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  1. right on...I'll bet he even thinks twice about sticking around
  2. only getting the Lincoln Ipswich match here in the states...what a shame
  3. who do you guys like in the FA rematches today...Sunderland Burnley probably the most intriguing
  4. ^^^Suarez might be twice the loose cannon that Costa is
  5. Sign me up for Aubameyang guys a magician...unfortunately I bet he winds up at Bayern eventually
  6. I wonder if Lewandowski could ever be tempted to leave Bayern for the he's fun to watch
  7. Courtois Azpil-Luiz-Zouma Moses-Kante-Fab-Alonso Hazard-Costa-Willian Matic Brana and Chalobah to come on to preserve the lead
  8. In that case we have Bats or Conte can buy someone from Italy...perhaps Mandzukic or Dzeko
  9. this is gonna blow over and cooler heads will prevail everyone relax
  10. maybe we don't need to buy anyone...give Bats his shot
  11. playing the way he is right now I'd love to have Lukaku back...but I bet Costa stays and this is just media sh*t stirring. We'll be back in the CL almost certainly and Costa will see sense
  12. what is...only Bundisliga comes close
  13. wont never work in the prem though mate play is just too physical
  14. Not to worry Costa will be back next weekend
  15. now I've seen he'll almost definitely move on in the summer...have to think there's someone world class we can buy if that's the case