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  1. I could've said worse
  2. Glad to hear that f**king Alli got sent off yesterday...what a bunch of twats spurs are
  3. That's an awful no call should be a pen
  4. We will thrash them 3 nil a pair from Diego and one from Pedro
  5. How does it work for the semis and finals ? Same thing one match ?
  6. Would've rather gotten Boro or Arsenal assuming they win tomorrow...but I'd also rather play united than City or Spurs just yet
  7. Draw for the quarters is soon right
  8. How awesome would it be to play spurs a third time in the semis or the final for all the marbles
  9. Always looked like a 1 nil ugly win
  10. Just barely costa was off if he was at all. Refs a piece of sh*t
  11. Maybe Moses is just worn out it's not like him to miss so many passes
  12. Has to be said wolves have some of the most passionate fans in England
  13. Would rather lose than have to play this c**ty team again tbh