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  1. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Really do not know what to make of that lineup.. great to see giround start, great to see Christensen back, great to see morata on bench finally after weeks out but it's painful to see 3-4-3 painful to see Pedro start and Hudson odoi not even make bench painful to see fab in a midfield 2 painful to see Zappa over Emerson at left back when Emerson has played this season coming back from injury really dont feel like anythings going going to change personally. Luiz or ampadu should have that spot next to Kante.. you just know wba will be dirty and scrap to the death for everything .. so you stick fabregas in there ?! Smh
  2. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Does the board know how fans feel ?

    I've stated I laughed twice though
  3. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Does the board know how fans feel ?

    I admit i laughed when I read your reply It does read pretty funny, me and my girlfriend just both laughed about it when I read it to her, but point still stands that most of your posts that I've noticed are arsey and sarcastic with people - mainly new posters - rather than offering any insight. It's like your an online vulture waiting to swoop on any poster with less of a standing on a Chelsea Internet forum than you, I'm jealous it must be a great position to have earned over the years.
  4. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Does the board know how fans feel ?

    Sooo because I have a username that I made drunk in the middle of a costa purple patch winning points with his goals I don't have a valid question ? I never once once said the board should read my posts on the shed end, I said do they and should they read fans general consensus on social media and the internet - not the board should read my post and change there business model. not looking for an argument but before I signed up on here I was a lurker reading without an account for about four years and with certain posters names you become familiar and who seems to be the ones who seems to have a bit of power on the forum and what the tone of the posts generally are and Dkw aka dicky? You are definetly one of the most arrogant and condescending posters, most of your posts are actually quoting other posters criticzing people's opinions rather than offering one of your own , I have seen you post name calling the board and conte recently .. but my question (about the board, conte and the fans) because of my username and the fact I'm not a respected forum member (LOL) you sarcastically ridicule my topic. No surprise there.
  5. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Charly Musonda jr.

    Does that not prove my point tho that I said besides hazard who doesn't seem to have the attitude problem and he turns out to be French - which I never knew admittedly.
  6. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Does the board know how fans feel ?

    So all the talk on here for weeks has been about conte and the board and basically conte v the board so my question is this do we think the board actually know how we fans feel ? Do we think they know the outrage of going after Andy Carroll and the confusion as to why we have signed poor squad players .. do you think they know we want youth to get a chance (musond, Hudson-odoi over Pedro) .. save from the crowds attitude at games ? Surely from a commercial perspective they'd have someone from inside the club check message boards like this one to gauge fans reaction to potential signings for shirt sales etc as afterall it's a business ? Do we think they know we are upset they never correct this mistake of not backing managers after title wins. im genuinely confused I mean they either don't know because nobodies telling them "look millions of supporters on twitter, Facebook, forums, matchday fans and season ticket holders are really believeing you guys are inept and clueless and think things are ran backwards, they're also not happy about no youth being brought through because of signings like Drink water and would of preferred to give Rlc a chance" or they are totally aware and think well the fans don't run the football club so they can like it or lump it, I've rambled but I suppose my point is if we all think they make these mad decisions to run us completely as s business but surely taking fans opinions in account would be best for business as no fans equals no club.
  7. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Charly Musonda jr.

    What a little prick he is .. just checked his instagram and he's literally unfollowed everyone bar Cahill morata rudiger and terry haha what a melt ! Why fall out with your teammates because there better than you and the coach chose them ? Really wanted him to make it but after this and that stunt earlier in the season he can f**k off proper sh*t attitude does half a season of "hard work" and cries about it non stop that he wasn't a starter .. belgian footballers really do seem like tossers (except Eden )
  8. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Luis Enrique and Belletti(DOF)?

    Hahahaha hahahaha lmfao .. you've had an absolute mare there mate .. that would win any shed end "fail of the season" award, with my username coming a close second hahahahahahahahahahaha still can't get over your post that's gold
  9. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Chelsea Vs Norwich (FAC) Wed 17th Jan 2018 19:45 UK

    Batsman is so out of his depth.. it's not that he can't he even play well against Norwich it's that he can't play in the Chelsea team he's simply not up to it, the speed of the balls into him and the speed of teammates running off the ball he simply can't execute what he no doubt desperately wants to but his brain and body just can't concentrate, focus, react, stay composed and execute nearly quickly or accurately enough.
  10. I understand everyone being down in the dumps about Carrol and perceived lack of Sanchez effort but really I don't think Sanchez is good value. Carrol is a big no unless it's a loan - when I ask myself who I prefer for the rest of the season batshuayi or sick note Carroll it's still Carrol, it's a shame but batsman is abysmal truely woeful every time I see him play perhaps worse than Baka he just looks massively out of his depth. Sanchez wages and ages are enough to be a no go imo. So for what reason should we not be going all in for mahrez ? He makes us so much more dangerous won't be massively expensive in wages is younger and would jump at the chance - plus we seem to have a clear run at him it's a no brainer imo offer Leicester 60m your assume we have a good relationship with them after the Kante and drink water deals. Also so the links with palmieri are very promising and only 20m according to sky sports so that's 50m saved on Sandro. if you said to me ok this window you will sign : Barkley Palmieri Mahrez Carroll (loan) id say we had strengthened and had an amazing window!
  11. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Alvaro Morata

    I echo what everyone has said about Torres, it's like we signed the Torres of atletico when Liverpool got him. Although I'd argue a version better in the air and better technically although not as fast. All in all I couldn't be happier with him, boy have we signed some player. You know you've signed the right player when you start thinking " crap if he carries on like this Madrid will be back in for him" same feeling we all get with hazard. I was gutted in the summer we never signed a marquee proven player (alexis) but I'm adamant we signed a world class striker. I now fully believe Baka and morata are improvements on Costa and matic.
  12. I Am Gay 4 Diegod


    I literally signed in just to say your a nugget. Poster above has clearly give you the explanation your post craved but you don't want to know you just want to slag conte off. Conte managed Italy before us, he was Italy's starting wingback and played great for them that's why conte wants him. You've been told that but you just want to keep ranting on about it because he's not who you want. Sad man
  13. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Are you worried about the squad size?

    Sergi Roberto (cm and wb cover) Serge Aurier (rwb) and Alex Sandro (lwb) Courtois Azpi Luiz Christensen Aurier Kante Bakayoko Fabregas Sandro Hazard Morata would make me the happiest man alive
  14. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Brilliant post basically what I was trying to say but better .. players in my mind are generally mentally fragile when you consider how many dips in form players have through a season.. hazard, Costa, fabregas, courtois, luiz, Cahill, Willian, Pedro, matic - all big name and big game players who are vastly experienced go through dips and rises and periods of low confidence. Cahill does a few a year and he's our captain. So seeing and reading and hearing about conte worried this season is going to be his hardest one ever and he's anxious about a mourinho season (even courtois has referenced it and said he fears it) is only going to put doubt in the same players mind that last year he made believe in themselves and play above there level ( Moses, luiz, alonso, Pedro) IF we sign two to three really good players the mood will lift dramatically we will be installed as favourites for the league the media will run with it and conte will be saying he expects us to defend our title and all this will be forgotten about. No no matter what happens tho I pray we don't have to go through this again next season. The two departures im bothered about most that to me deplete the "depth" is chalobah and ake. Our squad felt more solid with them than baker and tomori. Trust them and let them play a little more and they'd of loved to have stayed.
  15. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Guaranteed we lose Christensen aswell through not enough minutes and being poorly intergrated.. that will be another major thing that pisses me off when we see him starting for a massive team Next season. It turns sour after a year or two tops with every manager we get sadly. Conte now is starting to piss me off because his body language and what he's saying to the press reminds me of sulky Jose second time round and it casts a cloud over the team. I love conte and want him to stay but once again the board haven't backed him and he's already getting his excuses ready for a bad season so I'm 90% sure we're going to have one because he already believes it. If I was roman id be onto the board demanding they sign conte a world class target and the rest There's Sandro, aurier , Cedric and Ryan at saints, Toljan, oxlade chamberlain, renato Sanches, all still possible and I bet if you was to offer arsenal 80m for Alexis they'd snap our hand off 70 m for Sandro and 80m Alexis and we have a world class first 11 and all of a sudden a stronger bench with alonso William and Pedro on it ... I don't know why I'm even bothering saying it it's not happening