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  1. He's arguably the best defender in the world that's why
  2. This any closer to happening lol
  3. It seems these days defenders are costing more than goal scorers
  4. yeh who knows the lead over liverpool could be 7-8 points by time we face liverpool.
  5. Always damn hard to win there, we were poor but we had a great run let's start a new one
  6. As great as arsenal did here it's still two points dropped
  7. that was some half
  8. He never does It's 3 years whenever he goes
  9. Oh course, hopefully we make things even better against spurs.
  10. Surprised Liverpool dropped points today
  11. Liverpool just won't go away
  12. He's quality and £38 million isn't too bad if true
  13. kind of funny how his this nasri stay has started..