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  1. World class performance from the whole team apart Fabregas. And what a result at the end, this team always impresses me as they giveeverything until the last minute. Last action instead of playing long ball Willian played it short, all i saw was the confidence levels reached by the players, playing a tiki taka in the dying minutes against probably the 'best defense' in Europe last couple of years. Come ooooooon you Blues !!!!
  2. Good Morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. We're champions now :D
  3. 2 home games to celebrate it properly, enjoy it. JT can't have a better send off, i imagine and hope it will be a propeeeer farewell to him as he's done so much.
  4. WE WANT THE DOUBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you in touch, if i come it will be before the FA CUP Finale. You were at the Hawthorns today ?
  5. Batshuayi actually deserves a song on his name, maybe a remastered Batman intro would fit him :D
  6. Finally Champioooooooooons. I will try my best to make it to one of the 3 last incoming games. I'm too much busy this month but it's worth it for what it is. Cheeeeeeeeeers from Paris.
  7. liamseden

    Leicester Fan Here

    Welcome here Mikey, Hope you beat them and hand us the title the night you play against them. It will be a great pleasure seeing them fail again.
  8. liamseden

    Proud Chelsea fan

    welcome dynamite :D
  9. 5 more games to play, if we manage to get 4 out 5 we secure the title, if we are supposing that Spurs are gonna win all their remaining games ( vs Arsenal , vs Man Utd), hope we get a good result today btw. i would go with the same team that defeated Southampton as Fabregas is vital for the creativity in front of the goal. Come on you BLUESSSSSSSSSS
  10. Southampton are a strong team, but i believe if we play a 3 5 2 we could kill the game by the end of first half. I would give a chance to Batman as if you put him with 2 top creative players in Hazard and Fabregas he can turn up. Courtois Azpi (c) Luiz Ake Moses Kante Matic Alonso Fabregas Hazard Batshuayi
  11. I was talking about the game of course it was worrying during the game too as we sat behind for a long period and they kept coming back in the score. Hazard and Fabregas inclusion to the game have killed it though, was relieved after that sublime Matic Goal. Certainly the goal will be on the nominees for the 2017 Puskas award. Big up to Conte who trusted Ake (he could ahve played J.T).
  12. What. A. Game !!! great thanks to @Beerqueen who helped me get the tickets. Such a lovely person. I was actually a bit nervous before the game like most of us were. Will definitely come back when i will have the chance to. Worth the travel from Paris.
  13. Really need to step up after that horrible performance against Manchester United. Going on a 3 5 2 with Pedro and Hazard upfront would be the best choice for Conte, time to drop Costa, he has to. Hope that Alonso recovers before this game. Courtois (Bego) Azpi Luiz Cahill Moses Kante Alonso Fabregas Chalobah(RLC) Pedro Hazard