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  1. We had a good window all in all

    To be fair the important position is first or top 4. To be second is the worst in my opinion. Thats my opinion. If you are not okay with it, i don`t care. It`s not my problem. But you should start respect the opnion of the others, that are different to yours. I`m okay with your opinion and get your point, but i don`t agree. I`m not a gambling type and i don`t bet. But if we finish first or we did very well and Conte stay for atleast another season. I will come here and say i was wrong. I can do that easily and i will be happy to do it, if that mean we have a good season and Conte stay. I`m just tired of all that manager changes we are doing. Thats all.
  2. We had a good window all in all

    It`s fun again to see how some guys don`t let other speak their opinion, and when they say something , they start attacking them at once and put 10 replies in 1 page ... If you make a thread, can others say what they think freely or not ? Whether is it positive or not, is it right or not. Some people change their opinion in a nick of time. When the windows open, most of the guys here was calling we should bid 100-150m. for Mbappe, that we should go for Sanchez or Bale. And in the end Barkley and Chamberlane refuses us .... Totenham and Liverpool beat us on the market .... And of course before that City and United did it .... Thats speaks a lot for our board and what work they did. It`s speak a lot how we missed Lukaku, Sandro, Danilo and Walker. And before someone say it`s media and we can`t be sure, there was official last minute bid for Lukaku and Walker, and Conte admited for Walker and Danilo. They spend all summer chasing Sandro and in the end didn`t take a upgrade or alternative to Alonso, and we will have to use Azpi or Zappacosta both usually RB with right foot. And just because one time works with Moses and Alonso, that doesn`t mean will work everytime. Same goes for Luiz last minute transfer. Most of the time you will fail short and will get players with quality like Baba and Djidjibodji. If they was working fast, and give the money Juventus wanted at first, we may have ended with Sandro. But after Bonucci leave, we have exactly zero chances, but the ***** board was still chasing him .....And the Neymar transfer up the prices 2x time. If we was acting fast, for 35m. we would have a lot better player then Drinkwater and Zappacosta, and probably for a lot better prices. Also it`s obvious Conte was unhappy with the window. And if he leave in the end of the season, then the board messed big big time. We was in the best position to land top targets, they failed again. Now we got to pray Conte do his magic once again, or we will fail short both in CL and PL. And i don`t think we have good enough squad, for PL, neither for CL. This is a marathon discipline, and we are short in numbers and quality. Last year arround we have more players and for me stronger squad. I also think guys like Alonso and Moses and even Pedro played above their levels and their season won`t be as good as last one. We already see the best from Pedro. Idiotical red card against Arsenal, that already cost us 1 title. In the begining of the windows, Conte wanted 2 things, to add quality and numbers. We failed in both areas. For me to add quality means if we was able to get Sandro/Mendy or Walker. That would be upgrade over our WB. Also our CB are not good enough. We concede goals after goals, after our 13 games winning streak and our defence was not good enough. Cahill not good enough and it`s shows in the first match, where we lose it because of him, and that is once again. Last season completely by himself he lose us 2 or 3 games, with such idiotic mistake. Yeah he score some important goals, but he is no where near the top defender to me. And so far Rudiger and Christensen didn`t show me they are good enough or upgrade to anyone in our defence, which need to be better. Sanchez would be upgrade over Pedro/Willy and to me both of them are not good enough and not top players. My opinion. We can speak about that again in the end of the season. Upgrade would be if we get Bakayoko, but let Matic stay. Cause Conte would have good CM to choice from. He say it by himself. He wanted to use Matic, and let Bakayoko be 100% fit for the games and after them to use him. Now we are the only TOP TEAM IN THE WHOLE WORLD, that have only 4 midfielder. Just show me 1 other team so short on midfielder. And the idiotic board let that important position to be decided by last minute and give 35m. for a completely average player like Drinkwater. If someone mention his name before the windows open, all people here would have laughed hard. So what we did is we change Matic with Bakayoko, i don`t see how we add quality yet, its early to say, neither we add numbers and give a Conte choice to use this or this player. For god sake he can`t even rotate properly or use other formation, because of how short we are. We failed to land Llorente, player Conte wanted, and would give us a different striker type, and allow us to play with 2 strikers up front with different formation. Board take that away from Conte as well. So Conte have a lot less option now and his trump card will be a lot less, thanks to our s*** board. You can put the sum we give for new players, as much as you want, but it doesn`t matter if they are not first, second or even third Conte choices. And when from winter till now, you get more money for outgoing players, then you give for new arrivals ... And both of our rivals strengthen their squad better then us. Of course it`s up to their managers to get the results. My assessment on the windows is completely average. Not a disaster, but not good enough for a team that want to challenge for the title and CL football. Our board always have high demands, but if you have high demands, you should also give high. To me if we failed in the end of the season, the guilty one, won`t be the manager, excuse me the Coach, but the board. IF Conte decide to leave in the end of the campaing or earlier, it`s board failed and it`s because how they messed in the windows. To me we failed to add needed quality to move to the next level, as well as failed to add numbers. Our squad is even thiner then last year, and we have CL this time arround. We can`t even make 11 reserve for a Cup games and give all the starters a rest, thats speak a lot how short our squad is. Conte choices are pretty much cut, he don`t have options, can`t change formation if he decides, and can`t rotate the squad properly. Thats my opinion, and no one will change it. We will talk at the end of the season and see who is right and who is not. Won`t reply to anyone, cause i already say it, thats my opinion.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    And if we sell Costa, we will sold player for almost 250mln. with Oscar and Bamford selling. And i count them, cause we didn`t bring anyone in the winter. And why you not say how much players City or PSG sold and how much money they make from selling ? And did they leave their squad so thin ? Because our squad is thinner then last year, and that was hard to believe, because we have a relative small squad last year, and now it`s even smaller. Conte said that and we have CL football. The only real improvement we make is Bakayoko, but even there you have to wait and see if he really is improvement and can he be constant in his game. If just 1 of our players from last year to drop their level, which won`t be unusual, then we have big problem. And i think a lot of player last year was playing above their levels, thanks to Conte. So i guess you prefer a coach, who will not moan and be happy board to bring the players they want, not him, and ignore his wishes. Coach who is our board puppet, right ? And to always said i`m happy, the board did fantastic work. Whatever you like it or not, top managers will always have big demands, and won`t be happy with such behaviour from the board. And i don`t see top manager stay with us for more then 2-3 years at best with such politics. To be fair if Conte leave, atleast to me, we won`t get anyone near at his level. And dark times will be coming.
  4. Danny Drinkwater

    Good luck and all the best, stay injury free. But to be fair, i`m not happy with him and the price we pay. But it`s all because of the board, because they left all for so late and everybody know how desperate we are. We should get such caliber players like him for no more then 10-20mln. If we was doing our business early june or july, for 35mln. we would have get a lot better player then him. Hes last season was terrible. Yes he have solid season, when they won the PL, but also players like Andy Caroll, Dawning, Charlie Adam and Benteke for example have and we see what happen after that. There is time when they play above their levels in 1 season, cause they are in good form, and so on, and after that they are back to being bang average. I would have zero problem if we would get him for the 10-20mln. but sorry we sold Chalobah for 5mln. and Matic for 40mln. to direct rival, just to spend 35mln. on Drinkwater. To me that is insult and show how incompetent our board is. Better keep Chalobah and lose him on free next year, then fu** your depth in that way. Anyway i hope he success here and prove me wrong.
  5. Deadline Day Drama

    Tottenam are about to get Andre Gomez on loan. Great board, give 50m. for Drinkwater ....
  6. We officially have an incompetent board

    Yeah for sure. We will speak again. And we`ll see who was right.
  7. Danny Drinkwater

    And who exactly was Oscar replacement then ? Mikel ? We was short of CM. Conte wanted Matic to stay, the board sell it for money, to a direct rival and now they will give 35m. for a lot lesser player. Don`t tell me they didn`t mess this one. Matic was under contract for 2 years more. He should have stay. And now they will be overpaying for this average player. Because they waited and waited and waited ....
  8. Danny Drinkwater

    O my dear, and some people say don`t panic yet, and that was 2 months ago ..... What button should i push now ? 35mln. for this guy is a disaster. WTF you sell Matic for 40m., just to bring Drinkwater? How stupid you will look to the rest of the world ? It`s fun when you compare them .....
  9. We officially have an incompetent board

    Did you even realize PL is a marathon, not a sprint discipline ? You need depth to win it, and WE DON`T HAVE. You also need quality on that bench and we simply NOT HAVE IT !!! Now did i make myself clear ? Now compare this to out attacking power and see how much behind we are to them: Gundogan, Toure, Fernando, Fernandinho, Delph, Bernardo Silva, David Silva, Sane, Sterling, De Bruyne, Jesus and Aguero. And they have 3 very good WB options. United: Pogba, Herrera, Matic, Felaini, Mkhitaryan, Carrick, Mata, Rashford, Lingard, Young, Martial, Lukaku and Ibrahimovic. We have what exactly? Willan, Pedro, Hazard, Morata, Batshuai, Kante, Fabregas, Bakayoko We have exactly 3 players in the midfielder and you tell me we will challenge ? Even on Fifa you will have hard time on semi-pro mode to win the title ... Conte can`t give his player proper rest, we can`t even make 11 reserve players for a Cup Games. Let alone rotate often for a CL and PL games in 3 days time. We can`t change the formation, cause we don`t have enough player, especially in the mid. With just 1 injurie and we are done and burried. What we will do on suspension ? What we will do when someone form drop? When he is tired? You failed so hard, so pls be quiet. This board of yours messed so hard, it`s jost not real. I just pray at the end of the disaster season we will have, they get sacked, not Conte.
  10. Zappacosta

    In whoscored his waekness are: Defensive Contribution Tackling Yeah the WB need to be good in offense, but defenitely have to be good in defence first. That is the main thing. I didn`t watch him even a bit, so i can`t say anything. I guess we will see. Good luck on him.
  11. We officially have an incompetent board

    The reality is we would never win the PL title 2 time in the last 3 year with this players, if the managers was not Jose and Conte. The managers win us the title. I very much doubt we would have won the title with other coach. Especially last year, just no way. And competition in 2014-2015 wasn`t so great. Now it`s a lot higher and tougher. And we have weaker squad. And to be fair i don`t see how we upgraded our team, to me the team is a lot weaker then last year. And that will show sooner or later. And WoW at people saying we have good enough team for challenging for the title. If the squad was with 5 more solid players, then just maybe, right now is so far away from City and United, that is just not real.
  12. Fernando Llorente

    So thats mean the board failed and now they have to give more money, then in the first place if Marina was not acting like ******?
  13. We officially have an incompetent board

    Really? And what if the end of the season, we are far away from the first spot, out of the CL early and Conte pack his luggage? Should be happy with that then ? Or once again will be manager, excuse me the "coach" fault?
  14. Are you worried about the squad size?

    But we should have tell him, NO. We sell him for 5mln. He was a great squad player. Better lose 5mln., then give 40mln. for guy like Drinkwater ....
  15. We officially have an incompetent board

    But from winter till now, we sell players for more then 200mln. With Costa sale will be close to 250m. Yet spend less then 140m..... When we are Champion and get 150m. from winning the title .... That`s tell you the whole story. There is no excuses for the board for not backing our manager, excuse me i mean coach !!! Emanalo is also to blame, cause he failed to find replacement. He also failed with Conte. Conte want one thing, board want another. And in the end Conte go out there and said i`m just a coach, not a manager. Ask the board why they sell me Matic. I planed to used him, untill Bakayoko is 100% fit and it`s ready. I also don`t believe all the s*** media rumours us with, but we did send Lukaku panic offer in a last moment, when everything was already done with United, we did the same thing with Walker, Conte said he wanted that player. He also said he wanted Danilo, the board failed again here. They sell player, he didn`t want to be sold. He did want Sandro, won`t happen. And for Sandro case it`s a board fault, cause they should try to get him asap. But they decided to wait, and Juve sold Bonucci and that was the moment we should have backed off. But this incompetent board continue to chase him. Conte wanted Frank Cassie in the winter, he goes to Ac Milan, did i need to mention how many players they missed last summer as well ? We should have get our WB a lot earlier, and there was a plenty of options. Conti, Jeremy Toljan, Cancelo, Danilo, Walker, even Aurier, only for RB. No excuses.