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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Argo i`m sorry but can`t agree. If Conte has more option, Fabregas would not be played so often. Drinkwater injured, Bakayoko not fully recovery and not fully into the team tactics, style and what is needed for him, and Conte has not have option for Arsenal game. Just as some other loses. And yeah you likes to cry. Last season a lot of people here criticize Conte for putting Matic in there infront of Fabregas, and after few months they are crying for opposite, why Fabregas is playing ... Double standart as you want. If Matic was in the team, Fabregas would be used just like last year. As for Cahill, he was given the band because he is englishman. And Rudiger was big **** against Roma. And other matches as well. And just like i said, you can throw your captian off in a Fifa, if you do it straight, you will fu** your realtionship.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I know that very well. But where is now this guys ? They was hatin for Fabregas, for Cahill, for anyone that Conte choice? For Alonso for example, but did he have a choice with 2 of the matter? How stupid you have to be, to put your caption on the bench straight away. And you have to add into consideration that there was a rumours Conte is not in good terms with some players. If you do that with your caption and you are over. Did i need to mention Conte was not in good relation with the board as well. Also both Christensen and Rudiger was looking pretty awful in some matches. They also lack the experience Cahill have. You have to be mad to criticize Conte for that. The best way to move Cahill out of the way is doing it slowly, and thats what Conte is doing. If Conte is here next season i`m pretty sure Cahill won`t be a starter. And Fabregas and Alonso cases are just stupid as hell. Conte simply does not have players for this position. He can`t even rotate the team properly, because of lack of depth and quality. And no one answer me, how so just for 2-3 months Conte forget how to choice the best available players? Conte shows times after time, that he doesn`t favorite anyone. He show that last season pretty well with Oscar, Ivanovic, Fabregas, Terry. Ivanovic and Costa. How so last season Champion and now he can`t choice the best available players .... You look now how dumb that accusations are? And after the end of the game is pretty easy to find and argument to slam someone. For player, tactics and so on.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Now the haters are silent. Where are the men where said that Conte is putting the wrong players into starting 11 and always questioning his choice. When we are losing they are really fast to starting to hate against Conte and Cahill, but when we are winning and Cahill play, they are very, very quiet ....
  4. Emanalo The Problem

    Now it`s time Abramovic to change and Granovskaia and all will be okay. There have to be consequences for the summer transfer windows. I do even think Marina is a lot more guilty then Emanalo. Cause it`s her job to bring the player Conte/Emanalo want. And buying in the last moment is her speciality. She need to go too.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Against Burnley we started with a player like Boga, and Cahill get red in 5 min. How is this Conte fault? There was a huge stress in the players, because of the tension between Conte and the board. It`s normal to reflect on the players. Also just look at the squad we have against Burnley at the start ... Zero players, zero options. Conte mad at the board, of course we will underperform.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It`s fun how some people change their opinion by night. Last season they was crying at Conte why he is starting with Matic, and why Fabregas is a reserve, now they are crying for exactly the opposite ... Some people are just like that. They will cry no matter what happen, or what player starts or not. You can always find something to complain, when the match os over, it`s so easy ... I say it many times in the summer, people will soon forget and turn on Conte ..... Exactly what happen. Board once again did a great job manipulating Chelsea fans....
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Is it that hard to understand that the board destroy the atmosphere in the team. They make the best manager in the world unhappy and all this is reflection. Conte probably think of his next job already, and he is no where near 70% of what he is capable. The team is fu**** thin and not good enough in quality. This incompetent idi**** make us far behind then most of the top team in terms of quality/quanity. It`s all their fault. They was having just 1 f***** thing to do and to make the manager happy. We have all the money in the world from prizes and selling player to a huge price, and they f***** failed. Even if we get Guardiola or whatever the manager some of you want, they will make him unhappy too and it`s a matter of time before he get frustrated and just like Conte will be matter of time before he goes away. And stop saying b**** about Conte. He was always picking the best starter for the match. Or some of you think he lose his touch on team selection by night? How can someone be that s***** to think such a thing? Conte never care what`s your name is. He is picking the best available players and that is. He show it last year. He dropped John Terry, did you think he can`t drop Fabregas or Cahill? He dropped a legend like Ivanovic, and also a player like Oscar, because they wasn`t perform good enough. How many manager in the world will drop players like Fabregas, Ivanovic, Terry and Oscar, like last year? How many coach will risk putting Moses a starter. Moses has exactly no one when Conte decide to give faith in him. There is fu**** no reason he can`t do it with whatever the player you think deserve to play. So if Christensen or whatever player you moan is not playing, it`s because of a reason or simply he is not good enough yet. And so far neither Rudiger and Christensen show me they are the best. Both look bad in some matches, so it`s completely normal Conte to rely on the captain with so much experience like Cahill. Drinkwater is obviously not 100% fit and probably not fit to the team, system and style. That`s because idio** board buy him in the last f**** hour. No manager in the world deserve this s*** that Conte get. So they break the atmosphere and it`s reflect to the team. So it`s 100% their fault. They have just 1 f******* thing to do and that was to make the best manager in the world happy. And they failed with that once again. And for the people here who critisize Conte, can you explay, who exactly will replace him smart heads? Who will be that idi*** that will come to a team, that he will have almost no word in the selection and will get sack the first good option the board have ?????? They made us so far behind the top teams this year, it`s just not real.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Did you even realize he didn`t have a fit midfielder??? Who exactly you want to play in the midfielder? How to play 3-5-2 with total of 4 midfielder, and 2 of them are injured. Are you blind or what? Absolutely insane haters in this thread. Are you that st***** to think it`s a manager fault everytime ? This is for the third time after Championship year. The board fu*****. Conte is the best manager in the world and will show it again. But will show it in some other team. Our sh*** board doesn`t deserve top manager like Conte to save their sh** ass**.
  9. Danny Drinkwater

    Who exactly was better then Cahill to be a captain at that time? And Cahill is not the problem. Against Roma Christensen was taken apart. Both Christensen and Rudiger have quality, but they will be integrated to the squad smoothly, as it should be. And yes it`s Emanalo and Marina fault, that we are so f***** this season. Or you are the biggest delusional here, who think 1 of the best manager in the world in 2-3 months became the worst and to not know which players to select. And this is a thing, that is already happen 3 times. Is it that hard to see how stupid looks from the side?
  10. Danny Drinkwater

    Yeah he will come, when the season in PL is already over .... Great signing. Great job Emanalo/Marina .... Poor Conte. I can`t feel him enough.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    If we put Oscar, Bamford and Costa sale, we are in + from the winter till now. The only solid player we really get is Morata and Bakayoko. And Conte wanted this player. Every other area, we miss our 1st and second choice. Barrettinator is right for the most of the thing he said. Conte wanted Walker, Sandro, Danilo, Mendy, Matic to stay and so on, and get nothing of that. The board failed hard also with the average player like Oxlade and Barkley. Conte is not going to be worst manager by night. It was his first year, if you really think closely, he should be better this year. The problem is, he was not supported, he is probably still mad because of that, there was obviously problems with the board, and this also reflect to the players. Cahill was telling in the interview about this things as well. It`s normal to reflect on the manager and on the players. Also let`s not forget the rivaly bring their level up, and our board failed to do so. I was arguing with a lot of people here. And i was right. You see now, how important is, to get your players early in the summer. They have time to get use with the team and vice versa. Zapachosta is still not ready, probably not fit or use with the team, tactics, strategy, formation, style and so on. Same for Bakayoko. For such reason it was important Matic to stay with us. Also if we play against solid team like City, we can use three man there - Matic/Baka/Kante and we will dominate the midfielder with such strong players. We have total 4midfielder, how can Conte play with 3-5-2? The players will fatigue very fast, and he simply doesn`t have player for that. Not midfielder, not striker. With 1 more midfielder and striker we could have easily change formation and be a lot more dangerous and Conte would have more options. Now he simply not have much option. And wtf this idi*** board, brought Drinkwater? Tell me? When he came back from injury, he will need time to get use and so on, but that won`t matter much, cause the PL season is over before even 10 matches are played. Even if he do great season, it won`t matter, cause its too late, cause the season in the PL will be over for us .... Let`s not forget Conte has zero option also in our first match against Burnley and we lost there too. How many times i said we need new right winger? Cause both Pedro and Willy are not good enough. Both are average players. Pedro was class, once in Barca, but they sold him with a reason. He score important goals, but most of the time he is missing from the pitch or doing stup** things. Last season Conte make some of our players to play above their levels. He bring their form up, but class is lack and now it`s shows. It was obvious for Moses, Alonso, Cahill, Willy/Pedro, and so on. We needed better players on this position. They are good players, but not top class. I don`t say you need top class everywhere, but it`s obvious we lack class. We should get such players on important position for our system, and the board failed to do so. I feel for Conte. This is happening for the 3rd time and the fault is not in the manager for sure.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Did i post s*** after defeat ? Or 4-5 people jumping on Conte and speaking s****. And you should be quiet, everyone can clearly see that i was right all summer. And it`s shows now. How stupid you have to be, to think that the top manager like Conte will lose his feeling, which is the best squad to play ? The manager who finish last season with 30 wins and break a lot of records. Yeahh sure it`s his fault ....
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    All summer i was right. Now it`s shows. I did told you, that you will start jumping on Conte .... It`s so easy to blame when the match is finish. Last time arround i heard why Conte did not played Batschuay. What he did today? You can always find something to complain, when the match is over. There is only 1 man to blame, and that is not Conte.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I did not see many complains in the match thread, when the starting 11 comes up. After the game end it`s very easy to say Conte did this and that wrong. But why you not say it before the match ? The board is the problem, not Conte. We lack class and it`s so obvious, both City and United are miles ahead of us in terms of quality and depth and quality on the bench. How hard is to understand that Conte is not a fan of Batshuayi??? And i understand why. He is so lazy, he came in the 70min. in the match, he was just running lightly. Not once he made a sprint or press the defender .... The guys that were 90 minutes on the pitch was running more then him ... Not once he step up and try to press the enemy defenders. With such behaviour and laziness, you won`t be a starter in any top team. That`s why Conte not like him and probably because it`s a Emanalo signing. Let`s get back on the board. Why in the blue hell you sell Matic for 40m. to United and make them a real contender, cause he is perfect in their squad, and get an injured and totally average player like Drinkwater for 35m??? And Zapaccosta on a last minute and he is obviously not fit ready and not use to Conte tactics and to the team style. When he will become ready and Drinkwater become available, the title fight will be long over. Fabregas should have not started, but who could have Conte put in there, tell me ? If Matic was there, Baka - Matic - Kante and it`s game over for City. We shut the midfielder and will destroy them on counter attack. But in 3-5-2 you need solid wing-back, something that Conte wanted, but not get. He wanted Walker/Danilo and Mendy, he get a guy, who will be ready, when the PL season is over .... Alonso is damn good but for wing-back you need decent speed, and he possess zero speed. Conte wanted third different type of striker, he didn`t get us, o for god sake Liverpool, Totheman, City and United was stealing us player like nothing this summer. If Conte leaves, no matter the reason, there will be dark times ahead with this board. And i don`t see us attractive to top managers anymore.
  15. We had a good window all in all

    To be fair the important position is first or top 4. To be second is the worst in my opinion. Thats my opinion. If you are not okay with it, i don`t care. It`s not my problem. But you should start respect the opnion of the others, that are different to yours. I`m okay with your opinion and get your point, but i don`t agree. I`m not a gambling type and i don`t bet. But if we finish first or we did very well and Conte stay for atleast another season. I will come here and say i was wrong. I can do that easily and i will be happy to do it, if that mean we have a good season and Conte stay. I`m just tired of all that manager changes we are doing. Thats all.