Willian looks determined and deadlier than ever before, Pedro before he came off looked lively and showed some good play, and Batshuayi should've had a hat-trick really! Had a few poor 'sighting' efforts but the two he did score were excellent finishes, showing what a natural goal-scorer he is. Also seemed to link up nicely with the others. Wouldn't have any problem with him stepping up and starting more games, and would prove a fairly reliable guy to bring in should Morata struggle, or even get injured. Kante was once again everywhere, and Fabregas played several world class balls. Saw Moses check out of a few full tilt sprint races so hopefully that's just a case of getting back up to full fitness. Not too much to say on the youth as I don't claim to be as clued up on them as others here. Says a lot I though that we never really lost control of the game, even when it was basically Chelsea youth + Remy.A few promising glimpses from some of them, Baker and Tomori stood out to me, but I have to say Boga stood out even more. He looks quick, has fantastic touch and control, and made some good decisions and kept a cool head when other young players might've had a wild shot or ended up getting dispossessed. Would like to see more of him. Also thought our new kit looked really smart on. No big patches of white or red, no fussy stripes or details, just a great shade of blue with a normal collar. Training gear looks good too. All in all, a nice start to our pre-season and hope we can carry that on to give us a good platform the community shield. Can't wait to see our new signings playing too!
  10. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Worth remembering Lukaku recently posted a video of himself playing on a Chelsea branded 5-a-side pitch, and we all know how that turned out! Either way, I'm a fan of Aubameyang and would be excited about what he could bring to the team; our counterattack would be terrifying! I know people say he might only have a couple of seasons in him due to his pace being a big part of his game, but my main concern is next season rather than the one in 3 years time. A short-sighted view perhaps, but I'd rather that than go into the next season without an established number 1 striker. I do still feel that realistically Morata is our best option all round, but I think most players will always be a risk/compromise of some sort, so any one of Morata/Auba/Belotti will make me happy!
  11. Corentin Tolisso

    Far more excited about the prospect of Tolisso than Bakayoko. As mentioned, he's a player very good at doing pretty much everything, and he's also far more capable in attack than Matic and Bakayoko put together. However, I definitely wouldn't be against getting both of them and Matic leaving, as whilst the difference between Bakayoko and Matic may be not that great currently, he's much younger so in theory has a much higher potential. If we can be in a position where we're not relying on him that'll help.
  12. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    He was born in France, and has played at a few Ligue 1 sides before, so it's very likely he might prefer to go to PSG. Plus, he's got a much better chance of winning titles and a regular go at the CL every year with PSG...as well as the huge wages they can offer! Of course, maybe he just wants a house in his home country...it is just outside Paris though. Shame, as I'd be excited to see him here, but there you go!
  13. It's a shame this was the last game of the season. If we'd have have lifted the PL trophy after this then I'd be a lot less bothered, I just hate ending such a great season on a low. However, we are champions, and that's something that still feels a bit like a dream! We were hoping for top 4, and got way more than that. I've missed the feeling of a cup final, and whilst I hate the feeling of losing, at least it's better than the numbness of just watching other teams compete in them all the time. FA Cup winners are remembered for a few days, but they'll all be reminded who the champions are for the next 12 months The one thing that stood out to me was we didn't seem to have the attitude of serial winners, who want to win anything and everything put in front of them, no matter what they've won before. We've seen that before with our golden generation, but not so much in recent squads. Hopefully that's something Conte can work on, and I think a big part of that is bringing in new players with a fresh hunger and desire. Gonna be a big summer to avoid previous mistakes.
  14. I have to admit, I've missed the feeling of being in a cup final! Not the nerves so much though...got the BBQ chicken wings and beers in, and ready to make the most of it! As long as our players haven't got complacent like they say, we surely have too much for them? Especially without their best defender.
  15. Bernardo Silva

    I seem to remember them doing early business when Pep joined, signing Nolito etc., and now Nolitos leaving. Didn't help then, hopefully won't now! Also surely in attack isn't where their weaknesses lie? They were scoring plenty without Silva. I'll be worried if they sign some proper defenders and a midfielder though. I have to say I like Silva though; on the ball he has fantastic close control and poise to wriggle out of most tight situations. He'd be an upgrade on Sterling for sure! Never thought he'd come to us anyway though, a team like City is closer to how Monaco play. Hopefully we can make a statement or two in due time...