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  1. JM7, yeah exactly, most people here would have jump right on Conte, as they usually does. It`s fun when i see the comments before the match, o no false 9 again, " we will lose badly", " our end" and such priceless comments from people who think they know better the game then Conte. Ahahhahahah. I hope most people realize now why Conte is the Chelsea manager, and they are here and stop putting such idiotic comments about Conte and not knowing what tactics and player to put into the game. The tactic was spot on, and we was the better team 100%. That mistake in our half was so so dumb. We have terrible defence i said this many times. We concede so many goals, but most people here are just point at 1 player - Cahill. Barcelona get lucky. This match could very well end 3-0 for us. But i do have high hope for the rematch. But let`s be fair, they have the better team and they play with this style for like forever. And let`s not forget this Barcelona team beat Real Madrid at Bernabeu with 3-0. And 1-1 was not good result on your stadium before 15 years. For me it`s not a bad result. If we have some luck in the rematch we can easily beat them 2-0 or 2-1, even 2-2 is good result for us. We just need solid defence there.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Probably because he can`t say a word? What he could say? He failed hard, when he get what he want. Even Earnie said they brough us player he wanted even before he went to them. Last season he get the players he want. Some of them like Bravo, Nolito and Stone failed hard, what he can say ? He get what he want, why should he complain? And he said it many times that the team need reinforcment for his style of play. And they spend that type of money, because they needed. Ernie_blue, i doubt he or anyone expected that. Let`s not forget we was in terrible situation. We was not in position to lure top manager and top players. Conte come took this team from 10 place(10 place with 2 different manager, so you can`t blame only Jose for that), took a team that most people said this is a broken team, most player are washed out and make that team Champion with record breaking streak of win. Sorry but of the three Conte deserved the most to get what he want. And he get nothing of that and it`s f**** normal he is pissed hard. And if the board didn`t want to give him what they want, why they didn`t just release him in the summer. He was not the guy for their lets say "project". Why didn`t they just release him in the summer? Let me tell you why, because all of the fans would be mad at them. I can root old threads and show you what most people here typed after we win the title. We get a young manager with great style, who shows he is good enough, even more one of the best, just give him what he want in the summer, he deserve it. That was the trend back then. Now it`s completely opposite it`s his fault .... I`m waiting for the next one, it will be Enrique and i will be waiting to see your post next year. But i`m pretty sure most of you will want him sacked too and he will be guilty once again. If Conte was not take the team last year, i`m not sure if we would have been in top 4, forget a title. No one believe we could have won the title with that squad. For that i will be always thankful to Conte and will never said a bad word about him. Whatever the results are. You should look close eye on his career. I`m pretty sure this guy will win everything in football in the next few years. Just like it happen with Jose Mourinho when he sacked him the first time. He goes to Inter and won treble. Back then we made huge mistake sacked a manager who was in his prime and have that winning mentality and passion for winning. Right now we do the same mistake. But we did that in the summer. From then on he was gone. You can`t expect him to see 100% of him. There is a lot of articles out there saying he and board is at war, and thats because Emanalo leave, he was between Conte and Marina and could not take it anymore. Conte feels the club didn’t put enough into signing his top transfer targets, while it has also been claimed the former Italy boss has no say in who the club signs. Also he is annoyed with Chelsea’s transfer chiefs for not keeping up with Manchester City and Manchester United’s spending. That was for me i`m done it for now. I have to study and stop wasting my time here. We will see who is right or wrong, next year.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yeah but City was on it. But Sanchez was too greedy. And when you get all you want, of course you won`t cry for 1 player, when your board have done everything they can, but the other side just want ridiculous money. And let`s not forget how much infront in points City was. And to make him happy they buy him a new CB for 57+m. they broke their record for him. They spend more then 400m. for 2 season and do everything they could to bring the players he want. Even when he fu***** with some transfers like Claudio, Nolito and the very bad first season of John Stone. They still back him up fully. They would have buy him Neymar or Messi if they was available. You can`t f**** compare what is in City and what is in with us. Did you read anywhere in the press last season, that Guardiola job is not safe? That they will sack him ?
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Isn`t it obvious why he didn`t sign an extension or i should write it 20 times, to get it ? It was obvious he wanted to see if he will get what he want. He wanted more power and the board to get the player he wanted. Now you washed their hand with that, because he didn`t sign extenstion. He didn`t sign it, because the first summer he didn`t get the player he wanted and he wanted to see if they was willing to give him what he want. Not happen - no extension it`s so simple. Ernie_blue, my last comment on this one. No of course the managers is always to blame. First it was Carlo, then 2 time Jose and now Conte. Just as it happen with Mou the first time, he goes to Inter and won treble and Carlo won CL, that will happen and with Conte. He is in prime, will go to top club and will win everything and only we will suffer.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Then you get offended when i said there is a lot of blind man here. You are fast to forget. Conte by himself said he wanted this players. He said it for Danilo, Walker, Mendy and Sannchez. And Conte did not sign an extenstion simply because he wanted to see if he will get some power in the club, and it`s show that he was right. And if you think you will find the perfect manager, that never made mistake and so on, ooo you are delusional. There is no such man. And for Chelsea fan there is no good managers. Why you not try ??? You maybe the perfect candidate, who knows?
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It`s obvious who the blind man is. And this is not the first case it`s happen. You have no arguments about this, because is that. I have Conte quote that he clearly SAID HE HAS NO WORD AND HE IS JUST A COACH or you have some inside information maybe? What word he have? He wanted Sanchez, he wanted Matic to stay, he wanted Danilo, Walker, Mendy, Lukaku, Llorente, Sanchez, Tolisso, Kolibali, Naingolan, Sandro, and the list goes on and he get Zapacostta, Barkley and Drinkwater. Go fight for the title with this team. Go fight for anything. You say this team is better then that, but when Conte come, this team was at 10 place !!! And that is with 2 different managers - Jose and Hiddink. No this team is not good enough. Conte was good enough last season and he won the title. And sorry but last season Conte did not once cry about anything. He said it many times from the end of the season, untill now, that this team need to strengthen. That need both class/quality and numbers. We recently added numbers, but untill then we suffer a lot of injuries, because we have to rush players, same happen with Baka and many matches we was without key players, because of fatigue or injuries or you think this things have not put influence ? And how hard is to see, that after he did not get the backing in the summer, he was mentali gone. They just ruined, so it`s normal he is not at 100%. But to think he has forget how to pick the right starting players, just in 2 months rest time between the season it`s more then stupid. And he forget how to train the players and what tactics to use. And no Rudiger and Christensen are nothing special to date. Rudiger also make a lot of mistake, same goes for Christensen and we lose matches also because of them. Same s.... with Luis and Cahill. On who should you rely if not your Captian with 2 PL titles, CL title and more then 250 matches for the club? But you always have to complain about something and change your opinion in nick of time. That is fun to see. Last season Conte was mad to let Fabregas in the reserve, and put Matic infront him, yeah this season we see, why Fabregas was Matic reserve. He would be sub again if there was someone to play there ....
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Did you understand this is the same man, that won us the title? The same man that took 10th in the PL and won the title next season ? And no this team is not good enough. Drinkwater, Mouses, Zapacosta, Barkley, Bakayoko, so far so bad, Pedro, Cesc, Cahill and Willy are washed. And, Kante, Luiz, Azpi, a lot behind the level of last season. Rudiger and Christensen so far have been nothing special. The truth is Conte put the bar high with the title last year. He make a lot of players to play very much above the level, but they don`t have the class to keep constantly that level. That`s the true. And the football not work like that, you should beat this, this and this with this squad. Otherwise top team would have 5-6 tough matches and the rest would be wins against teams you mention. Last season City lost to Everton with 4-0 and Leicester with 4-1 .... Pretty sure they should they have better player then this team, right? But the football not work that way. And it`s completely board fault. Because all of this is reflecting on the players. And most importantly you kill the motivation and passion in the manager. Just what happen with Conte. So whatever it come will be the same, untill big changes happen in the board and the management of this team.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    AS i said we will see. Time will tell. I was right in the summer. This talk is from this summer. Why he didn`t say even 1 bad word last season ? He was taking all the blame last season. It`s obvious board f**k*** up. You have to be blind to not see that.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Where is the big boys, that defend the board, where are ? "About the transfer market, from the summer, the club decides every single player that comes here," Conte said after the Carabao Cup defeat to Arsenal. "My first task is to do my job, to be a coach and to try to improve my players. For sure, I don't have a big impact on the transfer market." Who`s fault is it now ? Tell me a manager that will be happy with that, after he won the Premier League with a lot lesser squad then City and United ??? And i don`t see why you make 20 threads about new manager, when he will come to the same situation. And you will still say the same b.c. But why i`m amazed, after the 3 bad result last year, before the winning streak, after Arsenal defeat, there was people that asked Conte to be sacked. If Conte was at Liverpool or United for example, even City, they would have give to him everything they could and their fan probably would have die for him. I doubt anyone would have type such b.c. as people here. You all should be ashamed.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Don`t try, this people here can`t understand. It`s obvious they know nothing of football. Otherwise all here would have supported Conte and would want the board to go. Guardiola was not only backed at City, he get what he want. They back him fully. Same happen with Jose Mourinho at United. Only Conte was not backed. He said this time after time. And for this who want Conte sacked and are putting their arguments from their a***, this is for them: 70.3% - Antonio Conte has the joint-best win rate of any manager in Premier League history (min 5 games), level with Pep Guardiola. Tension. Conte will get sack, but he will find top club and will win, but we won`t find top manager like him and i`m pretty sure we won`t win something big in the next 2 or 3 years, and with this management, probably for long time. If City doesn`t f**k*** up i doubt we will the title soon. But i will be here to remember you that and shows who knows about football and who not !!!
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You are fast to forget. Didn`t City lose also as 2-4 to Leicester City, when Leicester was in the danger zone. Some people always turn the table, when does not export them .... I`m ashamed of such Chelsea fans. They also concede 6 goals against Monaco and lose 4-0 against Barcelona. Did i need to mention, the 4-0 lose from Everton ? It`s fun to play with fans like you ....
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Probably because he recieve every player he wanted?
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    So much primadonas in our team then. If someone say you are not good enough, what you do? Prove that he is right, by not playing or giving all you can and prove him wrong ? This should not be used as a excuse for the players and how bad they are. Zidane is backing his team by all the time and say they are good enough and he don`t need new players and so on, and they are so so bad in the league. So to me that is not the problem. The main problem is the board and always will be and new manager won`t change that. And what will happen if we sack Conte and appointing new manager right away, and he could not catch top 4 ? What we are going to do, sack him too at the end of the season? What will happen if he lose his first 2-3 matches? I didn`t see big changes after we sack Jose, and appoint Hiddink. Changing of a manager won`t always have a positive scenario. Are some of you think about this ??? I`m done with this forum. Here everyone change his opinion and are always finding someone to complain about. I will come next year, when we have new manager, after 20 matches, and then we will talk at what place Conte is in his new team and are what place we are.
  14. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Yes i type it wrong, not month, but year. Isn`t it obvious ? And yes everyone was trying to find the way to stop our system and tactic last season, and no one really find a way to do it. Arsenal, Tottenham, even City last season tried and played with 3 in the back. First time i remember, when someone copy our style of play. And yes last season we score more then City. Should i find post of most of you, saying how Guardiola football is outdated and so on ??? And now you are totally on the other side, he is playing great football and blq, blq, blq. I`m pretty sure if he was at Chelsea last season and Conte was at City and won the title, you would be fast to sacked him. Just like most of you are doing with Conte now. I will laugh hard at you next season and will bring all of the trash you type at Conte. Cause i`m sure the next Chelsea manager with that board would not win the title, and pretty sure Conte will do it with his next team.
  15. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    People are fast to forget. Hahahahhaha, some of you says we didn`t play good fotball, it`s boring and blq, blq, blq ... You are so fast to forget. Last season we scored 85 goals(only Tottenham) scored 1 goal more then us, and that is because their latest matches opponent was not playing and there they score a lot of goals. City was 5 goals behind us. But now the rats leave their hole and come to say what bad football we play .... How quick our fan is forgeting, for the first time in many years, the rest of the team in the world was copy out tactics and system. So many teams starting to play 3-4-3, because they see it from Conte ..... I`m done with this forum. Some folks never learn, for them it`s always manager to blame. I would say more, but i would get banned. They are so smart, they say he can`t pick his best player, not know what player to play and so on. How exactly he forget his touch and what is the best 11 for 2 months in the break ? Cause last season he get all right. How is someone lose his touch in 2 months ? It`s so obvious it`s the board fault, weak transfer windows we have and the tensity between them and the manager. Conte is leaving in the summer, and the next manager will have the same faith, but he won`t win anything for us. He will probably not last the half season. If Guardiola stay at City, no way we catch them with changing manager every year or so. No way.