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  1. Can't have 'em all. The unfortunate thing about this transfer is that it addresses one of the problems that Liverpool have had for the past few years. Couple that with their attacking play and they could be a force next season.
  2. The kids has scored 26 goals this season, including 6 in the champions league helping his team to the semis. Also he has 8 league assists. Not bad for an 18 year old. Normally I'd say the best thing for young player's like Kylian is to stay at his current club and develop for another couple of years. However in the current football climate of 'buy now before your rivals do' we have no choice but to jump in for him now before he's snapped up by City or United. Maybe the best we could do is buy him and loan him back to Monaco.
  3. I have read plenty thank you. So what you're saying is, we shouldn't bid for Mbappe just in case he's hounded out by the press?!
  4. Well if you choose to give a sh*t about what the media say that's your problem. That is no excuse for not buying a player. As long as we keep filling the trophy cabinet, what the media think is irrelevant.
  5. Why is it that every other teams football forum who are in for Mbappe is full of fans relishing the prospect of signing him for however much their team will pay. But on here and the other Chelsea forum you're all worried about how much he'll cost! Are you lot flippin' serious????
  6. Surely they must hate us more than the Gooners now. The amount of pain we've inflicted on them over the years, especially when you add to the fact that we completely bolloxed them up in 2012, ended their title ambitions last year and beat them to it this year. Oh how I love being Chelsea!
  7. I've got one... ... I think we've seen the best that Hazard has got to offer. I just don't think he'll progress staying in this league. The main problem for him now, is that teams know that all you have to do to nullify him is mark him out of the game. We've seen it more and more over the last few games, and will probably see it a lot more next season.
  8. I would say the same about you!
  9. I agree with you that we are not on par with Juve just yet, however with one or two additional signings on top of a replacement for Costa, I believe we won't be far behind them. I cannot however agree with your assessment of Mbappe. Just because he didn't score against Juve in one match, (who probably have the best defensive record in football at the moment) does not mean he isn't good enough for us. He's scored against pretty much all he's come up against for crying out loud!
  10. S So what you're saying is, don't buy him just in case it doesn't work out? Firstly isn't it a risk buying any player regardless of their experience, as there is no guarantee that any player will succeed. Secondly, Mbappe has already proven himself at the highest level, with inferior players around him (unless you believe Monaco are better than us across the park)!
  11. eh!?
  12. I'm not against getting someone along the lines of Morata or Lukaku. But if we are to compete against the best we need the best players. Mbappe has the potential to be better than both the previously mentioned players. If we don't get him now he will be snapped up by one of our rivals.
  13. Two points: Firstly, the problem we have is that if we don't go for this guy now the chances are he will be snapped up by someone else such is his profile at the moment. The only way around it if you wish to give him time to develop is to buy him and lone him back to Monaco. However this will still mean we have to pay top dollar for him. Secondly, you say that people thought paying £30m for Jesus was mad. Well City have payed that for him and he looks a great prospect. We need to make sure we get players like Mbappe and are not left shopping around for "Grade C Eggs". What's more important? What we spend on players or the titles we win?
  14. Is this one a non starter for us then? Is he Manchester bound or are we in for a shout?