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  1. Deli Alli is overated greately. I`m almost sure he won`t have such impact in the new season. As for Bernardo Silva, great signing for City.
  2. WoW calling AC Milan small club and compare them to Nottingham ... Nottingham has just 1 league title and 2 CL, while Milan have 18 league title and 7 CL, they are second only to Real Madrid ... And their last league title was 6 years ago. No one can know what can Morata do or achieve if he is first choice striker in top club. But if you compare him to Costa when he was Morata age, o dear, Morata is so far ahead of Costa ... When Costa was that young he was playing for Rayo Vallecano. Had 181 matches and only 49 goals. So far Morata have 270 matches and 103 goals .... So there is absolutely no evidence that Morata could not reach top level at top team and score constantly. And i hope we buy him, as well with Lukaku.
  3. I hope not. I was the first to criticize him for ruining so many of our attacks with his bad wooden touches. He doesn`t even bother to fight for air balls. Not remember a single time Costa takes away a ball from enemy player. His passing aren`t great either. So many miss passes by him, and he always put his teammates in pressure when pass. Never it`s in the right place when it`s needed. So many good crosses and Costa is not where is needed. He stay back and doesn`t even bother. Or he make the run, when it`s late and he can`t get the ball. He is always late. He also lacks speed and can`t outrun defenders, so it`s hard to use through passes, cause he can`t catch them .... And for the third season in a row he play between 15-20 matches at top level, then he goes missing and it`s make it harder for the teammates, rather then helping hem. And this season all it`s start with the interest from chinese club. Sorry but i want him to go. I have enough of him. You don`t know when he is going to ruin all. We need new striker, young one, who is hungry for success and trophies. I like him so much, before he destroy everything by himself with the winter sh** he put on us.
  4. RMH, mate i would not take Benzema either. I never speak of him. But Morata could not get the first place with worst Benzema in years. And this is the worst Benzema we see for a while. And for Italy i dont talk only about statistics. Let`s face it, Serie A it`s a lot less competive then PL, also it`s a lot slower and of course the quality it`s less, especially low-mid table team. There is 1 good team and that is Juventus, the rest is just filling. We will always remember old times with grands like Milan, Inter and Juventus, when they was really on top of it, but now it`s simply not. In Italy they play in a lot slower pace, it`s not so physical, the program it`s a lot easier then in PL, there isn`t so many matches at one time. And it`s not like in England everyone to jump on you trying to take points away. Dzeko for example turn 30, he looks finish in his last season in Egland, and in just 32 games, he scores 24 goals ... And it`s not only him look at Salah, who was not even average at England, in Italy he looks like a top player. Same goes for Pogba, Immobile and so on. We also see what happen with Andriy Shevchenko. Top player in Italy, can`t happen in England. Of course in this one there was other factors too. But Alonso for example was looking quite good in speed in Italy, in England he is slow, even average player is faster then him. And i like Alonso and he improve a lot since he came, but the pace he was use to, has so far from the English one ... That`s my point. Let`s forget the statistis, so far i was never convinced by Morata in his quality. He is too inconsisten. And to be world class player you need to be consisten every game.
  5. Why you try to be interesting ? Did i fu**** say that tell me ? Or you trying to be interesting, cause you are not. Sorry but Costa was sick bad against Liverpool and Arsenal and denies us from 6 full points. Also denies from scoring more then 3 goals against Arsenal, thats the true. If you don`t like its your problem. You can`t just praise one player when he is playing good, no one is above criticism. And my critic for Costa is only for this 2 matches.
  6. This is Benzema worst season so far. And Morata still could not get regular first team action, thats speak a lot. Never in his life he score more then 8 league goals .... That`s all we need to know. And 24 years in modern football are not so little. I mean top prospect start playing big football at age ot 17-20, and in 21-22 they already can be in big club. Like Hazard, Lewandowski and so many more. Benzema playis in Real Madrid from 21-22 years old .... Morata just can`t win the battle to be the first choice. So all this crap statistis mean nothing. Minutes per goal, and blq, blq, blq, sorry but the thing is so far he can`t score more then 8 league goals and he f***** have 2 years in Italy, where he should score like crazy. If he wasn`t their top striker choice, same goes for Real, he isn`t good enough yet. Immobile have scored 22 league goals in Italy, then we see what happened with him ... If i had to choice, Morata would be 1 of my last choices.
  7. I never liked Sanchez much, but did Costa either? Oh sorry he was the guilty we didn`t beat them 5 or 6 nil.
  8. Not the striker we need. Only 1.75 and i dont want second Falcao. Goal is a goal in every league. But come on Falcao was terrible in England, and now it`s a leading goalscorer in French league ...
  9. Let`s not forget referee f*** us vs Inter. They didn`t give us 4 clearly penalty. The foul against Kalou in the end of the first half, was a clearly penalty and a red card. And let`s not forget that Inter player already have 1 yellow card, and that is a red card fault. There is even 1 more situation against Drogba, that was clearly a penalty and its not in the clip, but i remember it well. And the next year against United they didn`t give us a clearly penalty in the end of the match. I think it was against Ramirez. It was 10000000% penalty. So Ancelotti did fu**** well with us, the problem was he did not get the money to fresh our squad in the second season and referee fu*** us in the CL. I hope Conte stay to us atleast for 5 years.
  10. He is very imporant but i`m pissed with the way he fu** some our attack. He lose the ball too easy, to much bad passes and sometimes he goes to the ground to easy. He need to bring his technique up. But all that doesn`t matter as long as he continue to score goals. And for the summer if he want to go, then let him. There is top strikers out there. It will cost a lot, but we will send him for a lot. Lukaku, Morata, Belotti, and probably few more. To be fair, the only one who i really afraid to lose is Eden Hazard. I don`t think we will have much problem to replace Costa and Courtois if they wanted to leave in the summer, but if Hazard leave, then we have a problem.
  11. I do think in the summer we will go for Andrea Belotti. If he continue like that i think in the summer we will go for him. That is in the case Costa for real have desire to leave.
  12. Great game by Hazard, great goal, but the whole match he was a threat.I criticized him, and he shut my mouth. As i always said he is my fav player, he just need to be there in every big match we have. As well as to be more consistent. Great game for him.
  13. Aubameyang is a light striker, Conte want heavy one like Drogba/Costa .... So i`m pretty sure we won`t go for him. And Real Madrid will probably sell Morata and get Aubameyang. Benzema form this year is not very good and there is big chance they switch him in the summer. And not forget he is 29 years old. So there is big chances Real to go for Aubameyang in the summer.
  14. I have no problem if we get arround or more then 100mln. in pounds. I want him to stay, but if he want to leave, there is nothing we can do. Hes contract expired is 2018, so will be better to sold them, when we still can for big money. And get full commitment player.
  15. Thank you for all sir and all the best in the future. The best midfilder the world has ever seen !!! CHELSEA LEGEND !!!