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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yeah year after year it`s all manager fault. :D Ernie_blue, how`s that? He lose all of his touch, in just 2 months, from last season to this, right? :D Great logic. As far as i remember, he change the formation few times this season, but every top manager, knows and it`s good in between 1-3 formation. He tried with false 9, because our striker was bad. As far as i remember, he constantley tried Drinkwater/Bakayoko/Fabregas, evan Barkley(injured), Bakayoko and Drinkwater was injured too. We have worst midfield then any other top teap. Kante is great at defense, but he is complete zero in offensive part of the game .... Only creative midfielder we have is Fabregas. Thats why he play most of the time. Otherwise you will say, Conte is playing defensively with 2dm. He rotated Willy/Pedro according to the form. He also rotate the striker position. Most importantly people here was crying non-stop about Cahill, but last season Cahill was the man and helped the team greatelly, esp with his important goals. Christensen have made big mistake in every important match we play. People here was crying about Cahill, Luis in the begining, so Conte integrate both Christensen and Rudiger. But you can always find something to complain about it. Same thing was being said for Mou, when he was here last season, same goes for Ancelotti in his second season and so on. This season a lot of Real fans wanted Zidane out, and was complaining about exactly the same things. Last season Liverpool fans was the same about Klopp, now they are worship him. Some fans are like that, they are not see the bigger picture, just look where they wanted and always blame the manager. And what about the players ?? They have zero fault, right? Just like with Mou .... You put the players on the fields, and it`s their job to win the matches. And our so far is a big, big disappointment. No leaders, no one, who will lead the group. And so much individual mistake this season. Most of our loses this season, esp. the big one, was due to single players mistakes. As i said Christensen made so much in every important match we played.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Both Tottenham and Liverpool managers works without unnecessary stress. Tottenham finish 3rd in the easiest CL group and not a single word that Pochetino job is at risk. This is Klopp third season. They are working on quietness/serenity atmosphere, while Chelsea job is a nightmare for every coach. Maybe only Real Madrid manager is at more stress, but atleast they have the best players on the planet .... Our board was doing s*** with managers, and now they get what they deserve. I will never remember how this s*** fired the man who bring us the first double in our history, and just because he finish second, he was fired, and he was fired in the tunnels after our last match. That is a disgrace and now they get what they deserve. And even the commentator yesterday said it. Klopp is a stubborn as hell. He identify a player for his style and he want him till the end, no matter of how hard the price is inflated. You forget to mention they wanted Van Dijk in the summer, before they sell Cou. Southapmton didn`t want to sell it and was blackmailing Liverpool and even threat them. Couthino was making s*** and wanted to leave, that`s why they sell him. And to be fair they did good. And just because Klopp wanted hard Keita, Liverpool board decide to go through that transfer, even when the player will stay at his team for 1 more season. You know what holidays are coming i have enough of this argue. I just want stability in this team. And i`m tired of idiotic managers sacking in this team. After Jose sacking i said it, if the manager show he is good i will support him till the end. You will see i will be the same with the next manager, if he is quality. It`s not about Conte, i`m just tired of all this s****. The lack of stability will cost us hard and you will see it. So we are all fans, and should be together. Everyone have different opinion, that is. I can`t agree on yours. For me the board destroy the atmosphere in the team, and from that point it was obvious we will have bad season again. Happy holidays by the way and all the health and happiness to all.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The Liquidator, again what exactly Liverpool have won ??? You didn`t answer me this. Just because they made 1 great match today, doesn`t mean they are future top players. They very well may be, but you should not make a opinion for a player from 1 or 2 matches. Moses was great last season, we see his level this.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The Liquidator, as far as i remember Liverpool last season was not in the CL as well. They finish 4th. It`s fun how you try to twist things arround. First off Liverpool have player in insane form, like Mane, Salah and Firmino. Chamberlain is in good form too( we wated him btw). Should i said Conte wanted Van Dijk? Liverpool took him. And most importantly, this is Klopp third season. And so far he won nothing. But yet, there is zero stress at him. Board is trusting in him, and didn`t put unneeded pressureon him. And saying transfers, Liverpool director i think said all the transfer Liverpool will make, will be Klopp choices, as it happen. They have some Committee before he came, but he wanted to have the power in there and they release this so call Committee, that choice the players. Yeah they are budget team, but lets see what happen. Klopp wanted very hard Mane - they spend 34m. on him, 23m on Wijnaldum, he wanted new GK, he get it, he wanted Chamberlane 35m. on him, was blackmailed for Salah, but Klopp wanted hard and the board just paid the 50m., and there it goes, blackmailed hard for Van Dijk, but they broke all the records and spend 75m. on him, and ups i forget Naby Keita, they paid 66m with the bonuses for him, because Klopp want him, and he is not even playing for them. Something we didn`t do with even a single player, that Conte wanted. And this players alone, are nearly close to 300m. selection. And if he decide someone to leave, he leaves, they don`t have problem with it. He decide i don`t like that or that player(Benteke, Sakho and Skrtel for example) - they leave. And so far he won complete nothing. :D And btw you are fast to forget. Last season we beat 2 time City and 2 time United. We beat 2 time Totenham.
  5. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Very sad news, great loss for the whole football community. Rest in peace Ray.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You know better or Vialli know better? 'Antonio Conte cannot wait to leave Chelsea, he can't stand that they don't consult him on transfers,' claims ex-boss Gianluca Vialli... but club won't relinquish control over transfer policy Antonio Conte 'cannot wait' to leave Chelsea, according to former Stamford Bridge hero Gianluca Vialli. Vialli, who played with Conte at Juventus, claims the Blues boss is fed up with not being consulted about the club's transfer policy and wants to leave at the end of the season. Despite this season's tensions over, Sportsmail understands the Blues hierarchy have no intention of relinquishing any control over their transfer policy when, as expected, a new boss is appointed ahead of next season. Conte has had a number of public and private spats with the Chelsea hierarchy about transfer incomings; the Italian frustrated at his lack of power regarding which players the club sign. And former Blues hero Vialli, who has maintained a relationship with Conte, says his countryman is desperate to leave Stamford Bridge. 'Conte can't wait to leave Chelsea,' he told Sky Sport Italia. 'He can't stand that they sell or buy players without consulting him.' Paris Saint Germain have already held discreet discussions about replacing current manager Unai Emery with Conte this summer. Former Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel is also in the running for the PSG job. Conte rebuffed a lucrative approach from Inter Milan at the end of the last season and could become a target again, while the 48-year-old is the Italian Football Federation's first choice to take over the national team. Either way, Conte will not be short of suitors when he eventually leaves Stamford Bridge and Vialli added: 'Whether it's the Nazionale (Italy) or Paris Saint-Germain, he'll find a place where he can start winning something important again. 'There will be a queue of contracts for him to sign.' Chelsea have already started the process of identifying Conte's replacement with former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique and Tuchel among the candidates attracting Chelsea. However, it is understood Enrique, who is currently without a club, has expressed reservations about working within Chelsea's transfer structure. Having watched Conte's frustrations from the outside, the Spaniard fears a lack of control over transfers will impact on his ability to imprint his philosophy on the team. Nevertheless, the club's board are unwilling to surrender any power over transfers as they look to attract a new boss, with Conte's replacement expected to fit into the existing structure. Meanwhile, the club's diminishing hopes of qualifying for the Champions League will have a detrimental impact on their attempts to sign Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois to new deals. The Belgian pair are already stalling on signing new deals. And the likely prospect of Chelsea missing out on Champions League football next season will strengthen Hazard and Courtois' ambition of pursuing moves abroad. Real Madrid are interested in both players. At the end i was right AGAIN !!! BTW, Conte not for once go out there and said this and this player is the fault we lose this game. Mourinho did this plenty of time. Conte always defend his player and always took the blame. His fight was with the board. He was trying to fight with them and get power of transfer, that is all. And if you see, his "crying" about transfers was in the summer, before winter and in the winter windows, to push the board to get the quality player he said. Last season after the lose to Arsenal he said it. We did a miracle this season. But we have very short squad, we need to reinforce both in terms of quality and quanity. We did not reinforce in both things. For quanity you can argue, but we did very late buys on crucial position and against Burnley we have zero quanity on the bench and started with 2 youngster, that are on loan and not play regularly. That`s tell you a lot. A lot of players you see in the team are not good enough to play, and 90% of them was brought injured or coming after long injury break. Go get some form from such player, when they are not have full pre-season. Good luck. 100% better to have manager like Conte and Mou, who will go out there and say how the thing is, then having someone who is obedient and you will blame only him, then the next will come and same problem and you are thinking, what the hell is happening? Cause this is what our board is doing, washing their hands with the managers. They are doing it for long time. Ancelotti was the first to say it, in his second season, i`m just a coach here, not a manager i don`t have a word about the transfers. Same s*** every time we won a title. Board put us on the slide. It will be the same with the next manager in hand. But someone will understand it, when Conte leave. The board made us that bad, even Tottenham, have better team then ours right now.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    “I think the club decide our transfer market. As I said before, my task is to try to improve the team. About the transfer market, from the summer, the club decides every single player.” “Sometimes you must accept this crazy transfer market and sometimes you must accept different decisions. “Bakayoko is a good signing for us. He is very young. My idea was to give Bakayoko the right time to adapt in this league behind Matic. But now after the sale of Matic, we need to try to accelerate this process for Bakayoko after his injury.” “It’s very important to have the coach and the club with the same ambition: to improve the team, the idea of football and the quality of your players,” Conte told reporters. “If you find this situation, probably the season will finish with success... “I have great ambition but I don’t have money for Chelsea. The club knows very well what is my idea, what is my ambition... When you decide to work with this type of coach, you must understand that you take a coach with great ambition.” Conte believes Chelsea have failed to sufficiently improve the squad after last season’s triumph, saying that City had wrapped up the title in the first half of the current campaign. “Last season we did a fantastic job. We were a great surprise... But then you have to continue to build something important with the coach,” Conte added. “Manchester City won it (this season’s title) in that first part of the season. This must be a great frustration for me, for my players, for my club. If your name is Chelsea, you have to try to fight until the end.” And yeah surely Emerson and Zapacosta is Conte choices. You can see it clearly by how much they play. Absolutely the same with Michy Batshuai. But why i tried, Conte himself said for Walker, then you have Sandro, Mendy and Danilo. But yeah of course, Zapacostta and Emerson(coming after injury) are Conte choices. Why didn`t he play them, then ???? But why i even try it. It`s obvious who`s fault is. Next season will show who was right and who is not. Because of this board we going straight down. No chance of winning something big in the next 2-3 years. Conte will go to a top team and will win trophies. We will have problem, first to get top manager, and then to win something with that board.... It`s also Conte fault the same thing happen with Jose. And before that with Ancelotti. Carlo Ancelotti said by himself in the second season the same thing. That he is just a coach here, not a manager, a coach. And he get zero word for transfers. And then some of you last season was saying how bad Guardiola is, now you prise him. Hahahahah you are so fun. And some of you was thinking why he choice City over us, isn`t it obvious why ??? If you want to have top manager, if you have to support him and help him with the team, not f**** him, not asking what players to bring and to sell players against his will. No top manager will work for you that way.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I already answers all this questions. If you want Walker, you know that Walker is expensive. We tried to buy Walker Tottenham won`t sell to us is a fact, or just your speculation ? Didn`t some of you said the same for Arsenal and Sanchez? They won`t sell to us, but sell to United and City. This is as stupid as hell. And guess what they sell Giroud to us .... Thats complete garbage. Danilo, Walker, Lukaku deal was missed because of the lowblow by Marina and that she always act so, so slow. City was never in for Danilo, we was trying to get him from Real, but we was slow as hell, Marina didn`t want to pay the 20m. and trying to get him for lower, and City came across, paid the money and of course they will get him. There is a word, act fast, before the rest and do your job early and you will enjoy good season !!! Unlike what we did, act slow and late as always. And do Zapacostta, Giroud, Emerson, Barkley, Morata are deal, long reached before the season start? Don`t make me laugh. I said it, some deals may be, most of them are not. City was for Dani Alves, not for Walker or Danilo. They miss on Alves, their board act quickly and get our targets. Same happen with United, after they missed Morata. This summer we was all for Lukaku, not Morata. United was going to him, but Real probably wanted De Gea in the other direction or a lot of money, because of that, and that`s why the deal didn`t happen. It was complete obvious we was for Lukaku. We act slow, we see we are losing him and send panic offer in the last minuted, but United beat us, of course they will. If we was acting a lot faster and without Marina s***, we could have get Lukaku for a lot less, for what United take him. It`s well know fact the price gone up, when there is 2 or 3 team battleing for 1 player. And don`t tell me we are not acting slow, and Marina negotiate so much for Llorente, Spurs steal it from us. Same happen with Chamberlane. And for Barkley i don`t know, ask Marina why she wanted him in the summer. We agreed a fee, but Barkley refuse to come. For Chamberlain again we was slow as hell, and in the end he choice Liverpool. We was also try to get Romanolli, failed, Conte wanted Kolibali failed, Van Dajk - failed, Sanchez - not even tried. And it`s not about the players, but show the manager support. Just like City did. And why should i take you serious, esp you 2? Last season you was laughing at Guardiola and say how bad he is . If he was the season he have at City, here, you would have wanted him sacked too. He would not have much different season then Conte this year, if the board fu**** the same way .... And no it`s not Conte problem, it`s our. Because this thing is repeatedly happen time after time. And this is the second time that happen in 2 years. I`m done with the writing, cause i only lose time, that i need to spend in studying. I said what i want to say and i stand by my words. Most of you in the summer said we would be okay, the transfer windows is good, everything is okay, and blq, blq, blq ... I was one from few to say, board fuc*** hard and not bring the manager player he wanted, and we will suffer because of that. Because you destroy hes desire and motivation to lead this club by this way, you poison the athmosphere that way, and at the end you get what you deserve. It happen with Jose, it would happen with Guardiola and every other top manager. Enjoy. Next season will be completely the same. This will repeat, untill something not change inside. Abramovic change the policy this club is lead, and change most of the boards. Marina has to be first.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Ernie_blue , thats b.s. at higher level. Conte himself admit he wanted Walker and Mendy. Everton director said Lukaku was going our way, be was too slow. Our offert in the end of the summer show that. It`s obvious when speculation are truth and where there is only rumours. We was first after Walker. But the price was high for our board, thats why City come and buy it. It`s also b.s. that transfer are made before the window .... Some maybe, but most are not. And because i`m speaking with facts, unlike you, who support the board only and was very quiet last season, here we go: Conte said: “If you want Walker, you know that Walker is expensive. We tried to buy Walker.” He added: “If I had to buy one striker, I’d go for Kane. “For me, Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. He is just a complete striker. Even Tottenham confirm there was offer for Walker, but was too little, too late. "Honestly, I think now every single player is expensive. For you to even enquire about one player, he is expensive. "You go to buy a right-back, a left-back or a central defender and he is expensive. It is very difficult in the transfer market for the teams that need to improve their squads." However, Standard Sport understands that Chelsea only made their move for the 27-year-old just before his switch to the Etihad Stadium was complete. It is believed the bid was lower than the £45million plus add-ons that Tottenham had already agreed with Manchester City and was instantly rejected. For Danilo, Real wanted 20m., Marina was trying to play lowblow again and City just paid the price and they get us from us. City at first was going for Dany Alves my pal. Once again detroy your theory about transfers are made before the summer. AHahhahaha, this is a joke .... Same s*** for Barkley in the summer and for Chamberlane ... You have to be complete bias, to said what you said and to not addmit how hord we failed in the summer transfer window. But i will be here next season to blast you once again, when we failed hard to deliver again. I`m pretty sure for most of you, again the manager will be the problem. Conte will go to a big team and continue winning. So i`m done with biased blind people like you.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Slojo, speculation is what other is doing. I`m putting Conte own word. I doubt he will said this and that, if its not true. And the board didn`t handle the situation. They should have have talk with Conte long time ago or if they see he is so pissed, they should have changed him. And Conte by himself said for Sanchez. Yeah i like him, but i don`t think we are trying to get him. Isn`t that completely obvious what he means? Danilo by himself said Conte wanted, but our club was too slow, and City steal it from us. Conte by himself said he wanted Mendy and Walker. Our board failed with both, because was too slow. They didn`t wanted to f*** the deal with Bakayoko, which take so much time, and that`s why they didn`t start to negotiate for Mendy. And for Walker, they was trying to lower the price. Sandro is obvious Conte target, and the idiotic board took the whole window trying to get him, and they failed. Same thing happen with Lukaku. His manager confirm it. United was fast and they simply stole it from the board. Some of you was fast to forget how slow the board acted at transfer window and what was our squad for the first game we lose it. Did you forget Conte said it by himself, he didn`t want Matic to be sold and it was the board choice. Can you imagine how frustrated he was, they are selling him players, that he don`t want to be sell? What was Marina thinking ? Tell me, that he will have the motivation to made another wonder and win us the title again ??? That he will have desire to do it ? By fu***** him so hard? She is stupid as hell. She should be fired right away. That ******. Or Conte could not see that Guardiola and Mourinho failed last season, but they get what they want from their board and they get supported??? Mourinho get Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez, Mhitarian, Ibrahimovic, Matic and so on, same goes for Guardiola and even Klopp gets what he asked from Liverpool. Yeah they don`t have big money, but they support his manager and brings him what he want. He wanted Mane, they spend 35m. on him, he wanted new GK, they get him, he wanted Salah, they spend 50m on him, he wanted Keita, they spend 70m. on him, he wanted Van Dajk, they broke the record and sign him for 75m, they even stole Chamberlane from us for 35m, because Klopp wanted him. They brought him Wijnaldum for 23m. also. Thats how you make manager to be happy and to stay with this team. Not by fu**** him over and over again. On this players only, they spend close to 300m, and all it`s whats manager wanted. We get disgrace after disgrace on the transfer window. No matter if it`s me or you, or Conte, we would be rightly pissed so. You are fast to forget how much hits we recieve in the transfer windows and how many players they stole us from now. And it`s all board fault. I can`t forget the last season and how Conte destroy every single team in PL, 13 straight victories. He deserve to be given 300m. from the board and let him choice the player he wanted and put us on next level, and then if he fail, then slam him and if they want sack him. They simply destroy his confidence and his desire. How could he be able to get result he, the board and we wanted??? With such type of world class manager, you have to please them and make them happy, otherwise you lose them. That`s why Guardiola choiced City, not us. If he was here, he would do the same, or maybe even worst. So, sorry but i won`t say a single bad word for the man, that took us from 10 place, and made us Champions, where none was given us a chance for it. He was even the first manager on the list to be sacked ..... This is the man, who build this great Juventus team. Juventus before him, was 7th in two straight years, he took them, and make them Champions 3 time in a row and broke a record for it. I made be on the board side, if this was the first time it happen in our team, but this is the 3rd time, and two time in 2 years time, sorry but it`s obvious what the problem is. Our season is fu**** by the board in the summer. Whoever epxect something different, after you f***** and humiliate your manager like that, he is living in a fantasy. You can check my comment in the summer and how i said that this will happen and we probably won`t be in top 4, and people was slamming me for that. But i was right. And now it`s see, so no one can come here and talk me, what i said it`s not truth.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    b.s. Conte said it clearly, that he have zero word about the transfers and every transfer that the board make is not his choice. He wanted Lukaku, they bring Morata. He clearly said he wanted Walker/Danilo and Mendy/Sandro they bring him Zapacostta and Emerson Palmeri. He wanted Tolliso, they bring Bakayoko .... He wanted Bonucci/Van Dajk, they get him Rudiger. He wanted Dzeko, they bring Giroud ..... Bakayoko is long term target, he is not Conte choice. And Conte said by himself he wanted Matic to stay in the team. The board sell him. Conte also wanted Kolibali, Bonucci, Van Dajk, Chamberlane, Candreva, Dzeko, Sanchez, Vidal and so on, and the board brings complete different players .... They bring injured players that cost less. This is so wrong, someone else to make the transfers .... If you choice manager, and he show you, he is good enough, and you pay him so much, and at the end his head is on the line, then he should be making the squad and transfers. Thats how a club should be run. Okay the board could said to him, look we have policy to bring expense players, who is young, untill 25, so we can use it for long time, and at the begining of the season, they should said to him, this is your budget for the season, no matter if its 100m, 200m, 300m, 500m. get what you want, and our scouts will help you. Then he said his target and they should try the best to bring it to the club. See what Conte said: “I think the club decide our transfer market. As I said before, my task is to try to improve the team. About the transfer market, from the summer, the club decides every single player.”
  12. Victor Moses

    Conte said it he wanted Walker and Danilo. Also he wanted Mendy or Sandro for the left side. Board give him Emerson and Zapacostta. Enough said.
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Is that really so? Can i remember you, at what place Conte took the team ??? Ten place. And he made us Champion. Can i remember you, we finish 10 with 2 different manager. Hiddink have exactly half season and could atleast place us in top 6. But we finish 10. Can i remember you, how many said, that this team is washed-out and we have to change most of them ??? And how the team have zero discipline and every player doing what they want ??? You are fast to forget that. When you look at the manager work, you should look his season overall, not just last months, cause a lot of things could go wrong. Wasn`t we all agreed at the end of the last season, that the board should support Conte and give him all he wanted??? So many of you turn the table, that was the board intention with all the s**** they was doing. To put the blame on the manager once again and wash their hands with him. This is done so many times in the past. The reality is we didn`t have a great team, when Conte took place. Hes tactics, style and motivation made us Champions. But we have a lot average players, and you could have get the best of them for some time, maximum of 1 season, we see this many times, and then their back to their average level. I`m speaking about washed players like Pedro, Willy, totally average players like Moses and so on. Conte said it many, many times we need big quality. We didn`t add that, we are even down at that, after few sale. Sorry but the main problem is not Conte. Hes sacking won`t change anything. This will repeat time after time, the problem is, with that competition in England we won`t the title this time. If i have to bet, i didn`t give a chance to us, to win the title in the next 2-3 years. I just don`t see it happen. If Guardiola decide to stay, United level will go only higher and higher. So we can fight with Liverpool and Totenham for top 4. And we could reach it, because they will sell this and this player and their level won`t go higher then that. That is from me. I want the best for the club, but i don`t see bright future with this board across.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Didier, sorry but that is what we doing. The manager have good first season, they zero support and we f**** him and sack him. This is our board way. Conte will find new team and start winning i`m sure of that, he has that type of mentality. We won`t find top quality manager, not with that board we have. Also we won`t be in CL. And no way in that competiton we will win the title next year with the new manager. It probably be hard battle for top 4, but we will be the worst team to fight for it, because of our board. The board fu**** this team hard. They need to go. Otherwise we will suffer and next season will show i`m right again.
  15. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager