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  1. He is perfect for Pedro/Willy position, cause both of them are not good enough for starting 11. In 3-5-2 there is no slot for Hazard as well. Not good enough for second striker, can`t play as WB.
  2. Everyone with right video compilation looks decent. But in reality he is not. Not good enough. We should look to improve both wing-backs, not getting worst player then we have. The board should go for Mendy - Walker. With this 2 wingbacks our team would be on another level. Sandro - Walker would be crazy good too, but it`s too late now.
  3. Emre Can is bad, clumsy and slow. He is not even close to top level. Just bang average. I would prefer Matic to him everyday. Matic is 10x better.
  4. I don`t see a problem with City spending. We was doing kinda the same in the early days, 2004 and so on. The difference is they keep doing it. United is doing the same after Ferguson. Guardiola see he need better players then other teams to make hes style/system work and to win big trophy, so he is doing exactly this, he is getting players, that are also very young to do the job. I prefer this, to Mourinho way, buying someone beyond 28y., for fast results, but not always deliver the result and then you spend a lot of money and in the 2-3 years, you should do the same again .... City paid a lot, but most of the player they get are young, and even if they failed, they could ease get the amount of money back or atleast some of it. Sometimes maybe even more. And to me Bernando Silva, Mendy, Walker, also last year Gundogan, Sane and Jesus was a good signing for them. And of course they have failed hard with some of the player Pep brought, like Stones and Bravo. But they are building strong, strong team. But Guardiola should learn, that in England you need strong defence to win trophies. I hope he didn`t learn and still play same attacking b***** tiki-taka ....
  5. Guardiola like to rotate, and no one will be certain starter. Not to mention he could use him on both backs, as well as in the midfielder, like he did with Philipp Lahm.
  6. It won`t happen. No chance they sell three of their starting 11 defenders. No way.
  7. For me not. Pedro have good season, but hes best years are behind. Also he lacks speed. He has good acceleration, but hes speed lacks. He and Willy very often just go missing from the game. You can`t understand if they play or not. Atleast for me, we need better player on that position, or someone younger with potential to be great there. Pedro is going 30 in few days, so this signing is very good, and he is only 20 years old. And for Willian to be fair i was never big fan of him. Too often he missed the moment to shot or to make the final ball. Very often he is holding the ball too much and our attack lose the momentum. This is from the moment he came to us and still doing it. Same goes for him, goes on hiding in a lot of matches.
  8. Ideal for that Right Mifielder spot, Pedro/Willy just not good enough. He need to get minutes and that position will be perfect for him. I`m happy with this transfer.
  9. Agree, not good enough. I told you that long ago.
  10. No of course !!!
  11. You got to be mad to pay 30m. for almost 33 years old Llorente .... This is idiotic deal. Wilshere is a walking zombie and not worth to even talk for him. Oxlade is a average player at best.
  12. I don`t know why our board not going for this 2 or Sandro and Walker. This players could get us on the next level. With this wing-backs we could have challenge for CL and probably have PL in the bag. From the winter till now, we recieve more then 140m. just from sold players and we probably get atleast 80m from Costa and Matic. Thats 220m. We could have allowed to spend 50m on a such important position and that will improve our squad big. Walker - Azpi - Rudiger/Cahill - Luis - Mendy/Sandro, we would be a scarry team for anyone It`s a pity to see how Guardiola and Jose get all the support from the board and all the money in the world, when they failed hard in their first season, and Conte not getting all he want. Okay we have done some good signing, but i do think we still need atleast 1 world class WB, 1 alternative with great potential, 1 good squad DM player and world class Right midfielder.
  13. The actual price is 58m with additional 12m in bonuses. You also have very good deal with Lukaku. Sometimes you have to overpay. But he is young and it`s already a top class and will become only better. This goes for Morata as well and i hope at the end of the season he done better then Lukaku and help us win the title again. But we will see at the end of the season.
  14. Yeah, but in the next 2 game, he scored 2 times .... And 1 of them was against City .... Who say he isn`t scoring against big club? Whatever you like him or not, he is a regular scorer and it`s a top class player. I really hope that Morta is better then him or grown better then him in the next seasons. And i think the title will be decided by us and United. City with that manager will have huge problems in defence.
  15. I don`t know why so many people want Danilo. He is not a top signing. He is not even close. He is just average. A lot better to spend less money or some young RWB, which could become top player after 2-3 years. Danilo is not fast, make mistake often, forget to cover his zone, and the only real good thing in his arsenal is his crossing, which is important, but you need more qualities for top team. Everytime he play for Real, he was the weak link. Some people should stop watching youtube clips and make opinion for a player from them. Carvajal is the real deal, but we could never get him.